Behold! May 15th Is Diablo III Day

May 15th 2012 is the release date for Diablo III. Blizzard said this: “Starting that day, gamers with a thirst for fast-paced action and adventure will be able to purchase Diablo III at retailers throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. In addition, gamers in the regions above as well as in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil will be able to buy Diablo III digitally via Blizzard’s® website.” The Russian version of the game is delayed until June 7th, that’s for digital and retail.

So that is who can buy Diablo III on 15th of May. Are YOU going to buy it on release? Or not? Speak!


  1. Svant says:

    59.99 € On Bnet… its almost like they don’t want to sell it digitally at all… So stupid.

    • RedViv says:

      That just means the price won’t drop for quite a while. Starcraft 2 and WoW have proven them right.
      Sturgeon’s for People, yet again.

      • JFS says:

        I bought Starcraft 2 for less than 40 Euro retail just two days after it came out – retailers were undercutting each other left and right.

        • mouton says:

          And that is exactly why digital will not kill retail for quite some time.

          • Sheng-ji says:

            That’s true, retail will kill itself long before digital downloads ever threatens it

    • lhzr says:

      it’s 40eu in other places: link to

    • Gozuu says:

      If it had been any less, people would have argued the game was not properly produced and therefore reduced in price. You know that just as well as I do.

      • bglamb says:

        Another part of the high price tag is presumably the fact that it’s going to be relatively pirate-proof thanks to their definitely-not-just-DRM always-on RMAH ‘feature’.

    • Yemala says:

      45GBP direct from them, 33GBP from Amazon.

      I just don’t understand.

    • Smashbox says:

      And I thought their $60 price tag in the US was usurious. That’s just about $80. Ridiculous.

      • Mist says:

        I’m interested in playing it, but not 60e interested. This would’ve been the perfect game to pick up at the inevitable 50/75% Steam sale, but alas. Guess I’m going to skip it for the time being.

    • Freud says:

      They need to charge more because of the severance pay for the people who previously made the boxes, DVDs and manuals. Common sense.

      Besides, bandwidth costs money.

      • Bonedwarf says:

        So you reckon the bandwidth to download costs them about $10 per, what, 5 gigabytes?

        Bandwidth costs money. It doesn’t cost THAT much money.

        • kael13 says:

          You know Blizzard just has a bunch of mobile phones sitting in a warehouse uploading over 3G, right? Gotta pay for them tariffs somehow!

    • Calneon says:

      I pre-ordered it from Amazon a long time ago (so long I forgot), for £23!

      • jezcentral says:

        As did I at £23, but then I cancelled it when it became apparent that I couldn’t pause the game because of the DRM. By the the price was £29.

        Then I fought the Boss in Torchlight, failed after 20 mins of grinding and got bored with the whole idea of these kind of games. Hopefully the yearning will return, but I won’t play D3 until they get rid of the No-Pause DRM and I feel an urge to play it.

    • Kdansky says:

      Came to come here just to post that too. I got my SC2 on for 50 CHF (about 35 € then), on release day nevertheless. I’ll get a physical copy again, and then bin it the next time I move house. I’d buy it in their store if they would offer the identical price. Why they insist on sharing the money with the retailers I don’t understand.

    • rockman29 says:

      I bought Diablo III as a last summer E3 sale for pre-orders… for 40 CAD.


    • Stupoider says:

      It’s almost as though they DON’T expect to make a gorillion dollars with their cut from the RMAH.

    • bglamb says:

      Mine’s on pre-order from Amazon for £23.98 from 8th Jan 2011.

  2. Mudshovel says:


  3. Kyrius says:

    Ohhhh, I’m loving this SO much! Soon™!!

  4. CaspianRoach says:

    >The Russian version of the game is delayed until June 7th.
    Russia, digital third world country.

    • LifeSuport says:

      This release date makes NO sense… except to fuck with Russian customers

      • CaspianRoach says:

        Well it kinda does. Otherwise english-speaking people could buy russian version on release which is two times cheaper and mod it to have english UI. Not exactly legal but hey, people will go a long way to pay less.

        • RvLeshrac says:

          What the hell? Did you just say it isn’t *LEGAL* to buy a game from another country? Are the game companies holding your dog hostage, or have you been captive for so long that you’ve developed Stockholm?

          • CaspianRoach says:

            It isn’t. It isn’t legal to modify the game outside of when there’s a mod system in-game and it isn’t legal for a shop to sell regional products allowed to be sold in a certain country only by a publisher.

            If there’s a system ingame to check its own files before launch the game can just not start or even more signal it to a developer which can get your account suspended and banned. What do you think VAC bans are for?

          • tyren says:

            Disregard, misread.

          • Bonedwarf says:

            In Canada I can’t import video games from the US or England. I’ve yet to find a company that will actually ship them. The US thing is particularly galling when they get games $10 cheaper than us, even when the Canadian dollar is stronger.

            Plus in the past Steam have removed paid for games from peoples accounts because they were from out of a region.

            Hardly a precedent here.

      • Bonedwarf says:

        Trying to think of how Blizzard could have said “Please crack our game!” more vehemently than by doing this.

        • CaspianRoach says:

          They’ve said that most of the content generation happens server-side so there won’t be much point in cracking.

          • jrodman says:

            Well, I think if we look at the WoW private server world, it seems pretty plausible to have pirate-diablo3-servers. However, I expect Blizzard is aware of this by now and is going to put some effort into making this tedious (signed keys etc, randomization hard to replicate). I won’t exactly hold my breath for it, but I do expect it will eventually crop up.

  5. Mashakosha says:

    Woah. So soon. O_O

  6. GameCat says:

    HELL yeah.

  7. yandexx says:

    I think the RETAIL Russian version will be out in June. The digital release is simultaneous.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Nope, it’s both.

      • yandexx says:

        It’s a shame we can’t get it here for a reduced price (in English). On Steam all games for Russia are at least -40% in rubles and available in all languages.

        I simply can’t stand the localizations.

        • Svant says:

          The game is global so it doesnt matter what versiony ou have you can play in any region. At least thats what BNET says.

          • yandexx says:

            Yes, but the English client is 2.5x times more expensive.

          • Thants says:

            Is that the case? Starcraft 2 doesn’t let you choose your region.

  8. frypiggy says:

    Best news I’ve heard since June 2008.

    • Necroscope says:

      What could be related to best news, is that at there is a countdown taking place with less than 5 hours remaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Askeladd says:

    Somehow I don’t care about it anymore… I’ll pick it up when it costs less and it didn’t turn out to be ‘meh’.
    Recent things I heard about some changes they did in the beta gave me the rest…

  10. Bosscelot says:

    Hell, it’s about time.

    • RedViv says:

      It’s about time, Hell!

    • zind says:

      I Cain’t believe it’s finally coming!

    • Meat Circus says:


    • JToTheDog says:

      It’s about! Hell time,

    • DigitalSignalX says:

      I can’t wurt for May 15th.

  11. Blackcompany says:

    I honestly don’t know if I can fork out $60 for a top down dungeon crawler.
    Yes, I know its Diablo, not just any top down dungeon crawler. I do get that. Still that’s a hefty price to pay for this type of game.
    But then, I am likely spoiled with the $20 price tag of Torchlight and the upcoming Freebies like Path of Exile and Grim Dawn. Will wait for reviews, I think.

    • zergrush says:

      I don’t think Grim Dawn is free, I remember paying for the pre-order thing quite some time ago Oo’

      Anyway, here’s some path of exile beta keys:



      • Blackcompany says:

        Thanks for the keys. My mistake then on Grim Dawn. And I am eager to see how Diablo turns out…just seems pricey for this sort of thing. But the quality could prove worth the price, you never know.

      • Lobotomist says:

        Damn missed it again!

        I signed for beta year ago, and no key. And people are giving them away like chips all around :(

  12. Zyrusticae says:

    Aaand I’ll buy the game and poor hundreds of hours into it explicitly for one reason…

    I can make money doing it. Yup.

    As much as people complain, considering how hard it is normally to make any cash from playing video games, I like that it is an option. I imagine there will be lots of competition on the market, too…

    • zergrush says:

      It’s probably going to take some luck to make money from this one (:

      Pretty much the only reason you could buy all kinds of shit in D2 was the rampant duping, if they manage do keep DIII cheat-free the rare stuff is gonna be actually rare.

  13. Duffin says:

    Stay a while and listen.

  14. deke913 says:

    Been playing the beta for over a month now and am fairly pleased with the game.
    Many changes from D2, but the ambience and general feel is spot on. Just logged off my barbarian that I was running through hardcore mode in fact. And maxed out a witchdoctor yesterday.(level 13 is max for beta) Good times.

    • RvLeshrac says:

      I’ve certainly enjoyed the constant lag. There’s nothing that says “I want to play this game in Hardcore” like having hits not register until a full second after something swings at you, when you’re on the other side of the room.

      The disconnects are awesome as well. “Why yes, I’d absolutely love to go backtracking through the last hour of the game four times in a row! How did you know?!”

      • skittles says:

        Yeah. Unless they get worldwide situated servers (somehow doubtful, given Blizzard’s track record) this is a definite non-sale. The lag outside the US is absolutely atrocious. The DRM on this game is really a bad choice given it is a fast-paced action game not an MMO. Yet it wants to be an MMO, and that sucks given that you cannot play it with a high-ping. So this is a definite warning, if you are in Australia like me do not buy this game unless they specifically state they are bringing out Australian situated servers. And if your in New Zealand and have a high-ping to Australia, I would not bother buying the game at all. Since it is highly unlikely Blizzard will give you your own server.

        • luckystriker says:

          Lag is rather subjective, no? I played the US beta from Thailand, and felt no lag side-effects. Also, if SC2 is anything to go by, D3 will have servers in Singapore, Taiwan, Korean, US West, US East, Western Europe, Russia and Australia(?). That’s pretty good, imo.

  15. Eynonz says:

    Blizzard and promises don’t go well together….

  16. Kinth says:

    I’ve already bought it, It’s been the game im looking forward to the most since it was announced!

  17. andytizer says:

    I hope this means that Torchlight 2 is coming out even sooner!

    • Mattressi says:

      Yep, give me some good old hack and slash LAN co-op any day over some horrible, always-online DRM infected, overpriced piece of crap. Really looking forward to Torchlight 2 :D

    • bwion says:

      It would make good business sense for Torchlight 2 to stay the hell away from Diablo 3’s release, either coming out much earlier, or much later.

      That said, if it comes out May 14th, I will laugh and laugh and laugh.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Honestly, they’re in trouble. I haven’t seen any signs that a Torchlight 2 release is imminent, and unless it happens in the next 4 weeks, it’s going to be swallowed up by Diablo 3.

      • Askeladd says:

        Then they should extend the development time on their game (as in pump in more money) and release it a half year later and try to do things that suck in Diablo III much better.

      • jrodman says:

        Disagree; Torchlight 2 wanted a 6 month lead at least. A 4 week lead is nothing, and just means it will be buried in diablo 3 hype and forgotten.

        At this point I think the best result for runic is to hit in about 6 months when people are getting a little bored of the existing d3 content and looking for a change of pace. Diablo3 will have pulled a lot of attention to the space. It might even help Torchlight sales among those who don’t follow gaming news.

    • Urthman says:

      I hope it doesn’t mean that Torchlight 2 gets rushed out before it’s done.

    • Keymonk says:

      Nah, people who care will be buying it regardless of Diablo. People who really enjoy them will buy both, regardless.

    • sharkh20 says:

      I remember them saying that they could have Torchlight 3 out before Diablo 3.

      • sneetch says:

        Yeah, it’s baffling, I’d have happily paid for a Torchlight 2 that was just Torchlight with co-op and a list of features that would be released in the future.

        I hope for their sakes they wait a few months for the D3 furore to die down as much as I love Torchlight and as much as I’m looking forward to Torchlight 2 I can’t imagine it doing that well if launched in direct competition with D3.

  18. Godsmith says:

    Is it because they fear pirates from Russia, or what?

    • Milos says:

      That’s what I thought too. Otherwise, unless they are doing some kind of extensive localization, it comes across as a big “fuck you” to Russia.

    • mouton says:

      From what I hear about the beta, it is entirely possible it is too server-based to be pirated anytime soon. Someone compared pirating this game with pirating WoW. Eventually doable, in a sense, but ultimately pointless.

      I guess they just fuck with you.

    • Urthman says:

      Maybe it’s a test of their DRM — we’ll make it so piracy is the only way Russians can get the game at all for a couple of months. If it doesn’t get pirated by then, we’ll know our system works.

  19. Daniel Klein says:

    How much cheaper is it going to be in retail?

  20. Triangulon says:

    I still don’t want to get it because of the requirement for a constant internet connection. Having said that, I might have been tempted had the Russian release been simultanious as a ‘well done’ for realising that there is no need for multiple release dates in the modern industry. However…

  21. pixelprime says:

    Regardless of the rampant flaming that still continues, even after this announcement, I for one am extremely excited by this news. In just 2 months’ time, I’ll be able to finally enjoy a game I’ve been waiting for years to play, like so many others.

    And despite the rather high digital price of the game, I think I’d already consigned myself long ago that it would be worth the wait, and the money. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

    Evil is most definitely back!

    Calendar marked.

  22. derbefrier says:

    Hell yeah time to pre order

  23. pegolius says:

    Did hell freeze over? I would’ve thought D3 is still 1 year out there.

    • LifeSuport says:

      No, they just updated the graphics of the Diablo 2.5 expansion and called it good… they got MMO’s to make and can’t be bothered!

      I used to want to work for Blizzard.. funny that.

      • Dances to Podcasts says:

        Yeah, they only took about a decade and six months of beta… it’s clearly rushed.

        • Thants says:

          If there’s ONE THING that Blizzard is guilty of it’s clearly rushing out games with-out proper polish.

  24. Skeletor68 says:

    In! Anyone know where we can pre-order the Collector’s Edition?

  25. jstar says:

    Having played the beta quite extensively I found it incredibly underwhelming. It’s exactly the same as Diablo 2 but with better gfx and no choices when you level up. Find it hard to believe that 10 years have resulted in such an unimaginative sequel.

    It’s going to need a bloody good story for me to bother getting it.

    • LifeSuport says:

      Good to know! I bought SC2 and then thought, I shoudl play SC1 to get caught up on the story. I never have played SC2 yet…

    • LintMan says:

      “no choices when you level up”

      Really? They did away with the skill trees? What’s up with that? In any case, yet again it seems giving this game a skip is the right move for me.

  26. Kleppy says:

    Oh jesus, better squeeze in as much time as possible with the girlfriend ’cause come May it’s all over.

  27. bwion says:

    I doubt I’ll grab it right on release, as I just don’t do that with any game. I expect I’ll pick it up sooner or later, though.

    Is the multiplayer still region-locked?

  28. Vasili Zorin says:


    what`s wrong with russians! Why we must suffer!!! Agrh.

    • Gnoupi says:

      I heard 99% of Russians agreed for that date. Official numbers.

      • LifeSuport says:

        Dah, commrade, the numbers are here with the official voting records, just down that dark hallway if you want to go have a look….

  29. Conrad B Hart says:

    Yeah, I’m buying it pretty much immediately when it’s available. Need to shuffle my projects around so I can call in sick for a week or so.

  30. Drayk says:

    I did not buy Mass effect 3 because I don’t have the time to play right now. I am buying an appartment and I’ll probably pass the next months renovating it during my free time so I’ll try to stay as much far as possible from D3, GW2 and such sweet candies (plus I’ll need the cash…)

    • Askeladd says:

      Good for you! Really I mean it.
      *looks at his backlog and work to do*

      • Drayk says:

        Yeah, there is also that… My backlog is awful.

        I am playing the DLC of Human revolution, I still have Skyrim, Bastion, Gemini Rue, Magica and HL2 to finish.

        I just finished Uncharted on Vita and Gears of war 3 on the Box.

        I think I’ll wait for the next Steam sales for Batman, LA noire and AC Revelation.

        I promised myself not to buy any game till I finished the 15+ games i still have to play but I just spotted Vanquish at a really cheap price on Ebay…

        I don’t have time to sleep anymore. Does anyone have tips on micro sleep techniques ?

        • liquidsoap89 says:

          Oh god, now I want to play Vanquish again. I LOVED that game!

    • frypiggy says:

      Buying an apartment? What does that mean?

  31. SlyDave says:

    I pre-ordered my copy on 18th July 2008 with and they are honouring the pre-order price of £24.99 – remember when games cost that much, a faint memory now.

    • alexheretic says:

      I put in my pre-order 2.5 years later, for slightly less. And to be fair I just pre-ordered Wasteland 2 for a tenner, things aren’t so bad right?

  32. Mungrul says:

    No sale here. Starcraft 2 was my last Blizzard / Activision game, and the shameless monetization has driven me away, much like Mass Effect 3.
    It’s a bit easier to ignore Diablo 3, as while I enjoyed Diablo 2 enough it didn’t set my world on fire.

    • Jutranjo says:

      What are they selling in SC2? Because I can’t find anything besides the game itself.

      • jrodman says:

        It sure seems like he’s complaining about the monetization in diablo 3?

        Things you could *conceivably* complain about in sc2:

        60 dollars x 3 to experience the whole thing (I’m fine with that).
        Map market for modder stuff (Actually wish they’d ship this, I don’t mind the idea at all.) 2.0 DRM-ish crap (This has seriously turned me off, myself.)

        So I’d probably assume it’s the RMT auction house.

        • Azradesh says:

          Yeah how dare they have two expansions rather then one! And each the size of the first game, bloody rip off if you ask me!

  33. Luciphear says:

    Now that they’ve given us a date, they have themselves a deal. Collector’s Edition pre-ordered! I’m such a slave to their marketing…

  34. ichbinspikeface says:

    I’m getting it for freeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    • LifeSuport says:

      Care to trade it for this mattress I got?

    • SlyDave says:

      Being suckered into a 1 year world of warcraft contract hardly constitutes it being free :P

      • Moraven says:

        If you already going to play WoW for another year, pretty much free. You have the choice not to.

  35. Luk 333 says:

    Forget about this. Anachronox just got released on GOG!

  36. Etherealsteel says:

    Blizzard and sometimes Valve games are the only ones where I fork over the paper and pay full retail price. I’ll be getting this game. I may go Monk, he seems pretty bad ass.

  37. GenBanks says:

    lol at their handling of Taiwan. Referring to it as a ‘region’ marking it apart from USA, China etc. but then in the next sentence using ‘region’ again to refer to all of the entities. Seems like someone wasn’t sure how to handle that one without offending anyone :)

  38. theLumberJack says:

    I live on a sailboat, and we sail from country to country. There is actually a lot of downtime for video games. I never have a stable internet connection though, so I won’t be buying it. I’ll be playing Torchlight instead.

    • Svant says:

      Heh no you wouldn’t be able to play it at all since not only does it require you to be online the game hosts your personal game on the bnet server so you need a pretty decent connection to not get horrible lagg and rubberbanding.

    • ChrisN says:

      Game is doomed to fail, they’ve lost the sail boating gamer demographic.

  39. Moraven says:

    Already have the WoW annual pass, have had the D3 collectors on pre-order from Amazon since Oct when they announced the collector’s at BlizzCon. Now at least Amazon will stop spamming me they failed to get my order yet.

  40. NRDubZ says:

    The first long weekend of the year that will have good weather and instead of camping I am going to be stuck in my basement killing demons on the interwebz….YES!

  41. alinos says:

    So delayed for the Russians.

    Means we should have an offline version by May 16th then. Which is more annoying than ever now, Because without PvP in at launch there is even less of a reason to be all anti offline characters.

    • Svant says:

      Dont think there will be an offline version that soon since the crack would need to emulate bnet to host the game for the client. D3 doesnt host anything locally on your machine, even singleplayer games are hosted on BNet (yes that means crappy internet = lagg in singleplayer).

      • alinos says:

        I know and it’s why i won’t be buying it.

        The point was more that Russians generally are the cause of piracy and it’s generally because publishers like to fuck them over or half ass it

        • killmachine says:

          game is delayed in russia. i wonder why someone would pirate it …

          • kud13 says:

            So I suppose if I only want to play offline without the annoying DRM, I will need to acquire a “fixed” russian version then??

            great move, blizz….

  42. Ultramegazord says:

    To be honest I think I lost my interest on this game over time, might buy it when it’s price gets lower but still, I’ll wait to see if it is any good.

    • Fearzone says:

      Same thing happened with me and Starcraft 2. I got excited when it was announced and demo’d with decent looking gameplay, then with subsequent announcements and delays, over years my excitement began to pass, but I still bought it shortly after release, and thought it was okay, and moved onto something else in a week or two.

  43. BatmanBaggins says:

    All I know is my gut says “maybe”.

    I’ve been feeling very neutral about Diablo 3 for a while now, but that might change once it’s actually out.

    • SiHy_ says:

      If I die tell my wife “Hello”.

      Same here. At the start of the year I would have grabbed it. Then I went back and played Diablo II and now I’ve kind of lost interest in the whole dungeon crawling thing. It’s a definite maybe, but probably not.

  44. Ridnarhtim says:

    Nope. Always online and all that, so not getting it.

  45. promenad says:

    Will I get it on release? Yes. I will not pay €60 for it though. I also fully expect to be disappointed and back to Path of Exile within a month.

  46. Yosharian says:

    Oh hi there £23 pre-order from May 2011!


    Oh and sucks to be you, Ruskies.

    edit: dammit, looking back on that order reminded me that I bought Crysis 2 the same day, that’s ruined my good mood

  47. Velvetmeds says:

    “Oh hi there £23 pre-order from May 2011!”

    Yep, same here, although mine is from 2010.

    You know, what’s the point on complaining about the 60€ when you can get so much cheaper from somewhere else? I’ll be getting it for ~25€ at launch day, boo-yah.

  48. MondSemmel says:

    I’m kind of curious why nobody mentioned the “the internet has no oceans” meme which, in this case, actually is appropriate. I usually don’t care about shooter XYZ being released later in Europe than in the US, but in the case of Diablo 3, a game I’m actually interested in, I do appreciate not having to wait longer.
    I guess the fact that a single (although big!) country’s release date is delayed is the same as the usual “Europe gets the game 3 days later than anyone else” nonsense?

  49. ceppi says:

    People who think they’ll be able to pirate D3 anytime soon makes me laugh so hard. Beta has been out for more than 6 months now, and they could not even manage to emulate 1/3 of the first act. There are only zombies, which does completely random damage, drop wrong items, and most skills do not work. NPCs do not work, there are no quests, and it lags much more than the beta. I tried 2 emulators so far, and I’m also in beta, and even from EU, I play the game on US servers with 200ms latency usually and until 350ms the game works perfect, after 350 ms you sometimes get lag spikes, but I’m fairly certain I’ll be playing on EU servers with 50ms without any lag spikes like a boss.

    • alinos says:

      I’d expect most people really don’t give a shit.

      Sure i’d like to play it. But while it remains online i refuse to which is fine by me. I have a Huge steam Library to keep chipping away at.

  50. Trelow says:

    I just put in for vacation time for the 15th and 16th. Yes, I plan to do nothing except drink and play D3.