Fifa Ho Hum: Euro 2012 Game Is DLC

That helmet is the best helmet ever
I’m a lapsed football fan, so I’m writing this not knowing a) where Euro 2012 is being held, b) if any of the British teams have made it to the finals, and c) if goalies are paying much attention to the ten-step rule. I have heard of Lionel Messi, though. But even as a missing link in the Mexican wave of foot-o-ball trivia, I knew that there would be an EA Euro 2012 game released this year, just like I knew the sun would be up this morning. What’s surprising is that EA Sports UEFA Euro 2012 (that’s a mad name) will be DLC for Fifa 12 game and not sold in the shops.

I can’t remember a time when shops weren’t crowded with cardboard cut-outs of footballers mid-scissor kick promoting EA’s Fifa games. And with the critical mass of Euro 2012 would amount to a wealth of free advertising for their kicky thing. The Fifa series is a consistently big seller, so what’s going on?

It’s a fairly massive thing for EA to skip an obvious retail opportunity, but they’re also seeing the power of digital over retail this year: cheaply adding the rosters and stadiums to the existing framework probably maximises the expenses over profit graph. It’s also really hard to photograph footballers in mid-air: the pulleys they use really nip at the crotch.

Maybe developing it as an expansion would make it a difficult sell on the shelves: we’re so used to yearly updates of those types of games that people would likely expect it to be a discreet product. Doing it online, I expect over Origin, gives EA the opportunity to ensure that people have the base game at least.

At least if it’s online only, they can change the ending. Imagine if they made country-specific endings to Euro 2012, where everyone’s a winner? Anyway, we all know why Fifa 12 did well: the Impact Engine.

Via MVC.


  1. Ian says:

    Never mind all that, where’s Ian Football? :(

  2. DanPryce says:

    That is the sound of a thousand bargain bins across the nation heaving a sigh of relief.

  3. pkdawson says:

    I have heard of Lionel Messi, though.


  4. Zeewolf says:

    Those championship-specific FIFA-games always felt like DLC anyway.

  5. Skeletor68 says:

    That’s great. Hopefully they do the same with subsequent World Cup games too. It makes an awful lot more sense for everyone involded (providing the DLC price isn’t crazy).

  6. n1zm0 says:

    man i suck at this game so bad, i need tips lol

  7. Brun says:

    Wait, what the hell? Since when did soccer goalies wear helmets?

  8. Dozer says:

    Where’s that awesome picture showing the trend in FIFA box-art for Rooney’s mouth to get wider and wider and wider?

  9. westyfield says:

    Cech out that guy’s helmet!

  10. subedii says:

    That video is the first time in around a decade I’ve been interested in a FIFA game.

  11. GallonOfAlan says:

    Makes sense … why create a half-arsed engine and game in a hurry when you can leverage an existing, proven one.

  12. Eukatheude says:

    “Anyway, we all know why Fifa 12 did well: the Impact Engine. ”
    Oh god, that’s the football game i’ve always dreamt of. I’m buying it RIGHT NOW.

  13. Fanbuoy says:

    Well it will probably bring some more people into origin, I suppose. Wait.. I know this is a bit like swearing in church, but who plays football games on their PC? The day I gave up on consoles was the day I gave up on football games. I just don’t see the same joy in it.

  14. luckystriker says:

    On a relatively related note, PES 2012 was a vast improvement over the past many years and might just have reclaimed the footie crown.