Time Paradox: Indie Royale Launches April Fools Bundle

Note: actual game looks decidely less like Magicka.
I’m pretty sure the fumes emanating from Indie Royale‘s perpetually whirring bundle factory have finally gone to the shadowy conglomerate’s head. April Fools, after all, was days ago. Or perhaps… no. Perhaps the joke’s on us. Maybe Indie Royale spent the entire year secretly offsetting every calendar in the world by a couple of days. Now countless schedules are in tatters, nations are falling, and no one knows when Game of Thrones will be on again. Or maybe Indie Royale just needed a catchy title. At any rate, Defense Grid: The Awakening, Alien Zombie Megadeath, Explodemon, and Hack, Slash, Loot are up for grabs. Astro Tripper‘s the bonus this time around. Details on each after the break.

Defense Grid, of course,  is a delightful tower defense classic, and it’s well worth a look if you for some reason turned a blind eye to it all the other times it was on sale – say, because you’d gone temporarily blind. Alien Zombie Megadeath is sadly not about an aged metal band’s rather unconventional return to the limelight, but a fusion of bullet hell shoot-’em-uppery, platforming, and the ability to spell “death” correctly mostly make up for it.

Explodemon, meanwhile, is a snazzy throwback to the tough-as-nails platformers of yore, and Hack, Slash, Loot’s a retro roguelike that’s not quite as mean as the other retro roguelikes. Adam was quite taken by its roguish charms. Then there’s Astro Tripper, which does the whole spaceship shmup thing competently – if not in any spectacular fashion.

So then, you are now informed. Do with that knowledge as you will. I make no judgments.



  1. povu says:

    Kickstarters, Bundles… All those small payments put together are going to end up being rather pricy.

  2. Crainey says:

    Too many Bundles of Indie goodness, I used to buy them all but then my balance took a dive. Also, I smell new blood.

  3. sinister agent says:

    Good evening, Mr. Grayson. I have enjoyed this short and informal, but informative post. Tell me, Grayson: who is this Mr. Bundle? Who are his friends? And to what social class does he belong?

  4. Tams80 says:

    These bundles are getting less and less appealing to me. I did buy the last Humble Bundle, but I’ve skipped most of the others.

  5. Dominic White says:

    Astro Tripper deserves more than a footnote. It’s basically an update of Uridium – Amiga nostalgia ahoy!

    • The Tupper says:

      Hmmm…Uridium. After Paradroid, it felt like a bit of a let-down. It was nice and all, though.

  6. westyfield says:

    New kid? Get him!

  7. MrTambourineMan says:

    I’m sad to say that only bundles with really high value are HiB, even though I have Android phone I skipped both Android HiBs but PC ones are usually awesome. Other bundles ? As a rule they have 1 game I’d like to play (Defense grid in this case) and others I don’t really care about at all. Yeah, as others have mentioned this bundle shit is getting really old ( not to mention Kickstarter mania).

    • InternetBatman says:

      I usually buy a bundle for one game, but normally the bundle has a game that takes me by surprise which I enjoy more. HiBs have been pure quality, except for the android ones, which look like a few of the games are lazy Steam ports by developers chasing the last big thing.

    • somedude says:

      Eh, the way I look at it, there’s usually something interesting there, and it’s generally a decent deal if you’re willing to take them at their word on “pay what you want.” 1/10th of the unfortunate current pricing for release-day commercial games, 6 quid, does the beat the minimum thing, which seems to recently get a pretty decent chiptune album for which I’d already pay about that amount, plus a good handful of new games to try. Even if I love just one thing out of the whole deal, it’s worth it, and everything else is gravy.

  8. lukka5 says:

    IMG, Bundles everywhere!!!

  9. Phantoon says:

    It’s quickly looking like the “fool” part is right.

    I did not like Hack, Slash, Loot. It’s a Roguelike without the strategy or skill.

    • jrodman says:

      HSL is bad. No way around it.
      Cardinal quest is easy but fun, and also low tech and low res. I’d recommend it to anyone considering HSL.

      But really, Crawl, Nethack are just sooooo much better than anything these indie developers can throw together, that it’s just always going to look embarassing.

    • frightlever says:

      Well oh fuck that altogether then. HSL gave me Rogue on the Atari ST flash-backs and I was going to get the bundle on the back of it (though I already own Defence Grid and I’m not keen on arcade shooters due to lack of ability and frustration) but there goes any reason to bother.

      Rogue was basically a graphical over-haul of the ASCII original which inspired games like Nethack. (edit – it occurs to me I probably don’t need to explain what a roguelike is on RPS)

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      Oh why did I buy it without reading this comment first?

      The game is just so bland.

  10. utzel says:

    Anyone else bothered by the elf aiming with his closed eye? link to youtube.com

  11. Kaira- says:

    I’m kinda tempted to get it just for Defense Grid, but the lack of Linux version is pushing me away. I guess HIB has spoiled me.

  12. Unfair says:

    I did a quick video review of all the games in the “April Fools” bundle, if anyone is on the fence: link to youtube.com

  13. deadly.by.design says:

    I bought it just for Defense Grid, as one of my best friends has logged nearly as many hours in that as he has in Skyrim.

  14. Carra says:

    Defense Grid is a must play game. I had a lot of fun with it and all its DLC.

    I’ll skip the bundle this time though, already got the one game that I’d like.

  15. Agaetis181 says:

    The ‘Indie Fort Bundle’ is a REAL bundle. Quality games. Well, most of them anyway. It even has the superior roguelike, ‘Cardinal Quest’. It should be bought for Wanderlust alone. Go check it out!
    link to indiefort.gamersgate.com

    Wanderlust: Rebirth
    Cardinal Quest
    Black Market
    Steel Storm
    Devil Whiskey

  16. RegisteredUser says:

    What were those bundle metasites again? (i.e. places that collect centrally info about which bundles are running and upcoming)

    Already asked last time, but to be honest forgot the link(s).