Rock Paper Shotcast Episode 3: A Bad Ending

According to our surveys, these are typical RPS readers.

Come one, come the other one, and press your earlobes against the modern radio. It’s the awkwardly Skype-recorded Rock, Paper, Shotcast, complete with ghost-bleeps, episode 3. It’s what Marconi always wanted. You can find out about why you should listen, and even listen, below!

In tribute to recent gaming news, this week’s Rock, Paper, Shotcast has a terrible ending. But an excellent beginning. After an initial burst of singing, accompanied by the chirping of birds outside Alec’s house, and the chirping of Adam’s ghostly smoke detector, we ponder the possibility of pay-per-level gaming. In the brief moments when Jim is allowed to talk, he mutters about Legend Of Grimlock, and Dungeon Master. And Adam is afraid of walls.

Jim reveals that Gunpoint is tough and unforgiving, and frantically clicks his mouse throughout, Adam celebrates Darksiders 2, and Alec chats about Rayman: Oranges. Adam then reveals that he’s crap at games, after acknowledging he rarely finishes them. The rest of us reconsider our hiring protocols. And if you listen carefully at 22:22, you can hear that one of us is apparently working in a shop.

John insults Adam’s life, and then everything went insane on two people’s recordings and it stops.

We are a professional outfit.

Adam is afraid of walls.

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Hey, Adam?



  1. MuscleHorse says:

    That’s one way to leave yourself with a saw throat.

  2. DrScuttles says:

    Aw, no world-weary *sigh* at the end like last time.

    • Berzee says:

      I actually reloaded the page and let the whole thing buffer again last time, because I accidentally closed the tab halfway through the unexpected sigh.

  3. Mirqy says:

    I’ve got a feeling I’m the one on the left. :(

  4. frenz0rz says:

    Episode 3 is finally here! Oh wait…

    • HothMonster says:

      RPS already proves they are better at sequels then valve. Though Valve’s are slightly more polished…

  5. McDan says:

    This is so good, can’t get enough. And Walls? Come on Adam, how did you play original doom or various other corridor shooters? Finish games as well! What kind of games person are you.

  6. CaLe says:

    Was it supposed to end so abruptly? Play more games so you can have interesting talky things.

    • qd says:

      “John insults Adam’s life, and then everything went insane on two people’s recordings and it stops.”

  7. wccrawford says:

    I played Adam’s Venture. That puzzle wasn’t actually that hard. It was, however, every bit as arbitrary as he said in the podcast. The puzzles were easy, for me. What I couldn’t stand was the humor. he’s supposed to be on this important archeological dig, and he goes around being a complete jackass to everyone the whole time. I found myself wishing it would blow him up if I failed the dynamite puzzle, and that was like 2 minutes in.

    I played for about an hour, but I haven’t been back since then.

  8. Nick says:


    Or was it Stephen?

    Either way, maybe you shouldn’t be living heeeeeeerrrrrrrreee.

    I miss A&J =(

  9. ChainsawCharlie says:

    Update the RSS feed as well please. Vielen Dank

    edit. doh nevermind, just did so here

  10. danijami23 says:

    bip! I heard it too, it was really annoying me :)

    It’s indicative of your smoke alarm running out of battery.

  11. terry says:

    I wish there was a smoke alarm that emailed you when its batteries were low. This whole “HEY LOOK! I’M RUNNING OUT OF POWER!” is just showboating. If your batteries are that low, kindly conserve the remaining power by not beeping incessantly!

  12. mrpokeylope says:

    Loved the singing in the beginning.

  13. Muzman says:

    Slightly ominous ending there. Was GB nuked by any chance?

  14. angry_tom says:

    Ack! I cannot download this episode using Beyond Pod for android.

    I think the video is screwing it up.
    Episode 2 was downloaded with no problems. :(

  15. rapchee says:

    why not make some rss feed that can be used by other players then itunes… ?
    hawp just moved to podbean from mevio idk yet why, i was happy with mevio too

  16. Skabooga says:

    Here is a terrible transcript of this shotcast I had a crack at. I’m not entirely sure if it is better than nothing, but, well, there it is.

    link to

  17. Morph says:

    What a terrible ending with no real sense of closure. As a loyal reader I demand you release some DLC to fix it.

  18. deanimate says:

    I love you guys but I FUCKING HATE itunes. I did have a quick look but couldn’t seem to see any obvious login option which means one has to install their PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT software to leave a comment for you lovely people. I did actually install itunes once because I discovered one had to do so to actually buy something from their site. When my rage had subsided and I had it installed it would not work and I had to set about removing all traces of the disease. I then set about pirating the video I was going to buy.

    Apple stopped me buying something because they insist on being retarded.
    Well done apple.

  19. frame says:

    I don’t use iTunes, can anybody tell me the actual URL of the whole podcast?