Planetside 2 Draws Its Guns

Weapons by Patrick Ho.
There’s nothing about Planetside 2 that makes sense. I’m convinced that what’s actually happening is we’re all under some sort of group delusion, that Sony couldn’t possibly be remaking an MMO, and that something as impressive is also free. Did anyone offer you a choice of a red and blue pill, lately? Hmm, no, that’s the wrong question: if you took it you wouldn’t have known. Did anyone NOT offer you a choice of a red and blue pill? No! Ah-HAH! That explains why Planetside 2’s marketing revolves around weapon concept design. Next up: the silly amount of work that has gone into designing one of the many sniper rifles, the NC4X Sniper Scope.

Actually, this is further proof that we’re in the Matrix: in order to see the video in real-time, you’d need to be in slow-motion. God, it all makes sense!

I’m still waiting, Sony. Don’t make me come down there.


  1. Farkeman says:

    I got the beta access in the end of 2011 and there’s still no beta up :(

    stop the hype just give us beta and things will snowball from there if your game is good enough…

    • woodsey says:

      Yeah, it’ll snowball into incessant whining and a complete misunderstanding of the term ‘beta’.

    • MrUnimport says:





      In any case, the scope’s not bad, and the music is better. I hope PS2 can rise above its F2P basis and achieve something of lasting value.

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      Except the game is still in alpha and giving it to people would be incredibly foolish.

      • damndirtyyank says:

        Surprised at no “want, WANT” tags – I certainly do.

  2. Njordsk says:

    So much work juste for a sight, impressive.

    • Stevostin says:

      Actually that would be impressive if the design had any special quality in it. But let’s be honest : if I pick the last 20 sniper’s rifles designed for video games my bet is that this one will have one of the worst “time spend on design” / “approval by user pool” ratio. And I have an opinion on the why : when he starts he pick out one gun he “likes the most” out of… 20 roughly identical guns. So there’s one ton of work on a step that is not absolutely needed (“better concept art”) and huge lack of real research work IMO. Half of the time spend on fast research with real variation, vote, then modeling, and here you’ll have some way better design for way less money.

  3. SpakAttack says:

    Well, I tried to sign up for the beta today, but I appear to be stuck in a “ALL USERS NEED TO RESET THEIR PASSWORDS. Please click below to start this process.” loop, even though when I reset my password it says I have already done so…

    Sucks to be Sony I guess…

    • SpakAttack says:

      Anyone else who experiences this joy – it turns out that you have to do a ‘forgot password’ to reset it, and then it lets you in. Genius security system!

  4. djbriandamage says:

    Someone offered me a red and blue pill and all I got was hamster galapagos bacon rainbow gargantuan banana rabbits!!

  5. Chaz says:

    For a second I thought Halo Reach was coming to PC.

  6. immerc says:

    Whenever I see an artists’ workflow like this, I’m always slightly disappointed.

    I always with they didn’t just try to craft something that “looks cool” and instead also pretended it was a real object and thought about the functionality. In other words: This is a high-tech scope, does it need knobs, or would futuristic soldiers use buttons? Can a soldier wearing power armor twist a knob this small? What is the function of each of the knobs I’m adding?

    Sometimes not thinking through the engineering of a fictional object can result in being reminded that you’re playing a game, like when a “cool” looking space ship has all the thrusters mounted on one side in a way that would just make it spin in circles. That’s annoying because it just breaks your suspension of disbelief.

    On the other hand, on rare occasions artists do think through these things and it results in these magical moments in-game when you notice something, like “hey, every chair in this ship has a hole in the back, and that race has tails, the holes in the chair are there for their tails!”

  7. rockman29 says:

    I want to haz beta…

  8. damndirtyyank says:

    Simple design or no – it was kind of fascinating to watch that whole process. I’m not a visual artist, or 3d modeler, etc – so it was kind of awesome to witness the time-lapsed genesis of ANY in-game asset like that.

  9. El_Emmental says:

    [ EDIT : this rant about sniper is -not- about Planetside 1 or Planetside 2 sniper rifle class. It’s about “snipers” in video games in general. ]

    Snipers, snipers, and snipers ? what have we come to, dear gaming universe…

    I miss the days when scopes were the exception and not the rule, now there’s ACOG, reflex or laser sight on every weapon (soon even the knifes will get these).

    And now there’s always a “Recon” “Scout” “Commando” class with a one-hit-kill sniper rifle, a short-range pistol/SMG and explosives (C4, claymore, whatever). All the freaking time.

    And since you have to sell to a “broader audience”, no wind, no bullet drop (so no need to adjust the scope or compensate), no real 3D scope, unrealistically large scope FOV, instantly switchable zoom levels, and long alleys dedicated to sniping duels.

    It’s safe to bet the vast majority of players will jump on the sniper rifles, only switching to the equivalent of the M4A1 (*that* pretty-accurate-in-burst below-average-damage-dealing rather-good-ROF 30-bullets-clips assault rifle you see in every single manshooters since 2002-2003) when the map hasn’t enough long sniping alleys.

    There so much conditioning it’s becoming sad, you can be sure a somewhat-mainstream manshooter will have -30% sales (minimum) if there isn’t that low-ROF/high-DMG sniper rifle and that M4A1.

    edit: bonus point for sneaking Snipers (= “elite” shooters working with a spotter, often inside in small squad of paired snipers (one spotter, one shooter), with very specific tasks consisting of waiting 99% of time, gathering intel, waiting for intel, then shooting once every 3 days max) into the Marksman role (a normal soldier inside a normal squad, armed with a rifle with a small scope , used to provide long range shooting capacity to the squad). They use the “elite” crap about snipers, but for the sake of entertainment throw them as marksmen. The problem isn’t realism, it’s about credibility and coherence. And now that el1t€-Sn!p3rz stuff is standard.

    • kaiserbob says:

      Did you ever snipe in Planetside? It required two shots to kill someone, bullet travel time was fairly slow so you had to lead your targets, and the rifle only had one round.

      It was the only gun SOE never changed once. So I would give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to sniper rifle design with regards to ingame balance.

      • El_Emmental says:

        you’re totally right, I kinda went off-topic (my bad, really), it’s just that I saw another focus on “sniper” and had to get it off my chest. It wasn’t about Planetside only (or even at all to be honest), it was about sniper rifles and sniper classes in games in general, I should have at least mentioned it, sorry again (I think I need some holidays).

        I have no doubt SOE will do it right (if it correctly balanced it in the previous one, why not doing the same in the sequel ?), 2 shots + bullet travel is already an extremely good sign in terms of sniper rifle balance (imo), thanks a lot for staying cool (despite my rather incendiary post on the topic) and providing useful informations :)

        ps: it won’t happen again, I’ll stay on topic from now on.

    • kzrkp says:

      I was feeling this strongly in playing BF3, recently. The game really bends over backwards for people who want to be the “sniper.” Also the engagement range is pushed out longer than in previous battlefield titles and it really suffers for it. BF isn’t a realistic but BF3 makes concessions to realism in weird places.

    • Wisq says:

      Sniper and spotter teams would work a lot better if there were easier communication between players, particularly ones working close together.

      I’m thinking something akin to an always-on mic that lets you talk freely with anyone in the immediate vicinity. It could scale the in-game volume / range exponentially, so you could shout taunts at some enemy behind cover a medium distance away, but you could also murmur quietly to someone next to you without risk of the enemy hearing you. (The radio would still be the radio, a push-to-talk affair.)

      It would lead to much more immersion. A small fire team could communicate quietly while hidden, pointing out targets, reporting misses and aim corrections, without spamming the radio. A multi-player tank crew could communicate internally, without spamming the radio. Trying to sneak up on someone? You’ll practically be holding your breath to keep from making any noise.

      Heck, throw in the threat of enemies listening in on your radio (should be a rare thing, perhaps?), and you’ll get people meeting up in person on the battlefield just to verbally coordinate a frequency change or re-keying or whatever.

      Of course, this all relies on people having good mics and not having background noise. Teammates barking like dogs or doing highly realistic impression of a loud television would get old pretty quick. And there would undoubtedly be players who would hack together a push-to-talk system that mutes the mic, or just use Teamspeak or whatever instead. It would probably work better in a sim like ArmA, where people are actively aiming for immersion and authenticity and are willing to adjust their environment to suit the game.

      Current thinking in games is, having more than one person in any one place is a liability rather than an asset, since one grenade, tank round, or well-executed ambush will wipe them all out at once. I think we need something to counter that, and make it more viable to work together, rather than everyone crouching in the jungle in their own little sniper spots. Certainly, games that give you a bonus for being close to teammates are a nice start, but there ought to be a way to bring real-world advantages into it.

      • fvdham says:

        Apparantly in PlanetSide 2, one person can spot targets
        and mark them by pressing Q
        and the other player can shoot the sniper rifle.