Intel Extreme Masters Is Underway, You Can Watch It

The best of the best of the e-sports types are flexing their brain-muscles and finger-glands to fight it out at the Intel Extreme Masters, right now. You can watch it streamed over here. Counter-Strikes are being struck, League Of Legends are being made legendary, and Starcraft IIs are being uhm stricken? Anyway, $55,000 is at stake.

I miss pro Quake 3, to be honest. Imagine if there was this turnover in physical sports: no more football this year, because everyone is playing polo now. That would be weird.


  1. elfbarf says:

    Alternatively, you can watch the Dota 2 RaidCall Final which is currently live.

    link to

    • Dana says:


    • elfbarf says:

      Why not?

    • Wreckdum says:

      Because DotA 2 sucks.

    • Wreckdum says:


    • lnbxzsg says:

      Heroes of Newerth is infinitely more entertaining to watch than LOL, I’d rather watch some noobs play team match-making in HoN than pro-level LOL (kind of an oxymoron if you ask me). I think this is the first time I have ever seen a casual game used for a major competition. They really need to switch to HoN to make it exciting, or at least DotA2. link to

    • KikiJiki says:

      Wreckdum sounds like a case of mad cuz bad if I ever saw one.

      People shouldn’t be writing Dota2 off yet, The Defense finals last weekend had comparable viewing figures to the HDH/King of the Beta tournaments from the SC2 beta, and that’s doing pretty well for eyeballs at the moment. The Chinese are yet to really start playing it as well in tourneys, and those guys are on another level entirely to the Euro/US scene we have right now.

      I know Dota2 is a bit offtopic here considering that League of Legends is paid for to be on the IEM tour and Dota2 isn’t, but hey if it’s on and Tobi is casting it’s worth checking out for a few minutes when IEM has downtime.

    • rhyno012 says:

      Wow them MOBA fanboys…

  2. HothMonster says:

    “and Starcraft IIs are being uhm stricken?”

    Wouldn’t “crafted” follow the pattern?

  3. DK says:

    They are in fact the *Intel* Extreme Masters, being sponsered by Intel, not Inter Milan.

    Also cue comment rage about how “Heroes of Newerth/Dota 2 is so much better”.

    • Gnomocide says:

      No need to rage, but it is pretty funny that LoL is the only ARTS they have – it’s definitely the least suited one for competition, in my opinion. The passive metagame and low odds of comebacks makes it kind of stale to watch, compared to DOTA2 (haven’t played HON). I wonder if they have an exclusivity-deal with riot?

    • Xocrates says:

      More likely it’s due to the fact that it has the largest player base and thus the largest audience.

    • Gnomocide says:

      I don’t see how that would prevent them from having other games in the same genre. COD is more popular (larger player-base) than CS, yet there’s no COD tourny and there is a CS one. I guess they only want 1 game pr. genre?

      Doesn’t really matter though, there’s already a lot of other DOTA2 competitions – it just seems like a curious choice is all.

    • Xocrates says:

      CS was well established before COD came into the spotlight, so there’s that.

      But yeah, they’re probably limiting to 1 game per genre.

    • Gnomocide says:

      DOTA was well established before LOL as well though :P (jk I get your point)

      But yeah, they most likely don’t feel a beta game is the best choice, especially since they already have LOL to fill their ARTS spot. When it becomes profitable to add DOTA2 in there, they’ll probably go ahead (unless there actually is an exclusivity deal, which I doubt).

      edit: hmm, quote from a IEM dude: “I am not sure if it makes sense to feature two games from the same genre in a tournament like Intel Extreme Masters, though. That depends on a ton of factors, but I will be Captain Obvious and say we love good games in general”

    • DK says:

      “COD is more popular (larger player-base) than CS, yet there’s no COD tourny and there is a CS one”
      Not according to the Steam stats. CS *still* beats every other game, day after day, since time began. It’s wierd and shouldn’t be happening but there it is. CS is the WoW of FPSes (bigger than it has any right to be and undefeatable).

    • Gnomocide says:

      Right, I was thinking COD has got a larger player-base spread out over all the platforms, but I didn’t think far enough to realize that Intel probably doesn’t care much for the consoles :P

      So yeah it makes sense that CS is bigger than COD on the pc – at least if you combine 1.6 and source.

    • The Sombrero Kid says:

      You don’t need to combine them CS has nearly 2x as many people playing it right now than MW3 CS:S has about 1.5x that, hell with numbers like that there’s a good chance CS has more concurrent users than COD has across platforms, steam has 2x as many registered users as xbox live and nearly 2x the peak usage, given that everyone on steam has CS and not everyone on xbox live has a cod game, there’s a compelling argument for saying it’s more popular, prolly not though.

  4. deanimate says:

    I miss quake3 too :(
    So sad if that really is it for this behemoth FPS. Where will all that amazing talent go? Is cypher going to work at maccyd’s? Rapha sweeping the pavement with a big leaf? Is cooller going to be installing custom guttering and eating cheese?

  5. says:

    Water polo, obviously.

  6. mrbeman says:

    “Stars are being crafted twice!” seems like the way to go with that one.

  7. blisf says:

    I have registered only to comment on this.

    I love LoL, I play it regulary, and for the first time today (and yesterday) I watched a whole bunch of matches. In almost every match, I heard the following sentence:

    “This was a one sided match”.

    From what Iv’e seen, when you get a difference of about 2000 gold, which is roughly 4 kills, the match is over. So matches tend to be like this: 20 minutes of laning, which nothing happens, 1 team fight / a few individual kills which set the winning team, 10-20 minutes of steamroll.

    This is wrong. In every modern sport, the losing team have a chance to comeback at almost every situation, but in LoL, -One- team fight, which last about 1 minute, in 90% of the time will set the entire 40 minute game.

    As I said, I love the game, but it is just not a good spectator (if any) sport.

    • Sarissofoi says:

      Must agree.
      Its farm farm farm and then bum headshot – game end.

    • DK says:

      It really depends on who’s playing. Some countries have a very fightey meta, some are laning, some are based entirely on buff-steals. Depending on how that comes together in a match, and depending on individual teams having any unusual tech, matches can either be one-sided stomps or frantic fighting from minute 1.

    • 1wheel says:

      > From what Iv’e seen, when you get a difference of about 2000 gold, which is roughly 4 kills, the match is over

      a 10% gold difference is easily surmountable though superior play. Part of the issues with the one sided matches is that so far there have just been group stage games where the variance in skill level is pretty high. It didn’t just happen that one team lucked out and got ahead – one team is way better than the other and proceeds to beat them in all stages of the game.

    • MrMud says:

      Or you can end up with a game like the Dignitas vs Fnatic match where Dignitas were stomping Fnatic (Scarra was 14-4 on cass) and through some good/lucky play at baron Fnatic managed a comeback when everyone thought they were out of the game.

    • paterah says:

      That Dignitas/Fnatic match was spectacular. So there you go guys, you who complain there can be no “comebacks”.

    • lightstriker says:

      For the OP, and everyone else:

      link to

      Also, the CLG vs Crs games were rather gorgeous from a purely execution standpoint imo.

  8. Tonkatsu says:

    Heroes of Newerth is infinitely more entertaining to watch than LOL, I’d rather watch some noobs play team match-making in HoN than pro-level LOL (kind of an oxymoron if you ask me). I think this is the first time I have ever seen a casual game used for a major competition. They really need to switch to HoN to make it exciting, or at least DotA2.

    • Gnomocide says:

      “pro-level LOL” is not an oxymoron; there’s definitely people who make a living off playing league competitively, and thus they are professionals.

      Other than that, I do agree that league is poorly suited for proper, high level competition – it’s a good casual game (I played it a lot before I got DOTA2 beta) but it’s simply too shallow gameplay-wise compared to DOTA/HON.

    • Thants says:

      Really, this is stretching the term “casual” beyond the breaking point. “Not quite well balanced enough for good professional-level play” isn’t the definition of a “casual game”.

    • glocks4interns says:

      Arguably the best four teams in the world are in the semi-finals. What exactly is the balance issue?

      Yes some champs are better or worse but that is the way of things and changes to champs between events is one of the more interesting things.

      I just watched Fizz who is considered underpowered and was buffed the patch after what IEM is using be a key part of a dominating 13-1 playoff win.

    • lightstriker says:

      yeah, I’m always curious what evidence posts like this actually have for the “poor balance”. Right now one of the most interesting supports is very frequently picked, but still not absolutely crushing, a HUGE variety of champions have been played, and there’s been a wide range of comps played with success as well.

      …also, Mundo.

      like, people keep posting about the “balance issues”, yet there’s just nothing to support it in anything that’s occuring now really Oo

      >but it’s simply too shallow gameplay-wise compared to DOTA/HON.

      As for this silliness… sigh. Whatever. It’s been beaten to death a million times before. A game is only too shallow if players are reaching the skill cap and there’s not a noticeable difference in strength between the best players.

      They are not and There is, respectively. I really, really wish people would stop repeating trite statements without actually considering the lack of evidence to support them >.> League is not a casual game by any reasonable standard. Balance is, right now, really good by ANY standard. And the continuously evolving competitive play and constantly improving high level players, and the notable skill gap even among the best of the best is evidence for a dearth of skill differential… why?

    • nepenthes says:

      Sorry, I guess over 124,000 people disagree with you in thinking LoL isn’t an exciting, ‘spectator’ game :P

  9. MD says:

    Quake lives, Jim! James “2GD” Harding has a new show coming up, with QL and SC2 and some other games, but most importantly QL. It starts in a couple of weeks, and there’s a little teaser-ad-thingy here: link to
    That might make him look like a bit of a knob, especially if you’re not familiar with his style, but he actually has really good strategic knowledge, and when he keeps his whiskey consumption to a reasonable level he hits a good balance between professional and entertaining.

    • KikiJiki says:

      A good balance between professional, entertaining and GETTING ENOUGH REST.

      Can’t wait to catch this show, 2GD is hilarious.

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