Trine And Trine Again: Trine 2 DLC

I may print this out and paste it to all my windows

Even before Trine 2 launched, Frozenbyte had plans to work on DLC, saying toward the end of last year that the additional content would be about four hours in length. A few details were revealed to some non-PC folk at GDC, including word of a new story that will take place over six stages, which will have puzzles based around light, water, low gravity and magnets. There will also be new skills. Expect the DLC in summer but don’t expect Trine 3 anytime soon, as Frozenbyte’s next title will be something altogether new. I haven’t played Trine 2 yet, despite the sense of contentment and joy that still washes over me whenever I see it in motion.

These are not new but they are gorgeous and, damn, I really need to make time to play the bloody game don’t I?


  1. Askeladd says:

    Even if you hate the gameplay, it’s one of those games you buy just to look at how beautiful it is.

    • Sensai says:

      And it’s so damn charming.

      I remember once I was asking a group of people which game I should play (from a long list of uncompleted games) and once they saw Trine, they told me I should play that so that it ‘would warm my frigid heart.’

      They were right. It was warmed.

      • SandmanXC says:

        “Trine: Microwave for the soul” would be a nice DLC title

    • Sinderlin says:

      You’d need to be a horrible person to hate anything about Trine 2. Everything from the graphics to the soundtrack or the dialogue feels like it has been crafted to the specific purpose of soothing the spiteful spirits gnawing at your average gamers black heart.

  2. bear912 says:

    ‘Tis an excellent little game, and it is good that there will be more of it.

    Also, you’re almost as good at this pun business as Quinns was. I approve.

  3. Zanchito says:

    The gameplay in Trine 2 has MUCH less flow than Trine 1. It is really beautiful to look at, and it has some amazing environments. It just feels more like a series of “puzzle screens” than a coherent advancement. 80’s retro, if you will.

  4. DestructibleEnvironments says:

    Oh it’s not THAT bloody. I’m hoping the DLC will be succulent and CHEAP.

  5. povu says:

    The larger enemy variety in Trine 2 was definitely welcome.

  6. roryok says:

    Trine And Trine Again: Trine 2 DLC

    So THAT’S how you pronounce Trine. I thought maybe it rhymed with Vinny.

    Now, how do I pronounce HBO’s Treme?

  7. Postal76 says:

    Awesome. I don’t like a lot of “popular” indie games, but Trine is great. I dropped $15 on Trine 2 without hesitation.

  8. therighttoarmbears says:

    I appreciate how hard he’s been Trine to make good headlines.

  9. Dowr says:

    Yes, Adam. You do need to play Trine 2. Notice how I used your name? That means I’m serious.

  10. JackDandy says:

    Trine games are an absolute joy to play AND look at.

    I’ll definitely shell out some dosh for the DLC.

  11. ArcAld says:

    It’s a shame that they add all this detail just to produce a side-scroller (effectively)….Which brings us to the next question….How long until a fully fledged 3d (or at least isometric) Trine? :-D