Are CCP Hinting At PC Release Of Dust 514?

So here’s a thing – Massively have been talking to CCP at GDC, and this came out of their discussion:

And while the devs weren’t ready to make any official statements on the spot, a bit of wink-nudging indicates that a PC release may still be in the cards. As the devs note, mouse and keyboard controls are already supported in the PS3 version of the title. “I wonder why we did that,” Hilmar joked during the interview.

We have, of course, always been said that releasing the Eve tie-in purely on consoles is the way of madness, so perhaps CCP have always (sensibly) had that PC release in mind. We shall see.


  1. Jayson82 says:

    It was never about them not wanting to put it on the PC it was the deal they made with sony for it to be a ps3 exclusive that stopped them, maybe they made a new deal or something.

    • ankh says:

      So they didn’t understand at the time what ‘ps3 exclusivity’ meant then? Ok.

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      Maltose says:

      Apprently, neither do Sony and Microsoft, since half the time, “exclusive” just means timed exclusive. Although to be fair, that’s usually for DLC and not full games.

    • Antsy says:

      What deal with Sony? As far as I was aware any exclusivity came about due to Microsoft.

    • mandrill says:

      Dust was developed on the PC, and the demo we were shown at Fanfest was played on an Xbox. The development of the game was obviously done before any deal was done with either of the console manufacturers. The business logic behind making Dust a console exclusive is fairly reasonable (not to say I agree with it)

      Firstly, CCP wanted to break into the console shooter market, which is a pretty crazy proposition in itself especially for a company which only has experience in the PC MMO space. They want to open up the universe of EVE to a new, different, audience. Diluting that by releasing on PC as well as PS3 would lead to all sorts of issues associated with a divided playerbase. PC and PS3 versions of Dust would either have to include cross-platform combat (which as yet has never been successful between consoles and PCs, correct me if I’m wrong) or the different formats of the game would have to be totally seperate, each isolated from the other because of the inherent balancing differences between the formats. This was obviously not an option as the DUST world has to tie into the existing EVE political and economic universe. Having two separate armies of ground-pounders would overcomplicate things unnecessarily.

      Secondly, CCP does not want to dilute their existing EVE playerbase. This is unavoidable to a certain extent as there will inevitably be some of us that will fork out for a PS3 just to play in another facet of the universe we love.

      Things are becoming clearer as we near Fanfest, where there will hopefully be a storm of Dust information. From what I’ve been picking up here and there, CCP are aiming for New Eden (the universe that EVE and Dust are set in) to be a truly cloud based gaming experience, with different facets of that experience being accessed via different devices. I don’t seriously think that CCP are considering a PC release of DUST unless it really tanks on the PS3.

      • rockman29 says:

        DUST 514 is not on Xbox 360, because Microsoft won’t allow CCP to use their own servers. It has nothing do with whether you agree with CCP’s decision or not, because it wasn’t even decided by them. PS3 was the only console platform available to make this happen, much like how Steam is only on PS3, and not on Xbox 360.

    • Antsy says:

      If they are honestly worrying about dilution of their user base then CCP has achieved a new level of idiocy, and that’s quite a feat after last year.

      A PC release wouldn’t threaten the EVE user base at all. Anyone playing EVE seriously will still play EVE seriously. Dust is far more likely to attract new users than significantly effect the installed EVE user base, beyond transient players who generally don’t leave Empire anyway.

    • FionaSarah says:

      I believe there was an Unreal Tournament game that allowed PC and PS3 players to play together, mostly because the PS3 version supported mouse and keyboard, much like Dust.

    • wazups2x says:


      UT3 never had cross-platform play…

  2. Nethlem says:

    The game got my interest spiked when they first announced it, because i assumed it would be some kind of retail product.

    Fast forward to today and what we now know about the game: It’s F2P with Microtransactions
    I’m sorry to say that, but that kills any interest i originaly had in the game even if they gonna release a PC version.

    Going F2P with Microtransactions is the new way of saying “Look guys, we know our game is kinda shallow and not worth a full retail price, so instead we give you something for “free” and charge you in little small pieces. That way you also can’t complain about the crappy quality of everything, because it’s FREE. And somebody who complains about FREE stuff is obviously considered a retard!”.

    I hate this whole sheme as it just helps lowering the average quality of videogames by using the excuse of “alternate business models”. Alternate business models are great and all, but it depends on the product, the customer base and how you add the whole thing.

    F2P and microtransactions are not the future savior of gaming, right now they are only an cheap excuse to release half finished games and leave them in an half finished state.

    • Bork Titflopsen says:

      Seeing how their main game is an mmo with a persistent, player driven universe and economy wherein one can make a stable in-game income that they can use to pay for their subscription going f2p with microtransactions only seems like a natural change that comes with bringing that game into an fps setting.

      And, while you only seemed to have noticed the most irrelevant thing about the game, the rest of the world has actually been reading about the amount of work and detail ccp has already put into their game, what kind of armor and weaponry we’ll see in the game and how this game interacts with EVE online.

      Next time, don’t get your panties in a knot just because something is f2p with microtransactions and actually look at what the developer is putting out there and has put out in the past.

    • Nethlem says:

      EVE is not the “Main Game” and maybe you haven’t noticed it but CCP allready tried to mess around with the EVE ingame currency real world currency system in such an way to rip people off.

      Or should i remind you about eyepatches for $20? No shouldn’t i? Because only VERY harsh communicty reaction could prevent them from pulling trough with this really lazy try at an money grab.

      Your whole reasoning for this being “F2P” is also all over the place because you use the term F2P wrong. F2P means no charge upfront for the game, it does not mean “you don’t have to pay subscriptions”. If you don’t have to pay subscriptions you simply say “it doesn’t require you to pay subscriptions”. There is no “simple term” for that because a subscription can mean all kinds of different things.

      EVE has subscriptions that make sense, not just because “people are willing to pay for it” but mostly because people know that they are paying for server farms that keep this consistent persistent world running.

      Dust 514 doesn’t have/need that same infrastructure to run, most of the matches will probably hosted P2P on listen servers run on the players computers/PS3’s. So that “cost factor” is allready out of the picture.

      I also like how you call the business model of an game “irrelevant”… you do realize that games are not just boxed products like toilet paper? The business model heavily influences how much players can expect from a game and when they announce this as an “F2P” title so late in the developement cycle then this usually only means one thing: They are aware of the medicore quality of their offering, so they try to catch more customers by making the “entry fee” as low as possible.

      Because at this point i seriously doubt that they wanted this to be F2P from the beginning, if they really wanted that they could have build up an marketing campaign and hype like Firefall did by simply saying “yup we are doing cool things and it’s still gonna be F2P”.

      Fact is: They did not, nope instead they even tried to sell you this F2P game by bundling it with an “starter pack” so they can get some revenue from something akin to “boxsales”.

      But hey everything is okay, the game will be an deep, unique, fresh experience because Bork Titflopsen liked the weapon and armor models they showed off…

    • Askeladd says:

      I’m on the side of the disbelievers. I don’t think they are able to pull this off right… its just not what I’m used to see from CCP.
      Its good that they try out new things, but they won’t archieve anything significant.

      Well, thats only what I believe. We shall see.

    • HothMonster says:

      “But hey everything is okay, the game will be an deep, unique, fresh experience because Bork Titflopsen liked the weapon and armor models they showed off…”

      But hey the game is going to be shit, it will be a sloppy, unpolished, p2w cash cow with horrible gameplay because nehlem gets his panties in a bunch and assumes the worst when someone says f2p

  3. Richie Shoemaker says:

    Given how much CCP have invested in the game it’s good to know that they have a back-up plan in case Dust fails to interest the PS3 masses (which I hope isn’t the case as I was hoping to get a PS3 for “work purposes”).

    Editor, EON – the official EVE magazine

  4. Enlightend says:

    Personally, I LOVE EVE, but don’t have the time to play it as much as I feel I need to.

    If this comes to the PC, I will be playing it, simply to be able to be part of Eve again.

    • Davee says:


    • Crazy Hippo says:

      this is the same for me, played eve for about 7 years but i cant afford the time investment anymore, but i would love to be able to jump in and be a part of the the universe again in a different format.

      i was sorely dissapointed when they originally anounced it being a console only game, so fingers crossed it comes to the pc and we can shoot the PS3 people in the face

    • Antsy says:

      Same here, played since 2004 but just don’t have the time and more importantly don’t want to just pay for training time any more. I’d happily play some Dust though.

  5. Turin Turambar says:

    First, they have made the game F2P. With that model, they have to put the game in all the possible platforms, that’s how to make money, as only a small % will use real money for the game.

    Second, the game is still unreleased and the actual console generation is coming to its end. When they release the game at this pace, the ps4 will come soon, leaving ps3 games in the dust. Bad business!

    • Bork Titflopsen says:

      The ps4 should still be atleast four years away and even then, not everyone will buy a new ps4 as soon as it comes out.

      And think about it, this game is mostly marketed towards EVE players with a ps3 (and hopefully pc as well very soon). Do you really think they will just stop playing because Sony launched a new console?

    • mondomau says:

      At least 4 years away? Hardly. The rest of your point is entirely valid though – even if the PS4 is announced for 2014 and dust comes out 2013, that’s plenty of time to make some money.

  6. Davee says:

    Yay! I could never quite understand why they wanted it to be a PS3 exclusive title… I’m absolutely going to be playing this if it comes to PC – mostly because it’s more of EVE.

  7. TormDK says:

    I can’t be arsed to play EVE, but I would play something on this, on the PC.

    It has made no sense to me what so ever that it should remain a PS3 exclusive, surely CCP would treat their fanbase better?

    • Stupoider says:

      I assumed it was an effort to strike out and expand their fanbase rather than neglect it. After all, anyone who plays EVE is getting expansions and the like included with their subscription fee. Perhaps what you’re thinking of is platform loyalty?

  8. wodin says:

    I’ve never bothered with Eve. 1.It’s subscription and two seems like it has a massive learning curve.

    However if this came out on the PC I’d give it ago.

  9. Lobotomist says:

    If CCP ever planed to have DUST released on PC…

    Than their public relations have been pure 100% fail.

    It was like 3 years of constant angering of their core player base. Almost spitting in their face “We know you like EVE and you are PC players , but fuck you all we are doing game exclusively for Playstation (because we are crazy like that)”

    But than again, what i am wondering – their business and publish relations are 100% fail,
    With EVE gate and all similar constant failures.

    If I had one message for CCP it would be this :
    If DUST is going to be on PC , announce it now (every minute is a waste of time) with a huge big appology to your core PC player base.

    • diamondmx says:

      Frankly, as a primarily PC gamer (who owns a 360 and a PS3) – I was disgusted…

      …at the level of vitriol and whining from the PC & XBox gamers who felt that it was a personal insult to them, that CCP dare not to release it on the one/two systems they had.

      I think it would be great if they did, but seriously, this bitching as if you’ve been attacked (not to mention constant fanboying all around) does us all a disservice. Is it any wonder that CCP has trouble sifting out real discontent through the constant background whine?

  10. bit_crusherrr says:

    Pretty sure DUST514 was always meant to be a console game first. I imagine the only reason it’s not on the 360 is Microsoft wont allow them to put it on there due to Xbox Live being such a closed system. Sony on the other hand are more willing to allow this kind of thing. I’m going to be playing Dust514 as soon as I can on my PS3. I’ve wanted to get back into the EVE universe for a while but finding a corp is too much effort. Dust seems like it will allow me to participate without having to spend £10 a month and go through the rigmarole of finding people to play with.

  11. DoctorBrain says:

    Even if they do plan to release for PC, it’s probably too little, too late. Planetside 2 is going to eat into all of their sales.

    • Reapy says:

      Yup exactly. Even though when looking at the numbers in the store for the cost skew between sony points and in game points, and even though this appears to have the same weapons/armor of planetside 1… the free to play model , updated graphics, varied landscape/bases means you can pop in and experience the MMO feeling in a FPS at no cost or obligation.

  12. Kryopsis says:

    Mouse and keyboard controls are usually the norm in PS3 debug versions, actually. The majority of games I worked on could be played with mouse and keyboard on the PS3 devkit.

  13. Shortwave says:

    And that’s the news I’ve been waiting to here.
    I love the Eve universe and idea bit could never get into the game.
    Mostly because it’s a pay as you play and well, I don’t do that.
    Glad to hear this might come to PC, if it does I WILL buy it hands down.


  14. Lone Gunman says:

    Please, Please Please let it be true :)

  15. buzzmong says:

    Not unexpected.

    General murmorings have been for a while now that CCP were thinking of using the PC as a backup platform if the PS3 only version tanks, which I suspect it will.

  16. rockman29 says:

    I would be totally happy if I could play Dust 514 on PC and PS3 and just interchange as needed.