Cube World Dinosaur Takes A Promotional Beating

You are blocking my path!
Just a couple of years ago saying “the graphics are a bit blocky” was a way to put down a game, but now it seems it might just as likely be an indication of indie-success. It’s been almost a month since we last saw something from the cheerily blockular Cube World, but now it’s back with a “Monsters” trailer. That clever title should give you some clue as to what it contains, which is some monsters. A huge blocky dino-thing gets a beating from our sword-wielding block-protagonist, and there’s a strong, strong whiff of things Nintendo in there. Go take a look, this is looking really impressive.


  1. Chmilz says:

    This really needs to be merged with Minecraft. Killing and building were meant to go together.

  2. Bobtree says:

    I watched this on the forum thread this morning, and it looks like they’ve really put some thought into the combat. The grass blocks that are destroyed when the dino-turtle beast romps about are also a nice touch. I hope the game has some explosive weaponry.

    • sassy says:

      Yeah combat finally seems to be getting a bit of meat to it. Prior to this video it just looked like you ran in, attempted to aim your slashes and clicked until dead. This video showed appropriate knockbacks, the need to dodge or defend and the need for some tactics. If they build on this base they may really have something nice soon.

      My god do I love that minimap! I don’t think I’ve seen any recent footage of the game where I haven’t admired it for a little bit.

  3. db1331 says:

    It’s Bowser. Cool.

  4. Gnoupi says:

    I need to stop playing LoL. All I could think seeing the special attack of the saurian was “DEMACIA !!!”.

    Aside from that, the game still looks great, and appears to have nice fights. Can’t wait to be able to throw my money at the dev.

  5. Blackcompany says:

    So, this game has a solid combat system, RPG elements, and the building and crafting system of Minecraft? All in one package?
    Why don’t they just name it “Free-Time-Begone” and have done.
    This seriously looks fun. Though in truth, I think during the combat, he forgot to, um, block.

  6. RF says:

    They really need to rename it. It’s not really about being a Cube World-thingy.

    • Inacio says:

      Yeah, Poly World would really fit better.

    • The Master Chief from Halo says:

      Truly. At this point it’s an adventure game that happens to look kinda like Minecraft.

    • Noburu says:

      Wollay has stated he has REAL name picked out that he is going to use for the game. Cubeworld is just a temporary title. Im lazy and dont want to try and find it in his twitter feed.

  7. Nevard says:

    Combat seems fairly strange and floaty, but nevertheless pretty promising.
    It definitely looks better than the attempts made by Minecraft and the like, though I shall have to play it to form a real opinion.
    The speedier Dual Wielding was the most attractive part

  8. Splynter says:

    Wait. Did he just get XP by killing a bush?

  9. sneetch says:

    I love the look of that game. It’s fantastic!

  10. LTK says:

    Man, that looks like a ton of fun.

  11. Ricotta says:

    This is promising, unfortunately there is no where for me to throw money at this….

    • Antsy says:

      This looks really special! And yes, help us help you!

    • Noburu says:

      Not yet, he has stated he wants the game mostly finished and more polished before he lets other people play it at all.

  12. DarkFarmer says:

    sighhhhhh CubeWorld’s so purdy.

  13. Voon says:

    So far so good! Love the music here, the graphics are beautiful and the combat’s reminicent to Monster Hunter crossed with a jumping mechanism and skills. Or an MMO with better a combat system. The animations could improve, though. Swinging that buster sword felt a bit weak when the swings look softer than it should be.

  14. DOLBYdigital says:

    Wow… thanks for posting this! I remembered hearing about it but didn’t check it out. However this looks like great fun! If they added an online co-op option, it would consume my life

  15. MrPants says:

    City folk often done think they seen a dinosaur. That critter you got there, she’s a turtle. Big turtle.

  16. margareet says:

    I think she is more beautiful.
    link to

  17. Crazy Horse says:

    According to the blog this has been entirely developed by one person and he only started in June 2011.. That’s incredible. I wish I had that kind of free time.

  18. Suits says:

    So now it’s Monster Hunter?

  19. hjd_uk says:

    ^_^ money in bushes, do you get to walk into a village and smash everyone’s pots?

  20. Jason Moyer says:

    The game has a great artstyle (including animation/sound/etc) but I hope there’s more to it than beating the crap out of things with 20,000 hitpoints.

  21. Urthman says:

    The 3D monster HP bar is cute, but it takes away from the cool-looking design for the creature somewhat.