Dino Might: Orion Gets A Release Date, Trailer

Co-operative, open-world sci-fi dinosaur hunting game Orion: Dino Beatdown is strapping into its jetpacks for an April the 20th release date. After watching the trailer below I just hopped onto Google Calendar and made sure I had nothing planned for that day – just some lump thing in my brain needed removal on that day. I soon got rid of that. What smells of burning, btw? Anyway: I also added “Sleepover with the Timothy Olyphant” to my girlfriend’s calendar to make sure I’m not disturbed. I love Trespasser and I take my dinosaur hunting VERY seriously. I am the Bob Peck of RPS.

My favourite bit is watching the T-Rex chasing after the dropship looking thing. He looked so cute! Anyway, it’s cheap, it’s co-op and I’m going to play it until my arms are stumps, that way I can fit into my T-Rex costume.

April 20th.


  1. PodX140 says:

    Mmmm. Trespasser. I still remember playing that game with 2 people, one for movement and one for aiming. And throwing cinder blocks off the overpass to try and kill velocirapters below (It worked! …Once). Or the joys of finding the AK with the drum mag or the c mag (NOT CLIP :P)

    If this comes anywhere close to that game, me and my brother will have a hell of a time.

  2. Cooper says:

    After that WWII game with dinosaurs was released in a bit of a Rex, I Dino if it’s worth getting excited about this.

  3. Petethegoat says:

    “Co-operative, open-world sci-fi dinosaur hunting game”


    • Bfox says:

      Is that really what this game is about?
      I thought it was a team based death match multiplayer this whole time…

  4. Blackcompany says:

    Can a person own this game and still have free time left for…anything? I would say this looks to be the sort of thing that will get old quickly…but I just don’t think so. I can see myself playing this rather a lot.

  5. Dezztroy says:

    I wonder if they’re still going to use stolen assets in their full releases?

    • Jharakn says:

      thats a serious accusation, you’ll need to point out where or just be branded a troll…

      • wazups2x says:


        He is right. They were using stolen assets from Natural Selection 2.

      • USER47 says:

        They used some stolen armory model from natural selection 2 as a placeholder in one of their previous videos.

      • USER47 says:

        Try this thread for some interesting facts…
        link to hl2world.com

        • Synesthesia says:

          what. the. fuck. is up with all the hate in that thread. Do any of those people even work at something? They sound like some frustrated at life chris ware character.

    • Blackcompany says:

      I heard the rumor – and I will only call it a rumor – that they used stolen assets in testing. Or borrowed. Or however you want to say it.
      As far as stolen assets…well, the armor worn by the Authority in Rage looked very similar to the armor in Borderlands (Crimson Lance) but that doesn’t mean it was stolen. All of those sci-fi Halo-alike Armors start to look the same, after a while.
      Not saying they stole anything. I don’t know the whole story. But if we are going on appearances – and again, there might or might not be more to it than that – I would hardly say anything looks stolen.

    • Cooper says:

      Borrowing art for placeholder during testing and development is not stealing. Using them during trailers is a bit dodgy, but hardly worth an outcry.

      If anything, it’s flattering: NS2 had decent armour near to the kind of style they wanted.

      Were they to release a commercial game with those assets, that’s something else enitrely. But no need to get knickers in such a twist…

      • USER47 says:

        I remember there were some other problems as well. I think the game was being created as a free mod or something, then the main guy fired 3/4 of the team and went for commercial release (without paying for work already done)…

        • Badgercommander says:

          The game has a long and colourful history of the dickbag in charge screwing over people that worked on it in good faith. I wouldn’t touch it with a barge poll.

          • Unaco says:

            Yeah. The lead for the project “hired” people, took their work, then kicked them off the team the day after the Kickstarter for the project closed. I am really surprised that people are still interested in this.

          • ResonanceCascade says:

            We don’t all follow the development drama of obscure mods, especially when it has unfolded exclusively in obscurer messageboard threads, so that might have something to do with why people are “still” interested in it.

          • medwards says:

            The exploitative behaviour has been mentioned at least as recently as the armory incident which I also thought was a bit overblown until you realize people are just seeing it as adding insult to injury from the mod transition.

            Personally, I’m not expecting people to be well-versed on whats going on but its not like saying its only been on message boards, its been in the youtube video comments and frequently repeated every time this game is posted on RPS.

            What surprises me is that RPS editorial team is prepared to eviscerate Ubisoft, comment substantively on the LA Noire scandals, and generally weigh in on social issues surrounding video games even when they love the video games in question but they have never once addressed what the hell is going on with the Orion boss-man. Not even to call the forum sniping baseless.

          • Resonance says:


            As stated above it has been mentioned at least once every-time this game has been posted on RPS.

  6. Jharakn says:

    If this game doesn’t have the strap line “The Dinosaurs didn’t go extinct, they just went home” I’ll have lost my faith in the creative game industry.

  7. nootpingu86 says:

    Okay, dinosaurs are cool. FPS games are ubiquitous but obviously you shoot the other mens or spacemens rather than giant, extinct and aggressive animals (unless you play sven coop, then that’s what you do to the hordes of xen). It’s a dumb enough premise to work, since Turok has already been plundered by sequels and reboots.

  8. Chaz says:

    At that price I shall keep an eye out for this.

  9. Prime says:

    If only you could feel sorry for the dinosaurs. :(

  10. Scoke says:

    I see the Carnivores series finally got an overhaul.

  11. Unaco says:

    So… It’s a HALO ripoff with some pretty shoddy animation, glitches in the trailer, assets stolen from NS2 and Primal Carnage (at the very least), bad effects, awkward looking gameplay… and… and… absolutely nothing going for them here.

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      So…it’s HALO with Dinosaurs!? Sold!

      As someone who used to eat up games like Trespasser and Carnivores, despite their flaws, just for the opportunity to shoot some terrible lizards, I find the idea of Halosaur incredibly appealing.

      • P7uen says:


        Me too, with a light vinaigrette perhaps?

      • Creaturemagic says:

        You might want to check out Primal Carnage then. Seeing as it allows you to control the Dinosaurs if you want and it has a more team-based feel. Just youtube it and watch the Alpha Footage 3 video.

  12. Farkeman says:

    I played mod with them and those guys were complete dicks , there was also that fiasco where they fired their modeling guy and didn’t pay him anything then still were using his models etc.

  13. hypercrisis says:

    Woefully generic FPS with dinosaurs thrown in to distract from being otherwise creatively bankrupt

  14. Doctor Nil says:

    This looks like a turkey shoot. If the dinosaurs were able to equip each other to use as weapons then you might have something going on… or maybe if the tyranisaurus could grab a tank in his mouth and bite it to make it shoot things then, yeah, I’d play that game for sure.

  15. Tuco says:

    Seems like this game has improved a lot in the past months.