RPS Asks: Favourites From The Mass Effects?

So I am busy playing through Mass Effect 3 at the moment, with my collected thoughts on the events, happenings, and systems therein to appear on Tuesday. I’ve been doing a bit of retrospective browsing over the first two games, too, and comparing events in those to the events in the third game. This process led me to wonder this: what has been your favourite event in the games so far? And why?

As a follow up question: who is your favoured character? Garrus seems like the obvious choice for acerbic/murderous sidekick, and I generally take him on missions for the sound of his voice, but I think Thane was the highlight of Mass Effect 2. Anyway: speak your brains, show your working.


    • Casimir Effect says:

      For a moment I thought you were describing Liara, HIYO!

    • Lambchops says:

      Exactly what I was going to post.

    • Caleb367 says:

      Dang, my thoughts exactly.

    • Dinger says:

      That’s my second-favorite Mordin dialogue bit. The absolute best, however, only occurs if Ms. Shephard pursues the Garrus love interest angle.

      Y’all say you love Mordin and Garrus, but how many of you loved ’em that much?

    • JohnH says:

      Yes, +1 for Mordin!

  1. ch4os1337 says:

    The Wrex and Garrus wombo combo are easily my favourite characters.

    My favourite event was at the end of Mass Effect 1 where you interact with the Reapers for the first time and in Mass Effect 2 the Shadow Broker DLC quest.

    • sinister agent says:

      Agreed. Wrex and Garrus were by far my favourite pair in the first game. I spent half the second game thinking “WHATEVER GET TO WREX GODDAMN IT”. I enjoyed their bickering (and the fact that Wrex always, always comes out on top), and Wrex was easily the smartest person you could take with you.

      In the second… well, Thane was good, but I found his silly flashback voice bits very annoying. Overall my favourite was Mordin. I disliked him at first, thinking he was a cock, but grew to respect and even care about him through his character arc. Complexity!

      Miranda was well drawn too – she was a horrible bitch, but wasn’t actually cruel or evil, and was intelligent and professional enough to work with you even though she obviously hated you. I hated her as a person, but she was an excellent character.

      Favourite events: Speaking to the AI on Ilos, and everything that happens from there (minus (a) the clumsy bossfight and (b) the fact that Sheperd survives). In the second, seeing Wrex leap up and brush someone aside to shout “Sheperd! My friend!” when he sees you. Seriously, I love that big lunk.

      That and helping Garrus get his revenge. Most other times I erred on the non-murdery side of things, but fuck that guy. Treachery earns you a lot worse than death. Oh, and Jacob teasing Tali. Never knew he was such a bitch.

    • Geen says:

      Yes. So much win. Wrex and Garrus are the BEST. Hands down, argument over.

    • mouton says:

      I also liked the nerdy not-really-hot Liara from ME1. She made no sense in ME2 at all. Maybe she does in that Lair thing, but I never got to playing it thanks to EA never ever reducing the DLC price.

      I liekd some of the ME2 crew, but I really hated all the “let’s hump all the aliens” fanservice crap they pulled there. In ME you could only boink the Asari, but it was strongly justified.

    • ThTa says:

      “Oh, Tali was very intelligent, and the smurf was educated, but neither of them would have made the right decision at the end (ie: saving the goddamn universe is more important than some arsehole politicians, guys).”

      Actually, Tali suggested I let the Council die.
      But that’s mostly because I also had Liara with me, there. They can’t both suggest the same thing, so they let the most “good/naive” one suggest letting the council live, where the other one would suggest letting them die. Wrex being the least good/naive, Liara and Kaidan both being more good/naive than Tali, Garrus and Ashley being stuck somewhere in between. So if I had Wrex with me, she would’ve suggested I let them live.

    • TheEndlessGrey says:

      My favorite banter was on.. Noveria? The frozen one where you have to get a garage key from one of several moral choice options. Garrus (who was still on the “by the book” citadel security side of the personality spectrum) and Wrex had a conversation that went something like:

      Wrex: Why don’t we just break his neck and take the key?
      Garrus: We can’t do that!
      Wrex: Sure we can, look at him. He’s never lifted anything heavier than a stack of papers.

    • Styles says:

      Another vote for Garrus and Wrex! Hilarious conversations, awesome characters, badass combatants …loved it.

      So pissed off that Wrex isn’t back as a crew member you can have in M.E.3. Why not?!?! Nobody I know killed Wrex in M.E.1 …why would you? He was awesome.

    • zind says:


      As for favorite moment, nothing will top my badass femshep headbutting a Krogan “noble” or whatever, followed by the shaman’s laugh.

      “I like this human!
      She understands!”

  2. Unaco says:

    The whole FOX news/Alien sex/pretend psychologists/sodomy/morons thing was pretty good. I got a chuckle out of it at least. Barely played the actual games though.

    • Catfishsupreme says:

      That was pretty funny watching them bicker about a game, Until they blew it out of proportion.

  3. Mobius says:

    Jim, is the actual real purpose of this article to show off that you are “busy playing through Mass Effect 3 at the moment”?

    But ah the memories. I’d say Miranda but then everyone’s going to say it so I’ll look just like any other shallow teenager.

    Oh well.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      “Jim, is the actual real purpose of this article to show off that you are “busy playing through Mass Effect 3 at the moment”?”


    • PieInTheSky says:

      You monster

    • GreenArchon says:

      Monster indeed.

    • ThTa says:

      He’s not the only one, though!

      I have it on good authority that Future-Me is busy playing ME3, as well.

      …I’m terribly sad. Won’t someone give me a hug? :(
      (Preferably you Jim; yes, nice and tight. Don’t mind the other man trying to pry that disk out of your PC.)

    • Nemon says:

      You pair of skis, you.
      (oh yeah? Google it)

    • The Sombrero Kid says:

      People who pirate games on xbox & ps3 are also playing it right now which is why piracy is killing the PC 0_o

  4. Icyicy9999 says:

    I liked exploring things on the Mako.

    • Eddy9000 says:

      Yeah that was fun, but scanning the planets in ME2 added to the narrative better imho.

    • mouton says:

      I replayed ME1 some time ago and I must say Mako isn’t thaaat horrible on most planets. Its only the jagged edgy high mountains that give pain. And even there, there are usually reasonable routes if you just go to the objectives. Only completeist fools like me who MUST get that ore behind local alps really suffer from mako. It also helps if you use maps from the wiki.

    • Koozer says:

      Mako exploration was my favourite part. Seeing the first Thresher Maw burst out of the ground in front of you was a sight to behold.

    • DigitalSignalX says:

      +1 Mako love. It gave the universe a sense of scale so much better then any of the levels in the second game. The utterly magnificent sky backgrounds made up for relatively boring surfaces and repetitive structure types. I wish I could sit on a mountain in BDTS and ride the asteroid all the way in.

    • gwathdring says:

      I loved that thing. Mako 360s, Mako flips, and driving up nearly vertical terrain was fun. Of course, the environments in which this occurred were terminally boring and redundant. But they could be quite lovely and large at the same time. There was something pleasant about rolling over massive and mostly empty stretches of planet to find a small smuggling hideout.

  5. Vinraith says:

    Why is Dr. Chakwas sleeping with Thane?

    • PieInTheSky says:

      Was about to ask the same thing.

    • Vithren says:

      Isn’t this one gigantic spoiler? I _try_ to avoid everything spoilerish I can about ME3 and here I am, without any kind of warning, given one.
      Not cool, RPS. Not cool.

    • Spoon says:

      I think that’s actually someone’s femshep. You could wear the doctor clothing as your casual outfit, and the hair is too dark for Chakwas.

    • Vinraith says:


      Yes, that was the joke.

    • Doth Messar says:


      You suck McBain!

    • YourMessageHere says:

      That’s actually close to my Shepard. Needs a bigger nose and a smaller mouth, though. Weird.

  6. Miked says:

    When Jack, my favourite character, was killed on approach to the final mission – killed by lasers because I did not upgrade the Normandy armour. It was so difficult not to reload and I felt slightly empty after her death.

    It could have been worse though. To have her taken away by bees would have been mildly heartbreaking.

  7. PieInTheSky says:


    • erutan says:

      Yeah, Wrex was my fav ME character – basically always kept him in the party (swapping out other nonhumans as situations seemed to warrant). Krogans in general amused me in ME2 (headbutting, the fish mission, etc) tho Mordin was the only new playable character in ME2 I enjoyed as much as the originals.

      While the second game was arguably tighter, the first one felt more coherant. There was a difference between feeling like you are on the trail of someone (with detours of course) vs. randomly going around learning little backstory bits about a random crew before one big event. I also feel the large crew size + unlocking a last ability when you can barely use it was a little off in terms of a feeling of esprit de corps vs the original, though the game structure was nice for long character explorations.

    • AlwaysRight says:

      …… Shepard.

      (ignore erutan and this works fine)

  8. goatmonkey says:

    Wrex and Jack, hope you get the chance to run with both in your party in 3 (noone say if this is possible)

    As annoying as the Mako was the huge traversable environments from the story missions really added to the sense of scale and place that the 2 seemed to miss.

    Whole finale of the first game is my favourite part of the series so far point of no return onwards.

  9. Luciphear says:

    I can but agree with what’s already been said. Garrus is good, but Thane was the most interesting in my opinion. I did take Mordin with me quite many times too though, since he has some interesting solutions to things involving violence.

    Although, I recently replayed Mass Effect 1 and 2 in order to get a save I’m very comfortable with, and instead of just picking Garrus on every mission I picked squad members appropriate to the current mission at hand. If it was geth and/or technological things I’d pick Legion and Tali, or Tali and Garrus etc.

    If it was pure combat, I’d pick Garrus and Grunt, sometimes even Zaeed over Garrus for the variation.
    Assassinations I went with Garrus and Thane, and sometimes Kasumi over Garrus. Mordin for scientific missions, like against the collectors etc.

    Although, I did pick Legion for Tali’s loyalty mission. Totally worth it.

    • mouton says:

      “Although, I did pick Legion for Tali’s loyalty mission. Totally worth it. ”

      Huh, didn’t think about it. I did that mission before getting Legion, due to the fact those damn time constraints after getting him. Eh.

    • Lenderz says:

      “Although, I did pick Legion for Tali’s loyalty mission. Totally worth it.”

      Couldn’t agree more, I did that in my second play through, was most entertaining, I wonder if the Quarians will make mention of that in 3, as they’ve now had a Geth aboard their flotilla and must now realise there are ways of dealing with Geth other than with a gun.

  10. frenz0rz says:

    Nngghhah! Why does the sodding game have to come out three days later in Europe than in the US? The internet is going to be full of rampant spoilers and some asshat is going to ruin the story for me. I just know it.

    Ah, well. At least I dont live in Japan – they get it nearly two weeks later!

    Edit: Oh, and in answer to the question: Garrus. Garrus, Garrus, Garrus. It would not be Mass Effect without him.

    • Eddy9000 says:

      The entire script including ending was leaked onto the internet already, so I just wouldn’t use a computer for the next 3 days if I was you.

    • westyfield says:

      It’s alright. I’m shutting myself off from the internet starting on Tuesday, because a) it’ll be at least two weeks before I’m ready to start ME3 (ME1/2 playthroughs are taking longer than anticipated) and b) EXAMS OH SHIT EXAMS.

      So there’s that.

    • Edradour says:

      Same here bloody exams…every time a mass effect game comes out it collides with my exams :/

      I screwed up one of my exams in first semester because of me2 dont want that to happen again :D

      Favourite moment? Ending of the first game, dat Song i dunno it really hit something in me i dunno what feeling it was…it just overwhelmed me there never before have i expierenced something like this

    • RogerMellie says:


      “Ah, well. At least I dont live in Japan – they get it nearly two weeks later!”

      You sure? Origin is telling me it’s coming out on the 8th.

    • frenz0rz says:


      I was going off Wikipedia, which claims it is the 6th for North America, 8th for Australia, 9th for Europe and 15th for Japan. Perhaps “nearly two weeks” was a slight exaggeration, but 9 days is a bit of a piss take.

      Then again, the Giantbomb release list doesnt even mention the Japan release, so I’ve no idea where the Wiki date has come from.

    • RogerMellie says:


      So it does…. Sorry for the late reply – been stuck in moderation purgatory. After some detective work, it looks like the English version on PC will be available on the 8th with the Japanese versions coming on the 15th to PS3 and XBOX. That’s some quick translating. Cheers for the heads up.

      And on topic – my favourite to have on the team was probably Kasumi. I’d line up a sniper shot and then just before pulling the trigger she’d appear behind them and shiv them. Class girl. In terms of personality…. then probably one more vote for Mordin – After killing his ex colleague he says “I taught him everything he knew not everything I knew” – loved that line :)

  11. RagingLion says:

    From 2 I actually really liked all the ethical dilemmas that came up out of going round the Krogan world and it genuinely got me thinking and I thought it was a good exploration of those kinds of racial themes.

    I loved walking into the bar during Samara loyalty mission where you have to get the attention of her sister and I felt like I had all these possibilities about how to go about doing that in this place that felt alive, with lots of things going on (in general all of the big space bars are some of my favourite things – since that’s just a setting I love to get immersed in).

    The planet where you have to hide in the shade was great cos it was just in the textual info about the planet about it having high radiation and yet it actually had a gameplay effect – felt like the sci-fi aspect of ME game alive with that level.

    The final mission is the other thing I can immediately remember – it felt like it mattered that much more because it had been built up the whole game and you knew it was coming – also, I knew I could lose my squad members permanently – I lost Mordin :(, but I’ll keep going with that save.

    Edit: Just remembered from the first game that wandering the Citadel was the real highlight – such a fleshed out place. Also, meeting the Elcor for the first time had me in stitches.

  12. Azhrarn says:

    I rather like Garrus, Wrex, Tali and Liara in both games, but I don’t think I could call any of them my true favorite, the games just wouldn’t feel the same without them. I actually missed Wrex in ME2, and was quite relieved to see him on Tuchanka during my games. For ME2 I rather like Mordin’s sense of humour and my discussions with Samara are also rather fun, and even though she doesn’t have much dialog, I rather like Kasumi too. Reminiscing on her old heists is cool, with all the mementoes in her quarters.

    Simply put, I rather like most characters Bioware put in the ME games, the only 2 I didn’t really care for are Jacob and Miranda, although I’ve warmed up a bit to Miranda over time, Jacob really feels out of place.

    • Catfishsupreme says:

      Every game has to have a black character, it’s just a thing to avoid “Offensive lack of racial variation”

  13. DiTH says:

    Legion for sure!!!

    I spent the whole first game thinking the Geth as pure Evul and was thinking that Quarians should get their HW back.But Legion on ME2 changed a lot of that story.If he wasnt a machine but another biologic race you could say that they are the victims of all this ;P

    • Premium User Badge

      Harlander says:

      You still can say that. In the description “sentient machine”, the important word is “sentient”

  14. .backslash says:

    From the first, the whole Ilos/Citadel ending sequence was very well done. Many games make you plough through a whole lot of faceless mooks before the final boss without any reasonable justification, but it works pretty well in ME. Also, it had an interesting infodump in the middle and I very much enjoy infodumps.

    In ME2, maybe Mordin’s loyalty mission, although the paragon choices in it are consistently the dumber ones, or Jack’s. I never cared about her as a character, but it was interesting to see what made her the way she is. And I found it funny that hers is one of the least violent loyalty missions in the game.

    Favourite characters are Wrex and Mordin, respectively, cause they’re awesome. Liara’s alright as well.

    • gwathdring says:

      I loved the ending sequence from landing on Illos all the way through to encountering Sarren at the top. I hated the boss fight sequence though. That was awful for several reasons.

  15. AlastairStephens says:

    Tali, particularly in the first game. She offered a sense of wonder and adventure that mirrored mine, as the player, but was absent from my Shep. Visiting her in engineering was my first priority between missions, even though I was pursuing a relationship with Liara.

    She also arced nicely in the second game, and I found her romance storyline to be the most interesting and emotionally sophisticated.

    • ThTa says:

      See? You’re someone who can properly motivate their “that one, I like that one”.
      I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment.

      Now I just need to find some more people to explain my other choices.

      I’m much better at explaining why I dislike characters, but I’ll refrain from doing so, since it might get a bit messy (as it tends to, at least).

    • Premium User Badge

      Joshua says:

      I really liked Tali… Except the romance. I did not like the romance. Some of the dialogue in there made my skin crawl a bit.

    • E_FD says:

      While most people aren’t able to verbalize it, I think this feeling really is why Tali has such a big fanbase; she’s the most relatable character in the game, and would have made a far more appealing PC than Shepard.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I read that as she also arsed nicely.

    • Bureaucrat says:

      Eh. Tali’s persistent damsel-in-distress habit got on my nerves. The game keeps telling me that she’s impressive and competent, but whenever I see her doing anything, she’s screwing up and requiring rescuing. Shep saves her from Fist’s assassins. Shep recovers the stuff she needs for her pilgrimage. Shep rescues her on Horizon. Then rescues her on Haestrom. Then rescues her from her trial back home.

      It’d be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  16. Snargelfargen says:

    Counting dlc, my favourite bit would probably be meeting Lliara in ME2’s Lair of the Shadow Broker. It starts with a running battle at the end of which, among other things, Lliara talks about her new job as an information broker, berates Shephard for disappearing and says that she knows he’s been sleeping around.

    It was neat having a potential romantic character have a life of their own outside of the protagonist’s circle of influence, and getting back together with her is rather difficult unlike most of the other romances.

    Fave character is totally Garrus, even though he starts repeating himself rather quickly.

  17. Amnesiac says:

    Talking to Legion, Thane and Garrus were the parts of Mass Effect 2 I liked most.

    I really wish I could play all the talky bits again without having to play the combat sections again.

    • staberas says:

      Legion,Thane dialogs were very interesting i also like the relationship between joker and EDI

  18. ThTa says:

    Garrus, Mordin, Kasumi, Wrex, Chakwas, Jack and Tali, easy ’nuff.
    I’m having a hard time motivating my choices, though, beyond the fact that my Shepards generally sleep with the ones on that list who can be slept with and the ill-defined denominators of “funny”, “badass”, “smart”, “emotionally engaging” and “cute”.

    And I feel I may be missing some on that list; it’s been such a long time since I played.

    edit: Yes, I did. Joker and EDI were great, too, as was their interaction in ME2. Hoping to see more of that in ME3.

  19. feighnt says:

    The ethical dilemma that Mordin had at various points during his loyalty mission was pretty well the high point for me.

    There are a number of very minor bits of back-and-forth talking that actually affected me emotionally in ME2… in particular, I really liked the talk on Illium between the salarian father and his asari daughter about his own mortality. Or the conversation between the two krogan on Tuchanka about fatherhood. Ironically, these moments were more emotionally poignant than a *lot* of the main game.

    I also must say… I have *extremely* fond memories of the opening title screen of ME1. Solely for the song. I love turning the game on and being aurally greeted with *that* song.

    • Bureaucrat says:

      I agree that Mordin’s loyalty mission was the best-written part of the series. They did a great job showing his wrestling with his conscience in a way that is both consistent to the character and flexible based on Player input.

  20. Jimbo says:

    Favourite moment for me is towards the end of ME1 when Sovereign shows up at the Citadel and you’re on Ilos in the Mako booking it to the conduit to get back and save the day. Awesome music plays.

    I also like the look on the faces of the Destiny Ascension crew when they realise I’m not coming to help.

  21. Vinraith says:

    Favorite moment? In my renegade playthrough of the first game’s DLC:

    “Who’s the real terrorist?”

    “You are.” *bang*

    Most satisfying moment in a video game ever.

    Favorite character? Probably Tali in ME1, probably Thane in ME2. Wrex and Garrus are up there too, though.

    • The Godzilla Hunter says:

      This. This all the way.

      It is just so incredibly satisfying to shoot the guy. Though shooting him multiple times beforehand is also really awesome. Bonus points if you were a colonist Shepard.

  22. Agnol117 says:

    Overall, Tali, Legion, and Miranda are among my favorite characters.

  23. jalf says:

    Hmm, Garrus, probably. Both in ME1 and 2, he had a lot of depth, and was definitely “his own” character, rather than just Shepard’s puppet or some barely-controlled ball of rage and anger.

    I also felt like he’s the character whom Shepard has the most real impact on. I mean sure, you do all the characters favors in ME2, solve all their little problems and help Jack sort out her psychological issues, help Grunt figure out what it means to be Krogan and so on. But with most of the characters, you’re really just there to do them a favor. With Garrus, it seemed like you were really trying to talk him around to your point of view (in ME1 especially, with all the talk of his time in C-Sec following rules, vs. being a Spectre and just getting results), and actually make an impact on the character.

    Ash in ME1 had a bit of the same, with her so-called racism, which you could discuss with her and try to get her to soften up (yes, she was another of my faves, perhaps *because* I disagree with her views)

    Thane, while a cool character, was much more of just an infodump. You didn’t really impact him much.

    I love Tali, of course (who doesn’t), but more because of the culture she represents, than because her character as such is very interesting.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of Wrex initially, but he kind of grew on me, especially in ME2, for some reason.

    Kaidan can just fuck right off. And Liara and Jacob almost as much. Miranda, I just wish I could erase from the universe.

    And hmm, favorite moment? Some strong candidates are when you bump rediscover old friends in ME2 (Joker and Garrus especially)

    The Ilos/Citadel sequence (but not so much the final battle with Saren) was awesome. The ME2 intro was awesome.

    For that matter, I also loved the introduction to ME1. How you were eased into the universe, and how they weaved the dialogue together so that you could ask things like “what the hell is a Turian” without sounding completely ignorant, like someone who just woke up in another universe.

    • Maldomel says:

      Actually, I was feeling proud of myself because in ME Garrus followed the way I wanted: being a badass law enforcer without restrictions. I was even more proud in ME2 when I found out he was totally on that path.

    • jalf says:

      Yeah, that’s what I like about him, that you could play it both ways, and sure, his overall story arc was fixed (he’d become a badass vigilante by the time you met him in ME2 regardless of what you told him in ME1), but all those little moments throughout both games where you could either argue for being “the good cop” or “the badass vigilante”, and he’d seem like he actually took your opinion on board, as if it actually gave him something to think about.

  24. airtekh says:

    For me, it was the entire finale of Mass Effect 2.

    I felt like shit afterwards, because I lost three team members (Jack, Thane and Legion) and the entire Normandy crew as well. I’ve never been so morose during a credits sequence; it didn’t feel like I had won at all.

    I’m quite fond of Garrus and Tali, and I was relieved that they made it through the game unscathed.

    • Vinraith says:

      How’d you lose Legion? I was actively trying to get the dangerous monstrosity killed and couldn’t figure out a way to do it.

    • Aler says:

      I played nearly all of ME2 with Garrus and Tali. I like their chemistry.

    • airtekh says:

      Tali and Legion had an argument, and I sided with Tali. This made Legion lose ‘loyalty’ towards me, so when I picked him to fight during the finale, the game killed him.

      I only found this out afterwards though; when I was playing, I had no idea why my guys were dying.

    • Vinraith says:

      If only my Shepard had known. The truth is, though, since she never trusted that pile of scrap metal it would never have been in character for her to choose him to fight anyway. I know the argument you mean, though, and needless to say she sided with Tali.

      There really needs to be a renegade option to kill and dissect Legion.

    • Anthile says:

      There is, you can sell Legion to Cerberus before you activate him. Gives you renegade points and cash.

    • LionsPhil says:

      How can someone with Professor Farnsworth for an avatar not like murderous robots?

    • Anthile says:

      But he isn’t even a murderous robot! Quite the opposite, really. Legion is likely the nicest entity in the entire galaxy.

  25. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    Jennifer Hale.

  26. Maldomel says:

    Wrex’s death in Mass Effect. Because for the time my choice actually had a consequence, and because I loaded my game, tried other dialogues and found out it was him or me, all the time. Sorry, liked you Wrex.

    From ME2, I’d say the mission when you recruit Garrus on Omega. Seeing my favorite character being glorified that much as a threat to bad guys was a treat for me. Really made me want to save him and keep him in my team all the time.

    I haven’t finished ME2, but now I want to play the third one so bad.

    • Malleus says:

      Yeah, Garrus’ recruitment mission was great. The mission goes a long way to establish (before you meet him) that this Archangel guy is the ultimate badass. Then I got to him and WHOAH, GARRUS? When I played it for the first time I didn’t even know he was gonna be in the game, so best revelation ever. :)

      • JagRoss says:

        I managed to ruin that for myself, I went on the wiki to check something and *just* glimpsed it.
        I spent the rest of that mission thinking how awesome it would have been.

    • NathanH says:

      Unfortunately for me this is one of the few moments where playing ME2 first lessens the experience.

    • Azhrarn says:

      Wrex doesn’t need to die, but it’s a hard conversation to pull off.

      But the potential for consequences in the ME games really helps pull me in. ^^
      I’ve played through both so many times now, something that’s very rare for me with other games.

    • InternetBatman says:

      It really isn’t a hard conversation to pull off. Gaming the conversations in Mass Effect are a bit harder since you don’t really know what your main character is going to say and the main character is so awful, but you can just pump a ton of points into speech and it works pretty easily. It’s nothing like some of the older Bioware games, where conversation was a game in its own right and not just content. Viconia’s romance and redemption in particular was good example of the old dialog game, or convincing the master to kill himself in Fallout.

  27. Aler says:

    In ME2 I didn’t handle an argument well, and lost Jack’s loyalty. As a result, Moradin was snatched away and killed in the suicide mission.

    Moradin was my favourite character in ME2. In any other game, I would immediately reload my last save and try again to get a better result. But I didn’t. His death was so sudden and so emotionally affecting, that to undo it would be to cheapen it.

  28. Matt says:

    The “human” Reaper at the end of Mass Effect 2 really was a weird, uncanny thing. (Although giant floating head end boss is in principle such a hackneyed arcade trope…)

    Edit: That’s not to be discriminatory of the emotional relatability of bug-people.

  29. Malleus says:

    My favorite scene is the renegade speech solution to Tali’s loyalty mission. I just love shouting down the admiralty board. Who the hell do they think they are… :) Now that I think about it, I just love the scenes where you get to mess with / be inappropriate with authority.

    Otherwise, the final sequences of both games are pretty well done IMO.

    As for characters, Joker, Garrus, Legion and Mordin are the ones I like.

    • eclipse mattaru says:

      Seconded. In Tali’s mission, in fact, I took Legion as the third member of the party. It was nice to see the reactions of the Quarians to such defiance. “Hey, what’s up, I’m Tali’s employer and this is our good pal Legion the Geth.” :D

      Conversely, it was slightly disappointing that something similar didn’t happen by taking Mordin to Tutchanka.

  30. tungstenHead says:

    In Mass Effect 2, I was playing female Shepard and when the opportunity for the Garrus romance came up, I went for it, but Garrus was a little uneasy about the interspecies bit and in the end, I said, “Okay, we don’t have to do this if you don’t really want to, Garrus.” Then the finale happened very very shortly after. Garrus took a rocket in the face and died (forever). It made me sad. The alien-man I nearly loved. Gone. GONE! Forever…

    • Maldomel says:

      You mean there was a romance with Garrus! Shit, if I hadn’t play with my maleshep from ME1, I should have done a girl just for that :'(

    • Premium User Badge

      Joshua says:

      I love it when Garrus feels uncomfortable about the romance, and you can say “Okay, this was a bad idea, lets not do this”. Garrus’ response made me chuckle.

  31. Lemming says:

    Tali. The fact that you could ‘romance’ her in ME2 was the icing on the cake after liking her from the first game. Only time I’ve ever done a romance option in any of these kind of games.

    • ThTa says:

      I thought I’d be able to romance her in ME1, took me two playthroughs to look it up on the internet and figure that my attempts to “fix things” on my second playthrough were pointless.
      (Ashley being dead and Liara being picked up at the absolute last moment, resulting in her perceiving Shepard as some sort of fever dream are now absolutely canon, though.)

  32. Anthile says:

    Blasto, the hanar spectre.

    “This one has forgotten whether its heatsink is over capacity. It wonders whether the criminal scum considers itself fortunate?”

    • TheBigBookOfTerror says:

      I really hope they have a video of him in ME3, perhaps introducing an Elcor sidekick. I also really want there to be a Hanar crewmember at some point, either DLC or any future Mass Effect games.

    • DiePingu says:

      “Enkindle this!”

      In general the random background stuff is one of the best things about ME / ME2, such as the automatic adverts which are not quite smart enough to realise you were dead, the mad preacher on Omega etc.

      That and Wrex obviously.

  33. jellydonut says:

    Legion. EDI.

    Yes I have a case of the robot-itis.

    Male characters: Thane. Zaeed.

    Female characters: Liara. Tali. Shepard herself of course!

    I mostly like them all. I tend to not connect to the default humans though. Even less so the ones in ME2. I’m not sure what their deal was, constantly insulting and belittling my old squadmates and new friends. It’s like they didn’t want me to give them a chance.

  34. Dreforian says:

    Loved 1, 2 had some tradeoffs not all of which I could agree with. One thing both of them did well, however, was making aliens that were both physiologically and therefore psychologically different. In ME1 I never ~really~ needed anyone more than Wrex/Garrus (maybe Ashley) as squadmates but I dragged everyone around just to see them react and interact. Elevators are our friends! In ME2 the human squadmates were easily outshined by the aliens and even the non-squad humans like Joker and Kelly. Even EDI was more fun to bother than either Jacob or Miranda. Jack probably wins the prize for human depth. I could pester Mordin Solus all day though. A hyper singing scientist with a distinctly different system of morals. Never new if I was supposed to be amused or terrified or both whenever he said something.
    If I had to be anyone other than shepard I’d probably be Garrus. He’s probably the least alien of the aliens but that simple fact lets his character have some fun he couldn’t have otherwise. Incidentally I wonder if ~any~ of the love interests for either shepard weren’t programmed to be totally awkward… (Garrus and Tali are adorably awkward at least).
    Thane was another one like Mordin, so alien that it was just fascinating to talk with him and wonder at the true nature of his thought process and emotions.
    Samara/Morinth didn’t engage me sadly.
    Tali, like Garrus, was already an old friend by ME2 and just as much fun. Her culture played such a huge part in how she interacted with everything, not just shepard.
    Grunt was neat but the krogan society was moreso. If you played it right you could make Shepard act more Krogan than Grunt. Made me miss Wrex as a squad member.
    Legion was another blast to mine for gems and walking in on it doing the robot dance is a priceless memory. EDI still stole the show for best artificial character/crew member

  35. PopCandy says:

    My favorite moment is slightly cheesy one, when Mordin suddenly breaks into song. I was so shocked, and I could not stop laughing. And my favorite character is also Thane, his backstory was just heartbreaking. I hope I can see him again on Tuesday.

    • Eddy9000 says:

      Is it my bad memory or wasn’t Uranus a barren planet, giving you no other reason to probe it then to make the same joke that the game pre-empted?

    • Lemming says:

      Uranus is a gas giant. So yes, bad memory. Also, bad astronomy.

  36. Maldomel says:

    All those comments reminds about the one thing I hate about the mass effect games. Choices are too obvious. I mean, right choices, keeping the loyalty of your teammates, protecting them for the final mission, romance and all. It’s too easy too make it right (well, I did found an impossible situation with Wrex in ME1 but that was the only time it was not forced on me, like the choice you have to make a bit later in mission between Ashley and the other dude).

    I’d really like some real choices, with unexpected consequences (kinda like The Witcher 2).

  37. karthink says:


    For reasons that should be obvious to anyone who’s talked to it them.

    Hands down the biggest surprise of ME2.

    ME1 had the talk with Vigil; that sent shivers up my spine.
    ME2 also had the Lair of the Shadowbroker, a perfectly executed apology for the poor way they handled Liara in the game proper.

    The humour pervading all of ME2 was pretty great.

  38. Ysellian says:

    My favourite would be Tali. There was something I just liked about her.

  39. NathanH says:

    My favourite bits are the attack on Saren’s base, the final mission of both games (especially the first), and Jacob’s loyalty mission.

    My favourite party members are Tali, Ashley, Mordin, Jacob. I didn’t click with Thane at all; he seemed totally crazy so I avoided talking much to him. Garrus is interesting because I always like the righteous vigilante but actually having him under my command in military operations changed my perspective! The krogan I wasn’t hugely keen on; I generally don’t like the Warrior Culture race. Alenko and Miranda annoyed me.

    Favourite combat was husks + praetorian on the collector ship on second-highest difficulty.
    Favourite moment was sending the merc through the window :-P
    Favourite line: “I enjoy the sight of humans on their knees”.

  40. jealouspirate says:

    Mordin is my favourite character by far. The best written character in the series for me. Multifaceted, I felt like he had more depth than anyone else Bioware has put out.

  41. Premium User Badge

    Joshua says:

    Ashley, who had a lot of depth.

    A pity a lot of people do not see trough that lot of depth and just call her racist – thus making themselves guilty of exactly what they falsely accuse her off.

    Also – well… All the squad members, actually. Except Liara in ME1, who IMO was really shallow.

    I exceptionally loved Saren at the end of ME1 as well.

    • ThTa says:

      Ashley wasn’t really racist, but she made it pretty clear she was xenophobic and perhaps a bit misguided (largely due to her “aliens as dogs” comparison). I didn’t like her as a person, but I did like her as a character, mostly for her determined personality and the fact that she came across as a believable human being. (Not that those are particularly rare in the ME series, but she did stand out, in that regard, especially relative to Kaidan, who had all the personality of a rock in ME1, despite a neat backstory.)

      I’ll agree on your assesment that Liara was shallow, though. I dislike the asari race as a whole, for being a bit too much of a wish-fulfillment gig; what with them being oh so serene, promiscuous, intelligent and what not. The only ones I really liked were the bartender and the map saleswoman/investor in ME2 (both on Illium).

    • Kompi says:

      Actually, in Ashley’s comparison to sending your dog on a bear to survive, it’s humanity – not aliens – who are the dog ;)

  42. malkav11 says:

    The final sequence battling up the side of the Citadel in Mass Effect 1 was one of the best endgames ever. I was very sad that there was nothing even close to as awesome in Mass Effect 2. (Sorry, but no, the “suicide” mission that was trivially easy to complete without losses if you just did all the questing and paid attention and felt largely identical to previous Collector fights – easily my least favorite enemy type in the game – was not up to that standard. Even before the ridiculous boss fight.)

    I can’t say as I ever really connected with Garrus. He simply didn’t interest me much in ME1 and I tended not to run any of the hybrid classes as companions for my Adept because I needed Ashley up front and Tali being adorable and techy in the back. By ME2 I didn’t have any real bond with him and party selection didn’t matter, so I just took Moridin because he was hilarious and Tali because I was romancing her. Occasionally Zaeed because his morals – or lack thereof – fitted well with my Renegade playstyle.

  43. Eddy9000 says:

    The renegade option to tell Garrus he was always ugly anyway after he recovers from a face wound and asks how it looks. In general the whole Shepard-Garrus bromance banter is well done. I take him everywhere, when I get married to Liara he’s going to be best man.

  44. TychoCelchuuu says:

    Favorite event was of course Mordin breaking into song.

    Character stuff:

    Mass Effect 1: The buddy cop team of Wrex and Garrus was fun. Rolling around the galaxy with those two shooting people and resolving conflicts was a fun experience.

    Mass Effect 2: I disliked much of ME2, but one thing I really liked was how well written a lot of the characters were, not so much in the loyalty missions but in the Normandy conversations. Mordin’s pretty stupendous, Grunt was extremely interesting (I assumed he would be some boring Klingon-esque “kill it all” stereotype, which he kind of was, but it was done well), Jack was actually interesting (which was extremely surprising given how ridiculous she seemed before the game came out), Thane was neat, Legion was stupendous for the short bit that you got from him, Samara was fun, and it was nice to learn more about Tali and Garrus. Oh, and Kasumi and Zaeed were both awesome, and their loyalty missions were a nice break from the norm because they were actually compelling. Zaeed’s stories were always pretty funny and Kasumi managed to pull off a “look at me I’m sort of a dorky person” sort of thing which (like Jack) is something I would’ve thought would never have worked, at least in BioWare’s hands. So really in ME2 I liked most of the crew members. Jacob and Miranda = yawnsville though.

    And Ash was definitely racist.

    “Second best” moment would perhaps be Anderson punching Udina and third best would be “let’s take a walk.” The advertisement for elcor Hamlet on the Citadel was also stupendous.

  45. Bloodloss says:

    My favourite characters are Thane, Legion, Wrex, Mordin. You know, the characters that won’t be permanent squad members in ME3 because they just had to have spots for amazingly interesting characters like Ashley and Kaidan.

  46. Kadayi says:

    I’ve a fondness for Zaeed. Albeit he is a DLC character and not as fleshed out as others, his loyalty mission (if you take the renegade option) ending is just pure bad ass. Something of the Bob Pecks from Jurassic park about him (they really needed to slip a ‘clever girl’ in his dialogue somewhere tbh). I doubt he’ll be turning up in ME3, but I’m hoping that they might feature him in some spin off title.

  47. Christian O. says:

    A couple of people dislike the fact that the consequences to your speech choices are obvious, but I always feel like I’m cheated if because of my character’s phrasing something goes horribly wrong (like in L.A. Noire), so I think it’s an okay trade-off.

    If I can’t micromanage the responses then I’d prefer them to be predictable. Otherwise it frustrates me and drags me out of the game.

  48. arkestry says:

    Harrot, the cigar-smoking elcor shopkeeper. Runners up include the Ilusive Man, Garrus, Mordin, Thane, glowing red scars and retinas, Feros, Omega and the Shadow Broker’s ship.