Decimal Kill ‘Em All: Binary Domain On The PC In April

Robotic lamppost of doom
Hold on, just upgrading my firmware from ‘I really want to play Binary Domain‘ to ‘I’ll get to play Binary Domain in April’. It’s patching… ah, that’s better. As a robot disguised as a human, I’m thrilled Sega’s third-person shooter about shooting robots disguised as humans is being ported over to the PC. Sure the third-person shooter might have cool things like robots that keep coming at you when their limbs are blown off (like Uncy Terminator), this guy, and voice control, but it also has the consequence system that responds and to the way you play. I know humans, and you lot are saps: by the time you are done with Binary Domain, us Hollow Children will have you right where we want you. Pretty soon a human servant will be serving me chilled glasses of diesel by my lava pool, and feeding my kitten-bot old computer mice. Use your puny human eyes on this video below, for it is the first step on the road to binary domination.

The console only shooter has gained a reputation as a solid, sometimes broken, sometimes spectacular Gearsy shooter. You take a squad of humans into the slums of a futuristic Tokyo and blast away at the bad bots. I’m rather looking forward to it.


  1. StingingVelvet says:

    Just watched the Quicklook of this on Giant Bomb. It looks like a stupid-fun shooter to get when it goes below $20.

  2. vodka and cookies says:

    Played it on the PS3 and it’s a really solid shooter, overshadowed by ME3 but well worth getting. They really nailed down the visceral enjoyment of shooting up robots plus it has a snazzy French robot in it.

    The story is a bit wonky in places but it interesting enough, also something that isn’t explained is your reputation levels with your squad-mates affects the ending of the game, never knew this until I finished it.

    This is also from the same team who make the Yakuza games, Sega seems to be on a bit of a roll porting it’s back catalogue hopefully they will do this for the Yakuza titles to the PC as well, I think they have some deal with Sony but that might exclude the PC.

  3. gorgonaut says:

    From now on, yelling out super-obvious observations will be how i roll.

  4. Keymonk says:

    Hot damn.

  5. Hoaxfish says:

    I’m actually pretty happy and surprised to see this. It’s a nice sign that Sega is continuing it’s support of PC, and the game itself seems a good departure from the modern shooters/grimdark sci-fi shooters.

    Just the right sort of injection the current FPS/TPS market needs.

    • Snidesworth says:

      Yeah, it was a real surprised to see this as well. I was going to pick it up for the PS3 when it dropped in price a little as it was, so hearing it’s coming to the PC is a real treat. Demo was pretty fun, if a little clunky at times, and the game looks like it could go interesting places.

  6. Shortwave says:

    I freakin’ love the way the robots blast to pieces! Ha!
    Honestly, this looks fun to me.

  7. Innovacious says:

    I kind of don’t get the marketing for this game. They should have just focused on the “its fun to shoot stuff” aspect. As generic as that may seem that’s all i can really see going for it.

    And the blurb for this game on steam says this:

    “THE MACHINE AGE HAS BEGUN in this immersive and atmospheric squad-based shooter…”

    I am REALLY struggling to see the immersive or atmospheric parts in the videos and screenshots I’ve seen.

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      I saw at least THREE viscerals and six graphics in that video

  8. MonkeyMonster says:

    Do you dream of electric sheep Craig or maybe eclectic creeps?

  9. povu says:

    The squad management system looks pretty interesting but I wonder how necessary it really is. You can probably still play the game through fine not handing out any commands and just shooting stuff yourself.

    • Snidesworth says:

      Voice commands were supposed to be a big part of the game, allowing you to give more numerous and diverse commands to your squad. From what I hear it worked out a little wonky, though. Hopefully it’ll make it onto PC in a fixed state.

  10. squirrel says:

    “As a robot disguised as a human, I’m thrilled Sega’s third-person shooter about shooting robots disguised as humans is being ported over to the PC.”

    Hey, they dont disguised as human, they mistakenly yet truly think that themselves are human. That poor US military old general who lost his career and even life just because he was a robot……

    Okay you correct the mistake, Sega, for bring this great game to us. I think I can forgive you. But, to sell for higher price you better add multiplayer functionality. Why dont you release all the necessary programs for server operations and let those willing to host server run them? As such you wont have financial commitment to it. How’s that sound, Mr. Sega?

    Plus, AIs need to be enhanced, as shown by the youtube videos I watched.

    And would Sega consider Vanquish to be the next PC title?

  11. Agrajag says:

    “every word affects every action affects every bullet affects every decal affects every groan”

  12. Bhazor says:

    Come on sucker, lick my battery

    Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! One!

  13. skyturnedred says:

    The machines don’t know they are machines? Let me guess, at some point the player turns out to be a robot.

    • Brun says:

      I’m not a Cylon, I swear!

      • lurkalisk says:

        For whatever reason, my mind decided it was reprehensible you didn’t choose a Blade Runner reference.

  14. says:

    This looks so much better than that dumb announcement trailer. Despite my taste for games that make your player feel like they weigh 400lbs and stick to any piece of cover within reach, this port doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

  15. YanDaik says:

    “They fight uncoordinatedly” well thats new in squad based games.
    And guess what: i don’t need them to beat every ass in a game.

  16. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    As a human who thinks he’s a robot who thinks he’s a human, I’m intrigued.

  17. Mistabashi says:

    Faye: “Whip yourself into shape Dan, is that the best you can do?”

    Dan: “YEAAHH!!!”

    Faye: “So much for that reputation of yours…”

  18. YourMessageHere says:

    Just watched a few trailers on their site…interesting ideas for gameplay and a potentially interesting transhumanist theme, married to ’80s kids cartoon levels of characterisation, dialogue and plotting, and a setting stolen wholesale from DXHR (most recently, at least). Not sure who they’re hoping to attract there. Why play a game which sells itself on a consequence system when the cast, including the player character, appear to have no personalities at all beyond their accents? They’re wholly unlikeable, meaning consequences are surely meaningless? Oh, and I can smell the claims of covert racism based on accent/NPC relation to player already.

    Like the big robot design above, though. Pilot from Farscape + Marvin from HHGTTG + giant gun x 10 scale.

    • elnalter says:

      And DXHR stole wholesale from Battle Angel Alita and so on

  19. PC-GAMER-4LIFE says:

    Needs to be a very low priced budget game on PC probably Steam only release not sure its worth more than £10-15 either. Looks horrible graphically & steals/borrows from many recent consoles games (Vanquish amongst others which was another SEGA360/PS3 release).

  20. Walsh says:

    It looks like blasty fun but I wish the robot bodies wouldn’t disappexplode. I want my hallways of waist high cover covered in robot parts, also waist high.

  21. Toberoth says:

    The dialogue is absolutely ridiculous, and the refusal of squadmates to do anything but hide in cover if you’ve pissed them off seems absurd as well. Nice idea, I guess, but judging from this trailer it’s implemented with a total lack of finesse.

    Saying that, the blowy uppy shooty stuff looks pretty decent, I like the way the robots flake apart the more damage they take.

    • Ragnar says:

      I’m assuming the squad only refuses to listen to you if you play like an ass, which I’m OK with. It’s the dialog that bothers me. The idea of communicating with your squad is great. The terrible lines and voice acting make me never want to talk to my squad.

  22. Fumarole says:

    So, Bladerunner with chest-high walls then?

  23. Demiath says:

    I’m super-excited about this release and totally didn’t see it coming. Was just about to order the 360 version; glad I didn’t.

  24. elfbarf says:

    Pre-Purchase and receive the Multiplayer Pack, which includes an exclusive map, two weapons and ninja costumes!

    Yeah…that in addition to the $40 (and most likely more expensive for UK/Europe) price tag…I’ll pass.

  25. SuperNashwanPower says:

    Fully customisable chest high walls day one DLC

  26. Cvnk says:

    I barely made it through that video without getting annoyed by the constant AI blather. I don’t see how I could make it through a whole game of hearing the same predictable responses.

    • trjp says:

      I made it less than 5 mins into the XBOX Demo before I came to the same conclusion.

      The game may be brilliant but it felt like I was being forced to play it with the sound of someone’s nails going down a blackboard – the writing is ropey to say the least and you know it’s just going to repeat and repeat…

    • Ragnar says:

      Agreed. The lines are terrible, and the voice acting sounds awful. The cutscenes may be fine, but the combat voices put this easily in my top 5 for worst voice acting, behind Maijin and AquaNox (2?) and slightly edging out Star Ocean The Lost Hope.