Massively Effective: Fox Aliens From Space Invade A Planet

Is space involved at all?

I don’t know whether this side-scrolling superhero vs aliens power fantasy is deliberately referential to Mass Effect 3, but I couldn’t help but read that into its “amount of planet saved” arbitrary giant number, excess of bombast and tongue-in-cheek downer ending. But maybe I’m just Mass Effect seeing Mass Effect everywhere I Mass Effect look these Mass Effect days. It wouldn’t Mass Effect surprise me.

Anyway, Fox Aliens From Space Invade A Planet In Space is free, only lasts a few minutes, and it is a total lark. Made in four days for gamejam mld#33, it is the overpowered tale of an overpowered superhero fighting vulpine soldiers, turrets, spacecraft and giant walkers. It is as silly as it is entertaining, and it makes me go like this:


Download it from here. Via


  1. Bork Titflopsen says:

    Too short, too easy, not enough gameplay, no replay value, terrible graphics, worthless points system.


  2. Premium User Badge

    Phasma Felis says:


  3. Xocrates says:

    Nope! No Mass Effect parody there. No siree.

    Title reminds me of this one though: link to

  4. LTK says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever had performance this poor on a downloadable PC game. Music won’t work, sounds only play the first 1/4 second, and the framerate goes to shit when there are over 5 enemies on screen. I didn’t know that was possible for a game with graphics consisting of a foreground, background and two-frame animations all drawn in MS Paint.

    But it comes with a free mp3 soundtrack! GOTY 2012!

  5. nemryn says:

    I took far longer than I should have to realize Red Scarf could suplex the big guys.

  6. Maldomel says:

    Mass Effect Mass Effect. Mass Effect?

  7. Gap Gen says:

    What I want to know is why tall robot fighting things don’t fall over when you shoot them with cannons. Because they would.

  8. Tacroy says:

    I like that the archive is named “FOXLZRS”. I approve of both things.

  9. Det says:

    I think any animal based anthropomorphics abandon their animal origin as soon as they get opposable thumbs.
    I mean shit, it’s just a dude with a fox/wolf/cat/robot/snake’s head. They even use fucking guns and stuff.
    At least something like the hydralisk had to spit their projectiles. These fuckers might as well as be wearing silly hats.
    p.s. aliens wearing silly hats were featured in touhou 8

    • pixel house says:

      haha I’m sorry but I think you’re taking this game a little bit seriously

    • LionsPhil says:

      …are…are you complaining about anthropomorphic animals behaving too anthropomorphically?

      In the same breath as admitting an interest in Touhou?

      • pixel house says:


        This was no way even inspired by Mass Effect lol what. I did a drawing of a fox robot shooting lazars from it’s eyes, then built a game based on that drawing within a week. that was the point of the gamejam. then I ate some toast or something, I can’t really remember. thanks.

        – human who made this game

      • Det says:

        COME AT ME BRO
        COME AT ME

  10. ThaneSolus says:

    hahaha, i love the idea

  11. caddyB says:

    Fox aliens? Fox Mulder? Mass Effect? SPAAAAAACE?
    Where are you going with this, bro?