Petition Attrition: Dark Souls Confirmed For PC

A thread over on NeoGAF has spotted that the German magazine PC Action is previewing Dark Souls for PC, unofficially confirming the release of Namco’s hardcore melee RPG on the PC. There will apparently be new bosses for PC, but with everything else having parity with the console version. A release in August.


  1. PostieDoc says:


    • Khemm says:

      YAY, indeed.
      To be honest, this game only needs three things – higher resolutions, AA and a stable framerate and it’ll be golden. The rest can remain untouched from the console versions for all I care.

      Also, I don’t care about DRM – it might as well be Steamworks and it won’t scare me away.

      • Bugamn says:

        “it might as well be Steamworks and it won’t scare me away.” –Khemm

        I’ll take that as the highest praise this game can get.

        I’m looking anxiously for it.

        • PodX140 says:

          Aye, It’s definitely the highest praise from Khemm, but he’s still not Wizardry in my eyes (who’s attitude is irritatingly proper about the nature of RPG’s, I would still take a look twice at any game coming out he praises).

          Thankfully I already am extremely interested in the game.

    • Bhazor says:


    • Tams80 says:


  2. hills says:

  3. JackShandy says:

    This was confirmed a while ago, from a leaked image of australia’s own PC PowerPlay:

    link to

    That image should be the cover art of the game.

    • Innovacious says:

      That was just one image and wasn’t really 100% proof. It could have simply been talking about the petition. This has actual information from the magazine that confirms it.

  4. Ysellian says:

    OMG!! So much for Petitions not working huh?

  5. DickSocrates says:

    I think even those of us who aren’t interested in the game should consider buying it. Have to get all publishers to take PC seriously. So Namco eventually release Pac-Man DX Championship Edition. Once that’s done, forget about it.

    • Hyetal says:

      While I’m not sure it’s the right way of sending a message, it’s definitely a good message.

      People need to buy this. We’ve had some good examples of PC success lately, and this could really set us over the top.

    • Unaco says:

      I don’t think anyone, interested or not, should buy the game… Released on PC 1 year later than on consoles? Don’t buy it… show PC gamers won’t be pushed around, that we won’t come begging for scraps from the master who beats and mistreats us. When the sequel is out, and it’s released at the same time on consoles and PC, then buy it.

      • Suits says:

        nice one
        edit: sorry for thinking you were being sarcastic and a sensible person

      • Kaira- says:

        “Oh nice game you have there, could we maybe play it also?”
        “Sure, it’ll take some time though, but we’ll bring new bosses to the game and so.”
        “NO, FUCK YOU. I WANT IT NOW.”

        • Unaco says:

          Well… Maybe we shouldn’t have had to be asking after the release on the consoles. They should have been making it for PC at the same time as the consoles.

          Edit: Also, I could make up an imaginary conversation that paints you in a bad light if you want… but I’m not going to, because I won’t lower myself to your level, and we shouldn’t be getting personal like that (like me and your mom last night).

          • JackShandy says:

            You have to understand that developing for more than one platform takes money, right?

            The DS games were not guaranteed successes, so they made them for a single platform. When it became clear that the game had built up enough fans to support it, they began considering other platforms.

            They did this because they don’t own infinite money, not because they hate you.

          • Unaco says:

            Dark Souls was pretty much guaranteed to be a success after Demons Souls… hence them releasing it for XBox as well. If you’re developing for XBox, there’s a relatively easy path to porting to PC. Which they didn’t. They didn’t even consider PC, until long after release.

            They did this because they don’t really care about PC. Not because it would have been prohibitively expensive.

          • JackShandy says:

            Making it for PC involves supporting a totally different control scheme and loads of features that you don’t have to worry about on consoles. Going from Consoles to PC is a bigger leap than going from PS3 to Xbox, at least from a design standpoint.

          • Tacroy says:

            Dark Souls very much requires analog movement input – there’s no guard rails anywhere, and you need to be very precise about how quickly you’re moving in combat. They probably didn’t even consider a PC version because you’d basically have to play it with a controller anyway.

          • shaydeeadi says:

            Considering Demon’s Souls was almost a PS3 Japan exclusive (it took 16 months to get released in Europe.) It also has extra content. This is good progress?

      • mckertis says:

        “Released on PC 1 year later than on consoles?”

        It’s one thing when the game was released on consoles and then ported to PC…
        Its quite another when the game is initially on PC, builds a community support, and then turns around, says “fuck you, asshole”(C) and goes on to have sex with consoles. Like HALO, which we only saw 2 years later when it became totally irrelevant, or Braid, 0.5 years…THAT is unforgivable.

      • Toberoth says:

        I’ll probably buy it because it looks like a good game, not to make a point. I don’t seem to remember Namco beating and/or mistreating me. Is there something you’d like to share with the group?

        • Unaco says:

          The beating/mistreating statement was metaphorical… or allegorical. Or Mrs McGonagall. I forget these things. Anyway… it wasn’t meant literally. More, it was meant to allude to the recent treatment of PC gamers by Namco, that has not been the best. Firstly, there is the situation here. They neglect and ignore the PC audience, then cash in on them a year later. Secondly, there was the Witcher 2 situation… they were distributor for physical copies of the game, for which they didn’t do a very good job (it being PC exclusive and them not really caring about PC). They did little to promote the product in regions they were responsible for doing that in, and even refused to distribute it in certain regions. And the DRM on non GOG copies was also forced on by Namco, who sued CDPR after they removed it (because it was more trouble than it was worth).

          So I do not approve of recent treatment of the PC by Namco.

          • Toberoth says:

            Right, thanks for clarifying. I’m not sure where your sense of entitlement comes from to be honest – Namco primarily develop console games, so we’re lucky to see a port at all. But if you want to boycott a game for that reason, and because of the company involved “not doing a very good job” at promoting or distributing a completely different game, then I guess that’s your prerogative.

          • Unaco says:

            WOW! Really… It’s my prerogative to do what I want?!?! Really? Oh thank you Toberoth for giving me permission to do what I want! This is amazing… an Easter miracle maybe! Happiest day of my life! Toberoth has granted that I am an autonomous individual and can make my own mind up and act on that!

            It’s not a sense of entitlement… as such. I just think that the PC should have been considered equal to the consoles for Dark Souls. We shouldn’t be getting excited about them finally getting round to porting it, a year or so after it landed on consoles. We should have had this, on PC, in October last year. So… yeah, maybe it is entitlement. The PC is entitled to equal treatment as consoles from developers/publishers. Namco haven’t seemed to have done that here though. The PC is an afterthought for them… and one they needed a petition thrown at them before they saw it.

            And what is wrong with viewing a company for their other games, rather than the one in question here? Plenty of people view Activision as some great evil, because of COD or Guitar Hero or whatever. Same with EA or UBI, or, in this situation, Namco.

          • Toberoth says:

            I was going to debate with you, but your sarcasm and self-contradiction do most of the work for me, I think. Have fun with your misguided anger while everyone else is (hopefully, depending on the quality of the port) enjoying Dark Souls.

        • Gnarf says:

          It’s funny. It’s obviously fine that some people in the universe don’t make videogames. But the second they start making a videogame, they’re “beating and mistreating Unaco” if they’re not making it for PC.

          And as a general thing it’s pretty funny with all these people who are like “don’t buy this or that game even though you’d really like to play it, because PRINCIPLES”. All these retarded little principles that are way more important than good games.

          • Toberoth says:

            Agreed, although for the record I’m fine with principles when they’re not completely misplaced. I can get behind someone not buying Ubi games because of the crazy DRM, for example, but I think Unaco is taking it several steps too far.

          • BAshment says:


          • Sparkasaurusmex says:

            Certainly not going to avoid this game because of the late port, but I definitely won’t buy it just because they finally gave it to us. It is a console port, after all. Those don’t usually make good PC games. Very suspicious of this game’s quality on PC. We shall see.

      • SpakAttack says:

        I don’t think you should be allowed to use a computer, but hey, I guess we’re both entitled to our opinions.

        • Synesthesia says:

          agreed. I think im starting to see a pattern with this guy.

      • derbefrier says:

        I can understand your point but its seems pretty childish. The world isn’t fair get over it kid. Also i would think not buying this game after the big fuss PC gamers already made about it would pretty much screw our chances of seeing the eventual sequel to Dark Souls on PC having a simultaneous release with the console the next time around. by asking for no one to buy it your just asking for the same thing to happen again. perhaps you should re think your position

        I will buy this day one though. I have been holding out getting it on my PS3 waiting to see if this was actually gonna happen

        • Unaco says:

          The world might not be fair… But should we just accept that, blindly, and allow it to continue not being fair? Or should we try and do something to change it?

          My post wasn’t 100% serious when I said people shouldn’t buy it… that was more in opposition to DickSocrates saying that, even if you aren’t interested in the game, you should buy it… which I can’t really agree with. Why should those not interested in a game pay good money for it, if they’re never going to play it, with no guarantee that the purchase will convey the correct message? It might tell the devs/publisher that there is a market for these games on PC, and the next one should be released simultaneously on our beloved platform. But, at the same time, it could convey the message that they can keep treating the PC as an afterthought, and they’ll still lap up their offerings with no complaint… even if they are a year late.

          • Nevard says:

            And if you don’t buy it then it’ll teach them that it’s not worth developing for PC at all, smart that

          • Unaco says:

            Or, that if they treat us equally from the beginning, and give us the game at the same time as the consoles, then they’ll sell on our platform.

          • Toasticus says:

            So, your hypothetical is: “We listened to the fans and spent substantial resources to make a PC port of our cult hit game, and it didn’t sell any copies. Clearly the lesson to take away from this is that the audience IS there, but we need to take the risk of spending our resources up front. Not, you know, the common sense assumption that a sufficient audience doesn’t actually exist in the first place. PC gamers are just very finicky about how old the games are that they play. Lesson learned!”

            Yeah, right.

            The bottom line is, if you want publishers (and developers) to see the PC as a platform worth releasing on, you need to buy PC games. And the better that PC sales are looking, the more money (i.e. effort) is going to be put into making the PC release polished.

            By boycotting the release of whatever PC port because of something like, “it wasn’t released simultaneously with console,” you’re just shooting yourself in the foot. Publishers don’t think, “oh it didn’t sell because we shipped it with x circumstances.” They just think, “oh it didn’t sell.”

          • Unaco says:

            Not quite… but close. Either they (the devs/publishers) get the message that there is an audience on the PC and start treating that platform equally. Or, they get the message that there is an audience on the PC, which they can capitalise on, even if they treat is as a 2nd class platform. I don’t know which of these they’ll take away from the situation, but I hope it’s the first.

            We should remember, Namco were handling retail on one of the biggest selling PC Exclusives of last year (The Witcher 2). It did damn good business… so they should have been aware of the PC and the audience, and the possible market there. But they weren’t… they continued to ignore the PC.

            My call to ‘not buy it’ was in response to the OP DickSocrates here, saying buy it even if you’re not interested (and, I would presume, even if it’s a shoddy port)… which will encourage the devs/publisher to, in future, knock off a shoddy port as an afterthought.

          • Toasticus says:

            The Witcher and Dark Souls are not wildly similar games, and in particular the Dark Souls developers do not come from a PC development background unlike CD Projekt. Making a PC port is not free, as should be clear from all the awful PC ports that have shown up over time.

            You are simply ignorant (willfully?) of the realities of sound business practices as well as practical game development, and insensitive to the financial condition of a publisher that honestly deserves some credit for helping make Dark Souls happen in the first place. You make it sound like Demon’s Souls was some kind of runaway hit, when in reality it was more of a cult favorite and very far from from guaranteeing the success that they’ve seen with Dark Souls. (It should tell you something that the devs SWITCHED PUBLISHERS to get to make Dark Souls in the first place!)

            Their decision to not initially release on PC wasn’t some kind of spiteful thing. It’s not because they see the PC as a weaker platform or whatever bizarre platform insecurity is making you think this way.

            Dark Souls was simply designed first for consoles, with enough of a budget to account for its primary release platform. And now that they’ve been surprised with the clamor from PC fans they’re doing their best to meet demand. How the hell can you see this as a bad thing? How the hell can you seriously justify “don’t buy this game because they didn’t put PC FIRST” when this is a victory for PC getting games properly it otherwise wouldn’t even get crappy port of?

            You are what’s wrong with the modern consumer: taking a pithy stand for everything that DOESN’T matter, and completely devaluing the concept of being principled in the process.

      • Mordsung says:

        You’ve generally got two choices in this life. You can be an idealist or you can be a realist.

        Idealist is a friendly way of saying idiot.

        You can deal with this swirling expanse of matter and energy slowly decaying into entropy, or you can pretend really hard that things like honour, integrity, and other such rubbish exist.

        So we can buy PC Dark Souls and maybe get a sequel on PC, or we can not buy it and Namco probably will continue not making games on PC.

        You don’t have to buy it, but don’t buy it for realist reasons, not idealistic fantasy about boycotting our way to equal treatment.

        • FunkyBadger3 says:

          I’d honour and integrity are very important to how we live our lives. They’ve got nothing to do with computer games though.

          • Unaco says:

            So… next time there’s a Day 0 DLC story, or a shoddy port, or the PC release is delayed, or something similar, you’ll be there to tell us all to stop complaining, be realists, that there’s no honour & integrity in video gaming, and we should just roll over and accept it? Ok then.

  6. Scarf Ace says:

    OH BOY!

    • Zaboomafoozarg says:

      Yeah, I’ve always wanted this game, super excited.

    • Sythonz says:

      As someone currently playing the hell out of Demon’s Souls and yet to touch Dark Souls, I couldn’t have put it better myself. There goes the rest of the year.

  7. TheArbiter says:

    Praise the sun!
    I was one of the people who supported the thread over at namco bandai forums every single day.
    Our efforts have finally paid off, and I can say with pure glee that I will enjoy playing this at 2560×1600 at 60+ FPS.

    • Koshinator says:

      As was I… and all I have to say now is ‘Bring on August!!’

  8. Soulstrider says:

    Now hopefully PC version will not turn into a flop saleswise

    • RedViv says:

      Hopefully. Let’s see how many PC players are really just full of it with their talk of the way too easy console games and casualisificationisationisms.

      • Cunthulu says:

        Wow. That… Un-word just grabs hold of your tongue and doesn’t let go. Actually, that’s exactly what it sounds like. Try grabbing your tongue and say it.

        • RedViv says:

          And it makes about as much sense as any kind of buzz word generated solely for arguing about different tastes in games. Neat innit.

          • Mordsung says:

            While the charge is overused, there has been a significant trend in gaming within the last several years to make games simpler and easier. While this is fantastic for increasing gaming’s appeal, it does leave a sour taste in many a mouth of those who’ve been gaming for years.

            Most of the time people scream “Casual” or “Consolfied” for the wrong reasons, but to say the phenomenon is non-existent is equally false.

            You can even see it in certain game franchises, a great example being Rainbow Six going from a tactical team insertion simulation to an arcadey cover shooter.

            Might be great for people who don’t want to mix thinking with their gameplay, but it means those of us who do have a much smaller game selection than we used to have.

      • Pointless Puppies says:

        I doubt that’ll be an issue. More than likely it’ll pull an Alan Wake and break even in a few hours.

  9. Bodminzer says:

    Prepare to die. Oh, also prepare to see pages and pages of comments/forum posts from spoiled PC gamers demanding difficulty negating ‘features’, like quicksaves. But for now, prepare to die.

    • TheArbiter says:

      Since when is quicksaving a “difficulty negating feature”? I was under the impression that quicksaving isn’t present on consoles because it would require more buttons than what the tiny gamepad has.

      • Kaira- says:

        Since when wasn’t it? Spam quicksave and any game will become a cakewalk.

        • TheArbiter says:

          Yes, but no one is forcing you to use quicksave. I’m obviously not expecting Dark Souls to have a quicksave button, but that doesn’t mean quicksaving would “dumb down” the game.

          • Kaira- says:

            Obviously no one is going to force one to use quicksaves. However, in some cases they go directly against the design of the game. Saving system is also a design choice.

          • JackShandy says:

            You can’t just put something in quotes when no-one in this thread has said it. You should also stop calling everyone “Gut-crazed lunatics”, whatever that means.

          • Suits says:

            Didn’t they have those bonfires where you can save? I think quick-saving would make that partially obselete so I doubt they change the save mechanics.

          • Kaira- says:

            Bonfires don’t save the game per-se – the game saves constantly your actions, be it killed enemies, attacked a friend, et cetera.

          • Imbecile says:

            Yeah, the lack of quicksave is a vital element of the game. Without it, the game would lose a great deal. Most of its appeal is the atmosphere, the fear of risk vs reward. Do you push on and risk dying and maybe losing all your xp, or head back to a bonfire and cash in your hard earned souls. Quicksave would entirely destroy this mechanic.

            Checkpointing and saving on quit hasnt been chosen because of “console limitations”, its because its a much better system than quicksaving.

          • noom says:

            I find the “you don’t have to use it” argument naive tbh, especially in regards to Dark Souls. It’s a game that has reduced me to a sweaty-handed twitching wreck of a person on the occasions where I have found myself under extreme duress and with a lot to lose. Expecting a person not to reach for an available quicksave in situations like that is like expecting a drowning man not to reach for a lifejacket.

            I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that you haven’t played it Arbiter. Do so, and I think you would change your mind on that.

          • jrodman says:

            Jack: it’s a normal pattern in English to use terms that you don’t believe in yourself in quotes. They’re called scare-quotes. So it’s quite possible he just meant to suggest that the term dumb-down is obviously circumspect, and is borrowing some common turn of phrase of those not present.

            Now maybe your assumption was the right one,and my suggestion isn’t what was going on. But maybe this is a time to assume good faith?

        • Delusibeta says:

          From what I’ve heard, the game spams quicksave for you. The problem is by the time you’ve screwed up, it’s quicksaved a half dozen times since.

          • pipman3000 says:

            “sure you got me a new puppy but don’t i deserve a pony too?” -unaco

            edit: wrong person i’ll blame the comment system for this

      • mckertis says:

        “quicksaving isn’t present on consoles because it would require more buttons than what the tiny gamepad has.”

        Really ? I always set two gamepad buttons for savestate and loadstate when playing on emulators.

      • Gnarf says:

        I think Bodminzer is talking about “save anywhere” rather than quicksave in the sense of “press F5 to quicksave”. And not being able to save wherever whenever doesn’t have anything to do with the controller.

        The Souls games have systems dealing with saving and dying and such that work well together and would be ruined by save anywhere. And then there’s the integrated multiplayer thing.

        • RedViv says:

          Yes. There is a difference between quicksaves and quickload, and saves anywhere. Dark Souls has the latter, and the former would ruin it.

    • golem09 says:

      There are plenty consolegames that don’t have quicksave and I never heard anyone complain about it from the pc crowd.
      Assassinss Creed, Dead Space1+2, Batman, both Arkhams, Amalur, the list goes on.

    • Karl says:

      Funny because I remember a lot of “spoiled” console gamers complaining about the difficulty of Demon’s Souls and that everything got reset after dying. A while later some of them adjusted and accepted the different playstyle, others stopped playing. Seeing as the PC still gets a lot of very difficult and hardcore games I would say it’s not about difficulty but about good design.

      • ffordesoon says:

        But… But we can’t argue fruitlessly over “good design”! Arguing fruitlessly is gamers’ second-favorite pastime!

        • subedii says:

          We should instead pre-emptively argue over how angry “PC Gamers” are going to be before the game’s released for reasons which escape me and likely everyone else.

          • Sparkasaurusmex says:

            If it doesn’t have a 64 bit exe I will boycott console ports forever!!!!

    • yonsito says:

      I was going to say hopefully there is an easy difficulty.

    • HothMonster says:

      The game already spams quicksave for you. It saves after you do just about anything. The “problem” is there is no load function.

  10. eXtonix says:

    4 months of wait? Damn it, that’s a lot. :/

  11. MordeaniisChaos says:

    When are game journalists going to learn to stop fucking having unnoficial confirmation under the title “CONFIRMED”.

    I don’t give a fuck till it’s official. I’ve been burned before. Also, it’s just bad journalism. Come on guys.

    • Toberoth says:

      “Unofficially confirmed” is the wording used in the article itself. Which makes sense.

    • Toberoth says:

      But if they’re previewing the PC version of the game, then it’s pretty strongly confirmed that it’s under development, no?

      • MordeaniisChaos says:

        It’s not about it being right or wrong or believing it, it’s about being very specific. If you have to say “unofficially confirmed” in the article, you need to do it in the title as well. Modifiers like that are important to use everywhere. That’s like making an article about a great new bakery titled “New bakery smells!” Instead of “New bakery smells great!” A simple example, but I like to think a good one, despite making me rather peckish.

    • Dominic White says:

      It’s UNOFFICIAL because there has not been an OFFICIAL press-release yet. However, this is actual, factual confirmation that a PC gaming magazine is doing a hands-on preview of the game, which is confirmation that the PC version does exist. It’s not bad journalism.

  12. Suits says:

    Now waiting to hear the PC features

  13. Unaco says:

    Bit late isn’t it? This was out in October on the console boxes… and still not out for PC. Maybe if PC got parity on release date with the consoles this would be cool. But when PC is an afterthought, 1 year or so down the line… no thanks.

    • Kadayi says:

      So what’s important to you is not the game (you know that thing you actually ‘play’) but that it wasn’t released on the PC at the same time? No pleasing some people it seems.

      • Unaco says:

        The game is important, certainly. But I think my principles are more important than just the one game. That may not be the case for you Kadayi… you might abandon all moral integrity, and kowtow to those who neglect and mistreat us, as soon as they flash something shiny at you. But I won’t. I can’t do that. I cannot abandon my principles!

        Also… Played it on console.

        • Toberoth says:

          Your rhetoric is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not.

        • JackDandy says:

          Some “Principles”…

        • CorporateShill says:

          If you read the article on GOG, you’d definitely realize that Kadayi is my namesake.

          How dare those wretched gamers decide to prefer buying at prices lower than those originally set by their corporate overlords. HOW DARE THEY! Prices in multibillion dollar markets should never be set by what people are willing to pay for the product. They should always be set at the ceiling determined by the benevolent board at EA, because we all know that thanks to those nasty Steam sales, the multibillion dollar industry is on its knees and may soon stop making games entirely. There is no way that anyone would step in to fill the market for games if EA couldn’t charge 60$ for a 5 hour game.

          • Shooop says:

            And who didn’t know Guillaume Rambourg is a mind-reader who knows those games you spent very little money for didn’t give you the satisfaction you expected from them?!

            I can’t tell if quotes like that are the result of insanity or arrogance that could make Bobby Kotick gasp.

        • subedii says:

          I’m just going to straight up ask, and hope for a straight up answer:

          Why are you putting so much effort into trolling this news piece? I mean who exactly are you even trying to make fun of? I’m not even sure even though you’ve made it painfully obvious that you’re doing a “look at me look at me I’m being a troll” thing here.

          I mean if you don’t want to answer that question that’s fine, I guess. I’d just appreciate if you didn’t respond altogether if it’s just going to be another faux outraged / upset “Me? Trolling?” response or similar. It’s just a simple question, and I’m genuinely curious as to what you’re trying to… well… do here. If anything.

          • Unaco says:

            Firstly, I’m not trying to troll. Expressing doubts, concerns, or negative sentiments towards something is not really trolling, necessarily. Yes, I’m expressing them with some hyperbole, and a tongue gently resting against my cheek… but I’m not trying to troll (and why is it you accuse me of trolling, but not Pipman say, who claims that my stance is purely so I can justify pirating the game – something I deny vehemently).

            I’m not being 100% serious… But I do hope that my point, which I consider serious and quite important, is getting across. It’s great the game is coming to PC, I’m probably going to pick it up, if we get a decent Port and Package from them… but still, we shouldn’t forget that they have ignored the PC until now.

            Other Devs and Publishers get called out (rightly?) all the time for their less than stellar treatment of the PC… delaying PC releases, not making PC versions specific to the platform, shoddy ports, giving less attention to the PC than other platforms, attaching DRM to PC versions, etc, etc.

            Namco themselves have shown the PC less love than they deserve (in my opinion) recently as well… see TW2, with Namco forcing DRM on, poor promotion of the game, things like that. It seems as though the Devs/Publishers of this had completely ignored the PC as a platform, until a whole heap of them shouted very loudly at them. And then they took notice. As BAshment says a little lower, they were completely ignorant of the PC platform. And that shouldn’t be forgotten. This wasn’t like a lot of other games, that have their PC release delayed by a few weeks/a month… they gave absolutely zero consideration to the PC (or did consider it, but dismissed it as a platform). Releasing the PC version has come as an afterthought for them. And not one that they had during design/development… They didn’t launch on consoles then start working on the PC port. They had to be asked, begged, pleaded with to consider the PC.

            Yes, hopefully we’ll get a decent port, and it’ll be a success, and then when their next game (Namco’s or From Software’s) comes around it’ll get a PC release at the same time as other platforms. But… I hope that they get that message… that the PC should be given parity with the other platforms. There is a fear that they might have a success here, but see that they had that success despite considering the PC as an afterthought, and despite treating us like 2nd class gamers.

            In short… Great the game is coming, but we really, really should have had this last October, alongside release on the consoles. It wasn’t though… they ignored the PC completely, until now, way after release. I’ll be willing to forgive them if they show, with the PC release being a decent port and package, that they do consider the PC as equal to the consoles, rather than a 2nd rate platform they can cash in on way after they’ve shown their love to the consoles. Lets hope, in future, Namco/From Software realise that the PC should be treated the same as the consoles.

          • subedii says:

            Firstly, I’m not trying to troll. Expressing doubts, concerns, or negative sentiments towards something is not really trolling, necessarily. Yes, I’m expressing them with some hyperbole, and a tongue gently resting against my cheek… but I’m not trying to troll

            No, of course you’re not.

            My mistake.

          • Unaco says:

            Can’t tell if you’re being serious or not here. I’ll reiterate though… I’m not trying to troll. Criticism of something is not trolling. Doing it with hyperbole is not trolling. Making it somewhat jokey is not trolling. If it were, then a large portion of the Hivemind’s output would be considered ‘trolling’ by that definition.

      • pipman3000 says:

        bet you he’s looking for an excuse to pirate it and not feel bad because it was “justified”

        if it came out on the pc first instead of consoles he’d say it wasn’t good enough because they won’t kiss his arse and offer him a handie :p

        • Unaco says:

          So what… you get that from a Crystal Ball or something? You have any other insights into my existence Pipman?

          Firstly, I am staunchly, staunchly anti-piracy. I would never condone, encourage, or engage in piracy, except for in very specific circumstances (replacing a purchased game with lost/scratched discs, using a pirated copy as a demo/prepurchase after/before actually purchasing, circumventing draconian DRM, or we spot a well laden Spanish Barque and the wind is with us… Arrrgh!). I have been quite vocal in my anti-piracy stance here and in other places.

          Also… PLAYED IT ON CONSOLE! I don’t need to pirate it, and I’m not going to. Anyone that would use this sort of reasoning (as you seem to think I am doing) to justify their piracy is an idiot.

          Secondly… If it came out on PC first, I’d probably be quite enthusiastic about it. It would show that they’ve dedicated some time and consideration to the PC version, and it isn’t an afterthought. Why you bring in the sexual imagery, I don’t know… but really it has no place in this discussion.

          • Sheng-ji says:

            You are being a prick UNACO, firstly, your whole anti-piracy stance is ruined by “I would pirate a game to get a demo” crap, the same cry heard the world over by those who in reality pirate games with no intention of paying for them.

            Secondly, fair enough, you played the game so you wouldn’t buy it on PC – but what’s all this toss about PC gamers being neglected? This was always intended to be a PS3 exclusive – check your copy’s original packaging. Over the last few months, PC gamers have campaigned for this and we are bloody lucky the legal situation allows for them to release it for us, or Sony have been generous enough to turn a blind eye. We are getting a game that we weren’t going to get before we asked. It was never ever on the cards for us to get it. This is a very good thing for PC gaming, that is all.

          • qd says:

            Does your staunch anti-piracy stand extend to music, porn, software, books, film, etc, be it streaming or downloading, or just games?

          • Unaco says:

            Personal insults? Totally uncalled for Sheng-ji, and I refuse to read past that, so your points are moot.

          • Chris D says:

            And that, boys and girls, is a text-book example of the “la-la-la! I can’t hear you!” defence.

          • Unaco says:


            This isn’t really the place for an in-depth look into my stance on Piracy. But yes… It extends to music, books, film, software etc. Most, if not all, of the media which I consume/absorb/enjoy I do pay for. I currently spend ~£30 a month on books from Amazon. I very, very rarely watch movies these days, but when I do it’ll be something that’s caught my eye and I’ve splashed out on the DVD (last ones where probably District 9 and Moon). Software I use is either open source, or I get for free using research licenses, or get for free from the Developers.

            Television I don’t watch much of, but all the TV I do watch, I do pay for… the only terrestrial UK TV I watch is from the BBC, and so I get it from IPlayer and pay for that through my TV licence. US shows I watch (GoT, House, Fringe) I do download and watch at my convenience, but I have a subscription to Sky/Satellite television and those shows are all available from them. But I do get copies from pirate sources, for convenience. GoT for example is on in the US on Sunday nights, and UK on Monday nights… I download the US version on a Monday morning, and usually end up watching it at the same time it’s on Sky Atlantic in the UK. I could watch it down stairs, but I don’t like to smoke in my sitting room (restrict it to my study, where my PC is), I like to pause it to make a cup of tea, go to the bathroom etc.

          • qd says:

            Thanks for the in-depth answer, Unaco.

            But what about porn? There is loads of porn available that’s provided free of charge (e.g. homemade stuff), and every male may not consume porn, but… not even a little bit of pirated porn? Not even having a quick wank over streaming pirated porn every now and then?

            Also, I don’t think you can say your stand is very strict, if you allow big exceptions that are definitely not very specific situations, like unofficial demoing, or circumventing draconian DRM (whose definition is quite subjective).

            When you start cracking DRM or downloading episodes through BitTorrent for conveniency, you’re committing copyright infringement (AKA piracy). What I’m trying to highlight is someone claiming they’re following copyright laws to the T, when they’re not.

            And I don’t think it’s fair to mock Toberoth with a full paragraph, and then completely refuse to listen to Sheng-ji when they only mock you in passing.

          • Unaco says:

            Toberoth didn’t reduce the conversation to the level of personal insults. Sheng-ji did.

            I’m not going to touch the pornography discussion… this is really not the place for it.

            When I said my position is staunchly anti-piracy, I guess mostly that was in response to pipman, and his accusation that I am looking for an excuse to pirate the game… something I can use to justify piracy. I’m very much against those sorts of justifications for piracy. Similarly Eddiestrike’s position down the thread a little, of Good port = purchase, Bad port = pirate… I’m quite against that sort of justification or reasoning or attitude.

            I’m not entirely against Pirate means and Pirate methods, however. As I say, making products you’ve already purchased more convenient, whether by using cracks (to get round UBI DRM for example) or downloading a ‘backup’ copy, I can agree with (although never done that myself). It might be Copyright infringement, but it wouldn’t be against my own principles in the situation. I don’t claim to follow Copyright laws to the T, and, I guess, I’m not 100% anti piracy.

          • pipman3000 says:

            look man i’m staunchly anti-piracy except for those times when i do pirate stuff but that’s different ok

          • Unaco says:

            I’m staunchly against the sort of Piracy and justification/reasoning for Piracy which you accused me of Pipman.

            Like I said, I don’t think this is the place to get into a discussion on the whole piracy thing… it’s far too vast a topic to be handled in these comments. But, as I have said, I am not looking for an excuse to pirate the game, and I am staunchly against such reasoning and justification for piracy… I think, if you’re going to play a game, you should pay for it. The times when I agree with using pirate methods, are (probably) universally times when an individual has paid for a product, but uses those pirate methods to make the product more convenient. But is that actual Piracy?

          • qd says:

            Ahh, but if you didn’t pirate porn, you could have easily just said that, couldn’t you? Not that you are required to, sexuality is a private thing after all… But these days it’s no shame to admit to masturbating and watching porn when pretty much everyone does (at least when speaking of the male population). So I may draw my own conclusions which may or may not be accurate.

    • Delusibeta says:

      Counter argument: it’s a game by a Japanese studio and a Japanese publisher. As you know, the Japanese don’t give a crap about PC, broadly speaking. Be grateful a PC version exists and stop whining about it being released nearly a year later.

      • pipman3000 says:

        “sure you got me a new puppy but don’t you think i deserve a pony too?” — unaco

        • BAshment says:

          ignorance of a platform is bad business if you are a large international game publisher.

  14. povu says:

    Well look at that, an internet petition from gamers that actually worked.

  15. Arnulf says:

    I propose a Demon’s Souls Kickstarter.

    • JackShandy says:

      I’d kickstart a Demon’s Souls-style game.

      It’d have to be 2D, I imagine.

    • TheArbiter says:

      Not going to happen. Demon Souls was a PS3 exclusive.

    • Orija says:

      Demon’s Souls is owned by Sony, hence the name change for the sequel.

      A petition for Dragon’s Dogma on the other hand…

      • RedViv says:

        I’m fairly sure that DD will arrive on the PC, too. Possibly even with 99% of the content on the disc actually unlocked!

      • Unaco says:

        I’d get behind that. It looked very interesting from a quick 10 minute feature on the Youtube.

    • jfml says:

      Good old Demon’s Souls.

      I haven’t played Dark Souls as much as Demon’s Souls yet but although Dark Souls is a really good game I think I still like Demon’s Souls better. I feel it was more bleak (no green leaves anywhere …) and challenging. I remember being really desperate early in the game because of World Tendency. If you didn’t progress item drops decreased (I guess?) while the monsters got harder and I had times where I had almost constantly struggled to get some health from somewhere. Those where the days … And I’m totally stuck in NG+ for some reason (haven’t reached good grinding spots yet, I think).

  16. Gary W says:

    This is probably the best thing I played on the current generation of consoles.

    Although Bayonetta & Shadow Complex weren’t bad.

  17. JackDandy says:


  18. Kadayi says:

    I’ve heard good things about this so I’m interested, although the impressions I’ve got is that it’s as hard as Coffin nails and fairly unforgiving. Still pleased to see it’s coming to PC.

    • mckertis says:

      “it’s as hard as Coffin nails and fairly unforgiving”

      It’s really not. There is always some exploit or something, you dont have to slug it out with everything, you can avoid many things, and lastly you barely lose anything if you die. How is that hard – i dont really see, but anyway.
      Its a good game, but certainly not the “ultimate amazing discovery of genius game design of the century” everyone is parroting about.

    • JackShandy says:

      Don’t listen to mckertits, it’s hard by the bar set by almost every game released right now. As in, you’ll die. There’s no way to avoid that fact.

    • Fiatil says:

      If it’s anything like Demon’s Souls, it’s only hard if you approach it like every other game. It’s more unforgiving than anything else. Once you get used to it and realize that you need to take it slow, that you can’t rush into anything without examining your environment first, it’s really not too bad. Yeah you’ll die occasionally, but it’s because you’re dumb and you did something dumb.

  19. Oozo says:

    Damn it. Dark Souls definitely was GOTY for me last year. (And one of the best games of recent time, period.) Still, I have to admit that I was hoping they wouldn’t add new features… I didn’t want to pick it up again, since it’s intense enough to have kept me from playing any other game for months… if they change enough, though, I might just fall for it once more. Sorry, 2012-releases…)

  20. apocraphyn says:

    Wonderful news. The hope that it’d come out for PC was the only thing preventing me from purchasing it for PS3. I’ll be picking it up when it comes out!

  21. povu says:

    Probably a good idea to pick up a 360 controller for this. I need one for some other games anyway…

    • jfml says:

      Exactly what I was thinking! Though I’m eager to see how they map it to the keyboard.

  22. superflat says:

    This is the moment challenge- and console-starved gamers have been waiting for.

  23. bit_crusherrr says:

    Going to be gutted if these extra bosses don’t find their way to PS3. Don’t want to buy the same game a second time… Oh well I imagine after a few weeks it will be cheap anyway.

  24. Casimir's Blake says:

    People seem to be forgetting that From Software are the developers of this game. And previous to Demon’s / Dark Souls, was their INFINITELY SUPERIOR first person hard-as-nails RPG series King’s Field. Apparently they are reconsidering a return to it.

    So I will be buying Dark Souls PC in the tiny, tiny hope that it might go some way towards encouraging From to make another King’s Field game. And maybe, just maybe, for PC as well. It’s been a long, long time since Sword of Moonlight.

  25. Luciphear says:

    I already bought the limited edition for PS3 not long ago, but hell. I’ll buy it again for PC, it’s just that much of a badass game. :D

    Good thing I recently bought a X360 controller for windows as well. More reason to buy it. :)

  26. Bhazor says:

    My body is ready.

  27. ffordesoon says:


  28. fish99 says:

    Main reason this is awesome – I haven’t gotten round to playing Dark Souls yet (despite adoring Demon Souls) – so now hopefully I can play it without the framerate problems. I just hope the controls translate well to mouse/keyboard.

  29. Eddiestrike says:

    Good port: purchase.

    Lazy port: pirate.

    • Ysellian says:

      Now that is just ridiculous. You feel perfectly comfortable playing a pirated copy of a poor port, but only pay money if you feel the job is adequate enough? How about not playing the game? Or hell get it in a online deal somewhere.

      • Eddiestrike says:

        If they’re just going to try and cash in on PC gamers, why pay?

        If they give us a solid product on par with other PC titles in terms of features, then pay away.

        • Zeliard says:

          You know there’s a third option there, right?

        • Vartesz says:

          Yes, why pay? Although, why pirate it either, if it’s so “bad”? By pirating and playing it (aka spending your leisure time with it), you actually confirm that it isn’t bad at all and you were just looking for a cheap excuse to enjoy it without paying.

  30. PC-GAMER-4LIFE says:

    Namco better not go all cheapskate like they did on Ridge Racer Unbounded which is clearly a budget title lacking any real PC specific features or even settings to tweak.

    I would lower expectations until its confirmed who is handling the port & how competant they are as apart from Capcom & Konami most japanese based games tend to get the lower budget PC port treatment!

    • Max.I.Candy says:

      RR:Unbounded is actually really good skill based arcade racer. Its the best racer IMO that has come out in the last few years.

  31. hosndosn says:

    I’d really like to know if that was genuinely caused by the hype/petition or whether they’ve already been working on it behind closed doors (and saw the “bring Dark Souls to the PC!” movement as just a welcome PR tool). I hope they get asked that question in an interview. Of course they can say anything, now, lol.

    • Max.I.Candy says:

      this is purely the result of interest shown by fans.

    • Pointless Puppies says:

      I don’t want to be cynical, but I could see that happening given the fact that the hype/petition came from a moderator on their boards.

  32. Kuroko says:


  33. Max.I.Candy says:

    my life is now complete.

  34. Brynden says:

    two words:
    Most Awesome

  35. Reapy says:

    Have it on xbox but might consider picking it up on pc if there is a bit of a network update such that youll see more people up voting markings and see more of the cross world stuff like the magic boost rings or the item bug things. Also would like it a bit better if it was easier to find coop action short of being at optimal soul level at the right place. Hrmm almost makes me get it out on the xbox but i forget where my chars were at. Better to start over on the pc ;)

  36. DOLBYdigital says:

    Yes! I love this new age of petitions and kick starters… it gives the gamers a voice into what was usually a publisher controlled part of the industry. So happy to play Dark Souls on PC, would love if they released Demon Souls too!

  37. Goliathvv says:

    Where is the pre-order button?!!?

  38. Shooop says:

    I know almost nothing about this game/series. But with all the hype and celebration around it I think I’ll look more into it. The video footage I saw reminds me of my Vindictus days as a Lann so it shouldn’t be THAT hard to pick up right?

    …I’m going to be ass-stomped if I play this aren’t I?

    • clumsyandshy says:

      Actually the less you know about it going in, the better I would say. One of my all time best gaming experiences was going into Demons’s Souls not really knowing what it was (except a “different” and challenging RPG.)

      As long as you don’t expect a hack ‘n slash but try to be methodical you should be fine. The difficulty of the series is many times a bit exagerrated.

      You will die, yes :)

  39. clumsyandshy says:

    Yay! So much yay!
    Let’s hope they try to improve multiplayer stability though. Too many failed summons just makes you sad :(

  40. PoulWrist says:


  41. bill says:

    Thank god for that. Now maybe people will shut the hell up about it. I’ve never actually seen the game in action and I’m already fed up with it.

  42. StormFuror says:

    This is awesome news. I’m only 2 bosses from beating New Game+ on my PS3. I can’t wait to see this game with my gaming rig!!! Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls are some of my favorite games ever.

  43. Muzman says:

    eh, I don’t think I’ll get it now. Screw ’em.

  44. Schaap says:

    I already finished this on PS3 but if someone mods some mylittlepony enemies i’ll have to buy it again.

  45. Xan says:

    Now let’s just hope it won’t have some messed up DRM

    • RedViv says:

      Likely Steam, for easy integration of peer-to-peer multiplayer with the least amount of money spent.

      • Xan says:

        That’s the best case scenario after a no DRM option.

        But Section 8 devs used GFWL for both games for example and DoW 2 series used GFWL until the newest one.

        Most likely the game will be either on Steam or with just SecuROM DRM or in worst case GFWL AND SecuROM.

  46. MarcusCardiff says:

    Nanco should never have given in to those whining entitled PC gamers.
    They have compromised their ‘artistic vision’ of a console only title.
    This will set a terrible precedent where demanding gamers think they can throw a tantrum and get any game onto their platform of choice,.
    PC gamers should be ashamed.

  47. misaasdw says:

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  48. ScottHarrigan says:

    It seems really horrifying to open this up to the PC, in the good way. It is induces shudders to imagine the traps, enemies, and bosses that the modding community will add into the game; this is in addition to the even harder and more frightening creatures that Atlus will no doubt graciously add to annihilate the players. I guess players would do well to prepare to die…..even more

    link to

    The trailer for the PC version should probably just be a compilation of death scenes to simulate the game play experience.

  49. KillahMate says:


    Now let’s all us jaded PC gaming bastards gather together and make this one a fucking blockbuster! SONS OF WINTEL! THIS IS OUR CHANCE TO PROVE OUR WORTH.

  50. elnalter says:

    You people throw around the word entitlement so much it’s actually quite annoying. Only fools would want an anti-consumer demand market.