Cracking The Ribs Of Treasure Adventure Game

Friendly sharks.
Adam fell a little bit in love with Treasure Adventure Game, which is now no longer in beta and still as free as a stolen piano. But while it’s worth my time to reaffirm how enjoyable it is, that’s not why I’m here. The developer, the excellently name, Stephen Orlando is doing a playthrough post-mortem of the the cutesy hybrid adventure platformer on the Youest of Tubes, and so far has 45 minutes of footage up with his insights over it. Part one is 15 minutes long and embedded below.

Unfortunately part one’s recording also managed to pick up the hiss of the long dead snake god, Sssssssss, but parts two and three exorcise the hissy horror, and offer loads of insight into the process of developing the game. He’s started documenting the process of his next game, a space shooter called NovaraX, which managed to reinvoke Sssssssss’s wrath. Back, foul beast!

Part the first.

Apropos of nothing, I find tutorial videos where you can hear a keyboard clicking ridiculously relaxing. You could hypnotise me with a Das Keyboard.


  1. nobody says:

    This is one of the best games of 2011. Pleased to see it get more attention.

  2. MadTinkerer says:

    Currently available via! Apparently they “accidentally” released this one early. And it’s free!

    (Okay, you can get it free everywhere. But it’s nice that are hosting it.)

  3. equatorian says:

    I would’ve liked it much better if you can save anywhere, to be honest. Had to re-trudge some sections more than a few times due to urgent need to leave house and not finding a recent-ish save spot. :(

    I know it’s trying to replicate the Good Old Days, to some extent, but save points aren’t really one of my favourite things about those. The rest of the game (as far as I got to atm anyway, because my platforming skills are only slightly better than Daikatana’s game design) was rather fun, though, and I enjoyed the writing and the nooks and crannies that can be explored.

    • noizz says:

      I had the same issue – a did a few sections too many times (bosses especially) and the frustration grew a bit too much, as there was no trainer or a god mode. Fortunately Cheat Engine worked like a charm, though the experience was less rewarding.

      Regardless – this game is a gem and is definitely worth playing.

  4. JonasKyratzes says:

    While there are things I’d do differently, I have to say that as a game developer this made me very jealous. A fantastic game and one which I’m glad to see getting more attention.

  5. jester says:

    the game crashes for me, on a win7 64 bit pc, right when i could take control of the little boy after he gets his own boat. anyone else have that issue and figured out a work-around?

    • jester says:

      nevermind, running with admin permissions fixes it. silly game!

  6. donmilliken says:

    Only had a few minutes to play as it’s off to bed, early day tomorrow, but damn if I’m not already thoroughly charmed. I love these sorts of games and we could do with more of them. Can’t beat the price tag either, though if the game proves to be as good as it promises to be I’ll likely be kicking the developer whatever I can afford in the way of a donation. This sort of work deserves rewarding.