Peek Into The Gateways Demo

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Previously on Gateways coverage: “I’m going to call it Super Metrortal Braidlevania and I hope you’ll join me in doing the same.” That was Adam, talking about what he thought the complex shenanigans of Gateway’s mad scientist would end up like. From that list you can tell it’s a side-scrolling 2D platformer. It’s heavily influenced by Portal, with the professor holding a complicated version of the handheld portal device. In addition to the usual Portal tricks, it’ll create shrinking portals, time manipulating portals, and gravity flipping portals. That’s a lot of portals. Does this science experiment warrant your attention? You can find out with the demo.

I’ve had a very brief play. It’s a lovely little game, but I have reservations with how it handles the portal aiming: the view shifts from the player to where the portal is placed, meaning you lose sight of the central figure of the game a lot. There’s no limiting to the distance this effect occurs, so it’s sometimes a little difficult to figure out a near puzzle when the camera is shot across the level. It’s very clever, and I hope the slightly odd control system doesn’t hamper it.

It’s out in June.


  1. michalslv says:

    although i don’t usually play games like this, i really love RPS for writing about them, it shows that you aren’t all about money. Don’t ever stop

  2. The First Door says:

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a 2D game handle portals quite as elegantly as that. I adore how seamless passing through the portals is, even down to being able to see the smaller/larger version of the level, or the future/past version.

    Although even talking about it is making my head hurt a little…

    • sneetch says:

      My brain is also sore just considering it… this game certainly seems like it’s worth 10 of your earth dollars!

  3. Malk_Content says:

    They really need to fix the massively clunky control scheme. The demo puzzles and portal play seem like than could be really enjoyable if I wasn’t constantly fighting against the control scheme. If your going to use the mouse to select portal locations, let me use the mouse to point rather than some bizzare scrolling system that makes pinpoint accuracy hard (and by the looks of it sometimes you’ll need that portal in just the right place else the lasers etc wont line up at all) makes the screen jump all over the place when surfaces are at different directions, stops me easily moving and worst of all doesn’t let you turn your character around, so if the angle you want is just over your head you have to move the man, turning the mouse control off and jumping the screen in headachey goodness.

    Rant over and besides from that the demo showed lots of potential, but I couldn’t play for more than five minutes without getting frustrated and turning it off.

    • Gnoupi says:

      The main problem with controls is that they feel like being made for a gamepad. With a gamepad, aiming will be natural, with the second joystick.

      The mouse control, however, is using the same kind of control as a joystick, apparently. point up, it goes up, go down a bit, it goes down directly, taking simply the movement delta as a joystick input, which makes it very hard to actually aim.

      A better mouse system would be like the one from Waves (link to, or Shadowgrounds: let me point wherever I want on the screen (and make the cursor visible), and just take the segment between the character and my cursor as the direction I actually aim at.

  4. Gremy says:

    Funny thing : you can actually bypass the “demo over please preorder” obstacle via another path lower on the map, mainly by abusing the fact that you jump higher when you are bigger. After that, you can continue a fair bit, gain a new item, then again there are a few puzzle left, until you gain another new item that crashes the game when you use it.

    I still feel very clever.