Buoyant: Air Buccaneers HD New Alpha And XP Challenge

Few things fill me with as such intense delight as light-than-air combat, and Air Buccaneers is the leading balloon in that race. The delicious remake continues apace, with a new version of the “playable Alpha” available to download, and a chance for free-account folks to win additional premium accounts for themselves in a new challenge. Ludocraft explain: “Today we’ll launch a new, unique 10,000 XP Challenge campaign. During this campaign, players with free accounts can redeem themselves a free Alpha activation key for AirBuccaneers if they manage to gather 10,000 experience points in two weeks. Time starts to run when player logs in to the new 0.45 version for the first time after today. This campaign is valid through April 2012.” Premium accounts secure a copy of the finished game, and get some extra in-game items such as shields and er… birds? Yes.

Trailer below decks!


  1. Dyst says:

    I didn’t play the alpha yet, but am downloading now and am excited. The mod was excellent.

    Is 10,000 exp a lot?

  2. Dave says:

    Needs MOAR server

  3. BathroomCitizen says:

    Jim, you broke the RPS sacred rule of the 1 line-long headline. Can’t say I’m pleased.

  4. BluElement says:

    The whole “2 weeks to get 10,000 xp” isn’t much of a risk when they only have one server to hold 32 people. You’d have to get on to the server and never leave until you get 10,000 xp to even have a chance at it… Yeah, this definitely needs more servers. :\

  5. psyk says:

    see below

  6. psyk says:

    0.6 out soon GET IN TO THE BATTLE