Come Back To What You Know: WoW’s Incentive Gifts

And I really did just reference a song by banal, atonal post-Britpop cash-ins Embrace. I should be banned from the internet. The point is that World of Warcraft, whose slow subscriber decline can no longer be written off as a mere blip on its spotless record (though similarly, having 10 million current subscribers is still a titanic matter), has just made a big, bold play to lure lapsed subscribers back to the venerable world of Azeroth. Just introduced is the Scroll of Resurrection, which must be ‘cast’ by existing players on the accounts of lapsed chums. Once done, the returning player will receive seven days of free game time, an upgrade to all the WoW expansions (if they don’t have them already), a free realm transfer if they want it, and the option to auto-boost one character all the way to level 80. Bloody hell.

So, in one fell swoop you get to shortcut a bunch of money and a bunch of levelling. And to reattach yourself to the Warcraft-teat, of course.

The ultro-freebies are only available for the next 90 days, however – after that, the scroll will only grant 7 days of free play.

The point of all this is, of course, to lure old players back to the fold on a long-term basis, and to further sweeten that deal, the player who casts the spell will be granted a scloosive mount (Spectral Wind Rider or Spectral Griffon). if the recepient elects to subscribe for at least 30 days. Cue plenty of inter-chum hectoring, presumably.

I would imagine this’ll work rather well, as even the hardest-hearted ex-WoWer is surely partial to free stuff. Hell, I’m almost tempted myself, though I can’t imagine not burning out for the umpteenth time before those 7 free days are up. We used to love each other, WoW and I, but what’s done is done.

More expansive details, for both sides of the deal, on the Resurrection Scroll can be found in this huge FAQ. Alternatively, just click here to acquire and cast the bugger.


  1. InternetBatman says:

    Jesus. They’re not even trying to maintain the reward for time spent ratio anymore. Just more evidence that WoW is falling apart, they don’t care any more, and they’re trying to get as much money as they can before they replace it.

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      Except as any veteran of WoW will tell you, levelling is essentially a pointless exercise in repetition that you can do blindfolded, requiring no expenditure of effort or intelligence other than time and teaching you no useful skills what-so-ever because endgame is entirely different.

      I for one welcome any method that skips the tedium of levelling in favour of focussing on the content that actually matters. I’ve been saying they should do it for years.

    • Ed123 says:

      Lamentably, I must agree with TotalBiscuit. I played WoW for about six months after WotLK came out, levelling from 1-80 via quests and the odd dungeon, and using the vanilla strategy guide for tips on building my character. And I learnt absolutely NOTHING until I joined a semi-social guild and learnt about character builds, rotation, addons and so forth. It would’ve made pretty much zero difference if I’d just been punted straight to 75 and had to level the rest of the way.

    • Foosnark says:

      I absolutely cannot stand that approach to MMOs.

      I quit playing WoW before the first expansion. I bought a character up to level 49, and another to level 42, and had a few more in their 20s and 30s.

      I saw no appeal whatsoever in raiding, in doing the same content over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over — and do it as a private in someone else’s army, using builds they commanded me to use and pushing buttons when they told me to push them.

      And I’m the sort of gamer who wants to be able to jump in and do something for 15 minutes or 40 minutes or three hours according to my own schedule and whim. I had friends who had a raiding schedule that they were required to stick to, and it was like having a second job that they paid for rather than the other way around.

      That kind of “endgame” is the end of a game for me.

    • Benny says:

      Very true. But that said many of my fondest memories of the game are from low level days, those first glimpses of something new, the veriety of the art style, the wonder at all this content that, once at the level cap, you realise is just mundane grind.

      After that came the testing yourself with low level characters, minmaxing and trying to run instances with all your knowledge of high end, applied to the wailing caverns. The feeling of satisfaction personally was equal to my first step into Molten Core with a 40man raid in blues. That said, once the veil goes, it really is just a big grind up.

    • Nim says:


      Wow raiding is no different than any other team-based recreational activity.

    • Dolphan says:

      Nim – Every time I play football, the opposing team consists of different people, does different things, and the game plays out completely differently. I can also happily stop playing football for a month, then slot straight back into playing twice a week. And while there are team tactics and organisation, there’s also continuous improvisation and individual skill. It’s not like raiding.

    • trjp says:

      I disagree that levelling is the worst part of WoW – quite strongly, in fact.

      During my time in vanilla WoW I levelled 4 characters to 60 (when it took a LOT longer than it does now!) and raided with 2 of those. BC saw me with 6 Level 70s, a different 2 of which were raid-geared upto Naxx – and one of my chars had all the PvP gear short of the highest tier.

      I can’t say that it didn’t get a bit repetitive BUT I love that world like no other and I’m always happy to take a wander through it again. 250 played days (that’s 6000 hours of playtime) means there are many memories :)

      I lapsed shortly after Wrath arrived simply due to having more to do outside of the game (if you can’t do it properly, don’t do it at all!!) I fancy a return sometime tho – there’s new things to see I’m sure.

      If I did return, I’d start from Level 1 ofc. I’d probably not even bother looking at my existing toons until I’d max-levelled that char too – definately no money cheating, that makes it too easy :)

    • Nim says:

      Ah Football. You’re making a mistake assuming all raids are the same. When I raided, we constantly had to mix members of the raiding team as not everyone was always available. As such we never had the same people available or the same gear available or went up against the exact same challenges. The challenges did not change but you could try different tactics, difficulty modes, extra achievements and so on, so each run would still proceed differently, making the raid unique. The game starts to feel the same though but I’d think 40-50+ games of Football would do too as you’d get used to the game. Eventually you’ve pretty much seen every type of game there is.

      Also if you stop playing football for a month and then get back for some casual playing two times a week you’re pretty much off every serious competitive team there is. You are maybe assuming here that all raiding is hardcore, forgetting the more casual groups that go raiding whenever they have enough people to do so. In such guilds you can easily drop out a month or two then return and help out.

      It’s exactly like raiding.

    • Brise Bonbons says:

      “Except as any veteran of WoW will tell you, levelling is essentially a pointless exercise in repetition that you can do blindfolded, requiring no expenditure of effort or intelligence other than time and teaching you no useful skills what-so-ever because endgame is entirely different.

      I for one welcome any method that skips the tedium of levelling in favour of focussing on the content that actually matters. I’ve been saying they should do it for years.”

      Pretty much this exactly. The fact that their special bonus gift is the ability to skip hundreds of hours of playing their game says a lot about the design philosophy, and is exactly why I refuse to play pretty much all MMORPGs.

      Luckily there are games willing to focus, as TB says, on content over padding – GW2 and TSW both have potential, and EvE always felt like it wasn’t trying to hold the good stuff back from you artificially – it just happened to take a very long time to get enough cash for high-end ships without corporate backing.

    • Moraven says:

      Leveling to experience the new 1-60 content is enjoyable and fun.

      Leveling to get a different class to max level to do experience end game content differently can be tedious and seemingly a waste of time. One thing I liked about Death Knights other than having to do Outlands. As said you do not need that leveling experience to learn the new class. Make it a quest or in game gold purchase to boost someone to at least 70. Hell people would get people to start accounts Referring A Friend to get that exp boost so they could level faster just to hit the new expansion area.

      I have only done one Cata 1-60 so far (Alliance, Kalimdor). I could level three more characters to be able to experience it at at the appropriate level. Sure I can run around in my 85 with flying but it is not the same.

      Let the veterans have a boost to 70 or 80. It opens up more content for them in playing a new class and keeps them entertained.

    • Strife212 says:

      “Except as any veteran of WoW will tell you, levelling is essentially a pointless exercise in repetition that you can do blindfolded”

      You’re talking about the game as a whole here I guess?

    • InternetBatman says:

      @TotalBiscuit Oh, I was talking about the spectral mount. The autoleveling is a great idea for people that want it so they cam catch up to friends. WoW generally has a you need to grind so much or get so high in the content for something that looks cool ratio, they’ve been repeatedly breaking that down in favor of shit you buy.

      Although, I’d argue that leveling content is generally better than endgame content. The time spent for new content ramps up dramatically. Raiding is terribly boring and goes at a snails pace until your guild gears up and you faceroll it. PVP is fun for some but not for everyone. It’s called the World of Warcraft, not the ten or so endgame dungeons and five battlegrounds of Warcraft.

    • Metonymy says:

      I feel sorry for both the players and the designers, at this point. They’re both trapped. The players are feeding a meaningless addiction in a continuously reduced dosage, like a shower where the hot water is running out. The devs are trying to keep something alive that they no longer believe in or enjoy, and are wrangled into the money lust of their new goyim-challenged overlords.

      I played it normally for around 5 years, (Haply the forum troll) so I definitely knew how great it once was.

    • lnbxzsg says:

      Yeah, cos giving someone some pixels in exchange for money is really unfair to the people who spent time (instead of money) to get some other pixels.

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  2. CMaster says:

    Sounds like a good scheme. Also makes me wonder if there will be something of a trend in making the expansions free a while after launch.

    • InternetBatman says:

      The vast majority of content from Cataclysm was already free to subscribers. The game shifted to Cataclysm whether you bought the expansion or not, you only just couldn’t get into the highest leveled zones. I’ve been hearing that the end game for Cataclysm is kind of lame anyways, so they’re not giving away as much.

  3. julianbenson says:

    If any WoW players are interested in inviting an old soak like me back into the world (of Warcraft) I’m game.

    • djbriandamage says:


    • lordhughes says:

      will send you an invite if you are interested

    • Loopy says:

      I’ve got an invite too if anyone fancies it.

      I’d like the mount though, so I expect whoever takes it up to play at least for a month or so! ;)

    • caddyB says:

      I can also send a scroll if anyone’s interested. It’s not like one of my friends are going to come back anyway.

    • Sarissofoi says:

      I am suprised becasue I actually get one.
      From a somebody that I didnt know.
      How he get my email I dont know.
      Wtf is going on?

    • mod the world says:

      Friends don’t talk Friends into playing WoW.

    • crikk23 says:

      anyone giving out invite id like one :)

    • Loopy says:

      I still have one crikk23 if you want it, send me your email address to junkmail71(at)talktalk(dot)net and I’ll send you an invite.

  4. RogB says:

    myself and the missus just reactivated for 7 days free trial (not played it since 2005!). free upgrade for one of us to Cataclysm sounds appealing since we are both on Burning Crusade. I wonder if this would work for me…

    • djbriandamage says:

      I hope it’s not too late but my word of advice is for one of you to subscribe and then send a “Scroll of Resurrection” to the other account. This will allow you to share the rewards mentioned in this article. My wife and I made the mistake of resubbing together which disqualified us from the rewards since a Scroll of Resurrection only works on accounts inactive for at least 90 days.

      Hopefully you can still do this and it hasn’t been foiled by your both signing up for the free trial. I greatly enjoy leveling and raiding with my wife so I wish you and your spouse a stabbing good time!

    • RogB says:

      theres some mention about ‘inactive on or before march 4th to be eligible’ , we both registered the trial on the 5th so might be okay. If i Sub and then send the scroll to her it might work out quite nice.

      I know it gets a bad rap here but its one of the only things she plays and we basically go around doing quests as a pair so its always fun co-op play.
      We had to stop when we had kids, and the rule is now ‘if we start this up again, we can only play it when they are in bed’.

  5. briktal says:

    It’s pretty funny how many people are freaking out about how desperate Blizzard is because they are running a promotion to bring back old players that addresses basically every issue with reactivating an old account.

    • The Hammer says:

      Yeah, it’s almost as if a company is only calm and collected when it’s running crappy business practices.

      This is good. It’s enticing. It allows old friends to quickly play together. From the looks of it, it’s designed for players who quit in Wrath or early Cataclysm, and whose friends have moved onto different server, or even the opposing faction.

      It’s a good idea. If good ideas are desperate, then… eh.

    • KikiJiki says:

      It’s flawed, because it actively punishes those players who took out longer term subscriptions (I know a couple of guys who are on lifetimes from friends who would just love to have all this free shit totalling about £30 or so, but lifetime sub).

    • djbriandamage says:

      I think these are very well thought-out bonuses that solve the ridiculous problem of two friends playing the same MMO but completely unable to play together.

      IMHO what WoW could really use is a sidekicking system where your effective character level can be reduced based on who you team up with or where you play. In addition to playing with lowbie friends I’d sure love to play classic endgame content as if it were my level rather than blasting through 20-man raids with two level 85s. This was Guild Wars’ greatest triumph – you hit the level cap early, ergo 90% of the game was replayable endgame content.

    • The Hammer says:

      Free shit totalling 30 quid?

      Diablo III springs to mind. That’s free to lifetime subscribers. As are a dismal horse and guaranteed entry into the Mists of Pandaria beta.

      It’s not like lifetime subscribers are getting a raw deal. They’re getting a free game, which is Blizzard’s biggest release since Starcraft 2.

    • KikiJiki says:

      >Free shit totalling 30 quid?

      Yep, faction transfer and realm transfer were about £15 each last time I checked (pre-cata, haven’t played msn with orcs for about 2 years now).

      >Diablo III springs to mind. That’s free to lifetime subscribers. As are a dismal horse and guaranteed entry into the Mists of Pandaria beta.

      These things are not comparable to what’s on offer here. What’s on offer here is stuff that makes your playing experience in WoW better by allowing you to play with friends for free. Neither Diablo 3 or new expansion beta actually improve your playing experience in WoW.

      >It’s not like lifetime subscribers are getting a raw deal. They’re getting a free game, which is Blizzard’s biggest release since Starcraft 2.

      In that sense it’s not a raw deal, but they’re definitely getting shit on by this compared to other players or prospective players. Hell, those who sub monthly are practically being given an incentive to unsubscribe for a while and come back for this free stuff, rather than level a character on a friend’s server/faction.

    • InternetBatman says:

      It’s really the mount more than anything. Spectral mounts look awesome, and the longstanding motto of Wow is that if you want something that looks awesome you have to grind for it. So giving it away, basically for money, is a big fuck you to people that did things like grind Netherwing Rep or stayed in that one area to get a Bronze Drake or raided Kael.

    • Subatomic says:

      There is no “lifetime suscription” for WoW. The most you can pay in advance regulary is 6 months, and the deal to get a free copy of Diablo 3 was for an one year subscription.

    • The Hammer says:


      They’re getting a friend to play with again. For an MMO like WOW, that’s a huge incentive. If players are ‘content’, then having an old buddy brought to your same server and faction (and level range) with no hassle at all is a grand deal.

      It’s not like it’s costing the current subscriber anything: all they’re doing is asking a mate of theirs if they’d like to sign up to WOW again, with this, this, and this as bonuses. I am not going to be looking at the goodies that my friend is getting and thinking “Man, I wish I had that!” because I’m already level 85, and they’re the ones joining me on the server I’m currently playing on. That’s the logic behind this. What’s the use of having a free server transfer if you’d be transferring somewhere for one person who might not even play past the 7 day mark anyway?

      EDIT: Ah yeah, not lifetime. Year-long. My mistake, that.

    • KikiJiki says:

      Sorry to burst your bubble Subatomic, but there IS a lifetime subscription to WoW.

      Every GM was given a 25 year code, and they were given 2 at joining to give to friends.

      Anyone lucky enough to have one of those is royally shit on by this deal.

      EDIT: @The Hammer

      I don’t disagree with you, but it’s not like previous scroll offers or referrals that only gave a mount/xp bonuses.

      This offer flat out skips everything pre cata, and gives you a significant monetary gift as well. It really smacks of desperation to get people back to WoW imo.

    • Loopy says:

      GM’s hardly count as normal players, and the ones they can give to friends will count for about 0.000001% of the entire player base, so hardly a significant number

    • KikiJiki says:

      Doesn’t really matter, they’re shitting on current subscribers and disincentivizing short term subs for those who could use this offer to faction/realm change/level.

      If I was a monthly subber I’d definitely cancel to make use of this offer. The problem for Blizzard is that I’d then probably realise how shit WoW is and not bother coming back.

    • Caerphoto says:

      So giving it away, basically for money, is a big fuck you to people that did things like grind Netherwing Rep or stayed in that one area to get a Bronze Drake or raided Kael.

      Yeah, cos giving someone some pixels in exchange for money is really unfair to the people who spent time (instead of money) to get some other pixels.

    • Nevard says:

      I wish people would get over the ridiculous notion that the fact that someone else gets something means that the gift givers hate you because they didn’t give it to you.
      You are paying for a service, you are receiving the service. You aren’t entitled to any more than that, stop acting like you are!

    • djbriandamage says:

      If you were a current subscriber you’d have to quit for 90 days to qualify for the Scroll of Resurrection bonuses. I tried exactly what you suggested last year but I’d only been unsubbed for about 65 days and didn’t qualify.

    • InternetBatman says:

      @Nevard And part of the service is conspicuous consumption, a huge part. That’s one of the huge psychological weapons that keep people coming back. When they just hand out awesome mounts of awesomeness left and right for money, it makes the extraordinary ordinary which weakens the entire system. It’s a bad decision for the continued health of the game, but the game is pretty much over anyways. It’s a bad decision for the service, which people are paying for.

  6. DarylOsmand says:

    Are you kidding me? I just paid to re-open my account yesterday!

    • diamondmx says:

      I bet if you ask nicely, they’ll let you get the stuff.

  7. Cryptoshrimp says:

    No thanks, Blizzard, I’m done with you.

  8. Berzee says:

    I bet the guy who designed that spectral griffin is gonna be rich.

    • Phantoon says:

      Ha ha ha!

      No, he’s getting laid off later this month.

    • Orija says:

      Now you think Ronald McDonald gonna go down to the basement and say, “Hey Mr. Nugget – you the bomb. We sellin’ chicken faster than you can tear the bone out. So I’m gonna write my clowney ass name on this fat-ass check for you.” Shit. Man, the nigga who invented them things? Still working in the basement for regular wage, thinking of some shit to make the fries taste better or some shit like that. Believe.

    • Phantoon says:

      Actually, his name was Robert C. Baker

      and he died on a monday.

    • Orija says:

      That wasn’t the point, you know.

  9. Memph says:

    Um, why wouldn’t the player being ‘enticed’ back also get the shiny mount? Isn’t this a fairly dodgy method of recruiting so called friends to drag you back into a sub so they can have their prize?
    The lapsed player needs more incentive than a friend turned 3rd party re-recruiter.
    Me cynically no likey. This is easy to say no to for anyone who played up to Cata.

  10. pr0nneh says:

    Could someone boost me and send me such a scroll? What Info do you guys need?
    my email is stylesandbox[at]

  11. Scatterbrainpaul says:

    I think Embrace are touring again, or have at least reformed

    awful band

  12. artins90 says:

    Pandaria will fail to attract new players, If they want to keep the game alive they should try to implement some kind of f2p model the game feels too old I would never pay a subscription to play it, there are better p2p and f2p games than WoW.

    • diamondmx says:

      They’d get more subcribers if they had a proper trial.
      The trial they have prevents grouping, making it basically a whole different (and crapper) game than if you buy it before you try it.
      With the number of awful paid MMOs (my opinion), and the number of less awful or even pretty good freemium MMOs – it really makes it suspicious that so many of the paid MMOs refuse to offer a meaningful trial. (They all seem to have the no-grouping rule)

    • briktal says:

      The problem they all run into is that without those restrictions, trial accounts can become great ways to spam chat to advertise your gold selling site.

  13. Phantoon says:

    We need to stop being outraged about this nonsense about this damned company and instead be outraged over Alec’s terrible song references!

    Especially for an inevitable parting pun like “This was Meerly a setback!”

    CURSE YOU, MEER! I’M INVENTING MY OWN PAIN NOW! Clearly your powers are strong.

  14. Jamie Dewhirst says:

    Next stop – F2P!

    Well, not quite yet. Even with the almost constant decline in subs they still have a gigantic number of people that are quite happy both paying a sub and spending a fair chunk of cash on the pet/mount store!

    • Phantoon says:

      Oh, I hadn’t even thought about how they’d boost the pokemon part of the expansion with the cash shop.

      But now I realized that’s exactly why you can trade those for gold now.

  15. TheWhippetLord says:

    Nitpick: the Scroll of Resurrection has been around for years, they just seem to have changed the reward. It used to be that if someone you ‘resurrected’ paid for a month’s subscription after their return, you recieved a free month.
    I can see some people liking the mount better than a free month, but I imagine a virtual pony instad of a free month helps Blizzard’s bottom line a little. The boosts to the resurrected player seem quite nice though.

    • Phantoon says:

      They boosted the rewards on it about a year ago, and then again before that.

    • anduin1 says:

      they get the mount AND the free month, they just sweetened the deal a little bit. This is way more lucrative for players who don’t have the Cataclysm expansion and even better for those who quit after the burning crusade expansion.

  16. FriedKalimari says:

    Is anyone up for throwing the friend offer my way? Would love to start once again.

  17. voidburn says:

    Stay away from the Voodoo!

  18. Xaromir says:

    It’s interesting actually, it’s such a good game (and i mean that) it’s brilliant! But nobody wants to play it anymore, i wonder how this happened.

    • Xaromir says:

      FYI: I haven’t been playing this for a year now.

    • Cryptoshrimp says:

      Because they ruined it with microtransactions, the cataclysm leveling scheme and overall sloppy design. But that’s my opinion.

    • Necroscope says:

      I log on a few days a week for a session and it’s still popular enough to do whatever I want without much of a queue time or for lack of players. That’s my perception from the horde side. Ally side is mega-popular ,as if all this talk of subscriber decline is just talk.
      There are plenty of reasons players want change. A generational shift is coming. The grindfests have to die in favour of something more creative and free-wheeling.

    • katinkabot says:

      It’s almost 7 years old. Anything they do within the confines of the game is not “new” or “innovative” anymore – well not in the way that it used to be. The game is by no means awful. They do a lot of things pretty ok and they’re consistent. It’s like the McDonalds of MMO’s. You can eat it everyday and do that for 7 years but would you really want to? Well, that’s for you to decide, but for me and the 30 other people that I raided with who quit, we were just bored with it. Blizzard can present the dungeons and bosses in whatever wrapper they want, but if you’ve played the game long enough you know what’s coming – a loot pinata with a stupid gimmick. What they can’t give back is the wide-eyed naviete that I had when I first walked into MC as a wee druid-ess. Or the awesome feeling I had raiding in TBC – the first time I really, truly understood my class and felt I had a mastery of the game. I loved WoW but it lost it’s magic for me. So maybe that’s what is happening.

    • Roxton says:

      I agree with katinkabot.

      I played WoW for many years, and loved it. The reason it became so big and popular is because it did a lot of things very well. For someone who had never played an MMO before, it was extremely beguiling. I quit a year or so ago because I had just grown tired of it – not because it had suddenly become awful (though I’ll admit that the steady creep of paid items and reduction of patch quality and quantity was a definite deterrent). The basic mechanics of the game were relatively simple, and after a while no amount of polish could hide the fact that I could play the game perfectly while watching TV on my other monitor. The only thing that I really enjoyed by the end was the PvP, because it afforded some degree of freshness.

      I think MMOs might suffer this kind of accelerated ennui faster than other titles, possibly because of the high and regular number of hours expected from the player.

      I don’t hate WoW; we had a good time together. But I, and most of the people I know who played for as long as I did, are tired of it. I wouldn’t be sorry to see it go, and for Blizzard to start cranking out some fresh IP.

    • Cryptoshrimp says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I love the game. I played it for about three years in total, with some big breaks. It was a lovely game, but the film of wonder and the sense of learning faded after a while, and that’s really why I played it, for the universe and atmosphere. Cataclysm (and, to a lesser degree, WotLK) changed the tone of the game so much I couldn’t connect with it, and the direction they took their lore in was also a big factor in why I quit.

      Instead of the relative free-form and ‘breathy’ zone system, they all crammed it into a fairly linear, rollercoaster experience. I uderstand that the majority of the players want to get to the end game as fast as possible, but the new, cutscene-heavy style didn’t do the game any good. ( I prefer pre-cata Aszhara to the post-cata version). But again, that might just be me being a big old silly.

    • Smoof says:

      Totally agree with Cryptoshrimp. I felt Cataclysm really killed what I loved about WoW when it came to leveling (never was much of a raider, though I did enjoy the free purples towards the end of WotLK) everything is now too streamlined and linear. I enjoyed the fact that I could pick-up dozens of quests and tackle them however I wanted, as opposed to now getting three at a time in the same general area, completing them and getting three more, etc.

      I loved WoW for the longest time, but just haven’t been able to get back in to it with Cataclysm, which is hugely disappointing.

  19. aircool says:

    Hmmm… I played two characters to about lvl 20 before gouging my eyes out with boredom… or was it because no matter how many chat channels I blocked, I could still read the worst that humanity had to offer.

    Sounds a bit drastic though if I could instantly rank up whatever toon I had to lvl 80.

    Nah, there’s better games that WoW around these days which owe a debt to that game but do things so much better (Rift), and GW2 is on the horizon.

  20. Fiwer says:

    I was about to pull the trigger on this, then I realized I’d have to level another character from 80 to 85 through Cataclysm’s god-awful leveling zones. Sure it “only” takes about 20 – 25 hours to get through those levels , but I could definitely find a better way to spend my gaming time. No thanks Blizzard, make it a boost to 85 and we’ll talk.

  21. Metalhead9806 says:

    Blizzard is desperate. THey are losing thousands of people a month and needed to fire 600 employees.
    If it wasn’t for the asian market there would be less than 2 million subs in NA/Euro.

    Now with the miss management of Diablo, gutting features they have killed that games potential to save them. Thankfully for them they still have starcraft.

    • anduin1 says:

      thats not really true, the Asian market still only makes up around 50-60% of their player base. Theres still about 2 million in each of the NA and EU markets making up the rest. But they are bleeding players from their highest earning areas (NA/EU) because of the way the game is paid for in those markets vs Asian markets where you buy actual game time meaning you pay by the hour and its dirt cheap compared to what NA pays. Just to give an example, the Chinese pay about 6 US cents an hour, so if you play some high amount of say 40 hours a WEEK, that would still be about half of what NA pays.

  22. Sian says:

    Luckily, even if I was tempted, I wouldn’t be elligible. ‘s against our laws, that stuff.

  23. liquid500 says:

    Is anyone up for throwing the friend offer my way? Would love to start once again.
    my email

  24. SuperNashwan says:

    90 day promo period = oh shiiii things aren’t looking good for this financial quarter before Mists of Pandaria hype kicks in. Now people are done with Deathwing active subs must be falling off a cliff.

  25. Moraven says:

    So to those thinking is the fall of WoW due to this sort of promotion, where is the outcry over TOR offering 7 day friend trials? They started a promotion, they are doomed!

    • Metalhead9806 says:

      TOR is losing subs as well.

    • anduin1 says:

      TOR is bleeding out as well. Just looking at the server lists at prime time is a clear indication of numbers dropping. Rare is it to find more than a server or two thats “heavy” populated whereas in the first few weeks at least half of the 30 or so servers were Full and heavy and none were light populated.

  26. tkioz says:

    Friend of mine is begging me already about this… even offered to pay my subscription fee… he really must want that mount.

    So not tempted, been off WoW for 2 years now, and happy to be free

  27. anduin1 says:

    So I looked into this offer and found the following issue:

    As it stands right now the wording of the promotion is kind of misleading. You can transfer one character and auto level to 80 that same character. So if you transfer an 80 to someones servers, you will not be able to boost a lower level character to 80 as well. It applies to one character ONLY. From a couple threads I’ve read on the forums this is whats happening. The wording makes it seems like you can do everything and does not specify that it only applies to one character but at this point in time what I just described is happening. I don’t know if Blizzard meant to do that or if it’s an error on their part but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up.

  28. alundra says:

    The London bridge is falling down, falling down.

  29. Laephis says:

    Looks like they’re trying to boost their numbers really quickly before the next quarterly report. I’m guessing the investors are in for another big drop in subscriptions.

    Thanks, Blizz, but you’ve wrecked the game beyond repair. Not coming back.

  30. Land says:

    Anyone that wants an invite?

  31. BoxcarWilly says:

    The Scroll of Resurrection shtick has been around for a very long time in the game. The difference from then is that the person sending the “scroll” was rewarded with a month of free play time added to their account. They were actually valuable and it was the reason why you only had a limited number to send out. I suppose the subscription haemorrhage the game has been experiencing lately has put pressure on the devs to stem the flow so to speak. ‘No more free months of play-time people! Now you get a mount that is valued at absolutely nothing.’ Despite nothing leaked, I’m fairly certain there’s been a brochure having made its way around the office entitled ‘Greed is Good’ at some point in time.

  32. WhiteTopia says:

    I would like an invite please, I am wanting to join the yearly plan so I can get Diablo 3 for free. I only have up to WoTLK and I really wanted to try the next expansion, So whoever can invite me You will deffinitly get the mount because I will be joining for a year :-) Thank you all