Witching Hour: Salem Beta Sign Up, Video Diary

Salem‘s chilled out lead man Björn Johannessen talks a bit more about the nature of his intriguing colonial fantasy MMO in a new diary, which you can see by peering onto the next page. In this latest video Johannessen explains how civilisation works in Salem’s player-formatted world: making it more civilized makes it easier to use, and the further you get from these centres of peace and civility, the nastier it becomes. You may need to trek out there into the dark, however, because of the weird things that live out there, and the resources they provide. The lo-fi sandbox MMO is also now taking sign ups, so if this sort of thing interests you it might be worth putting your email in the box over here.


  1. Torgen says:

    Someone please use this link to sign up: link to beta.salemthegame.com

    We can start a referral chain in this thread to get RPSers in the beta. :)

    EDIT: If JackShandy and krisanto used my link, I have my 3 now. Spread the love!

  2. d33p says:

    Please use my referral link;
    link to beta.salemthegame.com

    I got nothing to play right now, and this looks really interesting for some reason! O_o

    Thanks guys

  3. Creeping Death says:

    Already a thread for referrals going here link to rockpapershotgun.com

    • Torgen says:

      Thought of checking that after the fact, sorry for starting a new one!

  4. Stupoider says:

    link to beta.salemthegame.com

    Referral link for the kind people of RPS!

  5. Computer Spirit says:

    Here’s mine. I hope three of you can help me out since I have no other friends to turn to for something like this. (wow…my life seems so sad all of a sudden…I’m a lonely gamer)

    link to beta.salemthegame.com

    • somini says:

      That makes two of us…
      link to beta.salemthegame.com

    • Computer Spirit says:

      Ummm…doesn’t it kind of defeat the purpose if we all post links that we want others to use but have no indication of who used what?

      We could end up with some links clicked by a bunch of people while other links aren’t clicked by anyone.

      If people indicate when they’ve used a link then we can track how many links have the required three friends and new people can use other links.

      Click me! Click me!

  6. picaroon says:

    Here’s one more!

    link to beta.salemthegame.com

  7. Rioghal says:

    Thank you all for the links!

    Here’s mine,

    link to beta.salemthegame.com

    • Torgen says:


      this may be the only comment thread where the spambot can sneak in and be unnoticed. :-)

  8. Crumpled Stiltskin says:

    keep the chain going:

    link to beta.salemthegame.com

  9. Bork Titflopsen says:

    Here’s mine:
    link to beta.salemthegame.com

    Thanks for the links, people!

  10. Devenger says:

    Is this post a contender for the Staring Eyes tag? Those are pretty big eyes.

    • Torgen says:

      Gene Wilder could play that guy’s dad in the live-action movie :)

  11. weizur says:

    Sounds good here’s my link (Note it’s cuter than all other links)
    link to beta.salemthegame.com

  12. Berzee says:

    Is this referral chain just…for people who don’t like making fake Mailinator emails? =P

    I think this game looks amazing, but I’m not sure if I want to play the beta for fear of making the final product less exciting. Still — if I get in, I probably will play forever and ever. =P

    Heck, I even asked for (and received) that old book full of the monsters of the woodlands, from which this game draws inspiration!

  13. Noi says:

    Yet another lonely link:

    link to beta.salemthegame.com

    It needs a soothing click!

  14. Deadly Habit says:

    this and hawken have to be the 2 biggest things i’m waiting on
    link to beta.salemthegame.com
    if anyone feels like being so kind

  15. the.celt says:

    I’m not sure if I should have clicked on someone else’s link or created my own. Is it basically taking people in groups of 4? Or does everyone have to get 3 others? At any rate, here’s the link it gave me:

    link to beta.salemthegame.com

  16. Muzman says:

    You know, I only just worked out that picture is a caricature of the lead designer.

  17. Simas says:

    Help me, help you:

    link to beta.salemthegame.com

  18. Dharoum says:

    Please use this one: link to beta.salemthegame.com

    • thebobfoster says:

      Used yours Dharoum, since it was at the bottom of the list when I posted…Not sure how we’re keeping track of this, but someone out there please feel free to use mine:

      link to beta.salemthegame.com

      • Lykurgos says:

        Keeping track of what? This is just chaos, plus one happy spam-bot! :-)

        • thebobfoster says:

          In light of recent developments (i.e. actually looking at the rest of the comments), I realize the folly of putting forth the notion that some semblance of order could ever be imposed on this…

          MOAR LINKZ!!

  19. Bollah says:

    Me too please guys :)
    link to beta.salemthegame.com

  20. proudpheeple says:

    link to beta.salemthegame.com
    Much appreciated if anyone wants to use it.

  21. Zindaras says:

    link to beta.salemthegame.com Hope the one I clicked on earlier still needed any, heh…

  22. Noodlemonk says:

    link to beta.salemthegame.com Tack så mycket!

  23. Arglebargle says:

    Because everyone’s doing it…..

    Not usually a fan of this sort of thing, but they seem to have considered a lot of the ramifications of how they are organizing their game. Will be very interested to see if they can actually pull this off.

    link to beta.salemthegame.com

  24. thebigJ_A says:

    I don’t think he knows what churches really do…

  25. thebigJ_A says:

    Oh, here’s my thingy: link to beta.salemthegame.com

  26. Zanzanar says:

    Am I too late?
    link to beta.salemthegame.com

  27. LutherBlissett says:

    link to beta.salemthegame.com

    Need two more sign ups!

  28. karmafarm says:

    Thanks in advance- link to beta.salemthegame.com

  29. Skoul says:

    Used yours karmafarm – here is mine:

    link to beta.salemthegame.com


  30. BilbyCoder says:

    Used Ledi’s Link
    link to beta.salemthegame.com is mine.

    Let’s flood the server with RPS types

  31. Evil Star says:

    I used yours Skoul…cheers

    My sign-up link…

    link to beta.salemthegame.com

  32. J-snukk says:

    link to beta.salemthegame.com

    There is mine, also this comment thread is really quite amusing.

  33. Killarena says:

    link to beta.salemthegame.com

    Here’s mine :-)