Eyes To Slow-Mo, It’s The Medal of Honor Wrftrr Trailer

Geoff, why did it suddenly get a lot warmer?
Yup, the M’dal orf Hrnnnr MANWARFIGHT trailer does that thing where there’s a portentous, dark opening with stealthy soldiers before scenes from the game get all piled-up at the end. You need to be a hummingbird to watch the damn thing properly. So here to fill you in with more details is guest hummingbird correspondent, Hummingway. sdfskfjhgasdfiuefliasdflaisdhf””dda=–3. Erm, right: so that’s what happens when you invite a hummingbird to the keyboard. My mistake, I should have seen that one coming. I’ll take that on the chin. I’ve managed to find out some information, so you can watch the vide and read that while I pick chunks of bird out of my beard.

The story centres around T1 operative “Preacher”, and his experiences attempting to rebuild his family after years of being sent around the world have left it fractured like a grenade. But it’s not long before he’s off again, fisty-cuffing bad men around the world. Those flashes of information in the trailer were attempting to convey FIGHTWARRER’s global storyline: there’s a worldwide terrorist threat that ties together smaller scale fights in the Philippines and Somalia. Tier 1 are no longer confined to, or even in, Afghanistan. That global connection is built on in the multiplayer: the online Wrfghtr-ing lets you choose one of 12 different nationalities to play as online, including the British SAS, Australian SASR, German KSK, and the Polish GROM.

Medal of Honor Warfighter’s on October 23rd, fans of game release dates.


  1. Khemm says:

    Bring back WWII to my MoH. It would actually feel fresh at this point. There are so many unexplored areas during that period, just drop Normandy and Americans, they’ve been done countless times before.
    Bring back stealth missions, stealing uniforms and documents – those levels were FUN!

    I’m so sick of this “modern warfare” crap.

    • Tridae says:

      THIS THIS THIS ^^ WWII just has more of a charm to it, love the feel of the weapons and I much prefer the setting to this modern nonsense. Maybe go back further, American Civil War anyone?

    • Examiner2 says:

      Yeah, nothing says charm like 68 million deaths.

    • Pop says:

      Been following link to twitter.com recently, and the account of the Finish defence against the Soviet invasion struck me as particularly desperate, heroic and deserving of some attention. Spare me how it ends.

    • perruci says:

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  2. zeroskill says:

    Excuse me while I’m having this fresh glass of MILK. Mmmh Delicious.

  3. bear912 says:

    Well, at least it seems to have reasonably good audio. The explosion around the 0:50 mark made these headphones a rather nice place to put my head.

    I sort of remember the audio being good in the 2010 game being nice, too, from the little bit that I played of the multiplayer demo/beta/whatever.

  4. grundus says:

    For the absolute love of fuck sake! MoH 2010’s campaign was good and fresh and unique because you weren’t saving the world. I bet in this you have to save the world. I wanted Band of Brothers, not Twenty Four or Call of Bollocks.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      “Good?” It was the single most boring single-player FPS I’ve ever played, to the point where it’s the only one I started and didn’t finish. Sadly, I doubt this will be any different. :(

    • IshtarGate says:

      I, for one, want to play Call of Bollocks.

    • wengart says:

      I actually enjoyed the MOH2010 campaign a lot. I mean it certainly wasn’t good enough to sell the game at 60$, but I enjoyed it quite a lot.

  5. P4p3Rc1iP says:

    TIER 1 is the new 1337 apparently.

  6. ReV_VAdAUL says:

    You know, if our reality were a fictional universe you can’t help but think that the Tier 1 people would be the baddies. Super well equipped soldiers who act beyond any legal or public supervision going all around the planet killing people because someone decided they had to die.

    The more compelling narrative would be plucky people constantly risking their lives against such a menacing and all powerful force.

    • zontax says:

      Finding out that you are actually the bad guy in the last mission could also be interesting .

      No John you are the demons.

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      Crackdown did exactly this. You spend the whole game taking down gangs then discover not only was your organization FUNDING those gangs, but they were doing it so people would be scared enough to embrace the Agency as a totalitarian authority. Moreover, you’ve tested and ironed out the kinks in their AGENT program for them.

      Then the game ends.

      Right there.


    • Koozer says:

      I loved the ending to Crackdown (and the game!). The sequel didn’t really do much for me though.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      That’s what would happen if we could actually talk to the monsters. They’d tell us we are the monsters.

  7. Okami says:

    Medal of Honor Warfighter


    • speedwaystar says:

      I guess it was only a matter of time before one of the AAA titles released a trailer featuring a thinly-disguised Bin-Laden compound insertion. or did someone else beat MoH to it?

    • Diogo Ribeiro says:

      But think about all the DLC for it, man! Conflictsoldier. Battleagressor. Enmitybully. Strikescrapper. Assaultassailant. Tusslejingoist!

    • torchedEARTH says:


      I could go on all day.

    • Optimaximal says:


    • TsunamiWombat says:

      Kerfluffle Absolver

    • Diogo Ribeiro says:

      You make an old man happy :P

  8. Gwilym says:

    Painting the enemy as ignorant savages doesn’t make them very scary, and it doesn’t make the heroes very heroic either. This is bizarre and slightly upsetting

    • IshtarGate says:

      It doesn’t help very much that all the International Tier One groups are from rich white Western countries. Because you know, savages don’t have Tier One groups.

    • Grargh says:

      Slaughtering tribal people in underdeveloped countries is quite the essence of the Global War On Terror, isn’t it?

    • godwin says:

      Game ought to be called Terrorfighter.

      On a tangent though, I wonder when we’d see a developer (indie or not, but obviously the former lends itself better to the proposition) producing something that is reflexive of these issues and conditions. Can there be a manshootygame that turns out to critique its own manshootyness? Its inherent ideological bias? Not merely something that turns the tables where the player gets to “take on the role of what is conventionally depicted as the enemy”, but actually making gameplay a means of unpacking bigger ideas, like authoritarianism, imperialism, even oppressive economic structures (say in an economy management RTS) etc. It just seems like there is no room for such interest within how the “industry” is currently ordered.

  9. speedwaystar says:

    I guess it was only a matter of time before one of the AAA titles released a trailer featuring a thinly-disguised Bin-Laden compound insertion.

  10. Njordsk says:

    Clearly lacks face of war.

  11. mangrove says:

    Wrftrr iithh thrsss shrrrrd?

  12. Dunamis says:

    This trailer needs more dubstep.

  13. asilentninja says:

    Please join me on a bit of a nitpicking tangent:

    Tier 1 is not the implied “the most advanced warfighters evah!!1!”. Tier 1 is basic, grunt, canon-fodder.

    Tier 2 is the more experienced soldier, the sergeant, the almost-grizzled veteran.

    Tier 3. Ah, now we’re somewhere:

    “These individuals are experts in their fields and are responsible for not only assisting both Tier I and Tier II personnel, but with the research and development of solutions to new or unknown issues.” [1]

    If MoH and CoD want to imply that you’re playing as the best of the best, then you’re going to be a Tier 3.

    [1]: link to en.wikipedia.org

    • ShrikeMalakim says:

      I’m not a fan of jingoistic chest-thumping games or groups by any means, but you’d only be right if the military followed the lead of technical support. “Tier 1” in military terms generally refers to special forces, not rank and file.

      link to en.wikipedia.org

  14. Ergates_Antius says:

    The story centres around T1 operative “Preacher”, and his experiences attempting to rebuild his family after years of being sent around the world have left it fractured like a grenade

    It would be utterly brilliant if they released an MOH where this was the entire game. The trailer could have lots of gun-porn and sealth murder to draw the punters in, but it turns out these are just from the flashback cutscene at the start.

    • Premium User Badge

      Joshua says:

      It would be kind off neat if you made a roleplaying game out of it – with how you play the flashback sequences affecting the state of the “real world you”.

    • bear912 says:

      This brings to mind some X-Files episode or another…

  15. yourgrandma says:

    Not enough beards…