CD Projekt Giving More Free Stuff to Witcher 2 Owners

That looks like a delightful spot to have a picnic.

I think I’m going to buy CD Projekt a cookie basket. Yes, that’s what I’m going to do. What other language, after all, can express misty eyed gratitude in a more nuanced way? One cookie, I think, will be a witch, and another will be an emergency room. Spelling out “Enhanced Edition” in sight gags will be slightly more difficult, but I’m up to the challenge. So, why all the affectionate confections? Because CDP took the stage during a streaming conference to announce – among other things – an extra DRM-free copy of Witcher 2 for all previous owners regardless of which platform they originally nabbed it on and pre-load details for the Enhanced Edition. More info can be found in this post’s briny depths.

When the day foretold in The Prophecy (which also happens to be my birthday – hooray!) arrives, you’ll be able to drive a silver blade through DRM’s heart and claim your free “digital backup copy” of Witcher 2 here. In the meantime, pre-loads for 95 percent of Enhanced Edition’s lumbering 10 GB download kick off on April 11.

In other definitely-not-teenage mutant monster slayer news, there’s apparently going to be an interactive iOS comic that will allow players/readers to “swipe their fingers across and have Geraldt slash a foe with his sword, or pull down a woman’s blouse.” Right then. That’s a thing. I suppose CD Projekt – much like, somewhat coincidentally, war – never changes.


  1. thebigJ_A says:

    Can we preload from Steam on that date, too, or just GoG?

  2. Duckee says:

    Right this has gone on too long. I demand that you make yourself known Mr. Nathan Grayson! Posting posts on RPS outside of office hours! And do not just give me that you are Gray’s son, it simply will not do.

    • Kirrus says:

      I have no idea if this is in jest or not… but if it’s not.. posts can be scheduled to appear at pre-determined times, you know ;)

      • Duckee says:

        That still does not answer who this writer is, which is the most important question. And if what you say is true, why the change?

        ps. It is a slight jest, but I am genuinely curious.

        • PleasingFungus says:

          They mentioned a few days ago that they were scheduling the posts to spread them out more out over the day – possibly as a courtesy to US readers?

          • Havok9120 says:

            And boy do I appreciate it.

          • Valvarexart says:

            How does not posting news as soon as they happen seem like a good idea to anyone? C’mon, you CAN read them later…

      • kiwlosad says:

        This is perfect, since I bought my copy on the now assimilated D2D and I can’t get my fancy digital edition extras anymore, GOG will provide. link to

        • Droopy The Dog says:

          Don’t you dare copy-paste my lovingly crafted comment as a means to your vile spambot ends, vile spambot!

          (Yeah, don’t click that link)

          • Phantoon says:

            But by having responded to it, you’ve made it look legitimate!

            You fool! You’ve doomed us all!

    • KingCathcart says:

      Nathan, as with Buck Sexington (Craig Pearson) is another experienced PC Gaming freelancer that has been brought into the fold to fill out the posting schedule to better fit with RPS’s clear global audience.

      Our little Britisher PC Gaming blog is growing up into proper big boy gaming site and while this will no doubt raise some concerns among the RPS hardcore, I for one look forward to seeing new updates posted well after my bedtime.

      • Duckee says:

        I see! You are clearly more enlightened than me, thank you for sharing. I do like gaming news, so if more writers equals more news then I shall be more than content*

        *provided the quality remains the same!!!!!1 (I am not saying this article is not up to par)

      • Phantoon says:

        Buck Sexington? Who is next, Private Spanker?

    • westyfield says:

      He’s one of those Americans, you know. They keep all sorts of funny hours.

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        As a Britisher among Americans, I can confirm this.

        • Phantoon says:

          So a lamb in the lion’s den, eh?

          Well more like a tea drinker in the land of starbucks. Far more dangerous for the odd man out.

      • Zenicetus says:

        Yes, but at least he’ll know how to spell words properly. Like gray, and color. Probably no coincidence he’s named Grayson.

    • frenz0rz says:

      Fresh RPS posts for when I come home drunk on a Thursday night? Sublime!

      • Nathan Grayson says:

        What they said, basically. I’m a US-based freelancer with giant hair. Writing silly things about PC gaming — and, I suppose, playing PC games — is my life, and RPS has been my favorite gaming site for ages. The staff’s basically the best in the business, and the commenters (that’s you!) are all witty as hell. So I’m kind of super stupid excited to be writing stuff for you guys to read. I hope, in time, you will come to accept my strange tendency to disemvowel certain words. It is simply the way of my people. But we make up for it with pioneering advances in how to make trucks really, really big and Ryan Gosling.

        • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

          Someone get the cricket bat for a good old fashioned welcomin’. I’ll bring the masks.

          • Phantoon says:

            Oh, there’s no need for the masks. He doesn’t know how to call for help in this country.

        • Phantoon says:

          Giant hair?

          Are you a time traveler from the 80s?

          I demand to see this hair SHOW ME THIS HAIR!

        • Crane says:

          ‘Disemvowel’ may be my new favourite word. Bravo, sir!

        • Xerian says:

          I’m already liking you. Care for a biscuit?

        • damndirtyyank says:

          Gosling is Canadian! The trucks remain big.

  3. Droopy The Dog says:

    This is perfect, since I bought my copy on the now assimilated D2D and I can’t get my fancy digital edition extras anymore, GOG will provide.

    Honestly a very pleasant suprise, I shall be adding my cookies to their pile.

    • DougyM says:

      Does anybody know how this will play out if you have a Steam copy?

      Also, is it just a “backup” copy or could one for example gift it to a friend?

    • MattM says:

      Hey, how dare you copy my comments and remove my useful and relevant links!

  4. DougyM says:

    Anybody know how this plays out with Steam copies?

    Also, would it be possible to gift it to another person?

    • kud13 says:

      on April 17th, they’ll open new part of the site called “Witcher backup”. you enter the game’s serial you got with purchase, you get a copy.

      I don’t think you can gift it–it’s the copy licensed to you. Depends on the laws of the particular country, but in Canada, you’re allowed to make a “backup copy” of software for private use, but you can’t give it to other people, because that’d be infringing copyright. *

      * I realise it’s not the law yet. but it will be in a few weeks/months.

      • imdwalrus says:

        This might be a stupid question, but how do you find the serial number for Steam?

        On some of the games in my library, like Borderlands, I just have to right click and “view CD key” is an option. That isn’t there for The Witcher 2 (although that could possibly be because I don’t have it installed at the moment).

        • UnravThreads says:

          You have to start installing it to view the CD Key, I believe.

  5. Runs With Foxes says:

    CD Projekt always manages to announce these things at convenient times. When Bioware’s just announced they will generously give away some extra cutscenes for free, CDP trumps them with a free 10GB update and a free backup copy of the whole game. And a free Fallout from their sister site.

    • Phantoon says:

      And yet they make less money than Bioware.

    • imdwalrus says:

      GOG announced their conference two days in advance, proof here. As far as I know, Bioshock didn’t give any warning that they were going to be changing Mass Effect 3.

      Coincidence. Nothing more.

    • Moraven says:

      And yet, they dont sell their game for $70 and piss off half of their fanbase.

  6. golem09 says:

    Actually the only thing left for gog to do on this point to please fans by getting rid of loathed publishing methods is releasing the game the instant it is leaked on the net, so the pirated have as little advantage as possible.
    That was a long sentence. Yeah, I’m german.

  7. kud13 says:

    and language packs….. I nearly did a somersault when I heard that.

    I won’t have to look around the Internet for Russian Speech files anymore!

    anyone knows where I can watch the full conference? the stream on GoG cuts off right after they get to talking about fallout, but before they actually say it’s Fallout.

  8. FriendlyFire says:

    At this point my only question would be: how the hell are they turning a profit? If you were just listening to EA and co, there’s just no way you can be profitable without overcharging for your game and packing paid DLC on top, all while providing as little customer service as possible.

    Oh and less than 5 million copies is probably a flop too.

    • E_FD says:

      Perish the thought, but perhaps EA is… lying?

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        Say it aint so!

        • RobinOttens says:

          I imagine huge marketing campaigns and distributing millions of store copies costs so much moneys that EA could be telling the truth, their assumption of it at least.

          At some point making a product go from 2 million sales to over 5 million sales stops being inherently profitable. I assume. I’m no economist-money-expert-man, you may shoot me if I’m wrong.

          • damndirtyyank says:

            Helps if you don’t pay your bureaucracy a bloated salary, I’d imagine.

    • RizziSmoov says:

  9. corbain says:

    I don’t get this, if Witcher 2 is registered on my account on GOG (or Steam), why would I need a backup?

    • malkav11 says:

      If you’ve already got it on GoG, you wouldn’t. This is the equivalent of being able to register Stardock games on Impulse (do they still do that now that it’s owned by Gamestop? I dunno), or EA games on origin. Even though you bought it elsewhere, CD Projekt will now let you download the game from them as well.

    • kud13 says:

      the offer is aimed at non-GOG buyers.

      even for Steam users, getting a backup DRM-free (so that on an off chance your internet connection dies, you can still play the game, even if you’re having problems going into offline mode) is a good thing.

      and, I mean, while people who bought it retail are on GOG, i’m sure they may get prompted to check out some of the other classics GoG has to offer–there’ll undoubtedly be some marketing, but I don’t mind, b/c I like GoG and I think they offer a great product.

      • frightlever says:

        Exactly – it’s just a clever piece of promotion, like that Cities in Motion giveaway RPS posted about a few weeks ago. I got my code for that, went to Gamersgate to set up an account and within a couple of minutes bought that Indie Fort bundle and no doubt I’ll be adding to my backlog of games there along with Gog and Steam.

  10. noizz says:

    If I were to give them a cookie basket I’d skip cookies – they’re pretty much optional, unless they’re vodka flavored. Just don’t forget to add vodka flavored vodka.

  11. kraken says:

    CD Projekt is the best game company. Ever.

    • Phantoon says:

      Well, they did toy with that really draconian DRM idea a few months back.

      But then again I think pretty much every company has.

      • Paul says:

        They did not toy with DRM. They did want to punish pirates and changed their minds, which is something else.

        Also, yes they are the best company in the industry.

      • Unaco says:

        What DRM a few months ago?

        • HothMonster says:

          I believe he is referencing the “We hear you infringed, pay us $$$ or we sue” letters they sent out in Germany.

    • meatshit says:

      It almost makes me wish they would offer paid DLC so I could give them more money. Geralt could use some form of haberdashery…

  12. engion3 says:

    Hmm, giving away free things after all that DRM bullshit? Sounds like thier old management mentality really changed after they messed up.

    • Havok9120 says:

      You’re speaking as if the DRM thing for Whitcher 2 (which lasted all of, what, a week before they patched it out?) was their standard operating procedure all along before this. Totally ignoring the 2.0 “patch” (DLC anywhere else), and every modicum of experience with them we have from the Witcher 1 days.

      • Unaco says:

        Not even a week… I think the DRM was removed from the non-GOG versions in about 2 or 3 days.

        • HothMonster says:

          It was day after release. The DRM was just to prevent pirates from playing before the activation server went live. They didn’t want pirates to play the game first.

    • frightlever says:

      You need to read slower – you’re getting confused, son.

    • Droniac says:

      Actually, that wasn’t CD Projekt’s DRM. The GoG version of The Witcher 2 never had any DRM at all, not before, on, or after release. It was Namco Bandai who wanted DRM on their version of the game and it’s that company who then proceeded to withhold payments (some $2 million) and sue CD Projekt RED when CD Projekt RED removed said DRM in a patch.

      It’s hard to blame CD Projekt for that DRM when they never wanted any DRM on their product, actually went out of their way to remove it, and it clearly didn’t help their financial situation to do so. You’re just being silly.

      • UnravThreads says:

        This is how it worked:
        CDProjekt RED – Developer
        CDProjekt – Publisher
        Namco Bandai – Distributor

        CDProjekt/CDProjekt RED were responsible for adding the DRM. They cocked it up.

    • Unaco says:

      What DRM bullshit? Please elaborate engion3.

  13. Deadly Habit says:

    What DRM bullshit? They tried to scare people with legal action via letters for pirating, but they only DRM they ever had was on the initial release and removed promptly when people complained…

  14. Beelzebud says:

    I’ve always been more than annoyed that my boxed copy of W2 had online DRM and install limits. The fact that they are letting people use cd-keys to get the gog version is really really a great gesture.

    CD Projekt: Definitely one of the good guys.

  15. rockman29 says:

    Witcher 2 >>>>>>> Mass Effect/Bioshock any day of the week.

  16. Brynden says:

    The witcher 2 is the best game since… ever

  17. Paxmayne says:

    It appears we share a birthday, Nathan!

    And what a lovely present we shall both be receiving from CDProjekt!

  18. fionny says:

    Soo… Can I legally give away the D2D (or whatever the feck its called now) once I claim the GOG copy? Or do I still technically only own 1 copy of the game.

    • Llewyn says:

      You only own one copy of the game. This is just an additional means of accessing your copy to increase the chances that you will always be able to do so.

  19. RegisteredUser says:

    We should all be grateful about the length these people go through to make us forget that their main message to the world is that you must sue any and all P2P users that peek at your product without paying for it with pay-up-or-else-schemes.

    I know, I know. They are sorry that I feel this way.

    • fionny says:

      They went about it the wrong way for sure but overall they were only protecting their property after listening to people all removing all that nasty DRM.

  20. Llewyn says:

    Ah, CD Projekt. Every time they do something like this I can’t help wanting to give them money, even though I don’t really want Witcher 2.

    • TormDK says:

      How can you not want to own the Witcher 2? Or the Witcher 1 for that matter?

      Are you some sort of extra terrestrial not interested in fancy sword play, or pulling down womens blouses?

  21. Consensus says:

    Anyone know if the Enhanced Edition PC version will be available as a physical copy?

    • UnravThreads says:

      Yes, it is, but with less physical content than The Witcher 2’s original release.

  22. rapier17 says:

    Ah, ’tis a very good friend of mines birthday on the same day.

    Cracking news though. Looking forward to all of the stuff they’re giving us.

  23. Eukatheude says:

    Can i preload it on steam too?