When Amazons Attack: DCUO Expansion

Fight for the earth by causing the earth to seismically shift and rupture itself

The third major expansion for DC Universe Online is due to launch on March 13th, adding Earth-based powers as a ninth set of abilities. With powers such as construct creation and quaking of the earth, this lot are most suitable for players in damage and tank roles. The expansion goes by the name The Battle For Earth and a new raid takes the spandex society to Themyscira, home of the Amazons, so expect plenty of Wonder Woman’s chums and rogues to crop up. Overarching plot elements will move along as well, with preparations for the battle against Brainiac underway and a new quest-line that involves scrapping with Proto-Avatars.

Did you click more expecting to see an all-action trailer? Afraid not. All I’ve got for you is another picture and a bit of guesswork. Here’s the picture.

This is a dance and the little fellow on the left is my new hero. He's giving it his all!

Legendary members will receive the expansion gratis but everyone on the free-to-play chuggernaut will have to purchase it. I reckon it won’t be more than £10 but probably not less than £6. Guesswork, see?


  1. Inigo says:

    My god.

  2. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    I’ve not really played DCUO at all. Should I reconsider?

    • Delixe says:

      It’s worth a try at least, I certainly enjoyed it. Best played with a joypad though as the console origin is obvious but that’s also what makes it stand out from other MMO’s,

    • Grey_Ghost says:

      I played it just fine in beta with mouse/keyboard.

      I was initially very excited about it, but pretty much lost most interest at the end of beta. Game just seemed to get less and less fun with every patch.

  3. KlaxonOverdrive says:

    I did click expecting an all-action trailer. CGI-ed out the wazoo.

    The disappointment is crushing.

  4. Torgen says:

    So, uh… what were the previous two expansions? Can’t say I remember hearing about them at all. I played in the beta, but the sour taste in my mouth over clicking the “inspired by Superman” button in the character creator and getting ice powers, or “Inspired by Flash” and getting fire powers (then having to buy super speed powers with xp) was too much to bear for more than a couple of days.

    • Baines says:

      One was the Green Lantern expansion, I believe? There was something about adding crafting, but I don’t know if that was part of an expansion or what.

      I also don’t know anyone that still plays the game, so I’m running from press release memory.. Friends got into DCUO for a very short time, then moved on to other games. It just didn’t hold their attention.

    • Matt says:

      The first was Green Lantern (“Fight For the Light”) and the second was The Flash (“Lightning Strikes”).

  5. Tolkfan says:

    These aren’t expansions, they’re DLC / content patches.

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