Freebird! The Indie Buskers Want Game Inspiration

2012 will be the year of the gamejam: there’s only a few hours left to pop over to the Indie Buskers website and drop an idea into their requests box. Five developers will be picking five game ideas and live-streaming the creative process for 48 hours. Why? Because they are poor and want to make something from their skills. Doing game busking on the street probably wouldn’t have the same effect as signing ‘No Woman No Cry’ for three hours, but the internet is the perfect place for strangers to watch their code spill across the screen and offer up a few coins in appreciation.

I like the idea: it’s a cute challenge, and the net result is more games and hopefully some slightly better off indie developers. The performance is free, so you don’t even need to toss some coin to watch the games being cobbled together, and there will be work-in-progress releases.

The chances of something playable at the end of the marathon coding session is rather high: Sophie Holden completed 16 games in one weekend for the Pirate Kart. She’ll probably have to force herself to slow down. The video below isn’t a timelapse: it’s how fast she works*.

*You really had to look down here to check that wasn’t true?


  1. Jams O'Donnell says:

    Surely your hands would get tired after three hours of that, and it doesn’t necessarily seem like much of a crowd-pleaser.

    • Jeremy says:

      Well played sir, well played.

    • Llewyn says:

      Seems like much more of a crowd-pleaser than most of the buskers I encounter. And it has the added bonus of them not being able to “play” a guitar to “accompany” their “singing”.

    • adonf says:

      A million times better than any version with sound, I’d donate.

  2. adonf says:

    Obligatory Free Bird cover link: link to

  3. iZen says:

    Its a timelapse.

  4. Jim9137 says:

    I remember when people pointed and laughed at Blender. Fools! I said, as I rose from my stupor to wedge a tiny toothpick into the titanium cogs of the machine. The pick was not one.

  5. mondzi says:

    Hope they make a rock, paper, shotgun game.

  6. nootpingu86 says:

    I think internet memes and in-jokes work best.

    Gnome Chompsky: Gaiden

    link to – Gorilla Mogul Simulator 2012

    link to – Neckbears Attack!

    The possibilities are endless. You can make a cho-aniki styled scrolling shoot-em-up game with rage faces instead of gay muscle men.

  7. MikoSquiz says:

    I can’t believe people can work like that. I’d just get stuck on making one texture for the entire duration.

  8. explodeydendron says:

    I gave a couple one-sentence ideas, but then I got carried away with this one:

    Side-scrolling RTS, shooter and base-defense game in third person. Theme: Green-energy robots obsessed with recycling VS diseased, mutated, atmosphere-polluting, cutesy fairy-tale creatures that shoot toxic monochromatic rainbows. Setting: floating airships/islands.

    The object is to destroy the opponent’s “core” (i.e., whatever is keeping the other player’s ship or island aloft). Winning would require time management between several different stations/rooms to (perhaps with lo-fi mini-games) send out attack units, gain intel, repair the base’s infrastructure, heal your avatar, temporarily overcharge your weapon…

    Defend by shooting down opponent’s incoming floating/flying units with the avatar’s personal weapon, and/or upgrading a few defensive components of the base when standing next to them.

    If a player’s avatar dies it respawns after some time (or a cloning minigame?). One type of attack unit can seek out the other player’s avatar, while others are designed to go for the core, disable/inhabit enemy rooms, or target defenses.