Starting Spring: End Of Nations Beta

From Command and Conquer veterans Petroglyph, End of Nations is a multiplayer RTS that I managed to enjoy and, more importantly, in which I actually won a match. Admittedly, I was on a team partly made up of the people who designed the maps, units, balance and pathfinding, but the important thing is that a little box appeared on my screen informing me that I was a winner. I played my part. Ego dictates that I am now keen to take my skills into the beta to see how they hold up. A new trailer briefly explains the game’s features and provides some detail of the release schedule.

If you’re left wanting to know more, direct your browser and eyes toward this interview in which I confess to being rubbish at RTS games to a man who makes RTS games. It’s like the time I went to Pierre Fancifood’s brand new fine dining establishment and loudly told everyone that I don’t have a particularly delicate set of tastebuds while demanding ketchup and shovelling salt onto the suprême de canard rôti and its many-berry jus.


  1. Flukie says:

    I played it briefly, maybe needed to sit down with it properly but it seemed a bit messy to me.

    Although I was at Eurogamer which definitely isn’t the environment to play a RTS

  2. Post-Internet Syndrome says:

    Hexagon overload. Why is everyone using hexagons. It is getting old fast.

  3. Sexy.KOT69 says:

    This screeenshot reminds me of an old rts game called Warzone 2100. :)

  4. satsui says:

    This video is useless. I tried to look at other videos and I still have no idea how this game is played. Can’t they show gameplay anywhere?