A Month Of Monstrosities: Deadly 30

Released when I was distracted by something that wasn’t the internet over the weekend, Deadly 30 is a side-scrolling game of zombie killing, home building and exploration. More killing than building, granted, but while each of the 30 days that must be survived allow for scavenging, and the discovery and recruitment of other survivors, the nights are given over to barricade building and defense, as the hordes of dead knock on the doors and windows, possibly asking to borrow some sugar or tea. Judging by the trailer below, there’s not a great deal of depth to the construction side of things so hopefully the exploration is a little more fleshed out. Fleshy enough for a zombie to feast on.

It’s only $5 and I haven’t played it yet, but its existence did remind me to play The Last Stand 2 again. Were people not sick and tired of zombie games in 2008 when that came out? People seemed less angry when Kieron posted about it. In fact, the comments reveal that zombie game thinking was at an advanced stage.

Roll your eyes across this nugget of truth from MeestaNob!, whose parents really should have considered how silly that name was before making it official: “If this was merged with Jagged Alliance 2 we would have a monumentally good game.” Yes, we would. Now, why hasn’t anyone done that yet?

People were also excited about Dead State and Dead Island. Only one of those is available to purchase, which is a terrible shame, although we should be hearing more about Dead State soon. I don’t think anyone in 2008 even knew about Zomboids and the Project that contains them. There have been great steps forward in the field of zombies. I don’t think Deadly 30 is a leap, it may not even be a stride, but it looks quite entertaining. For now, I’m sticking with The Last Stand though.


  1. Roshin says:

    Hmm, I like the 2D visuals, but the gameplay doesn’t look like much. Couldn’t that soldier fellow just shut the fucking doors?

  2. LennyLeonardo says:

    So this has nothing to do with Steve Backshall and the ranking of animals based on deadliness?
    For a moment I thought he might have got to the final 30 at last.

  3. TsunamiWombat says:

    hm…yes I also like the visuals, but seems like just an action game. Also, how do you control 3 soldiers at once? I doubt there’s co-op, it must have AI. Probably pants AI.’

    Also a little minimap so you could tell what side of your base and when it’s under attack would be nice.

  4. Saarlaender39 says:

    I wonder why that soldier wastes so much ammo – the Machete (or Ka-Bar?) seems to be much more effective.

    • Sarissofoi says:

      Range. You can get wounded in close combat.
      Weapons switch automaticly based on range like in Metal Slug games.

  5. Muzman says:

    It does sound exactly like Last Stand 2. What else does this one do? Is it a bit more skillful and less gambley/random?

  6. Torgen says:

    So, a WWII US soldier, fighting Nazi zombies, with guest appearances by Left 4 Dead special undead, which progresses to sci weaponry with Street Fighter graphics? That sounds like a good deal for $5. Hell, a Big Mac value meal is a dollar more than that, nowadays!

  7. iainl says:

    I vote for the Humboldt Squid.

  8. noodlecake says:

    There is a Last Stand 3 as well. I quite enjoyed it. link to armorgames.com

  9. Tokamak says:

    Bought this on a whim and the graphics sorta reminded me of Metal Slug. It’s not half bad, actually – the gameplay has a bit of randomized enemy/loot generation (though you seem to be limited to about 4 zones not including your home base) and it can get pretty challenging as well. That said, it seems like you can be kind of screwed by the randomization if it doesn’t spawn enough scrap for you get loot and upgrade at a steady enough rate.

  10. Malawi Frontier Guard says:

    Every time people say they’re getting tired of zombie games, exactly one dozen devs spring up and think to themselves they can make the one true zombie game no one has ever seen before. It’s one of the great constants of videogames.

    • DrGonzo says:

      I’m so sick of games like Planescape Torment….



      • B1A4 says:

        I am so sick of bland fantasy games like Skyrim, Oblivion, Kingdom of Amalur, Dragons Dogma, Dragon Age – evil orcs/or something, evil wizards/or something, dragons/or something. Blablabla, YadaYadaYada.

        I want more (GOOD! I WANT GOOD GAMES) WW2 and Zombie games to ease my ‘frigid fantasy’ pain.

  11. TCM says:

    Am I a terrible person for seeing “MP 40” and immediately wondering why they’d have the soldier guy using magic?

    • B1A4 says:

      Yes, you are.

      I, on the other hand, wandered: “Why the US guy has nazi SMG?” And than: “What the fsck is AK47 and laser pointer doing there?” And than Striker :(

      Although i don’t care about alien laser gun. It’s a zombie game, right? Alien laser guns are fine.