Battlefield Heroes Does The Robot

Or don't.
Battlefield Heroes has always felt like the poor man’s TF2. But it keeps on fighting on, and today has just added the option to play as a robot. Accompanying this comes a new video, explaining the story behind this. Dr. Doktor (wacky!) is determined to beat the Royals by bringing in a robotic army, after winning the gold medal for cycling at the Olympics… Huh?

It sort of feels a bit desperate, which is a shame. The overt wackiness attempts to force the sort of playful silliness that Valve encapsulates with such ease, and it leaves me with my top lip curled. Well, see the video:

Of course, if you’re a regular BFH player, then here’s your chance to add a bit more variety to your play, if you’re willing to add a bit more money to their pot. Although not enormously impressively, at the time of writing trying to buy the Destroyer Drone’s Set leads to a 404.

If you do buy, a set will cost you 12,999 Play4Free points, with the closest purchasable points available in volumes of 12,000 or 15,000. Which means they’re pulling the same scummy trick as Microsoft, forcing you to buy 15,000 points at £11.99, the not-quite-there 12,000 being £7.99. Or you could get another 2,000 for £1.75, which is a far poorer exchange rate… It’s really the most novel use of the phrase “Play4Free” I’ve ever seen. Points that when bought mean you can play for free. Right.


  1. Echo Black says:

    “Battlefield Heroes has always felt like the poor man’s TF2”

    Or maybe just up to the point TF2 went f2p.

    • Kollega says:

      Exactly. It’s good to see someone already made that statement for me.

  2. Boothie says:

    yeah, and not even then, since to be able to compete in bfh u have to keep on paying, while in tf2 not only are the weapons balanced, the original ones are often much more flexible while the alternatives are specialised to one situation, bfh went all to shit ages ago imo

  3. Flukie says:

    BF Heroes.. bleh, they dropped the ball with that one.

    Could have been really decent too, BF F2P is just as bad if not worse as it has no character to it what so ever.

  4. Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

    BFH always looked like the poor man’s TF2 but was never anything like playing it. For what was a purely visual similarity I’m not sure why it attracted so many comparisons.

  5. elnalter says:

    they better change the image on the right, it looks weird

  6. InternetBatman says:

    I really feel like points systems are absolutely scummy and should be outlawed. If nothing else, it adds an extra barrier between the customer and the store.

    • Eightball says:

      Scummy, sure, but outlaw it? Are consumers utterly unable to stop themselves from purchasing something that is obviously a bad deal? Price controls are a bad idea in general, but this is for a totally-voluntary entertainment service, not something sustenance-related like milk. Do we really need the government to crack down on something nobody should be buying anyway since it is so obviously scummy?

  7. Naseer says:

    Ehum… that 404? That’s because you are linking to an URL with a space at the end :)

    link to works.

  8. dysphemism says:

    First off: Agree with John. I’m not without sympathy for people trying to compete with TF2, since that antic, slapstick tone is basically Valve trademark at this point. That said, this does have the sad stink of desperation, with Dr. Doktor being particularly unforgivable.

    Second: Am I reading this wrong, or does this point system make no sense? If 12,000 points cost £7.99, wouldn’t you expect greater bulk purchases to net you the same or lower unit price — so £11.99 should get you at least 18,000 points… Oh, fake-internet-currency conversion systems, you’re so full of shenanigans.

    • Grimcull says:

      Yep, it makes no sense.

      “Or you could get another 2,000 for £1.75, which is a far poorer exchange rate…”

      Can’t… detect… if… sarcasm…

      Buying the 12,000 for £7.99 and TWO 2,000 packs at £1.75 would give you 16,000 points for less than the 15,000 pack (£11.49 vs £11.99).

  9. rustybroomhandle says:

    While this has nothing to do with BF:H, the above trailer did remind me enough of this to leave it here:

  10. SexualHarassmentPanda says:

    Paytofield Heros

  11. Tams80 says:

    I really like Battlefield Heroes. More than TF2 to be honest. I don’t mind buying things in the shop either, but the prices are ridiculous (emotes are probably the worst and they make the game more fun). EAsy also seem to like pushing new weapons, but not making it clear if they have benefits or not.

  12. linzhanx says:

    so good

  13. sephiroth says:

    may not be strictly about BFH but I think its still relevent

    link to