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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Everything Else

So there was no Bargain Bucket last week. Sorry about that, I hope you didn’t all go crazy and buy a bunch of games at full price. I was busy being at GDC, and I forgot to organise my minions into taking over. I’m back now though, so get ready for a selection of wonderfully reduced electronic entertainment software that I’m about to thrust in your direction. You can also find more cheap games than you will ever need to buy over at Here’s the bargain bucket:

MDK2 HD – £4.73/€5.68/$7.49
Prettied up remake of Bioware’s odd little action game, stitched together by Overhaul Games. Here’s what comrade Smee thought of this:

MDK 2 has more style and personality than most games can dream of. It’s funny. It’s frequently frustrating. It’s more often exciting and breathless to play, and taking on the gigantic action puzzles and boss fights are rewarding battles to best. Most of all it’s a game confident in what it wants to do: have a laugh. Sure it’s sloppy around the edges, but it never really stops being a giggle. It’s a lighthearted sci fi comic book dream, and this HD re-release is a good a reason as any to return to its unique charms. It finally looks like the pulpy comic book it always wanted to be. Go on, have a go. You might just end up having some fun.

More here.

It’s only available via Beamdog, so I doubt you’ll see it cheaper any time soon.

Duke Nukem 3D – £1.89/€2.27/$2.99
Part of GOG’s apogee promo, here’s a game with such advanced technology that it was capable of having levels that weren’t just one long horrible turgid corridor, it let you carry more than two guns at once, and despite being more than 15 years old doesn’t look like complete ass. Imagine what a sequel with today’s technology could be like.

DLC Quest, Hard Reset, Jolly Rover, Lair Of The Evildoer, Vertex Dispenser & Vertex Vortex Remix Cortex – £2.99/€3.60/$4.74
Personally, I think this is the strongest Indie Royale yet. For not very much money at all you get a very well put together first person shooter, an arty puzzle curiosity & bonus remixed version, a point & click adventure much in the tone and style of the classics, and a pair of XBLIGs making their PC debut. I’d say that there’s something for everyone here.
Disclaimer: I work for Indie Royale/

Alice: Madness Returns – £4.49/similar prices in other currencies
Alec wasn’t totally in love with this, as is evidenced by these words that he wrote:

What began as a delight ended as a chore. Tightened down to 6 or 8 hours Alice would have stayed a convincing wonderland, but it’s hard not to suspect that someone just wanted to make the best or even just get their money’s worth out of all that remarkable art. Less curiouser and curiouser, more like averager and averager.

But maybe you can see past some it’s shortcoming when it doesn’t cost very much.

Deal of the week
Batman: Arkham City – £12.49
Possibly UK only. The price is displaying as full price on the page, but it gets reduced in your basket.
The best Batman game yet. Again. Here’s wot Adam thought of Rocksteady’s Arkham Asylum follow up.

The most exciting thing about Arkham City, beyond the sheer joy of actually playing, is that it’s not just more of the same. It’s more of everything else as well, which can be detrimental. But despite perhaps sounding overly critical of some aspects, I wouldn’t hesitate to say it’s one of the best games I’ve played this year. There is an enormous amount to do and now that I’m finished, I feel free to do it, no longer constrained by the fate of Gotham I can solve all those side stories. And even though I have a redwood-like backlog, I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Also of note:
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition – £12.49
Dead Space 2 – £4.99
Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box – £2.49
Syndicate – £17.49
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – £17.49
Rochard – £3.99/€4.99/$4.99

Please click on this link to my website and find lots more cheap games.

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