Lego League – Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Superman in Batman weather

All the heroes and villains are coming out to play in the cumbersomely titled Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, or at least a great deal of the heroes and villains created or legally owned by one major comic book publisher. I’d go through the trailer and try to identify as many as I can but I’m already confused as to whether there are several Robins running around or whether it’s the same Robin wearing different puzzle-solving costumes. Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are the only heroes known to be included beyond what we see here but it’s the villains I’m more interested in. Watch the first footage below, enjoy the reassuringly familiar musical themes, and see who you can spot.

It never takes long for someone to correct me if I’m wrong, so please do when I confusedly state that I think this is the first Lego game in which the characters have spoken actual words?


  1. westyfield says:

    The video is just a blank white box for me. Anyone else having this problem?

    Also I don’t think they’ve ever spoken before, unless they do in the latest Star Wars one.

    Edit: Yeah, it’s back. Woo!

  2. LieutLaww says:

    Same here too

  3. Grayvern says:

    Lego men should not verbalise.

  4. Chizu says:

    Did Joker just talk?
    In a lego game?
    Somebody hold me, I feel faint.

    • thelongshot says:

      Yeah, I’m not sure I like that. I kinda liked how they could tell a story without any words. I guess after Ninjago, tho, people are going to start to expect the characters to talk.

    • CheesyJelly says:

      It might work if Joker is the only one who talks. In the comics, they use various devices to show his insanity, including breaking the 4th wall. If he’s the only talking character in a world of mutes, it could be an effective extension of that theme.

  5. Milos says:

    This is such bullshit. Everyone knows Batman would never deconstruct his opponents. WILL NOT BUY!!!

    • Torgen says:

      I remember a line from a early 80s retrospective on the history of Batman in comics:

      “In the 1930s, life was cheap, and the life of a criminal was cheapest of all.”

  6. Spooty says:

    Lego Catwoman is hot… -I mean-… *cough* What’s with this misogynistic treatment of Catwoman?

  7. GallonOfAlan says:

    Excellent. Can’t wait. Have played through all the others except the shite Harry Potter ones multiple times with the kids.

    And as I always say in RPS LEGO game threads:


    It is tailor-made for at least three TT LEGO games.

  8. jezcentral says:

    I still got a chill when the Superman music started up.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      I got a similar chill hearing Danny Elfman’s Batman theme. Happens every time. What a great piece of music.

  9. Mugwump says:

    for once the popularity of a video game revived a defunct toyline. My kids are crazy about lego batman they will love to have the legos.

  10. sleepisthebrotherofdeath says:

    Recently got to 100% on the first Lego Batman and the last 30% was such a slog I think I’ve worn out any desire to play any more of these. Looks just more of the same.