Mechin’ Magic: Borderlands 2’s Fifth Class to be DLC

She armless enough.
Borderlands 2 is going to have all the guns. Hundreds of thousands of the things. 87 bazillion! Probably. Gearbox’s unabashed ode to all things projectile will – as it turns out – also have five character classes to wield them. There is, however, something of a catch: the Mechromancer (which I was crushed to discover in no way involves candle-lit dinners) won’t be working its robotic voodoo on day one. Instead, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford is estimating the robo-armed girl and her controllable robo-everything-ed sidekick will be finished “60 to 90 days” after launch. On the upside, she’ll be yours for free if you pre-order and join the shadowy Premiere Club. Otherwise, though, you’ll have to fork over 87 bazillion dollars. Or, you know, a fee “comparable to most DLC.”

And, to be clear, this does apply to PC. I sought clarification from the magical game-making crate itself and received the following response: “Steam doesn’t tend to take pre-orders until about 2-3 months before launch. Haven’t even had a discussion yet with them on if they will be a Premiere Club participant, so I cant give you anything on record in regards to them. Retail PC pre-orders will [give players access to free DLC], though.”

Meanwhile, Gearbox also announced earnable character customization pieces during its PAX East presentation (via Game Informer), which will take the form of gear, costumes, and even heads. So simply complete missions and challenges, and you’ll have your pick of the cranial litter – thus finally allowing your restless soul to find peace if you are, in fact, a Headless Horseman.

Jim (who is not, to my knowledge, a Headless Horseman) got to play the game recently and came away fairly impressed. He may have even joypuked while finally getting why kids these days love the dubstep. I don’t know. He doesn’t like to talk about it. Regardless, it’s all looking very promising. 87 bazillion promisings, even.


  1. RedViv says:

    Fine with me, really. Pre-order, take your chances with the game, pay more for nigh inevitable issues and bugs at launch, get a DLC for free to make up for that.

    Fully expect people to twist this into “Day 0 DLC!!!” and “Selling cut content!!!” though.

    • idsacan says:

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    • Rinox says:

      There’s something poetic about getting a spambot reply to that post instead of an Angry Internet Man.

      • Phantoon says:

        The Council of Angry Internet Men LLC, known colloquially as the “Legion of Doom”, would like to extend our sincerest apologies that we just don’t have the steam to spare to care about this nonsense, as we’re not buying or playing this game anyways.

        Again, dreadfully sorry, but this isn’t worth getting upset over, as it’s not worth talking about. That’s our motto, you know.

    • v00d00m4n says:

      Keep in mind – CLASS, GAME-MODE, MAPS or VITAL PART OF GAME STORY and anything like this SHOULD NOT BE PART OF PAID DLC! DLC could be some minor stuff, that people could miss, or something really big like few EXTRA hours of single or co-op campaign .
      Bad examples of DLC:
      Any Mass Effect 2 and 3 DLC, any COD dlc mp map packs, Borderlands extra DLC class, Prince of Persia 2008 epilogue DLC, splinter cell conviction dlcs. all them even free as they was locked in game was given out every week instead of been available in game initially.

      Good examples:
      GTA 4 TBOGT and TLAD, Sains Row the Third any DLC (this is also good example of fair pricing), Oblivion, Fallout 3 NV and presumably Skyrim dlcs.

  2. c-Row says:

    the Mechromancer (which I was crushed to discover in no way involves candle-lit dinners)

    Ah, pity. I was looking forward to romancing some Mechs.

    • lurkalisk says:

      But will there be some variety of cyberspace adept AI sidekick meant to store/simulate dead personalities?

  3. Taerdin says:

    Looks like they’ve fix a lot of the problems the original game had. I might actually have to check this one out

  4. Tridae says:

    I actually don’t mind this. Was going to pre-order anyway and this is a nice incentive.
    Can’t explain why exactly but I don’t get that horrible feeling I usually do when confronted with the usual DLC money making schemes. Yay Borderlands 2!

    • RedViv says:

      Possibly because all the DLC in Borderlands was the good kind of DLC. Really just miniature expansion packs.

      • Kollega says:

        I second this. I liked BL1’s DLC because those were not guns and hats sold for a few dollars, but full-blown expansions that added substantially to the game. Here’s hoping this trend towards major expansions is going to continue in the sequel.

        • Amun says:

          But this announcement seems to indicate that they’re moving away from a DLC-as-expansion-pack model and moving towards the every-little-thing-can-now-cost-you-money model (pictured).

          link to

          • RedViv says:

            No. No it does not. It indicates that they will provide us with a new character class that would not be in the game otherwise. Nothing else. Capital mistake to theorise before you have all the evidence.

          • Gnoupi says:

            It’s simply the usual “development to keep the team busy between gold and release”. The fact that you get it for free when pre-ordering, instead of having to pay for it on release is kinda cancelling the “they just sell us a part of the original game”.

      • Gnoupi says:

        Some of them were great. Others, though…
        Mad Moxxi, for example. 3 arenas and access to a bank, that wasn’t really feeling like an expansion.

        • Archonsod says:

          I think the biggest draw for Moxxi was actually the bonus skill point. The only real problem was that it was pretty much multiplayer only; the other DLC worked just as well alone as it did with friends.

  5. hjarg says:

    Awww, Pippi Longstocking all grown up!

  6. Kollega says:

    You know to whom preorder incentives suck the most? To the people who can’t preorder even if they wanted to.

    To clarify: i am Russian, and i live in Kazakhstan. Our retailers won’t get the game for two or three weeks after launch, and they sure as hell aren’t participating in 2K’s preorder program. Steam looks like a viable alternative – but unlike in Russia, the prices haven’t been cut according to the nation’s welfare (or lack of it), and spending 50 dollars on a videogame when 1 dollar can buy you three buns of bread is an extremely boneheaded move. The only way i see to take advantage of preordering is to pay my Russian friends to preorder the game for me on the cheap… if that’s even possible.

    I also think that the game dosen’t need the fifth class, since co-op is only for four players, but that’s only a subjective opinion.

    • mistwolf says:

      I dunno, Australia isn’t far behind you on most release dates, and we inversely benefit from steam’s non-regional pricing; since they charge US prices, we don’t end up paying $100+ for games from them. :P Between you guys and us, though, I would probably take lack of games over lack of bread.

      • sassy says:

        What steam have you been using? Australia (as well as a couple of other places like New Zealand) suffer from the most expensive games on steam, AAA releases are often $20-30 more than the US (and we are charged in USD so no need to convert dollars) and are much slower to go down. If you need an example of how bad it is, right now Modern Warfare 2 is USD$19.99 in America whereas in Australia it is USD$89.99. That is $70 more expensive, which is enough to buy Modern Warfare 3 in America and still have enough for a good indie game.

        Europe overall has it worse I believe if you look over the whole steam catalog, as not all releases in Australia get that markup but a lot do. Most likely Borderlands 2 will as well, if memory serves me then Borderlands 1 had it.

      • soldant says:

        Do we really live in the same country? Because I remember back when CoD4 came out and they jacked up the price in USD to “match” retail, our weaker dollar meant that we paid more for the Steam copy. It’s only good while our dollar is strong, as soon as that changes, it gets much worse. And we’re still paying more since they deliberately increase the price for Australia, we’re just lucky that it’s in USD and our dollar is stronger right now.

        And it’s cheaper to order from the UK anyway.

    • Kdansky says:

      Pre-ordering is always a bad move for the customer. You pay a long time before you actually play the game (and you might not immediately find the time to play it), you get left out of all discounts (amazon is often ~25% cheaper for me than a theoretical pre-order), and if the game sucks, you’re still stuck with it. If you wait to just a week after release, you will easily know if it runs on your machine or not, and you can even get a torrent to test that if the forums look really grim. What do you lose out on? Nothing.

      You’re better off not pre-ordering.

      • piratmonkey says:

        Can’t you pre-order off of amazon?

        • CaspianRoach says:

          You can, but for a full american price. Which would be silly if you can get regional russian pricing for it on Steam.

      • Kollega says:

        I have never preordered games before, but i might just make an exception for Borderlands 2 because the first game didn’t suck, and the second game is the first one, but with all the flaws ironed out. And as i’ve said, if i get someone from Russia to pre-order it for me, it’s going to be two times cheaper than the Western price. And i don’t want to wait for two or three weeks, because again, the game looks awesome and i want it NAO.

        • CaspianRoach says:

          I can do it for you when it’s available on Steam. Just message me there.

          • Kollega says:

            I have a few Russian friends who might be willing to help with this, but i’ll remember your offer. Thanks.

      • Vandelay says:

        Fair enough about not knowing how good the game is, but you normally don’t pay long before you get the game, as most stores (any you would actually buy from,) don’t take payment until it has been dispatched. Also, a lot of stores will not change the cost to you if the price goes up and lower it if it goes down. I’ve noticed quite a few early pre-orders can get you the game for a very good price (£20-£25.)

  7. sassy says:

    Not gonna preorder but I see nothing wrong with this. Four classes is fairly hefty already and it isn’t like they are just removing content from the game, so no problem at all.

    Still a shame I’ll have to buy the character later as her concept art looks nice.

    • RedViv says:

      Noooo! Don’t start being reasonable! See, there already is concept art, which is just like dialogue script on other games, so she’s about as worthy of complaints as those squad mates from that game, and that squad mate in its sequel! Equal complaints! Totally sane!

      • Phantoon says:

        Naw. If it’s not actually on the disc, and won’t be finished at launch, then it’s not pants on head derp derp dribble durr.

        But day 1 DLC, that’s on the disc, is still freakin’ retarded. Wut da zog.

        • Deano2099 says:

          You do realise that they’ve probably figured this out by now, so even if it’s all finished for launch, they’ll just not put it on the disc and release it a month later to not have to put up with people complaining.

          • TsunamiWombat says:

            Considering companies keep doing this, they have not figured that all out by now.

  8. Deadly Habit says:

    remember when games didn’t nickel and dime you to death for what would normally be standard content? christ is borderlands 2 gonna be like dungeon defenders

    • piratmonkey says:

      haha what?
      A) In what universe did DD nickle-and-dime you?
      B) How is this in any way standard content?

      • Deadly Habit says:

        Hmmm just a look at all the paid DLC for DD should show where it nickel and dimed. (close to $40 of DLC for a $15 game)
        A character class that is already announced is what i’d call standard content, it’s the same to me as capcom with their on disc character unlock dlc which is really shameful considering this title is launching at $60.

        • RedViv says:

          See, you mention the DLC that is in addition to the game that only cost $15, which features dozens if not hundreds of hours of gameplay through game content and free additions alone, multiplayer, and was developed by no twenty people.

          See where that leads?

          • Deadly Habit says:

            Something is wrong when the sum total of DLC costs more than the game in my eyes. I share the same sentiment as Cytrom has on this in regards to Borderlands. This is something I’d expect from EA not Gearbox.

          • Keymonk says:

            I think it’s a good thing, depending – in this case, it just means they’ve developed a lot more on the game post-launch than most AAA titles do. :) I think it’s nice.

          • RedViv says:

            Trendy is financing the upkeep of this game with the DLC. They did not expect it to become that popular, that is what I was trying to convey.
            And you can not measure payment for an indie and payment for an industry title the same way.

          • Phantoon says:

            When the indie game nickle and dimes you to the cost of a triple A title, then you totally can complain.

            Like how Notch is switching to a new space title rather than expanding on Minecraft because that way he can charge for it again.

          • Dark Malady says:

            Trendy has released an Awful lot of DLC, but, most of it was free for a week or two, some of it are bonus free to people who purchased the larger DLC pack (containing 4 smaller DLCs as one)
            and some of it is just paid content.
            DLC that adds small interesting changes can be good if it’s priced right,
            BIG, meaty, slobbery, DLC/”expansions” are fantastic… provided you don’t go charging something close to the base game price for them.
            And of course, I trust Gearbox to not turn it into something more akin to sims 3… where in you pay out the nose for a few couches let alone a new game mechanic. – also the sims3 in game “sims store” would shine and pulse, it was cursedly distracting, and no i didn’t want a 2.99 real moneys couch unlock.

          • fearghaill says:

            Seriously, Phantoon? Seriously?

            How dare Notch start making a new game that he will undoubtedly expect us to PAY for instead of continuously expanding on an existing game for free. And don’t give me any BS about him having an employee doing just that, free improvements to minecraft, that clearly isn’t good enough for us gamers.

        • piratmonkey says:

          Your argument is “DLC exists, therefore the game is nickel-and-diming me”? That is ridiculous beyond the extreme.
          And “standard” for what? The first game had 4 player co-op and 4 character classes. Therefore “standard” would be the equivalent in the second game, and all those are present. A fifth class is not standard at all.
          DLC coming out 2-3 months after release is perfect since it gives time to complete the vanilla game and level up other characters. 2-3 months is the sweet spot of being done and wanting new content.

          • Phantoon says:

            DLC that was not finished in time is perfectly reasonable as long as it’s not more stupid horse armor crap. Old World Blues is an excellent example of DLC done right.

        • Ringwraith says:

          I would to point out that most of Dungeon Defenders’ DLC is free for the first few weeks it’s released, at least all the seasonal add-ons are.
          The episodic expansion they’re slowly releasing the is the only actual ‘content’ (so not just costumes) that’s never been free at some point.

    • Dinger says:

      Here’s a classic marketing failure.

      We all know there’s going to be DLC, and from what my friends tell me, the Borderlands DLC was great and well worth the money.

      But by definition, the market for DLC consists of everyone who bought the game, and nobody else.
      The only reason to push DLC before the game is sold is to sell the game, which is what they’re trying to do with this stupid pre-order nonsense. The only people throwing in day-90 DLC on preorders speaks to are those who have already decided to buy the game. For everyone else, the message is “this game is going to cost more than you think — here’s all the other things you can buy.” Hilton doesn’t advertise their nickle-and-dime hotel chain by touting the brand of water they’ll charge you $10 a liter for: they sell the rooms, the location, the price, and then all the great things they’ll nickle-and-dime you for. Pre-release movie trailers don’t advertise the sequels.

      That’s almost as bad as retailer exclusives, which work by destroying the brick-and-mortar business model in exchange for a few shiny trinkets.

      Why not just say “those who pre-ordered will get free day-90 DLC featuring a new character”?

      • Wisq says:

        But by definition, the market for DLC consists of everyone who bought the game, and nobody else.

        Incorrect. DLC = additional content, and additional content serves to both improve the experience of existing players and to attract new players.

        Otherwise, when all the DLC is released, they wouldn’t bother releasing “ultimate” or “game of the year” or whatever packs that contain the game plus all DLC.

        This is particularly true for a multiplayer game, where old returning fans may well want to grab their friends and get them to buy the game so they can play together.

        • Dinger says:

          logic. What is in a game-of-the-year pack does in not DLC. Rather, when the DLC market is exhausted, that content is rolled into selling the main game again.

          DLC = DownLoadable Content, distinct from the product itself and requiring it.

          We really need a taxonomy here. I’ll work one up.

    • hbarsquared says:

      Yeah, I remember back in the 90s, when some SNES games cost $90 or more (in 1994 dollars, no less) and there were no internet reviews, trailers, or forums. Damn you Video Game Industry for coming up with new, more sustainable business models!

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      A much better example would have been Magicka or even Space Marine.

  9. alseT says:

    And again they need to fix 2 things for the experience not to be ruined completely.

    1. Instanced loot ala GW2/D3/Hellgate.
    2. Trade screen.

    • Kollega says:

      I’m not sure about loot, but the trade screen is confirmed.

      • alseT says:

        Well the first one is the clincher, there needs to be some way to prevent the closest player from looting everything first.

  10. mooken says:

    I’m looking at the US Preorder site, and it looks like Gamestop has an “exclusive” Creature Slaughter Dome — it sounds a bit like the ol Moxxi DLC.
    I do rather dislike these “distributed” exclusives.
    link to
    Bottom of the page.

    • nil says:

      Yet another bonus for pirates: all the “exclusives”.

      • Xan says:

        Yeah it’s kinda sad that they don’t realize that distributor exclusives just piss people off. Even worse when you can’t buy them later for a few bucks.

        Meanwhile pirates get all the bonuses free, and people wonder why people pirate… The only ones to blame are those that make the deals.

        • Teovald says:

          I don’t usually preorder games but I make a few exception for those that come from small studios that I want to encourage. Then I see that store n°1 has an exclusive armor, store n°2 an exclusive sword, etc… and it is really hard to still want to support them.

          • Wisq says:

            +1. Aside from the stupidity of vendor-specific DLC, there’s also the lunacy of trying to prop up retail (just let them die already) and the fact that a massive portion of your audience doesn’t have the option to buy from that store chain even if they wanted to.

    • grundus says:

      I hate all this preorder bonus stuff simply because it ruins the game somewhat. All the fun of Fallout: New Vegas was, for me, in starting off with a crappy 9mm pistol and working your way up, the 10mm pistol was a big jump and took maybe a few hours to find the first example of, so for a preorder bonus to include one so you had it from the start would’ve ruined the game for me, had I preordered it. Annoyingly I did use the lightweight metal armour after I paid something like 25p for the Courier’s Stash DLC because it was lighter than a lot of armour with good protection, but at the end of the day it makes no difference now because I could run around naked and probably be ok because I have a high medicine skill and over 100 stimpaks. Same story with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, 10,000 credits, a shotgun, explosives, lock pickers, grenade launcher and a silenced sniper rifle? No thank you, the extra mission was ok though. I know it’s all entirely optional to use, but if you have 10,000 extra units of currency in a game where you have maybe 2,000 by the time you get to the first hub is sort of game breaking, at least at first, and difficult to even get rid of. Of course, bonuses like these only really affect the start of the game and by the end of it you’ll probably be at the same point as someone without the bonuses, but personally I prefer to play the game as it was intended without being overpowered or overwhatever.

      Having said that, I’m willing to take the key and relic from this thing because it sounds like you’ll still have to do stuff for them to be useful, but I’ll drop or give away (but not sell) those Gearbox weapons and stick with whatever other crap you start with.

  11. Alexander Norris says:

    Please don’t ever use the word “joypuked” again. D:

  12. Iskariot says:

    I will surely buy this game, because I am sure I will like it… a lot, but I will certainly not pre-order.
    Perhaps I should wait for the version with all the exclusive DLC in it for 29,95?

    • grundus says:

      Don’t be silly, you should wait for the GOTY version with all the content… to be cut to 75% off on Steam and get it for £4.99.

      • Iskariot says:

        That is indeed a good idea Grundus. Worked very well for me with the first game.

  13. starclaws says:

    Day 0 DLC… Oh joy. Atleast Borderlands series doesn’t fail… Yet…

    • CaspianRoach says:

      Actually it’s day 60-90 DLC if you read it correctly. Which is A-okay in my honest opinion.

      • Keymonk says:

        Indeed. It’s not done yet, so even if you wanted, you couldn’t buy it on day 1.

        • Phantoon says:

          Which makes it okay, I guess. As long as it’s an actual bit of expanded game with justification for making you spend more money, rather than horse armor or a gameplay advantage.

  14. Cytrom says:

    I’m disappointed about this. Borderlands had the best DLC practice of pretty much all games that ever had dlc (with the possible exception of fallout 3)

    Definitely not cut content, and added significant value that added variety to the game in really fresh and different ways from the main game. This however smells like cut content dlc, or at least something that should be part of the game from the get go.

    DLC that is planned MONTHS before release is just content stolen from the player. Is it really worth it to throw away your good reputation for a few extra dollars? I didn’t expect this from gearbox. This is EA level level of scumbaggery.

    • Deadly Habit says:

      Exactly, the same with the exclusive content for Gamestop customers. If I was to preorder I’d like that content, but I refuse to shop at Gamestop since I abhor their business practices.

    • Keymonk says:

      But… just because they have a plan for DLC doesn’t mean that it’s done before the release date, or that it’s cut from the game proper. They could just as easily start the moment it’s released, and then you’d literally know no difference if they didn’t announce it ahead. So ignorance is bliss, I suppose?

      • Cytrom says:

        It’s part of the base game. All vanilla players will be exposed to it and reminded by it that they are missing something. Its not separate from the main game, like the first 3 dlc of BL1 was, and even the knoxx dlc only added a few weapon variants that affected the base game.

    • Thermal Ions says:

      How is it cut content? Just because they have future plans for it and some concept art now in no way means it’s completed content arbitrarily cut. In fact Randy said they are targeting 60-90 days after the main game release.

      Planning DLC in advance is simply good business management which doesn’t automatically place it in the scumbaggery category (e.g. locked on disc DLC).

    • UncleLou says:

      DLC that is planned MONTHS before release is just content stolen from the player

      No, it is not, if the DLC was planned and developed from the get go because they knew they would sell it extra, and therefore extra manpower was invested. In other words: it is not “stolen” if it would not have been developed in the first place without the plan to sell it extra.

      As this is something we will never know, there’s only one thing we can do: judge the game and the DLC on their respective merits.

      • CheesyJelly says:

        Planned DLC is also usually a way of keeping a team working on a game. Between finishing the game and it being released, there isn’t a whole lot for the devs to do. So if they get started straight away on planned DLC, even Day 1 DLC, it means that they get to keep working to make the game better/bigger right up to release day. And then you get the choice about whether or not to pay them for that extra work.

        • Wisq says:

          Would probably work a lot better if they kept the DLC under wraps and didn’t announce it until it was ready, or at least until a few weeks after game launch.

          Granted, then they couldn’t use it as a preorder bonus — but that’s probably for the best, anyway.

      • Cytrom says:

        Yeah, well i don’t like buying games, that i know on the day of release is already missing content. Their art team should concentrate on adding content to the main game up until release, not separating resources to make “extra” content.

        One of the main reasons I was looking forward to BL2 (besides the fact BL1 was awesome) is how fair and gamer frienldy their dlc practices used to be. When i bought the game, i bought the FULL game with all features on the disc on day one. Everything else was extra on top that, completely differed from the base game and not affecting the vanilla experience in any major way (with the exception of the last dlc that came much later) .

        An additional character (that is in the works months before release) is not some additional content distant from the base game, it is meant to be infused in the main game where vanilla player are openly exposed to it (to remind them that they are missing content). Its not additional content, its part of the base content, just sold at a later date.

        In BL1 it wasn’t spammed in my face every game i played with someone who has the zombie dlc (while playing the vanilla game) that they have something I don’t until i bought the dlc myself.

        • Keymonk says:

          So you’re opposed to extra characters as DLC, no matter when they’re added?

          • Cytrom says:

            Not necessarily.. but definitely if they are planned long before the game is released. They should be in the game on release in that case. It would be a bad kind of dlc even if they start working on it entirely after the game is released, but especially bad when they do it this way.

            This kind of practice is only acceptable for free to play games, where this is how they make money, but this is a full priced AAA title, they shouldn’t resort to this.

          • Qwentle says:

            I guess they could postpone the game 60-90 days to add this, I’m sure that would be great…

            The gold versions of games are locked a long time before release to ensure stability of the final product. With console games, of which Borderlands is one, this is further increased by ensuring they pass TCR and TRC and any issues brought up are resolved. Creating a full character and all their logic takes a long time and if they ever want to add characters, starting at this point is a good idea.

            I guess the altnernative would be to start work on an extended campaign, which would have potentially been a more rage-friendly idea, but you still would have complained that their half-finished work wasn’t in the release product.

        • RedViv says:

          So, if they kept quiet about her until they had actually developed her, everything would be fine? I would deem that a significant flaw in the logic.

          • Keymonk says:

            That’s mostly how I see it too. Ignorance is bliss, then, isn’t it?

          • Wisq says:

            Or, you know, they could’ve gone to work on the first real DLC. Like, Borderlands 1 style DLC, where they’re like expansion packs.

            Keeps the devs busy. Takes a lot longer than 60 to 90 days after launch. Feels like a real expansion. Doesn’t feel like cut content that they’re making you pay extra for.

            And maybe lump a fifth character into that DLC, too, which actually makes more sense than releasing it on its own, since it boosts sales on a more expensive DLC pack. You can even say that if you pre-order, you get the first <n> DLC packs free (and make it clear that DLC packs will be real DLC packs, not fifty cent affairs).

    • raptorak says:

      I dunno, I think we really gotta hand it to them, compared to other games this DLC looks relatively ‘armless and I don’t think there will be too many others up in arms about it.

      • Keymonk says:

        Besides, it’ll take a few months after launch before she’s armed and ready.

      • Premium User Badge

        theleif says:

        I agree. It’s way to early to start pointing fingers. I elbow to your wisdom.

    • aepervius says:

      Hu , no. It is not.

      Standard practice of GOOD management is to plan AHEAD of when your resource are free , to know what they will be doing.

      So they have their 4 char class game to dev, Q/A, alpha, beta, sell, support, but at some point the dev / assets maker will be free. That is when you start planning them for the expansion/DLC.

      BAD management only think of planning resource when those resource report they are free. Think about it. A day 1 DLC or week 1 DLC On the other hand would certainly indicate (but not be a sure thing) that they cut some stuff from the game to put it in DLC. Especially if the character assets are already on disk. *cough*.

      • Cytrom says:

        Maybe it’s not apparent yet, but i do not give a damn whats good for business or not. Gaming used to be more than just pure business. I care about whats good for gamers, and any sensible gamer should do the same, because taking the business men’s side only makes things worse for us all, because they have no soul.

        Also, I’m a 100% sure, they got way more work done now than just concept arts. You don’t announce a product for sale that is only a scribble on a piece of paper, and might not even make the light of day.

        • Wisq says:

          Expansion packs are good for gamers and business. So why are they working on cheap “fifth wheel” DLC when they could be working on a whole new expansion, like Knoxx? Throw the fifth character into that.

  15. Teovald says:

    Replacing Cage the Elephant by Nero sounds like a dumb move to me :s.
    I hope that in-game musics are not dubsteps. I have nothing against that genre, and the trailer is pretty good with Doomsday as its music, but I won’t be able to listen to dubstep for dozen of hours.

    • Keymonk says:

      They should use frontierpunk or whatever they called Bastion’s music.

    • Kollega says:

      You may not worry, the developers have stated on the official forums that the game isn’t actually going to have much wub-wub.

    • TechnicalBen says:

      That was the most amazing part of Borderlands. Loading up and hearing Cage the Eliphant as an intro song. Really fitted too. Brill!

      DLC? Pre-order bonuses? Retail specific bonuses?
      Okaaaay. What part of “no sleeping around” did you not get the first time Klaptrap? Your love letter said you would not do it again. I’m very disappointed with you. :(

  16. CheesyJelly says:

    Why is her elbow invisible and above her head?

  17. Longrat says:

    First game was so boring and repetitive that I gave up on it halfway through. Definitely not making the mistake of preordering this one, especially now that they’re adding this crap to the game.

    • MordeaniisChaos says:

      I’m confused, how is this “crap” making the game worse? A new class is pretty cool.

      • Keymonk says:

        Yeah, that sounds like substantial DLC. :D

      • Longrat says:

        Ooh, I meant to make this as a reply to the guy above me with the Nero statement.. Never mind

    • Wisq says:

      Can we just have a special section of each post’s comments where people can post their variations on “I don’t care about this game” so they’re all nicely grouped away from the productive comments?

  18. MordeaniisChaos says:

    I think you’re wrong about when it’ll be ready, it’ll be ready much sooner than that, as it’ll be an early access thing for pre-orders and then everyone else will get it (for free) about 60-90 days after release.

    • LTK says:

      That would be a spectacularly dickish move. Not only giving pre-orders day-one DLC, but also withholding that from other customers until after two months? That doesn’t make any sense!

      They said it’s going to be finished after launch, so that’s how it’s going to be.

    • CaspianRoach says:

      You ‘think’? I’m sorry, but unless you can quote developers on this you’re talking out of your ass.

  19. Vorphalack says:

    What I don’t like about this (and all other pre-order bonus content) is that it disincentivises post launch sales. I absolutly refuse to pay for a game without getting a good impression of the state of the final release, so that means no blind pre-ordering. Whats worse is that even if the game does well, I am far less likely to pick it up post launch knowing the price tag will be bloated by DLC if I want the comlpete game.

    Promising or not, this game has relegated itself from highly probable day one purchase to a possable steam sale in 2-3 years time.

  20. Unaco says:

    a fee “comparable to most DLC.”

    Just a little too much then?

  21. fish99 says:

    This better be for anyone who preorders, and not just digital preorders. Obvious question, but if I’m getting my games from an online retailer like amazon, shopto, play etc, how do Gearbox know whether I bought it 3 days before launch, or 3 days after? I’ve been caught out with this stuff before – id announced about a week before the launch of Rage that *anyone* who preordered would get the anarchy pack extras, but it was BS and only applied to steam preorders.

  22. trjp says:

    I saw that title and thought “the thread behind it will be rank stacked with retards” and my god I wasn’t wrong…

    Hell I don’t care what they do so long as they don’t make me play the ENTIRE game through twice just to access nicer stuff – that’s the only complaint about the first one I had.

    I might have tried more classes if I’d not worn myself down on just one…

  23. LoliRabbits says:

    Well, here’s another game I’m not buying.

    Do they seriously expect me to trust the quality of the PC port after the shit they pumped out last time? And they then have the nerve to punish me for not putting my blind faith in them.


  24. Galwraith says:

    I was going to buy Borderlands, and then they announced the second game.

    What kind of crap is that? Making me buy a whole ‘nother game for more content. That’s just stupid. They knew they were going to make a sequel, so why didn’t they just wait and include this stuff in the first game.