John Romero’s About To Make You His Twitter Follower

I bet a Daikatana 2 Kickstarter would actually work

2012 is, I suspect, going to be a milestone year for old men like some of you and all of us at RPS – one in which old names resurged and old genres returned. Schafer, Fargo, Avellone, Harvey Smith, Molyneux (potentially), XCOM and now, perhaps, one John Romero. The lion-maned, occasionally controversial co-creator of Doom has been away from mainstream games for a while now, focusing on social and mobile titles at the likes of MonkeyStone and Loot Drop, but he recently took to the Twitters to declare “Definitely not! I have plans…” when questioned as to whether he’d entirely abandoned “old school FPS.”

He’s already reassured those panicking that he’s planning on a Daikatana sequel by later promising “there will be no DK2.” To be honest, that’s a terrible shame. Not because Daikatana itself is anything other than boring and dated, but because Romero somehow redeeming that most vilified of titles would be an incredible videogame industry story. It’d be even better than that time that Notch bought a new hat.


  1. McCool says:

    You’ve got to admit it was a nice hat though.

  2. Dana says:

    John Romero’s About To Make You His Bitch.

    • djbriandamage says:

      Having just read the Masters of Doom book this article’s title gave me a good chuckle.

      It was a fantastic book, by the way, and the story of the Daikatana (which precedes the game) is a wonderful bit of foreshadowing.

      • PearlChoco says:

        Heh, me too. It was an interesting read.

      • PearlChoco says:

        Is there anything to tell about GTA? I’d rather have a book on Sierra or Valve.

    • Meat Circus says:

      John Romero’s about to make you A NICE CUP OF TEA.

    • PoulWrist says:

      Some day I’ll get around to trying Daikatana. I remember waiting for it with great expectation in late 90s.

      • Phantoon says:

        Cheaper to get a lady of the night to beat you with a police baton than the psychiatric bills from finding something you desperately wanted is worse than a tragedy in essence.

        Then again, some people still had expectations for Duke Nukem Forever.

        Carry on!

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      His explanation for that line (from some youtube video I saw him in) made me lose even more sympathy for him. It was something to the tune of “I didn’t want them to say that. I mean, make you his bitch? That’s totally gay, and I am NOT gay.”

  3. Flaringo says:

    I just remember I own Daikatana and I’ve never actually played it. Time to play Daikatana!

    • Jorum says:

      may the lord protect you

      • magnus says:

        I actually have a copy myself, I’m yet to try it in any depth.

        • MistyMike says:

          I tried to play it, but was killed repeatedly on the first stage, where the game dumps you with hardly any ammo and lots of hungry mutated creatures. So yeah, Romero made me his bitch.

          • ResonanceCascade says:

            Yeah, Daikatana is a brutally hard game. That’s part — but nowhere near ALL — of the reason it was so poorly received (it’s also just kinda bad). And now I’m sure five people will tell me how they beat it in 2 hours on the hardest difficulty, etc. This is the internet, after all.

  4. orbit_l says:

    Maybe Notch can offer to fund Daikatana 2? Also a joke about Kickstarter.

  5. ShadowBlade says:

    I have the DK box on my shelf. I feel so unique :)

    He made Doom, he made Quake; more of those please JR, more of those.

  6. Hoaxfish says:

    no DK2

    Perhaps a little short-sighted to think we’d call it DK2… when everyone knows that’s Dungeon Keeper 2.

    Might be nice to see what’ll turn up, but I can’t say I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting.

  7. Unaco says:

    I bet a Daikatana 2 Kickstarter would actually work

    Yes. But then, people slow down and crane their necks when they pass accidents on the motorway.

    • Meat Circus says:

      What if Daikatana 2 is what Daikatana should have been?

      (i.e., drowned in a canal)

    • Gonefornow says:

      I, for one, would pay for the alleged development kickstarter for Daikatana 2.

      I don’t know why. I just have an urge to do so.

      • lhzr says:

        Perhaps to be able to watch Romero try to make people his bitches again?

      • Phantoon says:

        Some men just want to watch the world burn.

        Other men want to watch the world burn, but also want to know why the first fire was started.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      You could just start kicking it instead.

  8. caddyB says:

    Sometimes when everything goes wrong in my life, I remember about Romero and Daikatana. Then I laugh.

  9. Torgen says:

    Oh dear.

  10. Discopanda says:

    Definitely the greatest RPS headline I’ve seen this year.

  11. Angel Dust says:

    You know what? I actually had some fun with Daikatana. I’m a total sucker for FPSes with lots of monster/weapon/location variety and so while the opening episode was dire, the ancient Greek and medieval sections where good cheesy fun.

  12. Brun says:

    So as someone whom Daikatana predated, could someone give me the Cliff’s Notes on why it was so bad?

  13. RedViv says:

    I pity the poor multiplayer quality assurance people.

  14. squareking says:

    Easily top-ten article title material here, folks.

  15. Beelzebud says:

    I wish Romero and id Software could just get over their differences and get the band back together.

    Frankly they both need each other. Neither one has really made something special since they were working together, IMO.

    • Bungle says:

      Bob Dylan stopped writing good music decades ago. The spark doesn’t last long.

  16. eclipse mattaru says:

    I’d pitch in to fund a Daikatana sequel, but only if Old Man Murray gets resurrected to follow its development.

  17. motorsep says:

    Daikatana was a pretty good game. It had its flaws as any other game out there, but it was not bad at all.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      Daikatana had two problems:

      1) The first few levels were too hard for new players (though allegedly if you push past it, and get more experience with the game, it’s not that bad). And the frogs were far too annoying as a first encounter.

      2) The whole game had just too ridiculous of a scope and was too ahead of it’s time. The AI companions, for example, were a great idea but the technology really wasn’t there yet. Proof of this: Left 4 Dead. Also, it had the ability to do co-op on all single-player levels which tragically went unnoticed. (Again, L4D) The RPG elements were also a good idea; see Bioshock and such.

      So really, the problem with Daikatana was mostly one of implementation. And seriously: many FAR worse FPSs have been made, it’s just that they didn’t come from John Romero’s team.

      • MistyMike says:

        For a game with pretenses for storytelling the writing was also terrible. That opening cutscene is 15 minutes of pure unintentional hilarity. Really, a show with finger puppets could be more engaging (and better animated) than that.

  18. MadTinkerer says:

    Does anyone else want to see Romero shut up about FPSs for a minute and instead team up with Tom Hall for a platformer? It’d take much less time and money to make, they have at least a dozen good engines to choose from (esp. Game Maker), and it’d be great practice for easing back into actually making games again. Like the Double Fine Adventure project.

    It doesn’t have to be Commander Keen, just a new platformer.

    • motorsep says:

      Yet another platformer? Unless it’s in the spirit of Dangerous Dave with gibs and blood, no, thank you.

  19. MD says:

    Old men… are the future!

  20. Jackablade says:

    You know what I’d like to see, Mr Romero? I’d like to see you take all that money you’re going to use to make a first person shooter or whatever you’re scheming and hand it to Tom Hall. Tom Hall will then make the sequel to Anachronox that he and the rest of us were gypped out of when Ion Storm Dallas went down the proverbial gurgler with Dai Katana.

    You owe it to him. And to us, damn it.

    • says:

      I agree (and would’ve put my reply under yours in the first place … if I had seen it initially)! Tom Hall deserves his own kickstarter, to be honest.

  21. says:

    I laffed.

    But hey, thanks for killing Ion Storm and ruining Tom Hall’s career. :(

  22. qptain Nemo says:

    Daikatana 2 kickstarter would be ironic as fuck. I’d love that.