Living Dead With The Consequences: The Walking Dead

So that's what's in their heads. Jam.

Have you spent the entire weekend asking everyone you’ve met the two same questions over and over? These questions? “Why does The Walking Dead game not tell Rick’s story again? Reading it and watching it wasn’t enough.” “Could you show me some actual video footage of a person playing The Walking Dead game?”

Unless you happened to be talking to comic book writer person Robert Kirkman or you work at Telltale, you probably didn’t receive a satisfactory response. In fact, people probably became uncomfortable after the second time of asking and have now blocked your number in an effort to erase you from their lives. You should have just asked this video.

Actual game footage is at 7.05 and 11.50 or thereabouts. The rest is Kirkman talking, although that’s interesting too!

Nobody tried turning the batteries around? I sort of admire the effort to make puzzles from real world problems but if the lead character turns out to be the only person able to use a can opener as well I’ll be watching his companions for signs of decreased brain activity and the onset of cannibalistic unlife.

Even though I fear it will be little more than a succession of prompts I’m marginally interested in seeing how the story pans out. I enjoyed the books right up until the Governor unpleasantness, which was a bit like being hit in the face with a large hammer that someone had written “Man is the real monster” on, along with excerpts from several newspaper articles about the inhumanity of actual humans.


  1. Juan Carlo says:

    ” I enjoyed the books right up until the Governor unpleasantness, which was a bit like being hit in the face with a large hammer that someone had written “Man is the real monster” on, along with excerpts from several newspaper articles about the inhumanity of actual humans.”


    I have never read the comics, but the TV show isn’t exactly good at subtlety either. Or developing interesting 3 dimensional characters. Or staging exciting action. Or doing anything well at all, really.

    So, yeah, I don’t have much hope for the game either.

    • alinos says:

      Biggest issue withthe tv show is the fact that season 2 should have only been about 6 episodes long

      In order to avoid wasting half the season 2 budget setting up 2 filming locations they had to draw out a relatively minor story arc into 13 episodes.

      Season 1 might not have followed the comics but it was still decent. Season 2 tried to have part of the story from the second volume but decided it must be a mystery to serve other plot elements no one really cared about(Sophia missing)

      It also means that they have nothin to keep Carl busy so he’s constantly wandering the fuck around even when told not to

    • newc0253 says:

      You think the Governor episode is unpleasant? Ha! Post-the Governor episode gets even worse.

      It’s funny how telling (broadly) the same story in different formats highlights its weaknesses in different ways.

      In the comics I’m struck by how indistinguishable the characters are – there’s only two or three who really stand out and the rest of the time you’re struggling to remember who exactly they are and who they’re related to. Also, as Adam mentioned, the increasingly heavy-handed writing.

      In the show, they’ve more scope to flesh out the characters. Only it turns out most of them are kinda boring and unlikeable. Both the show and comics do a great job with things like tone and setting: in both cases, you keep thinking it’s a great concept. But the execution – in anything besides the occassional action set-peice – is persistently lacking.

      • ropable says:

        Yes. After that particular event I stopped reading the series for 12 months. Still came back, though.

      • Archipelagos says:

        Agreed on the Governor. The tone of the comic completely changes during the prison storyline and I found it a real chore to read through it. Hearing that it gets even more heavy-handed after that makes me feel like I did the right thing by stopping just after the Governor gets his due. I like the TV show, sure it has flaws, but I’m really glad it has veered away from the comics, hopefully it continues to do so.

      • Morph says:

        Heavy handed? There’s a hilarious moment where Rick screams out about the survivors “WE ARE THE WALKING DEAD!” in case you hadn’t already got that. Hilarious in a ‘this is terrible’ way, obviously.

    • DrScuttles says:

      I have never read the comics, but the TV show isn’t exactly good

      No, no it isn’t.
      I’m all for adapting properties in ways that work for different mediums, and hell, a duff adaptation doesn’t preclude the source material from existing.
      But the Walking Dead is as shuffling and inactive as its zombie subject. It doesn’t help that they’ve now killed the only character I found remotely interesting (the only cock in a swamp of dripping fannies). I watched and enjoyed the first series thinking that it was going to be great when it picked up and “got good”. Now, after 18 episodes…. it doesn’t seem to have any aspirations above tedious melodramatic soap opera. With one featured zombie death per episode to give the special effects bloke a reason to be on the payroll.
      Even that finale… a couple of redshirts died, followed by lots of standing and talking and more reasons to hate Lori. I’m feeling Harlan Ellison levels of HATE HATE for her character.

      Maybe I’m just bitter. I like the comics, they’re not a revolution in printed storytelling, but certainly enjoyable and the only ongoing series I can give a crap about keeping up with.

    • The Colonel says:

      Do the comics treat the women with the same incompetent contempt as the TV series? That programme has some serious issues with the very subtly hidden underlying messages – guns, euthanasia, the use of women, suicide, abortion, religion, the american dream… blah blah.

      • DrScuttles says:

        Lori is fairly unpleasant no matter what, but none of the other female characters seem as poorly presented as in the show.
        In my opinion, it generally treats them better… but they tend to just be background characters (but then plenty of males are, too).
        I don’t recall any arguments about doing the dishes and providing stability, and not a single one of them has proven themselves to be as stupid as to shoot at a suspected walker (o noes! it’s Daryl!) in the head to prove themselves.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      The biggest issue with the show is that it is a direct insult to any half thinking, logical human being.

      After 18+ episodes its the first time they realize that maybe if there are walking dead, it might not be dumb to “fortify” past tin cans on a string. Or that they, as still nimble, intelligent human beings, MAY have 1-2 things as an edge over shambling instinct based monsters.
      But then again I guess if anyone ever thought that far they’d realize that the basic setting was already problematic

      I imagine that both the romans as well as most medieval lords with sod all modern technology would have survived the zombie apocalypse, and been lightyears ahead of what supposedly happened here in the age of vulcan cannons, near impenetrable tanks etc.

      Speaking of, how exactly DID an army possessing endless amounts of tanks and fuel get overrun by zombies you can just drive over with your tanks? They do have rather bolted down entries, you know.

      As long as they don’t give the zombs superhuman strength(its implied they use the same old muscles as before) then I really don’t see how they can be such a zomgnothingcanstopthem threat in any way, shape or form, especially if they’d be too stupid to navigate half the world’s infrastructure.

  2. Jackablade says:

    I’m quite liking the art style they’ve got going. Looks rather like a real-time version of Blackwater Gospel, albeit not quite as stylish.

    ‘Tis worth a look if you’ve not watched it before.

    • Jackablade says:

      I’m not a bot, really. See I have full self awareness and opposable thumbs and things.

  3. PoulWrist says:

    A friend of mine’s company is doing some animation for this :o I was setting up communication with their datastores in the weekend.

  4. fionny says:

    That game play looks ant-agonisingly slow paced… this is one game i can do without me thinks.

  5. wodin says:

    I thought the last two episodes of the TV series where pretty good.

    Enough to warrant me taking interest in said comics and know in my Amazon wishlist.

    • fionny says:

      Well thats the idea, have 18 boring episodes then the last 2 amazing to keep you hooked to come back next season and have warm fuzzy feelings about all things walking dead.

    • says:

      I feel like I’m the only guy on RPS that enjoys the show. Well, then again, “enjoy” might be the wrong word. The whole show is about a miserable bunch of people going through a miserable apocalypse. So, I’m not really sure what word to use at that point…

      Probably has something to do with either:
      1) Being American, and therefore liking it more than most of our crap TV
      2) Never having read the comics, so I can’t be one of those “the tv version sucks” guys

      • ucfalumknight says:

        You’re not the only one. I enjoy both the book and television series. I think the thing most folks don’t like about it (the show) is that it is attempting to be mainstream with it’s plot and characters. My wife looks forward to watching it more than I do, and she is not a “zombie” person. We talk about the characters and the episodes at work, much like we did when Lost was on the air. But hey, we all have our different tastes and opinions.

        • wodin says:

          The first two or three episodes of the first season I thought where terrible so stopped watching. A mate told me that I was a fool to stop so thought I’d try the second series. I made sure I watched it and I did enjoy it.

          Daryl is prob my fav character.

      • RegisteredUser says:

        It’s a show about southern accented white gentlemen, toting guns(and joyously celebrating kids toting and using them, too), shooting on a whim and exacting justice in the only way they understand it: by liberal and not too deeply thought out versions of capital punishment. It embraces torture as a feasible instrument of information retrieval and basically underscores(and pulls the viewer along into this as well) that just as long as the circumstances are dire enough, anything goes.

        Its no wonder that this is crack-cocaine to most americans and one of the highest rated shows ever.

        Also one might note how the _only_ black guy is first a useless douche, then a useless wounded douche, then an unloyal wussy douche. In all of two seasons, he probably had less than 15 minutes of lines spoken.

        So I will be so free as to add “subtly racist” to the list.
        Wait. His name is “T-Dawg”. Let’s make it overtly racist.

        If this show were a person, it would be a republican presidential candidate.

  6. ninjapirate says:

    Lovely art style, but wow – the tv show’s been so off-putting (for me at least) that I hardly feel excited about a game in the same vein.

    • PoulWrist says:

      Yea, I know what you mean. I watched the first season with a friend, we both love zombies, gore, and the series has that done right. But everything around that? Oh dear. Oh dear. World’s worst plot.

  7. wodin says:

    The game mechanics look terrible. Looks more like an interactive story. Like the art style. I can see what Robert wants from the game, however I think there may have been a better approach to get what he wants across. Though I’m struggling to think of what, maybe a text adventure would do it but thats hardly going to sell.

  8. J-snukk says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this looks good?

  9. jfml says:

    wow, he totally „fixed“ that radio, didn’t he? ^_______^ sorry, but this just makes the girl seem really, really stupid (which hopefully wasn’t the intention of the writers).

  10. RegisteredUser says:

    Having glanced at the gameplay stuff, I can now safely say: Fuck timer based CRUCIAL DEEEECEEEECEEEONNNZZZ that CHANGE EVERYTHING.

    I am sick and tired of quicktime events and timed dialogue is just a perversion of the same ZOMGPRESSBUTTONNAO idiocy.

    And then ACTUAL QTEs in the game? Ugh. Ugh. UGH!

    Stop trying to simulate being a tense and on-the-spot game and simply be it. Its not realistic that if you are stumped and don’t know what to reply immediately, you reply immediately because a timer ran out.
    If I as the game’s user want to think, so should my “avatar” have to. Also STOP PRESSURING ME.
    This already annoyed the piss out of me in Alpha Protocol.
    Oh and your facial / people animations? Weird, stale and uncoordinated.
    Screw you guys, I’m going home.