It’s Time For An Auto Club Revolution (Beta)

pretty drifty

There used to be a cafe down the road from me called the Automatic Cafe, which transformed into the Automatic Lounge in the evening when drinks began to flow and musicians began to muse. Maybe even later, when the beat took hold and bodies began to shuffle toward a dance floor, it became the Automatic Club. Whether that’s the case or not, Auto Club Revolution aims to be a social hub, being both a cars wot go fast simulation, and a cars wot go fast collection and modification suite. Now in open beta, the community aspect of this particular Revolution seems as important as the actual driving bits. The trailer below has more menus than motoring.

“Hey amigo, time to bring the thunder!” That’s one of the messages someone has received. The day I receive a message like that I’ll print it out and use it as a business card.

“What, this? Just some actual words that a person once felt the need to say to me. The thunder? Why, yes, I do believe I brought it almost immediately.”

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  1. BULArmy says:

    I was in the closed beta and everything was fine, but now we have open beta and the only option to buy new cars is through real currency and that is just plain douchebaggery. The open beta will end and every money spent will be lost. I will most probably continue playing when it hits final, then I am ready to spent money, because I really like the game, the physics which are really nice mix from arcade and sim handling and there is very nice selection of cars.

    • JWRPayne says:

      I’m sorry, but what you have said is incorrect. You can still win cars, for free, as you gain experience. See here: link to Any cars outside of this free route do need to be purchased, yes, but that’s the whole point of the free-to-play business structure.

      I’m also interested to find out where you read about any paid-for cars that are bought now being lost when the game moves into full public release? I haven’t heard anything like this.

    • BULArmy says:

      Hmmmm somewhere I missed that with the unlockable cars. And I really have not played a beta which when ends, the stats are not whipped out. Maybe they will refund the money spent, but I am not thakin that chance. Maybe somwhere in the forums it is explained, but still for me is bad to ask money for the product when it is is such beta, that is not Minecraft(totally different cases in my opinion). And yes I know that microtransactions are part of the game and I will spent money later.
      On other hand thank you for the heads up on that, I will totally check it up.

      • cassus says:

        They always refund money at the end of a beta if the changes are such that it merits a refund. The same way other mmo’s sometimes reset your talent trees if there’s been a major overhaul. Tribes Ascend beta has reset my in game money and XP a number of times, as an example.

      • JWRPayne says:

        As far as I’m concerned, they will either refund the purchases to you once the beta has finished (as per @cassus), or your purchases will likely carry across to the full version.

        Regardless, I agree, it’s good fun. I’m glad you’re enjoying the beta too.

      • fekker says:

        Hey BULArmy,

        I can assure you that we do not plan any resets at the end of this phase (Open Beta). Actually, we’re currently retaining the ‘Beta’ status because we’re still hoping that players will find many more bugs for us to fix.

        I hope to see you in game soon.

        ACR ID=fekker

  2. ninjapirate says:

    Hmm… Wot trailer below?

  3. Terr says:

    I’m incredibly impressed with how good their site is. And the game looks very promising as well!
    Definitely gonna try it out.

  4. trjp says:

    I just took a peek at this and there’s something really important missing in the description/text/game.

    The controls are either

    a – predefined keyboard keys (WASD/space)

    That’s it – no controller, no wheel, no customisation!?


    You have to ‘calibrate’ your controller for some bizarre reason before it shows up!! Trying that now…

    • Terr says:

      Just found this out: Once you install the game, there should be a new Icon next to your clock on your desktop. Right-click on it and you’ll find all the options you need there.

      Edit: Damn, too slow.

  5. uberphat says:

    What game is this closest to physics wise? GT5, NFS Shift, iRacing, GTR2 etc?

    • trjp says:

      The first race is with a Corsa on a track with precisely 1 proper corner and 1 curve so it’s hard to be sure but my initial feeling is that they modelled the physics on the Titanic…

      I’m 80% certainly throttle and brake are digital – steering is agonisingly slow and cars understeer like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

      I’m trying to find a more interesting circuit BUT this is Eutechnyx and their history of driving games (which is lengthy) contains a string of turds so I’m not sure this will change that.

      • fekker says:

        @trjp. We’ve had excellent feedback from our Closed Beta testers (before this phase) on our physics and handling model, and we are told that it’s really very good. I’m not sure that making your opinion on one car/one track is the fairest test and I’m hoping that you’ll spend some time with other cars/tracks.

        Anyway, if you have feedback on the handling, especially any criticisms then we’d love to hear them. Our team is listening closely to the players and we continue to make lots of adjustments based on this feedback.

        ACR ID=fekker

        • trjp says:

          Well I managed to get into a time-trial at Spa and I can confirm they’ve gone for what I call the ‘oil tanker’ physics model (see games like Race, STCC etc. etc.).

          No arcadey handling here – you’ll need to slow down for corners and stick to the line or you’ll oversteer WILDLY into the scenery. You can’t use the power to damp oversteer nor throw the tail out so it has that whole “you’re playing a game about riding a speed/distance line” and “it feels like you’re coming to a stop in slower corners” thing (see Race, STCC etc.)

          It does have a decent impression of speed once you get going – esp from the ‘bonnet’ or ‘bumper’ cams (unlike RACE and STCC, frankly) – it’s definately one for someone looking for the technical racer and not “Need for Speed: The Run” :)

          I’m worried about the controls tho – the throttle and brake are almost certainly digital and the steering doesn’t feel terribly analog (tho the free car understeers like the Amoco Cadiz so it’s hard to tell!!)

          There are also some technical gremlins in the graphics – thrown into fullscreen in ‘mid’ detail it looks a bit chunky but the framerate is OK. The game then jumps/staggers in corners sometimes which is a bit disconcerting (like it just dropped 5 frames for some reason)…

          Oh – there is a handbrake, but all that seems to do is throw the car into a long sideways drift-to-a-halt – I’m not sure it serves any purpose otherwise as you cannot seem to steer or power your way through the slide you’ve caused – and ‘skidding’ sound effects seem to be entirely random, they’re absent when the car is understeering (probably for the best as this is 80% of the game) and then appear randomly otherwise :)

          I should emphasise that I am, of course, driving the stock car with no mods and in single-player/time-trial atm – so things may change.

          I should add in true PH stylee that I have driven cars on a track (as a powerfully built company director of course) – including the car they’re offering ‘free’ – and it’s nothing remotely like it (but then nor is any other game I’ve played!!) :)

          • spacedyemeerkat says:

            I’m afraid you had it right with your “oil tanker” description in your previous post. I actually laughed when my car wildly flung out at 30mph.

            I’d love to see this game succeed, though.

            I should declare I am an iRacing subscriber so perhaps my expectation may be a little different to others.

    • liquidsoap89 says:

      If you’ve got a console to play them on, GT5 and Shift 2 are terrific! For whatever reason I haven’t played Shift 2 a lot, but I played the hell out of the first, and #2 has a lot of improvements from that one. GT5 is more of a collectors racer. There’s over 1000 friggin cars in it! I played it a ton for a while, but eventually I hit a brick wall where you basically can’t pass it until you start tuning your cars like a pro, which I totally wasn’t in the know-how to start trying.

      One thing to note… If you like the career idea (starting at the bottom and working your way up) than GT5 is the way to go. What I liked about Shift though (and #2), is that the game basically bypasses all the junkers that you would normally start with in GT5, and it gets you in to the REAL cars after maybe an hour or so. For somebody that just wants to get in to some cars wot go fast Shift 2 really caters to that.

  6. Lagwolf says:

    Yes rubbish cars get “unlocked”. It is pay to win/have fun or lots of repetitive boring grind for credits. The unaltered cars are awful. The handling until your car is fully kitted out is awful, no matter what it is. The low level cars are terrible.

  7. Etherealsteel says:

    I was in the closed beta, so far it’s turning out alright. I don’t know if I’ll keep playing, you can only play so much of the same track before you totally get bored of it. I do think though you could add the reverse of each track, like instead of running it that one way, you can run it the other way in either mutliplayer or Single. So yes more tracks are needed.

  8. grundus says:

    ‘Rubbish’ cars as Lagwolf put it are usually my favourite, so this interests me. I will inspect this, thank you indeed RPS for keeping me docile and unproductive.