Ghost Recon Online Gets Cooking With “Assault Class”

More information about Ubisoft’s frontal attack on the free-to-play realms keeps pouring out. This Ghost Recon Online trailer shows off one of the character classes, revealing a bunch of the hi-tech super-gear that the assault class will have at his disposal. As the player gains experience, so the sophistication of his tools increases, too. The most hilarious of these is a microwave area of effect weapon, which allows you to cook nearby baddies on demand. Yes.


  1. karmafarm says:

    I hope the microwave weapon goes ‘ping’. And has a defrost setting. And reheats coffee.

  2. felisc says:

    i’m confused… is this first and third person ? do they just use cover like in dxhr or is it constant 3rd person except when ironsighting ?

    • 1Life0Continues says:

      It looks to be third-person except when sighting. More situational awareness, but looks incredibly awkward.

      • Jim Rossignol says:

        The ongoing obsession with third-person seems to be based on showing you upgrades and customisations, rather than utility for the player.

      • Spacecraft says:

        It’s a bit wonky at first, but it’s fun to use. I like swapping from third person to first person in the iron sights.

        • sneetch says:

          I love the arbitrary patches of blue and red light on people’s clothes and equipment.

          Edit: Woah, reply fail.

    • Dreforian says:

      At about 1:27 it looked like a side-on platformer. I had the weirdest flash of Oddworld.
      Wait that’s it! That microwave weapon (I love that it’s called The Heat) is really full of Mudokons and Abe is somewhere offscreen chanting to save them. Next we’ll hear of the recon class that can mind control enemies and force them to flip switches.

  3. DogKiller says:

    The special abilities look so daft, especially the running with the shield bit. As bad as the video looked, it was worth watching just to hear the original Ghost Recon theme. So much nostalgia, although I did play through Ghost Recon and its expansion packs not so long ago. Man they were good.

  4. Tom De Roeck says:

    Is that a nod to Assassins Creed, by the way, with the hood and all?

  5. cassus says:

    This game looks like absoulte garbage… The gameplay seems really fast, and not in a good way, it looks like the guys are moving through a action sidescroller type game in first person mode or something. The movement is just really really strange. Running full speed from a stand still in 0.00001 seconds just looks silly. And the iron sights… What’s whith holding the gun about a meter from your body? Iron sights really don’t look like that when you’re shooting a gun. Get that thing right up in your face.. Looks like he’s scared of the gun and holding it as far away as possible while shooting..

    Calling it, this game is the next Battlefield Play4Free.

    • Roxton says:

      In my (admittedly limited) experience with pistols, holding one close to your face is asking for a broken nose. Obviously shotguns (I’ve never used rifles; I prefer pheasants) are different. I’m sure that a gun expert will correct me if I’m wrong.

  6. Moni says:

    I like the “slap” sound every time they wang someone in the face with the shield. It could be a nominee for the coveted “Adam Jenson Face-Punch of the Year Award”.

    Not sure about special abilities that stun other players, though. If Team Fortress 2 has taught me anything, those abilities are just not fun.

    • Roxton says:

      It’s not just TF2 – I have never played a game where I enjoyed having control of my character removed. Being slowed or limited in some way is annoying but acceptable; stun effects or other hard lock-outs are horribly frustrating. I seem to recall WoW being a particularly irritating offender with its emphasis on CC.

  7. Flint says:

    Didn’t see the first gunfire flash in that picture at first and thought the soldier was holding a humongous minigun rifle.

    • tikey says:

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who saw that.

    • Premium User Badge

      Qazinsky says:

      Yeah, me too.

      “Apparently, in the future, we’re all running in the frontline with 2 metre long miniguns.”

  8. Utgaardsloke says:

    This game looks like a combination of CoD and TF2. And not very good.

  9. Radiant says:

    Surely if you can see them long enough to use a microwave beam you’d rather shoot them in the face?

    Also are they aware of the new pasty tax? How does that affect me in game?

    Let me know.