Permit Their Perjury: Sleeping Dogs

He is undercover and explains iconic stances like this by telling 'fellow' gang members that he's in an advertisement for jeans

Men speak in cliches and then punch each other in this trailer for the reawakened True Crime: Hong Kong, now going by the name Sleeping Dogs. My experience of sleeping dogs is that they sometimes chase imaginary rabbits, which makes them try to run while lying down. That’s funny and cute. I don’t think it’s what Square Enix want me to imagine when I think of the game though. They want me to imagine a serious man saying ‘honour’ and then repeatedly hitting a vest-wearing collection of tattoos in the testicles with a meat cleaver.

I played one of the True Crime games once for about five minutes and all I remember is that I was punching people in a prison. There’s no prison in the trailer but there’s plenty of brawling and bone-crunching finishing moves. There’s also some driving, which means that the majority of comments I’ve seen have been along the lines of “NOT AS GOOD AS GTA”, “GTA IS 2SERIOUS, SAINTS ROW RULES”, “I HATE ANSWERING MY PHONE” and it’s then that the repute of everybody’s mother is called into question.

The fighting, with improvised weaponry and long talky bits in between, looks more like Yakuza to me, but what do I know?


  1. sh0ckwave says:

    Looks a lot like Infernal Affairs, the movie which inspired The Departed

  2. says:

    That t-shirt makes me think he should be wearing a bra.

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  3. Dammokles says:

    What was wrong with True Crime: Hong Kong ?

    • Chris D says:

      If I remember correctly it was originally going to be published by Activision but they dropped it. Square picked it up but presumably don’t have the rights to the True Crime name.

  4. Oozo says:

    It’s a perfectly fine Monday after-noon, even pretty productive so far, and then along comes you, and there I go, watching youtube-videos of dreaming dogs, trying hard not to laugh out loud in the office.

    Damn you, Adam, damn you – we’re still not out of the financial crisis, you know?

  5. phenom_x8 says:

    Usually a game that set itself in HK have very good mechanic (or gameplay ??), for example (if anyone remember) Jackie Chan Adventures on PS one that has context base fighting moves for the same button you’ve press (like Batman AA). Don’t forget about Jet li Rise Of Honor (PS2) that introducing the usage of right analog stick as main button to attack your enemy or Stranglehold that have over the top ‘dive shoot’ animation (better than Max Payne I think).

    just hope that this game would turned to be good and not dissapointing.

  6. Timothy Ryan says:

    Is it just me or does the guy at 1:22 look like the actor Susumu Terajima? You know, the guy from a million Japanese films, like Brother, Ichi The Killer and Casshern.

  7. Oof says:

    Another game set in a region with a native language that isn’t English, in which everyone decides to speak English instead. AAAAAAAARGGH. I’d be willing to give it a try but for that. Does the Western version come with Mandarin VOs and English subtitles?

    • baozi says:

      Cantonese, you mean? ; )

    • mad monkey says:

      If they get the vibe/atmosphere of Hong Kong right, this game could be awesome! I think English VO are ok, but having Canto speaking NPCs around would really help with the vibe (deus ex did get that right!)

  8. DevilSShadoW says:

    Another free-roaming 3rd person sandbox game type thing? Yes please. This is shaping quite nicely. Looking forward to it.

  9. Stevostin says:

    If you do a lot of cinematic you need a far better character animation engine than this. This look as weak as DE:HR. Go play Far Cry 2 or GTA IV. Those are pretty old games by now. Or even, if you’re brave, HL2. This is pretty old and still ahead, acting wise, than a lot of nowadays games.

  10. Calabi says:

    The acting looks wooden, and the storyline cliche.

    • Maltose says:

      No one watches Hong Kong action movies for the fantastic acting.

  11. Radiant says:

    If the game is bad, come review time, these puns are going to pretty much write themselves.

  12. ElPoco says:

    Between this and the live action trailer, they seem to get the feel of HK pretty well, apart from the (very disappointing) lack of Cantonese.

    And I guess the whole shooting and fighting which doesn’t happen that much in today’s HK.

    • godwin says:

      I share your disappointment. It’s exciting though to see Hong Kong depicted in a game. I can get over the fact that the graphical fidelity is not cutting-edge, hopefully the gameplay would be decent enough.

  13. Seraph says:

    American English everywhere! WTF were they thinking?

    • mrwonko says:

      Maybe “Nobody will understand this trailer if we make it Chinese, let’s stick to English”?

  14. Maltose says:

    I just watched Hard Boiled, so I’d be incredibly psyched if this got a legit Cantonese voiceover.

  15. Examiner2 says:

    I had a hunch that Chinese people in China spoke fluent English when foreigners weren’t around. My hunch has just been confirmed.