Naval War: Arctic Circle Ships Out On April 10th

An eggshell with several hammers

If you’re a budding naval commander who was planning to blow all his ready money on chocolate ovoids in celebration of a resurrected rabbit, I’d suggest you keep your wallet sealed just a little longer. Rising from the waters as if preparing to sink all of your battleships, Naval War: Arctic Circle will be released surprisingly soon. Consulting various charts and staring at a sexton for a while has led me to the conclusion that April 10th is the date the waters will be troubled by this accessible game of high stakes tactical hide and seek. Tim Stone describes it as a game “that teaches you to be afraid of little crimson arrows”. Read his thoughts here, an interview here and see explosions below.

Playing music like that when I’m expecting to hear nothing but the sound of waves lapping against hull is bad enough, but images of ships and planes when I was led to expect arrows on a map is enough to make me declare this trailer ‘too exciting by far’ to provide accurate knowledge of tense tactical maneuvers.


  1. TheWhippetLord says:

    Paradox – making strategy games funky again, apparently. :)

    Really liking the look of this one. Nice to have a *cough* shipping date.

  2. MacBeth says:

    Not normally into this sort of game but am oddly intrigued by this. Stirs faint memories of watching older kids play a naval war sim on the Macs we had in the school library – no idea what game it was though. Anyone?

    Also – did the sexton mind you staring at him while he was going about his duties maintaining the church buildings and/or graveyard?

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      Not at all. In fact, he invited me into the bell tower and showed me his sextant.

    • Ironclad says:

      Silent Service maybe?

    • GuillaumeJ says:

      Harpoon ?

      I was quite addicted on Harpoon on Amiga. I’m wondering about this one…

    • Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

      Ditto – never played one of these hardcore modern military command sim (all looking like ‘Wargames’), but there’s something about this one that’s really grabbed my attention.

  3. Dana says:

    All the Kickstarters ate my money.

  4. ChainsawCharlie says:

    Heia Norge!

    Wish that I had time to play this.

  5. TC-27 says:

    Looks like an updated ‘Fleet Command’ game from the 90s.

    For the pricetag i will pick it up modern Naval warfare is quite interesting and has lots of shiny toys.

  6. Man Raised by Puffins says:



    (quite looking forward to Naval IIIar though I think I’ll wait on the reviews)

  7. JToTheDog says:

    I’m *cough* All on board….(wait, what?)

    I was really excited about it but the game play looks a little iffy. So then it’s probably gonna be awesome. You can never anticipate the gameplay through video. That’s the one thing the internet has taught me.

  8. Javier-de-Ass says:

    huh? what the hell is paradoxes problem? why is this game steam only? fucking christ.

    beklager turbotape. jeg ville kjøpt spillet om det hadde vært mulig å få tak i uten steam.

    • JS says:

      “The Steam API provides us with automatic updates, multiplayer and a number of other quality services that we could not conceivably make ourselves as a small developer.”

      From the interview here: link to

      I don’t understand why some people seem to hate Steam so much, it’s one of the best things that has ever happened to PC gaming.

  9. Siegler says:

    Nice Swedish music to go with a Swedish game.