Rise And Shine: Tribes Ascend Release Date And Trailer

If you're not crying by the end of the trailer, then the brief blast of Wub Wub is for you
If you’re already part of the Tribes: Ascend open beta, you might not realise that it’s not already out. That 3.8Gb on your hard-drive is nothing more than a game that is pretending to be out. The duplicitous, lying beast will soon be much more moral, though: following a successful beta, that’s had 400’000 players, Hi-Rez are launching, or at least de-betafying, their lovely online free-to-play FPS. Come April 12th, it’ll no longer be able to say “but I’m only a beta” when people point out the code holes the developers have left.

Still, the have one more burst of immorality before starting on the long road to legitimacy: the launch trailer is a pisstake of the heart-wrenching Dead Island trailer. Have you no shame? I felt for that poor, lonely Red, dying in the dirt like a zombified child. Except it was worse, because he nearly had the flag and then he didn’t. Because of death.


  1. Suits says:

    Llamas VGTW?
    And here is the audio transcript: VGS – VAF – VGTA – VBE – VDC – VSAF

    • Jim9137 says:

      I wonder if it’s only me who bursts into an insane giggle whenever I make a llama grab.

    • SketchyGalore says:

      I’m not sure if I’m proud or frightened that I translated all of that before watching the movie…

    • gnodab says:

      I wish I knew what all the acronyms stand for. I get the feeling it all kinda flies over my head… Come to think of it, that is exactly how I fell when playing Tribes. It is hard being a noob…

  2. Snegletiss says:

    Thanks for spoiling the trailer. >_>

  3. Reefpirate says:

    I Sworder felt bad for the red, until I saw he was just a dead llama.

  4. Zanpa says:

    No need to feel sorry for the llama. Do shed a tear for the capper, getting his flag grabbed under his nose.

    This trailer felt so right.

    • westyfield says:

      Yeah, somehow even under the helmet you can still see the surprise on his face.
      “Imma getcha, little fla- what? NOOOO!”

  5. karthink says:

    Sometimes I’m glad I watch the video before reading the text. Like now.

  6. Skrying says:

    That Red deserved to die. Only noobs would be running and not skiiing to grab the flag.

  7. Reefpirate says:

    Wow, I just watched that trailer about 5 times now… Actually kind of moving, especially because of the innocence of the poor llama. He was just trying to help. He even learned how to use the VGS properly. Almost brings on a tear with the VSAF part :(

    Trailer of the year.

  8. Initialised says:

    Looks like its set in the ascend of nowhere.

    Well someone had to find a pun!

  9. _PixelNinja says:

    Okay Hi-Rez, now please let me use my screen name?

  10. LionsPhil says:

    That’s some nice arm-reaching dynamic animation, if it’s actually like that in-game. More of that kind of thing.

    • Miker says:

      It’s not, unfortunately. It kinda just teleports to your back :-/

      • LionsPhil says:

        One day, we will move forward from the animation finesse of DOOM. One day.

        Outside of odd little gave-a-suprising-amount-of-damn spikes like Hitman 1 and 47’s fancy inverse kinematic arms, strangely and sadly lost to time.

      • Eversor says:

        It is somewhat hard to tell, though. Usually grabs happen at blinding speeds. They SHOULD happen at blinding speeds.

        That [VGTA] in there, though. That was brilliant.

      • Phantoon says:

        Out of all the things wrong with this game… you actually have to go after stuff like animation because other than a few weapons needing tweaks, it’s all around awesome.

        I haven’t had this much fun since first playing Terraria. And I’ve been playing Tribes for over a month now, so any honeymoon is already over.

  11. Khemm says:

    That was brilliant. I’m hearing a lot of good things about this game, that it feels like a return to old school, fast PC shooters, so I’m definitely going to give it a try.

    • Phantoon says:

      Please join us! There’s one caveat, though- you won’t want to go back to other shooters after this. They’re just too slow.

  12. Bungle says:

    Those YouTube comments are really hard to read. I do not like my fellow man.

    • Phantoon says:

      You’re either trolling, or you don’t understand the memes involved at all.

      • Bungle says:

        What’s not to understand? “Liek dis if you cry” isn’t exactly high art. You have a soft brain if that shit entertains you.

  13. JackDandy says:

    This was great.

    Looking forward to the official release- we need some custom servers and more maps already!

  14. Bungle says:

    It’s one of the most disappointing games I’ve ever played. They give you speed and freedom of movement but they also give the base campers every tool they could desire to camp their little brains out. This game has semi-invisible, base camping snipers with hitscan rifles, claymore defenses, and turrets all around them. Every no-skill player camps his flag and stacks boobytraps all around it. It is awful. They took a bird and ripped its wings off with this game.

    • Reefpirate says:

      Did you just try it now for the first time? The way the game works right now I think the ‘base campers’ actually have the disadvantage compared to a bit of offence on the flag stand plus a really speedy capper. Those booby-traps usually don’t stand up to much pressure, ie. a single disc on the flag while you’re flying in.

      Snipers can be nasty, but just put yourself in a medium or heavy armour and put some pressure on them. As for deployables, try the infiltrator and go sticky bomb their generator.

      Maybe you just expected to not die very often? People die in Tribes. A lot.

      • derbefrier says:

        i have heard more than a few people complain about base camping, though i have yet to find a flag i couldn’t take, it may not be easy and you may have to completely change your tactics but i have never found any defense to be impenetrable. hell the other day i was playing against a team with 5 or 6 heavy armor dudes camping the flag and of course a couple snipers our team was not having any luck but i noticed our team was also all slow moving heavy or medium armors just getting blown to bits. so i jump on the light armor class pulled out my trusty shotty danced circles around the heavys took out 4 or 5 of them while the snipers helplessly tried to to get a lucky shot on me and before we knew it their defense was in shambles and we came back and won. a lot of games were i see this mostly comes from the team refusing to change strategies or just not working together at all which is a guaranteed way to loose in any team based game.

        • Secundus says:

          teams refusing to change their strategies or work together sounds like 80% of all games with random pubbies

        • Phantoon says:

          A well timed mortar ends you there on most maps. You have to touch the ground EVENTUALLY…

      • Bungle says:

        The problem is that once you pick up an enemy flag, it’s a coin toss whether you cap it or not. It doesn’t feel like a strategy or skill-based game. Someone can pick up a flag and have it capped in 15 seconds – there isn’t enough time for anything fun to happen in that time frame.

        The developer responds by giving people a lot of tools that help them camp their flag to prevent it from being picked up. This is the opposite of what they should have done IMO. Make the fight mobile – I want to see a bunch of people in the middle of the map fighting over a flag. Instead, the game gives you perks that force you to camp: force fields, mines, light turrets, drop jammers, and claymores.

        The game’s perks should encourage players to move and be dynamic. If a game gives payers perks that help them camp, human nature will have 80% of them camping a safe spot. This is not fun or exciting.

        The worst part about Tribes is the playerbase. Every time I try to talk about balance issues, I get bombarded with automatic “learn to play” insults from people who don’t listen to a word I’ve said. I’ve seen the thoughtful and creative communities behind games like TF2 — Tribes doesn’t seem to attract the same people.

        • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

          I’ve not played Tribes: Ascend for very long, and none of the previous games, so I’m still very much L2Ping. But I agree with your premise.

          In my view none of the gamemodes they have suit the highly manoeuvrable, high speed movement that is at the core of the game. TDM is repetitive, and just ends with the flag being chased around in circles. CTF either has highly rapid flag caps, or lots and lots of camping.

          This game needs its own gamemodes that don’t revolve around static targets and defenses, while having strong scope for teamwork. I think for it to be a long-term success, it also needs to do something about the high skill floor—until you really learn how to ski well, you’ll be pootling about being mostly useless to your team. The fact that you can’t even get some of the more useful classes and weapons for base defence without grinding or buying them makes it even harder for new players to get involved.

          I find it odd that there seems to be no reason for any players to pay anything more once they’ve unlocked the bits they want. Not very accessible to new players + no reason for repeat purchases by experienced players =/= a good plan for F2P, I don’t think. A pity, because it can be loads of fun.

    • SexualHarassmentPanda says:

      @Bungle, Have you ever played a Tribes game before or are you just talking out of your ass? That “base camping” where people put mines and sentries near the flag is called DEFENSE. Did you just expect the enemy team to let you take their flag without contest? Besides any flag capper worth his salt knows to clear that stuff of the flag either mid flight(your spinfusor isn’t just for kills) or before they take their route. Snipers, Infiltrators, and Technicians all have their place, and if you would just accept the fact that people have different playstyles than you maybe you would learn something and not suck so bad.

      • Phantoon says:

        Rude way to put it, but you’re right. This guy is a total sandraker that can’t GO FAST.

        If I need to clear the point, and my team is derps, I’ll launch a tactical on the flagspot then being skiing from a high point nearby. Then right before I touch the flag, toss a nitron for that speed boost.

        Usually works, but so does going 260KPH. [VGW]

      • Bungle says:

        Yes, I know how to cap flags. And the asshole tone in your response to me is typical of Tribes players from what I’ve seen so far. A good community can make a bad game a little bit better – Tribes does not have a good community.

        • Phantoon says:

          Haha, what? Tribes has a great community. You really really hate this game, bud, and it’s mildly disconcerting.

          It’s like TF2 before it went free to play and all the kiddies from super srs shooters like whatever incarnation of call of duty we’re up to came to check it out.

          It’s not serious, and you have to play it to get better at it. It’s like Quake 3 if there wasn’t always that one freakin guy that can gib ANYONE in the air with a railgun headshot. Freakin cheater.

          And he’s also not the only asshole here.

        • subedii says:

          Well that’s rich.

          You whine about how everyone who “camps their brains out” for flag defence is “no skill”, whine about how the gameplay “ripped the wings off of a bird”. So when you’re called on it and the fact that, well bluntly, and that there are actual WAYS to tackle your complaints, and it’s the other guy who has the problem.

          I would suggest watching a few high level games before whining about “flag camping”. You’re getting angsty over things that have very apparent solutions. More to the point, high level games are very team oriented, so say for example, you’ll have guys dedicated to different roles on a flag run. Disruption is key, and you’ll typically have one or two guys dedicated to that. The team might opt for a two capper strat in order to make things harder still on the defence. You’ve got defence strategies and placements once a stalemate is hit (i.e. your flag is off the podium and you need to wait for the attackers to return it whilst you try to hold on to yours).

          With low level games, coordination is lacking on both sides, so it’s largely moot, unless you’re playing against stacked teams.

          In short, you don’t understand the nature of the gameplay, and you were just called on it. If you want to learn to actually PLAY the game instead of just presuming you’re right and the game is horribly broken, you could do worse than to ask around about this stuff and take the advice given, maybe play with some friends and try to coordinate flag caps and defence.

          Otherwise, to be honest your complaints just sound to me like the ones you often hear from low ranked Starcraft players. It’s not that the things they complain about don’t have solutions, it’s that they won’t accept this is the case, instead blaming the game for being “bad” and having “no depth”.

        • Edradour says:

          Dont feed the Troll…

          • Bungle says:

            I’m not a troll. How are my ideas so controversial? It’s an FPS game that doesn’t let you crouch, run, prone, or aim down sight on most guns. The game fucking sucks as soon as you stop skiing.

          • subedii says:

            And if you removed base building from Starcraft, it’d lose almost all its depth. Where’s the levelling system like DoW2 or DotA? Where’s the direct control like Men of War?

            The game doesn’t need “aiming down sights”, and crouching would be of no real purpose in a game that’s about fast movement across massive tracks of terrain. The features you’re upset about do not benefit this style of gameplay, and are not in themselves “depth”. Saying “The gaming F%&*^ sucks!” without them is missing the point.

            The depth of the game isn’t straight up deathmatch in corridors, and it’s not BUILT around that style of gameplay, which is why it makes use of different mechanics. Skiing and energy management is key to that. Disruption is key to that. Defence is key to that. Roles are key to that. Prone… isn’t. It doesn’t add depth and it would be of no use except making snipers harder to hit whilst making everyone else easier to hit (key point: This is something even modern themed FPS’s struggle with when dealing with large scale maps in particular. BFBC2 and BF3 are good cases in point, and you’d be served well by asking why those design decisions where made in their respective games).

            In short: You’re trying to add in what are effectively CoD playstyle mechanics (no they didn’t originate with CoD, I’m just using this as a shorthand explanation) to a game that plays nothing like CoD, or in fact, most other mainstream FPS’s. And these mechanics don’t actually serve a purpose here, others are used instead.

            But like I said, you refuse to acknowledge the possibility that you don’t understand the nature of the gameplay. And hey, if you don’t, that’s fine, it’s not really for you. But don’t pretend the game’s bad because it doesn’t go with mechanics it’s not working by and wouldn’t benefit from. I can critique Amnesia: Dark Descent for not adhering to traditional FPS mechanics and giving me a freaking gun, I could yell that it has no “depth” for those features, but that would be a meaningless argument that completely misses what the game is trying to do.

  15. ThTa says:

    And here’s the trailer played backwards (or in order, I’m not sure), with the sound altered to make sense:

  16. They Call Me E says:

    I can’t bring myself to play again until Ranked Servers are released. I haven’t had a good match of Tribes since Open Beta. Every match is filled with llamas, and people spamming 5 of one class (Techs, Raiders, or Sentinels).

    I used to get a good match at least once every 3 or so, but now I’m seeing nothing but cheap tactics and exploitations.

    I feel like the game should incorporate some sort of system where there’s an incentive to play a badly needed role for the team.

  17. Davee says:

    Probably the best trailer I’ve seen for some time! So dramatic, so true, so emotional. And so parody!

    [VGTB], Llama?

  18. thebigJ_A says:

    I’m enjoying the beta, but the gold is FAR too expensive. It takes ten dollars to buy a gun. One gun, for one class, costs roughly ten dollars. It’s two dollars for a single perk for a single class. (And don’t fall for that “bonus gold”, the costs of everything take that into account.)

    Yes, you can earn everything for free, eventually. But when that same $10 gun takes 100,000xp, and you’ll only get 1000xp per match if you’re very good, it could take hundreds of matches to earn that one gun, for that one class.

    I really do like this game, and I’m not generally a mp shooter kind of guy. I enjoy it enough that I would spend money on it, if I felt I was getting fair value for it. As it is, I’ll keep playing without paying until they re-balance it.

    • Phantoon says:

      Only 1000 XP per match if you’re really good? Huh?

      I’ve had games where I’ve got over 4k.

      Remember, buying anything gets you a permanent 50% XP boost as a VIP. Also, there’s now awards in the game that give loadsa XP, one of which (Deadeye) I managed to get despite it apparently not being in yet (got no reward for it when it popped up BOOOOO!)

      Plus, the first win of the day really boosts your XP. Winning it gives you something like 1400 XP right there, alone. Now, I don’t know for sure, but I’d hazard a guess to say that you get more XP the higher in level you are- but then again, maybe I’m just playing better.

      And I’d say it’s worth spending a couple bucks on it- you’re having fun, right? It’s otherwise a completely free game. And actually, with ten bucks of gold, I was able to buy three classes, and three traits. Just don’t try to go for the insanely expensive alt weapons and you’ll be… gold.

  19. Shadowcat says:

    So for the benefit of people who haven’t played Tribes, What is “[VSAF]”? (And why “llama”?)

    • Prolepsis says:

      VSAF – “I’ll go for the enemy flag.”

      This link should explain a lot of what has been said here: link to tribes.wikia.com

      See below for what a “llama” is. I stand corrected.

      • ThTa says:

        A llama is someone who grabs the flag at tremendously low speeds (potentially even walking). It can be unintentional (backing into it while harassing defenders), it can also be intentional and useful (as an E-Grab: an emergency grab to ensure the enemy can’t capture your flag), but it’s mostly just poor performance, performance that’s tremendously detrimental to your team. (Note the guy actually going fast missing the grab as the llama takes it off the stand. Such a sad, emotionally engaging sight.)

        • Bungle says:

          You mention “walking” into a flag, which is funny because Tribes doesn’t have walk and run. The characters can only move at one speed. They can’t crouch either. Most of the weapons don’t aim down sight. As soon as you stop skiing, Tribes turns into a very bad shooter game with no depth to the combat. People just hop up and down, shooting at each other’s feet.

          • ThTa says:

            Whatever you say, sunshine. :/

          • Reefpirate says:

            People jet up and down, trying to conserve as much energy as possible while attempting to remain airborne as long as possible, or until just the right moment (right after enemy fires so their next shot maybe can’t go off until you’re in the air again) while shooting at eachother’s feet yes. Also, there are automatic fast-moving projectile weapons that are good for shooting people in the air but often don’t do the big burst damage of slower-moving projectiles like disc or grenade launchers. You can also melee people in the air if you’re in a close dance. You can also try the very difficult mid-air disc or nade. You can throw timed belt items to deny safe landing space as well.

            But ya, you could just call it ‘hop up and down, shooting at each other’s feet’ if you have some sort of personal vendetta against the game.

          • Sumanai says:

            You keep mentioning crouching, and I fail to see how it would improve Tribes. Maybe this is because I don’t play it, but the way I see it it’s pointless for the type of gameplay it’s going for. Maybe you’d like to educate me on the matter?

          • hat1324 says:

            I might listen to you more if you weren’t so stubbornly ignorant. If you hate this game so much go away instead of acting like a Jehovah Witness