Craft Your Own Minecraft In Craftstudio

I made this. Well, I fiddled with this. Okay, I looked at this.
Minecraft’s influence on games has been rather impressive. Block by block, new games are emerging, willing to look like the creations of an over-eager child with Lego. But this is the first time I’ve seen an engine that’s pulling the same trick. Craftstudio should feel like a soulless rip-off, but it’s a genuinely cute, well made game-making tool. It’s actually a game for making games, where the multiplayer is a collaborative editing suite for players to build levels, animate and paint monsters, and probably insult penis sizes and mothers. It’s currently in development, but there’s an alpha that you can try out. It has a Kickstarter-esque funding model over at, er, Kickstarter-esque Indiegogo. Impossibly engaging and annoyingly well made video from the game’s 22 year-old creator (!) Elisée Maureris below. Hearthat, Notch? He’s got ten years on you.

Levels and models can be plucked from pre-made shared worlds, or built up from the ground. I hopped into one of the shared scenes, a blockily built market and looked around at the chunky buildings. I was joined by the creator and a few randoms. The wireframe cameras toured the levels and I watched as blocks popped into being. A wall started to form, and the ground beneath it was being dropped into place. It was clear the other players were new: randomly selected blocks kept appearing and then disappearing as they erased their curious mistakes. I looked away from the monitor for a moment and when I looked back the a house had been 60% built. One player decided the grass needed a stronger green and all the blocks started flipping through his selections. When Elisée mentioned the roof was as bit disappointing, the players swarmed over it, bumping up the height. It was fun to watch.

A lot of the blocks are still being slotted into place in the project, though: actually compiling a game has still to be implemented, which is another 2-3 months off, as it’ll take roughly that time to implement the in-game scripting. When that arrives, you’ll only be limited by your ability: it’ll support racing, RTS, platform, whatever you choose. Ultimately the developers will use them to make a dungeon crawler.

Here’s another video of what can be made if you’re not as awfully cack-handed as I am. I’d say what he makes, but it’s worth watching to see it come together.


  1. Urinat0r says:

    Minecraft was never great for building (Sauerbraten was), Minecraft was all about the survival. I never understood why so many were playing Minecraft with the free building mode when there are better games with that purpose.

    • Zelius says:

      There are better building games out there? Please point me in the direction of them. I’m genuinely asking, as I love building games, but only know of Minecraft.

    • langlo94 says:

      Sauerbraten (Cube 2) is great for this purpose.

    • bluebottle says:

      I guess for the same reason people make pixel art, when it’s possible to use a whole range of more sophisticated art packages to produce more detailed works. Sometimes the narrowness of the medium requires more focus from the artist, and can produce strangely satisfying results.

  2. ArgonautPollux says:

    “Here that, Notch?”

    No, where’s that?

  3. engion3 says:

    It’s pronounced CraftStud

  4. Contrafibularity says:

    Yo dawg I herd you like games so I put a game for making games in your game so you can game while you make games.

    • Contrafibularity says:

      Replying to myself and obligatory meme aside, this is a stunning tool. Watching the vid I can’t but help notice how far the actual process of game development has come that things like this should exist. It makes me think why I’m typing these words when I could be designing funny animations or actual games instead.

  5. faillord_adam says:

    God damnit. Every time I have an idea, someone else has the same idea!

    Maybe I should just be an ideas guy.

    • GameOverMan says:

      Good idea!

    • Bork Titflopsen says:

      “…so they get the biggest meanest dinosaur and they push him to the edge of the cliff and their like ‘Ok dinosaur, we got you! We know how to kill you know!’ and then the dinosaur just steps off of the clif and he starts floating and they’re like “Ooh snap” and he’s like ‘Yeah, all dinosaurs are space aliens!'” – link to

      Alternatively, don’t become this guy:

  6. Dances to Podcasts says:

    “When that arrives, you’ll only be limited by your ability: it’ll support racing, RTS, platform, whatever you choose.”
    This is so cool! They could make so many great original cool fun things with this!

    “Ultimately the developers will use them to make a dungeon crawler.”

    • elisee says:

      This is just the first game to be built with CraftStudio. You gotta start small, especially considering I’ll be working on the engine at the same time. I’d rather have a simple but finished & working game than start a doomed-to-fail MMORPG or whatever. Also, a dungeon crawler doesn’t have to be all generic and obvious ;).

      Plus I’m sure great and innovative stuff will come out of the community soon enough.