Devilish: Torchlight II “Ideally” One Month After Diablo

That's right! Kill the brazier! Make it pay for its lackluster lighting.
In much the same, incredibly depressing way we’re all destined to become our parents, I tend to believe gaming’s spiritual successors slowly but surely inherit oddly specific qualities of their forefathers. For instance, Serious Sam riffed on Duke Nukem, only for Serious Sam: BFE to spend years in uncharacteristic silence with nary a peep as to its development progress. As time passed, I began to worry that Torchlight II would suffer the same fate, ultimately following in Diablo’s languid footsteps. But then I felt an odd fluttering sensation in my Anger Regions. Is this… optimism?

Speaking with Joystiq, Runic CEO Max Schaefer explained that he’s “ideally” aiming to skitter between the toes of Blizzard’s hack ‘n’ slash behemoth by one month. That, however, is the “optimistic” goal, and Runic’s not planning to rush and look “cheap” in comparison to Diablo III.

How is Torchlight looking, though? Pretty solid, based on the Berserker trailer below. Well, aside from that one monster who’s pouring his determined little heart into a valiant siege on a three-foot-high wall. Fight on, foolish monster. Fight on. Your battle is an exercise in blind futility, but perhaps – in that sense – you’re simply a metaphor. For us.


  1. gschmidl says:

    That’s an interesting definition of “ideally”.

    • Maldomel says:

      A fresh take on the definition indeed. When I was young, rumors said that making such a release meant death and suffering for the smaller devs. But hey, with all the people rooting for Torchlight, and all the ones saying they don’t really care for Diablo or Blizzard anymore, this might actually work. Might.

      • gschmidl says:

        I certainly hope it will. The things Torchlight innovated in the ARPG genre were all good additions, especially sending your pet off to town.

        • BlackCanopus says:

          It was Fate which came up with that innovation (the pet and going back to town). Torchlight is a spiritual successor to Fate. But one of the key members of the Torchlight team is the creator of Fate.

        • Balm says:

          What were these aditions? I can’t remember any (transformable pet-vendor was done before in Fate.)

        • Eschwen says:

          Dungeon Siege had the packmule that you could send back to town and that came out years before Fate.

          • Ateius says:

            Dungeon Siege had packmules, which had significantly more inventory space than actual fighting party members. There was not, however, the option to send them back to town to sell your stuff for you – not without getting mods involved, at least.

          • LionsPhil says:

            Instead, IIRC, Dungeon Siege had a magic spell that turned stuff into gold. The exchange rate was worse than selling at a store but better than just leaving it behind.

            Which is to say, they found a way to make you spend even longer shuffling and sorting your inventory by value and “selling” stuff as you go. Honestly, I think Stone Soup makes for a more fun game by just discarding the mechanic altogether—if you’re not going to use it, there’s no point carrying it since you can’t sell it. (Yes, this is a concious design decision.)

          • misaasdw says:

            Yea that soddy wall was so asking for it! link to

      • Joshua Northey says:

        “But hey, with all the people rooting for Torchlight, and all the ones saying they don’t really care for Diablo or Blizzard anymore, this might actually work. Might.”

        A) “All the people” here refers to all the people who comment about games on gaming websites, you will be surprised to learn that it is only a tiny fraction of the people who actually BUY games. People were saying the same crap before SC2, then it sold like crazy. D3 will sell even better.

        B) As mentioned above there was nothing really innovative about torchlight. It was a great little game, but it was just a stripped down Diablo, nothing more, nothing less. Personally I kind of enjoy stripped down games some nights.

  2. mondomau says:

    Uh oh. I hope this isn’t a case of runic getting too big for its boots and thinking they can take on the big boys. Don’t get me wrong, the game will do well – it’s a day one purchase for me, for example. But I can’t help thinking it could have really taken off if they’d beaten D3 to the punch.

    Maybe they’re waiting to see how well received and how ‘polished’ (pvp?) Goliath is before tweaking David for the big fight…

    • Condawg says:

      I’m pretty sure they would have liked to get it out before Diablo, but they don’t want to rush it. The game won’t be done by then, they want to make it right. They know there’s a huge fanbase that’s waiting for it and will buy it no matter when it comes out.

  3. Drayk says:

    Are they crazy ? Did blizzard gave them a cut on Diablo 3 sales ?

  4. caddyB says:

    Not good news.

  5. protospork says:

    Sounds like they’re assuming Diablo is going to tank, or at least disappoint a lot of people. Pretty safe assumption, from what we’ve seen of D3.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      Or “World of Diablo” as I understand is the internal name for it.

    • Maldomel says:

      Maybe, but I wouldn’t underestimate those huge sales number. You know, the ones we can all already see floating in the sky over Blizzard’s HQ.

    • mondomau says:

      Slightly disappointing? Maybe. Tank? Don’t be ridiculous.
      It’s Diablo 3 – even if it launches with a mediocre review score and buggy DRM, it will still sell into the millions. It’s literally too big to fail. Look at the modern warfare series, they keep pumping out the same competantly developed but derivative, mindless shit and the fans lap it up.

      But, as you say – the less impressive it is, the more it will help T2 with the hardcore hacknslash fans. Just seems a shame that they could have reached a lot more people if they weren’t launching in the shadow of an industry colossus.

      • protospork says:

        I doubt it will “tank” but I really don’t see it doing as well as everyone seems to expect. The comparison to manshoots is a bad one – those are released every year. Nobody has a chance to forget about them. Diablo 2 was released 12 years ago. Even among the people who absolutely loved it, most have moved on. Many don’t even play video games anymore. The ones who are still longing for a successor to Diablo 2 are largely “serious” gamers who’ve been following the D3 news and, from what I can tell, do not like what they’re seeing.

        • mondomau says:

          Allbtrue, but I think you’re mixing up a vocal minority of old d2 fans with the majority of blizzard’s target audience. i.e. WoW fans, people who heard of D2 but never played it, people who played D2 and aren’t very fussy, and the general public.

      • Necroscope says:

        There are already 1million or so who will be playing the game come release due to signing for the 1 year Wow subscription…

      • elfbarf says:

        Wait…did you just say Torchlight 2 is for “hardcore” hacknslash fans? Last I checked the original was pretty well known for being extremely easy, personally I had to download a mod containing higher difficulty settings to make it entertaining.

        • mondomau says:

          Oh for goodness sa-
          Ok, HacknSlash enthusiasts. Clearer? :p

    • ninjapirate says:

      Why will Torchlight 2 be better than Diablo 3? And why will the latter tank?

      • MaXimillion says:

        For one, you won’t die due to server-side lag every few minutes in T2 singleplayer.

        • elfbarf says:

          Server-side lag, eh? I’m pretty sure that’s your connection.

          • Slinky MCPunchfist says:

            I’m pretty sure if you only have problems with one game and all others work fine, it’s not.

          • Thants says:

            The fact that his connection can cause him lag while playing single player is the problem.

      • xian says:

        RPS Hivemind does not like Diablo 3.

      • Necroscope says:

        I do. I played the beta through with each class being most satisfied that I will start the game with a wizard, then barbarian, demon hunter, monk and witch doctor. I can’t wait for release …so excited

      • D3xter says:

        Mod-Tools, LAN-Mode, price of somewhere ~20-30€/$ instead of 60+, SinglePlayer Mode, no Pay2Win cash-shop, no Always-Online DRM, it actually lets you pick Skills/Stats, it’ll also have 4 player co-op unlike Torchlight? Is that enough or shall I go on?

        • Aethelberht says:

          Last I checked, the goal was to have a fun game, not a game that beats a Blizzard title. All the features you mentioned are independent of the core click-fest game mechanics, except for skills/stats. Info on skills is still largely unavailable. We’ve been promised improvements from the original Torchlight in gameplay, but very little is concrete.

          I’m not sold.

          • D3xter says:

            Since the Blizzard title disqualifies itself by giving me reasons aplenty NOT to buy it and I’m looking for a good dungeon crawler to play with friends (Diablo III it will not be) and Torchlight I was good fun, Torchlight II doesn’t even have to try very hard.

        • Edradour says:

          pay2win cashshop….

          srsly i dont like where activision is taking blizz as a company but i get angry when i see mindless haters like you spouting ridiculous nonsense

          of all the changes from d2 to d3 the auction house thing was the one where i could never understand all the fuss about it..for a whole year i was selling d2 items on ebay regulary and now the auction house will ruin your fun with the game? lol

          also pls tell what kind of “win” you will be paying for in a title which just got its pvp cut

          • D3xter says:

            I won’t pay for any kind of win, since I won’t pay for the game in the first place.
            Good on you for selling all those items on eBay, I hope more than one of your accounts got banned in the process…

      • RakeShark says:

        Torchlight 2 has no rainbows, where as Diablo 3 has rainbows.

    • Carra says:

      It’s Blizzard. They haven’t released a bad game in the last fifteen years, why would they start now?

      • mouton says:

        While their games are polished and competent, they do tend towards “bland repetitive rehash” area for a while now. Of course, some people are happy with more of the same, more power to them.

        • Joshua Northey says:

          And what about Torchlight that RPS readers (including me) loved wasn’t a “bland repetitive rehash”. People here just love to trash whatever is big and/or popular without actually thinking about what they are saying.

          • mouton says:

            Oh, personally I am far from defending Torchlight. While I understand how Diablo fans can like it, I have no idea why someone who hates Diablo would love Torchlight, gameplay-wise. The only argument that seems valid might be that online-only aspect of D3, I guess.

        • elfbarf says:

          How is Diablo 3 even remotely bland or a rehash? It’s nothing like Diablo 2. Don’t even try comparing it to WoW either, that’s a crappy argument people use for trolling.

      • Thants says:

        Although, they’ve only released like, three games in the last 15 years.

    • fatal.end says:

      Nothing that I’ve played in the D3 beta, seen on the game website, or watched in videos indicates that D3 is going to tank.

      As someone who has watched the game become more and more fun and hold my interest more and more from beta patches 9-15 (still playing after over 50 hours played, 1st third of act 1 on normal), I’ll say you’re probably way off.

    • Ragnar says:

      I think it’s a pretty safe assumption that Diablo 3 will fly off the shelves like free candy, regardless of what people here think about it. Torchlight 2’s timing is honestly pretty unfortunate.

  6. ZephaniahGrey says:

    I’m probably going to buy this and not Diablo, so…there’s one sale for them I guess.

    • karthink says:

      Make that two.

      • Vinraith says:

        Four, as I’ll be getting it for myself and a friend. This is still financially suicidal on their part, though.

        • PodX140 says:

          Six, but I’m with Vinrath on this one. As much as I’d love T2 to kill D3 in sales, it’s never going to happen.

          • fatal.end says:

            Do people like you purposely not play games made by Blizzard for some reason?

            Is it because of the success WoW had?

            Do you think it’s cool to hate on all things Blizzard because they’re so popular?

            Do you just enjoy indie games?

            Just trying to understand your weird rationale.

          • jrodman says:

            Oh come on now, this “weird logic” has been a matter of public record for the past 6 months. It’s all over the internet, but if you want to know the key objections raised in the local community, they’re right here for you to find on this very site. You can use search, or read articles by tags. Have fun!

          • PodX140 says:

            fatal: It’s for several reasons, mod support, offline mode, lan, no RMT auction house, and various other reasons.

            All of which DO make a difference for me personally, so I prefer T2 over D3. Also, I really enjoyed T1 and want to pay the devs.

          • Ragnar says:

            Always-on doesn’t bother me, as I’ve had an always-on internet connection for the past 8 years.
            Mods are great, but while having mods can make a game better, their absence has never turned a good game into a bad one.

            At the end of the day, I want the game that’s more fun. Having recently tried both at PAX, Diablo 3 was more fun for us. Yes, it costs 3 times as much (and I’ll need 2 copies), but I feel it more than justified its price premium in giving us a better playing experience.

    • Moraven says:

      Might have got this early to play while waiting on D3. Maybe will get it at Xmas Steam sale, or any sale before that. If not playing D3 still.

  7. undu says:

    The video sure makes the game look fun. I hope all the combat text can be disabled, they only get in the way for me, they don’t really say much when there’s already visual information.

    • Aaarrrggghhh says:

      afaik the devs said that the amount of combat text will be customizable. At least a on/off switch but maybe also a fully customizable menu were you can choose what to show and what not, if they can make it in time before release.

  8. frightlever says:

    To be fair, the wall was a racist.

    • Garmr says:

      For to long random walls and obstruction such as these have blocked the progress of valiant monsters and other cannon fodder as they seek to fulfill their destiny, and valiantly so despite any flaws in their AI path finding, as they trod tirelessly towards the glorious blood splattering death that awaits them at the tip of a gamer left-mouse finger.

      Yea that soddy wall was so asking for it!

  9. Cheebahh says:

    Ballsy. Well they’ve had my sale secured for months, while D3 lost it a few weeks ago.

  10. overtime says:

    Who cares about Diablo? just give me my Torchlight!

  11. MeestaNob says:

    Now that they’re locked into battling head to head with Diablo 3, they may as well hold on to it until it’s absolutely ready to be released.

    Dream big, out-diablo Diablo.

    Graphically, at least, Torchlight 2 looks superior. I am very interested to see how they have advanced the game mechanics and how they’re doing multiplayer.

    • Nevard says:

      I was never really a huge fan of Torchlight’s graphical style, I don’t know if that makes me biased but I can’t see any noticable advantage of graphical power (in fact I’d say Diablo looks more technically impressive)

      It confuses me how people accused Diablo of being painted with Rainbows but every trailer I’ve seen from this game (and from playing the previous one) that’s basically how Runic are making Torchlight, and getting no complaints about it.

      Of course as I’m not the kind of ridiculous person who thinks brand loyalty is important, I’m just going to play both.

      • copernicus_phoenix says:

        It’s just possible that the people complaining about D3’s visual style aren’t all paying attention to Torchlight.

        Attributing the views of a small number of commentators to the entire Internet is rather foolish really.

    • Necroscope says:

      D3 isn’t painted with rainbows from what I’ve played. The caves were dark, cathedral dark, cellars dark, moors dark, tristram dark, darkness permeates everything which enables the spells to look so spectacular..

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      It’s a combination of the angry internet men response to the first Diablo screens and the fact that Torchlight is the hater’s game of choice. In reality, having played both T1 and D3, it’s Torchlight that looks like ‘My first Diablo’. Anyone claiming it’s the other way around can be safely ignored.

  12. zeekthegeek says:

    They have the universal tool to surpass any larger, more polished competitor – much like how the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy outsells the Encyclopedia Galactica – by being slightly cheaper. Well actually a lot cheaper from what I can tell. They’re also friendlier to the customer – no real money auction house, always-online DRM, and moddability out the wazoo.

    • Answermancer says:

      How is no real money auction house more consumer friendly?

      I swear, all you people who have your panties in a bunch about the RMAH clearly never played Diablo 2, because people selling items on eBay was rampant in that game, just like gold selling is rampant in WoW.

      The market will exist one way or another, personally I’d much, much, MUCH rather the game dev control it than have it be some shady grey market.

      • Thants says:

        Because Diablo 2 is a single-play/co-op game, people can sell items on ebay and I can just ignore them. It doesn’t affect me at all.

        Now, paying real money for items is actually fundamentally built into the game. Now it’s the company making the game charging me money to skip parts of their own game. They’re making it so what’s best for the game’s design (to be varied and consistently keep the player interested with new things) is directly opposed to their financial interest (to make the game grindy and repetitive so people will pay them).

  13. CrowPath says:

    Not sure if I’ll be able to bring myself to beat up pangolins.

  14. RegisteredUser says:

    They should market it via DRM free, open content/utterly moddable and create a contrast to the D3 abomination.
    But truth of the matter is that D3 is HUGE and Torchlight is Torchlight.

    Personally I feel the whole “click click loot” repeat ad infinitum thing wearing kind of thin for myself.

  15. Teronfel says:

    That’s a very bad idea.

  16. Carra says:

    Foolish Diablo/Torchlight fanboys. I’m just gonna play them both.

    • Martel says:

      I thought the same thing. I’m actually hoping they wait a little longer and polish it even more so I can have time to get through my Diablo fix and still have Torchlight feel fresh.

    • derbefrier says:

      i probably will too but i wont be getting to torchlight 2 until its on sale for less than 5 bucks. The first one didn’t impress me too much and i the only reason i see this game getting hyped is because its not diablo 3 or it has mods and LAN options. no one says they are buying it because of its superb game-play or innovation and thats a problem.

      • PodX140 says:

        I am. I found the first to be extremely fun, and I am picking it up not because I’m NOT picking up D3, I’m buying it because the first was a great game.

      • Carra says:

        I enjoyed both ames.

        Torchlight was ideal to spend a few hours with. After those few hours I got bored with it though, it became quite repetitive with no story to make me want to continue.

  17. Hematite says:

    In related news, the closed beta for Path of Exile is now a… slightly ajar… beta. Since the open stress test last weekend they’re giving out beta keys with purchases through their microtransaction store in different tiers with extra goodies. Like Kickstarter, only you could be playing right now during this long weekend. Hint hint.

    I’m liking it a lot so far. It’s an evolution of D2 with the materia system from FF7 (including linked sockets), the sphere grid from FF10 for character development, and a goldless economy based on trading crafting items.

    I’m looking forward to T2 and D3 as well, and Grim Dawn if they ever get off their asses and release something. It’s going to be an interesting time seeing how they all react to each other and what niches the different games settle into.

    • MaXimillion says:

      $1000 to get a custom forum avatar, a feature that should be standard for any forum? Yeah, no.

    • Necroscope says:

      Grim Dawn is being made by a very small team on a limited financial budget. Give the guys a break maybe? I’m quite sure we’ll see a kickstarter for Grim Dawn soon

  18. Vorphalack says:

    I can see one way for Torchlight 2 to ”beat” Diablo 3; come up with a social system that beats 2.0. These hack and slash games are repetative by design, and people will get tiered of them no matter what mechanical twist your itteration of the game puts on the formula. What keeps people playing for years is the community that builds up around them.

    After playing the Diablo 3 beta for a while, I realised I felt just as isolated as when I used to play Starcraft 2. The same problems with 2.0 still persist, despite all the criticism it has, and still does recieve. Even if I could have overlooked the RMAH, always online and the long list of cut features, 2.0 remains a deal breaker.

    I severly doubt Blizzard will make any changes to the system as they have another community to worry about; WoW. Anything that pulls people away from the golden cash cow is bad for business, so providing an alternative subscription free social hub will likely not happen untill WoW is abandoned.

    If Runic can provide the platform to let a community form then it will pay off for them in the long run. A streight up copy of Warcraft 3’s wouldprobably be enough, maybe throw in a few channel admins and we have a winning formula.

    • PopeJamal says:

      Torchlight has already “beaten” Diablo in my book as long as they don’t try to force me into some social networking, RTM cesspool or require a constant internet connection.

    • jrodman says:

      IMO, blizzard has an opportunity with the social jonx because of their high-attach rate with WoW and to a lesser extent starcraft 2. Some gamers spend large amounts of ongoing time, especially with WoW, and giving them a way to maintain contact across their player-dividing walls of shards and factions allows forged bonds to keep people attached to the games.

      Torchlight 2? It may be the best game ever, but vanishingly few people will play it enough for it to have specific social features to enable ongoing bonds. I’m sure it will ship for steam and support steam social features, and if they find a way to get it onto consoles, support the local facilities there too.

      But that’s not going to really rake in the customers.

      Of course, beating the real-id system is pretty easy. “Let’s have everyone share their contact address with each other to make phishing trivial.” is not my idea of a well designed system.

  19. Deano2099 says:

    They modeled a monster after Adam Smith? Talk about playing to the RPS crowd…

  20. Ham Solo says:

    Well, alot of Diablo devs left, art director of D3 left, some of them are now with Runic.
    Also DRM, mini transactions, no true singleplayer… I’ll stick with Torchlight 2.

    • Necroscope says:

      The lead designer of D3 Jay Wilson has some really great credits to his name. Senior designer on Company of Heroes for example…

  21. Garmr says:

    Zomg just look at that cute ferret run, he totally clubbed that baby seal to the death, wish I had a ferret like that. Even if this game somewhat shockingly manages to suck a thousand teats, I’ll still have a ferret to accompany me on my carnage filled journey of the hero, to ….? What’s the name of the hellhole we’re going to be spelunking down to?

  22. Aethelberht says:

    In every Torchlight-related thread, comments on why Torchlight 2 might be a good game in its own right are drowned out by comments to the tune of “Well, TL 1 was good” (which is arguable), “Well, it has ex-Blizz people” (so did Hellgate: London), “It’s not Blizz/Diablo, rah rah,” and “Here is why I won’t buy D3.”

    If this game really is coming out in two months, Runic is doing an atrocious job promoting it. Their website is still just a bunch of lore fluff. Relying on people standing against Blizzard on principle to buy it, and relying on these very same people to promote their game, sounds like a terrible idea.

    I think Rift was one of the most explicit attempts to go head-to-head against a Blizzard game, if you remember their aggressive “not-WoW” ad campaigns. But like Path of Exile, people had a beta they could point at to justify why they liked the game.

    I look forward to buying TL2 for $5 in the fall.

    • Aaarrrggghhh says:

      “If this game really is coming out in two months, Runic is doing an atrocious job promoting it. Their website is still just a bunch of lore fluff”

      So what exactly are you expecting from a website except media, fluff and news? Whats so different about the Diablo 3 website?
      And I really don’t see their fans promoting their games as almost every update they post shows up on major gaming websites. And why should they now throw all their marketing budget in when the media is busy with hyping D3? They still have “ideally” a month after D3 to do that. And nobody competeing in that spot.
      Something in your “argument” doesn’t sum up.

      Disclaimer: D3 is preodered since 2010 and I will get TL2 on launch.

      • Aethelberht says:

        “So what exactly are you expecting from a website except media, fluff and news? Whats so different about the Diablo 3 website?”
        I’d love to see whatever media and news you’re seeing on the website, because what I care about most is gameplay videos and gameplay information and that’s sorely lacking. As much as their Dev Minute videos may indicate how well they interact with their fanbase, there’s better ways to present features of their game.

        But that’s not even the point. Their website is merely a symptom of their problem of subpar marketing of their release. Unless I have a bone to pick with Blizzard, I’m not going to idly sit around and blindly assume that TL2 is a release-date purchase. No, I’ll just buy D3 and get TL2 later when I’m bored. And that’s not a good state to be in if you’re trying to sell your game as a co-op oriented one. I surely hope game info will be more widely available now that they’re demoing the game at PAX.

        “And why should they now throw all their marketing budget in when the media is busy with hyping D3?”
        Yes, because posting something as basic as a skill tree for even a single class would drain their entire marketing budget.

        “And I really don’t see their fans promoting their games as almost every update they post shows up on major gaming websites.”
        You’re right: going by my search of the TL2 tag here on RPS, updates such as “Torchlight 2 delayed again” do indeed get covered by news sites. Note that this was back in Nov 2011 and it’s still one of the most recent news bits.

      • Nevard says:

        How about you actually look at the D3 website?
        It has a list of all the skills, with video demonstrations and detailed tooltips, and various gameplay videos.
        All I could find for Torchlight were a couple of 2 minute trailers and lore descriptions for what the characters are, no actual description of gameplay at all.

    • elfbarf says:

      I agree completely. The only arguments I’ve seen in TL2’s favor is that it isn’t Diablo 3.

      I found the original TL to be very “streamlined” and far too easy, traits that most people usually aren’t too fond of. Not to mention it was extremely repetitive due to how the game was set up (4 randomly generated levels with the same tile sets/enemies followed by an incredibly easy boss).

      • Necroscope says:

        TL was pretty cool until the dungeon designs became too stale for me to prop up my interest

        • Eschwen says:

          Agreed. I expect a certain amount of repetition in a dungeon crawler, but I think sometimes Torchlight gets a rose-colored pass on some of the things that it really didn’t do very well. Many of the dungeons in the middle part of the game were large and extremely repetitive, not only graphically but also in gameplay and enemy variation.

          However, the real disappointing part was that the progenitor of Torchlight was Mythos, which was (at least in its original Flagship days) a lot of fun. Torchlight never delivered on the promise of Mythos. Whether Torchlight 2 does so or not remains to be seen, but we know one thing for certain: It will be cheap, and people never harshly critisize the things they get for cheap.

    • D3xter says:

      In other news, Torchlight sold over a million copies like a year ago: link to
      and it didn’t even have CoOp or Online Multiplayer at all (it was made on minimal budget with a minimal number of people after Flagship went under, they had to give Mythos away and Max Shaefer, Travis Baldree + other Flagship people founded Runic) , it also wasn’t as extensive as Torchlight 2 will be, since there was only 1 town and literally one dungeon that goes down and down and down.

      Torchlight 2 looks to be to Torchlight, what Diablo 2 was to Diablo, I don’t even know what to call that abomination which is “Diablo 3”, it certainly is not an “evolution” of anything…

      • reggiep says:

        Some of the reasons Torchlight sold so well:
        – Cheap, sub-$20 price tag. Many paid $5.
        – Diablo 3 was not out. People were bored with Diablo 2.
        – Level editor

        Torchlight was definitely worth $5. At $20, it seems like a rip off. In closing, sales mean fuck all. Modern Warefare breaks sales records every year, but it’s a piece of shit.

  23. Velvetmeds says:

    1 year too late. After D3 is out this won’t even be worth a 90% off purchase

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      That won’t be the case for those of us who will be ignoring D3 completely and spending our money on games we consider to be more worthy of our attention, like Torchlight 2 for example.

      • Nevard says:

        Personally I prefer to judge the worth of games when they are actually released and playable so I can get an opinion that actually means something

  24. Bane2087 says:

    Looking forward to this game, enjoyed the first and the second looks bigger and better in every way. Some might say Runic are doing a better job of promoting this than D3 by not giving us reasons not to buy it. And I have plenty of those for D3, GG Blizz.

  25. fish99 says:

    I’ll buy both, and IMO Torchlight was a genuinely fun game, but surely they’ll suffer through not beating D3 to market.

  26. Smeghead says:

    Interesting how this has turned into the year of the aRPG. I intend to pick up Torchlight 2, but between it, Path of Exile, and Dark Souls I don’t think I will be able to get to playing T2 in earnest until at least 2013.

    And yeah Diablo 3 will sell like gangbusters regardless of quality of the game due to its heritage, but it is a shadow of the previous games. PoE and T2 have more interesting skill development.

  27. evilgenius says:

    I LOVE DIABLO III, and if this is anything like torchlight 1 it is going to suck

  28. MagpieMcGraw says:

    “Your battle is an exercise in blind futility, but perhaps – in that sense – you’re simply a metaphor. For us.”

    Have you guys played Progress Quest? It’s truly a brilliant game that captures the dungeon crawling experience that we all love so much.

  29. Delusibeta says:

    Yeah, if I was Runic, I’d plan for a October release and wait for the fallout of Diablo 3’s release before making any hard decisions.

  30. jellydonut says:

    I was doubting their chances of success until I saw that Diablo 3 was going to cost €60. Fuck. That. Noise.

    I’m buying this instead, and buying D3 later when they’ve gotten their heads out of the clouds and reduced the price to a sane level.

    • Necroscope says:

      60euros? Eh? D3 is £30 on amazon

    • paterah says:

      That’s the standard price of most games today, speaking as a European.

      • Necroscope says:

        I feel for you guys … a simple conversion from euros to gbp tells me you’re getting over-charged…

  31. MythArcana says:

    The timing of this release is baffling at best, but I do know that I will be picking this up for certain…Diablo 3 I’m not so sure yet.

  32. PodX140 says:

    Erm… Failpost?

    Replace it with meaningul content, quick!

    Lets go with… Cats?

  33. reyke says:

    meh bitch pls im buying both…

  34. nutterguy says:

    As someone who has played the Diablo 3 beta and been plaged by game ruining constant lag and other issues I can say that I will be getting torchlight for me and some friends and playing that.

  35. HaVoK308 says:

    Hmm….Torchlight II, a sure to be excellent game, on STEAM, discount price. Or Diablo III, shipping as a half a game, shitty always connected DRM, corrupt Auction House, intrusive TOU, and full retail price.

    Easy decision for me.

  36. reggiep says:

    Torchlight 2 will succeed in the “I hate Blizzard”, modders and Live Arcade / PSN demographic. As a fully fleshed out and feature packed title, it will pale in comparison to Diablo 2. There’s no question that it will be inferior to Diablo 3 in nearly every way. Of course, the anti-blizzard bias involved causes people to discard intellectual honesty in order to convince themselves that Torchlight 2 will somehow be this amazing, groundbreaking game. It won’t.

    I for one don’t have the time for both games and it’s a no brainer to prefer Diablo 3.

    • subedii says:

      I like how people who might go with the other preference to your own are likely having an issue with “intellectual honesty”.

      Not that you’re making this far too personal for some bizarre reason or anything.

  37. Was Neurotic says:

    Well I’ll be buying both, but I’ll be buying T2 because it Makes Me Happy, and D3 because It’s The Done Thing.

  38. Camoryo says:

    I’ll just leave this here:
    link to

    Having played the D3 beta quite intensively the last weeks, I’d say there’s nothing “ideal” in the T2 release schedule…

  39. garrish27 says:

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