A Happy Tune: Auditorium 2 Is Going Ahead

They are moderately happy.

Last night Alec mentioned that Auditorium 2 was narrowly short of meeting its necessary Kickstarter funding to spring into existence. Well, the good news for them is that they made it, just. With 67 hours to go, they’ve sneaked over the $60,000 target, so it looks like the sequel to a well-loved indie project will be going ahead. It’s fair to say that Cipher Prime are quite pleased, reporting, “There are not enough exclamation points in the world for us to give to you.”


  1. Meat Circus says:

    I gave money to this kickstarter just because I liked their enthusiasm. Glad it paid off.

  2. Oof says:

    Yay! They seem like such nice people. Good for them.

    Addendum: their girlfriends should really help them spruce up their workplace, though.

    • baby snot says:

      Its a bit hard to tell how indicative the aesthetic from that one photo is of thier entire workplace. More to the point though, why thier girlfriends?

      • The Tupper says:

        Because women are more suited to domestic chores, silly!

        • Oof says:

          Because they appear to not have given it much thought themselves or, if they have, to be very skilled at it.

          I am rather ashamed of myself to have left any possible boyfriends out. How heteronormative of me. So…

          “Addendum: their partners should really help them spruce up their workplace, though.”


          • The Tupper says:

            Ah it’s okay. I actually meant my comment.

            Edit: Mrs The Tupper has pointed out to me that, in actuality, I apparently don’t mean my original comment.

            Glad that she could put that straight.

          • Oof says:

            Yes, you had me quite turned around there, Mr The Tupper. Say hello to the missus for me!

    • heyandrei says:

      Cipher Prime dev here.

      This is the 21st century. Our wives/girlfriends are the ones with real jobs. We’re on our own… :)

      Also, huge thanks to everyone from RPS who donated!

  3. Jim9137 says:

    Someone should go help them and turn back on the gravity.

  4. InternetBatman says:

    I’m surprised they needed a kickstarter. I got the impression that auditorium did fairly well.

  5. Innocentbystander says:

    The new fad is to use Kickstarter to help with money or to get a cash infusion to help it along. They were almost there anyway. I would suspect they might have gotten someone to donate big anonymously at the end and returned the money, or donated to themselves to get the 45k they had already raised. Since with kickstarter, you lose all the money if you don’t make your minimum amount.

    It’s smart. If they did it that way.

    • heyandrei says:

      Cipher Prime dev here. Right before the bump started (Monday, when we were at ~41k), we discussed what our threshold would be for this sort of “self-funding.” We came up with $55,000 as the “close enough” number. If we were just $5k away from the target and an hour from failing, we would find a friend to spot us, and pay them back in the future. The $60k is a serious estimate based on business earnings to date and our development experience. But frankly, it would suck to lose everything after all the man-hours we’ve put into the Kickstarter to get close to the target; we could absorb the $5k hit and pray for better sales down the line.

      Fortunately, with our final publicity push (mailing list hits, begging backers to raise their pledges, facebook/twitter campaigns, and of of course the huge stroke of luck in getting the high traffic from sites like RPS and Giant Bomb), this became unnecessary. However, we do stand at the ready if, in a few days, a whole bunch of large backers pull out. People do decrease and cancel pledges after Kickstarters get over their target. Hopefully that won’t be necessary if enough of a buffer builds up.

      • Innocentbystander says:

        Oh, I was not saying it was anything “bad.” I am glad that it turned out all good for you, I was actually just stating that it is a viable way. I think if you get even 70% to your target, it is worth the technique. =) don’t take it as a downplay at all.

        I was actually taking a moment to marvel at the concept. lol