TERA Starts A New Journey (To Monsters)

That sure is a screenshot of a monster.
Those remarkably un-froglike people at Frogster have sent over their latest story trailer for “action” MMO TERA, and by gum it looks pretty, as you can see below. I’ve also added in the most recent in-game footage for good measure, as TERA lands in Europe on 3rd May, and beta sign-ups are now taking place on the site. I suspect it will be hard pressed against the popular choice of Guild Wars 2, but it’s got a lot going for it with genuine in-game collisions, dodging and hit-detection making it quite unlike other MMOs. I’m intrigued to take a look.


  1. Zyrxil says:

    Anyone playing the US Beta? Last I heard, the Asian betas had been completely taken over by hackers and basically abandoned by legitimate players.

    • liquidsoap89 says:

      I tried it out a few weeks ago. Played for about an hour before I quit out of boredom.
      -The general chat was atrocious (not surprising, but still an issue)
      -The anime feeling runs very deep in this game, the male elves look the exact same as the females, all the females have armour with spaces to show off their cleavage, and all the weapons are about 10 feel long (seriously)
      -Dodging was neat at first, as was getting an actual skill to dodge, but the actual combat itself was incredibly boring. I thought with it being faster that it would be much more interesting, but you’re still standing waiting for your animation to finish before you can move again. What ended up happening was that I would stand there and shoot a fireball, hold down s to move back a fraction of a step, and then I would shoot another fireball again. Rinse and repeat!

      Oh and the translations were really bad, lots of spelling errors and weird sentences.

      • Blackcompany says:

        Second the long tails on combat animations. Weapon swings are sluggish, brutish affairs that you do have to “wait on” to finish.

        Also the manner in which enemies “telegraph” their current anger level was beyond ridiculous. My prediction: Yet another F2P (it will be, and soon) failure.

      • ChromeBallz says:

        Why does everyone assume all MMO combat has to be exactly like WoW?

        Tekken, God of War, actual action games don’t let you move while attacking either. This adds a tactical element to the combat, since you have to choose between moving, dodging/blocking or attacking and not randomly spam all 3 at the same time like all other mmo’s.

        This gets incredibly important in later levels (20+) when you start facing the big monsters that can kill you in one or two hits, aswell as dungeons. I do admit that Tera is kinda boring in the first 10-15 levels… They should have added a proper BAM on the starter island (aside from Karascha).

        • Nevard says:

          I didn’t see any reference to WoW in his post, I just saw him saying that it wasn’t fun.
          Lack of fun has little to do with whether something is or is not world of warcraft.

        • liquidsoap89 says:

          I’m glad it’s not trying to be like WoW, but it’s still not fun. action games usually have very smooth feeling combat (God of War specifically), which is not something I would say is true for Tera.

          And I find using GoW (Or most action games for that matter) as a reference is pretty poor, because that is NOT a game I would compare this one’s gameplay to…

        • uopasdh says:

          I played through one of the closed beta weekends. Got a couple of characters up to level 20/23 and have to say it’s a pretty stock standard Korean MMO.link to sm1.kr

      • Hanban says:

        I felt it was pretty tedious as well. Being a big fan of God of War this just didn’t grab me. Played up to level 18 and it just kept on being the same tedious grind. I applaud the idea of action combat, but in its current MMO straight-jacket I don’t see it being worth the time.

      • Crihnoss says:

        Glad to see I’m not the only one that wasn’t fooled by the chain mail thongs…

    • Falcon says:

      I’ve played 2 weekends of the beta (mostly on a warrior). Levels 1-19 are basically a long tutorial. I wish they’d get into the rest of the game earlier, but level 20 is where things really start to kick in.

      The combat feels great and is a lot of fun. Once you start getting to BAMs you start to see the possibilities of the much more dynamic combat system. Collision, dodging, etc. become very important. You are committed to attacks once you start them, so you can’t move or cancel in the middle, and it’s also the reason some of them have longer animations commensurate with their power (some of which can be lowered by the chain/combo system). It doesn’t feel clunky to me at all, but don’t expect to be firing arrows at the same time you’re running or jumping. Button mashing will punish you on difficult fights and that feels deliberate.

      The game is quite pretty graphically. (Whoever in the comments said the graphics are worse than Oblivion is off their rocker. It looks great with everything cranked up.) The aesthetic is very “Asian”, and yes, the females (and some of the males depending on species) tend to show a lot of skin, so your tastes will dictate whether you like those points or not. Personally, I prefer a bit more subtlety, but it’s not enough to turn me away from the game.

      • Grygus says:

        I just played last weekend’s beta and this mirrors my experience. I found combat to be fun and dynamic. Learning monster moves and patterns was well-rewarded, because it helps a lot to anticipate a move rather than trying to always react.

        Tera has flaws, and some of them will be deal-breakers for some people: the quest text is largely irrelevant, crafting has a high monetary cost associated with it, the enchanting system is chance-based, the art style is quite Korean, and there is a subscription fee. But for a game still in closed beta, it is remarkably stable, lag-free, and I think I saw three bugs all weekend.

        The big question for me is what the end-game will be like. Even if the level-up process is compelling, it’s all for nothing if you get to max level and become bored. I just went through that with TOR.

        • Falcon says:

          Those are great points. I did absolutely no crafting and only a little bit of enchanting. Enchanting looks interesting but is chance-based and can fail with negative consequences (i.e. you lose the materials and your gear can actually lose an enchanting level). The first dungeon was fun but still quite easy for a group of four of us. (We had one person die once which was easily avoidable.)

          I read almost none of the quest text. I just hit accept and went on my way, looking at the quest tracker to figure out what to do. It seems like a pretty generic fantasy story. It’s hard for me to judge this because I was already vested in WarCraft’s lore from previous games, so they already had me hooked. If I had started playing WoW without knowing any of the lore, I’m not sure I would have been any more inclined to read that quest text either.

          I’m really hoping the difficulty ramps up or there are hard modes for dungeons or something, otherwise we’re just going to have to take on content with fewer people than intended to get a challenge.

  2. Utgaardsloke says:

    That trailer was one of the most uninspiring random collection of fantasy clichés I have ever seen. Hope the game fares better!

    • Crihnoss says:

      Well… what you just said pretty much summerizes the game…

  3. Phantoon says:

    This game has not captured my imagination, and the existence of a child-looking race in racy garments turns me off further.

    • Blackcompany says:

      That race bothered me as well. And the races as a collection seem…underwhelming and ill considered. Couldn’t find a single one I liked.

    • Grygus says:

      Yeah it’s a little creepy, but there is something elemental in the hilarity of a tiny girl with fox ears and tail, tanking a huge boss. I never stopped laughing.

  4. Icyicy9999 says:

    I played the European beta and I gave up rather quickly.
    There’s only so many mindless “Kill 5 of these” quests I can take.

    Maybe there’s something good waiting in the end, and maybe elite monsters are more challenging than the average normal ones, but I’m not willing to go through a month of junk until I get to the good stuff.

  5. Blackcompany says:

    I had looked forward to Tera for quite some time. The promise of true action combat coupled with a big, open world, was one I knew would suck me and never let go.

    Then I played in the US Beta.

    How to make a “Tera” (actual recipe):

    Separate melee combat from Dragonnest. Side main game portion aside.
    Separate basic MMO Combat from main portion of Rift.
    Insert Rift game play and Dragonnest combat into blender. Set graphics to medium

    The net result is a big, open world with graphics barely on par with Oblivion. This, combined with every tired trope one is accustomer to from MMO games:

    Mundane fetch quests: Check.
    Instant/near-instant respawns: Check
    Endless specimen “collection” quests: check
    Endless reams of text coupled with a one line auto-greeting for each NPC: check
    Every player partaking of the same line of quests in the same order: Check

    Why you would work so hard on an original combat system for an MMO, then slap it into the mix with other worn out MMO system every invented, I don’t know. But I for one will pass. While I remain grateful to the RPS reader who let me in on the Beta, which was a very cool gesture, I view it as a chance to avoid forking out money on a game that is already behind the times and hasn’t even been released yet.

  6. Blackcompany says:

    Played the US Beta for 3 hours.

    Action combat it has.

    Also, animations and graphics on par (barely) with Oblivion from 2006. Sluggish weapons, tired, boring fetch and kill quests. Basically, action combat piled on top of all the tired tropes you expect from an MMO.

    I wouldn’t play Tera if it were free, more less for a sub.

    • Linus Sjögren says:

      Your graphics comment is pretty much bullshit. Even the current maxed beta settings are higher fidelity than Oblivion (and Skyrim, if you like those comparisons). Fact.

      Also, the highest texture resolution is not available in the beta yet. When the game is released, it will look even better.

    • Linus Sjögren says:

      Also, if you only played the beta for 3 hours, you probably didn’t even get off the tutorial island.
      At that point, you haven’t gotten your defining skills yet, and you haven’t fought any BAMs yet. Wait until you’ve played the first real instance (Bastion/Secret Base at level ~23) before you judge the game.

      • Malk_Content says:

        I think the problem is, why should I (and by I what I really mean is “any given person”) sit through several hours of dull boring content in the hopes of maybe getting something good later, when plenty offer games of excitement and adventure before the word tutorial is even mentioned. If someone told me to read a trilogy of books because numbers 2 and 3 are pretty alright then I wouldn’t bother and I’d read something else that is good from book 1.

        I know its an mmo, but that genre needs to get past the idea that holding back good content is a good idea. If a game doesn’t grab me in the first hour, I don’t play into the second.

        • j3w3l says:

          I would assume they made this decision like most mmo’s so as to appeal to the casual market which is by far the larger market. Which is funny because most of the casual players dislike the combat and would have preferred the usual
          The combat does get far more interesting later on and you really need to watch their tells or your going to die
          In saying all that I’m not playing for the pve, because apart from the level scaling the pvp is great

        • Bondagefai says:

          I think the reason why the developers probably decided to slow down the pacing of the first few levels was so that players can get used to the combat. That’s it really. And yeah, casual do play a part in that as well. The game might feel like second nature to you since you’ve played other action-y or pretend action-y games, but to those who haven’t, it will take a bit more time to adjust.

          Doesn’t make it any more exciting though, which is a valid point nonetheless

      • Duckee says:

        You have some good points, but is it really too much to demand that a game is interesting within the first hour? It is a pretty large investment in both time and money, and to play that long to even figure out if you like it is just complete bonkers.

        I played until level 3 and was so bored with the gameplay and so disgusted at the art style that I turned it off. Sorry, but I will not play I game which gives me zero fun. I gave it a try, it failed to deliver. Not my fault.

        • Linus Sjögren says:

          “It is a pretty large investment in money”
          Even more of a reason to play for more than 3 hours to see if your money was well spent or not.
          “I played until level 3 and was so bored with the gameplay”
          So you played for 20 minutes? Your attention span is pretty awful.

          • Duckee says:

            At least I was civil. I will not piss on your fanfare here, but tell me why I should endure many hours of boredom instead of just throwing banter around. Blimey.

          • Nevard says:

            Personally I hope that when I buy something I will enjoy the whole thing, if I am paying money and I am not enjoying myself I might as well cut my losses and do something I actually do enjoy instead.

          • liquidsoap89 says:

            Good thing he played the free beta than, or else this would have been a big waste of money.

          • Crihnoss says:

            I played quite a bit more than him… trying to find something to like about the game… a weekend wasted I felt…
            But hey! If you enjoy that kind of thing, who I am to judge
            @Duckee finished the starter area, went to a capital, moved to the next area, go kill X of Y. And im with you about the graphics. Is like there was no unified art direction, everything tries to hard to be epic, and ends up feeling over the top or just plain ridiculous

    • tungstenHead says:

      I’m going to have to call you on the graphics comment too, Blackcompany. If there is one thing that TERA does well that is indisputable, it’s that it manages to look really, really good. You can say you dislike the style — that’s your prerogative — but you have to admit that it executes on that style excellently and with sufficient technical prowess to stand up to other games being released this year. There is no way to justify your negative comparison of TERA to Oblivion when it has better technology, uses higher resolution textures, higher poly models, superior particles and other special effects, greater variety in settings and character art, and smooth animation sets specific to each race. I’m not saying you have to like it and I wholly understand why you may not like it, but I’m not going to let you say TERA is technically unaccomplished when it objectively is.

      That out of the way, I can’t really fault you for giving up after three hours. TERA takes a very long time to ramp up and it’s going to be losing a lot of people because of that. It does get funner after level 20, but that’s a long ways in. Shooters roll credits by that time.

  7. Mordsung says:

    This game is a little too weebish for my tastes. Sounds like it has some really neat gameplay systems, but I like playing characters that are big, fat, and ugly.

    Modern Asian art direction just doesn’t do it for me. All their heroes are always these skinny pre-pubescent boys, or females of ambiguously legal age who dress a little too revealing.

    I want to PLAY the monsters. I want to be a slavering beast with blood tripping off my teeth and I find Western art styles allow this more.

    Even look at the orcs back in Lineage 2… they were pretty orcs. PRETTY ORCS. Pretty and Orc aren’t supposed to go together. Hell, I’m old school, the very idea of female orcs bugs me.

  8. Jenks says:

    Does the end of the first video completely spaz out for everyone else?

  9. Jimbo says:

    You probably shouldn’t get your hopes up for this.

  10. nmgoh says:

    Here is the deal… if you play a MMO for 3 hours and pass judgment your doing it a disservice. However, I think bluehole could have done a better job of letting you play a higher level character with less time investment in a beta. I played for about 8 hours getting to 20. At this point the game really begins. Fighting BAMs and doing instances are probably the most fun I’ve had in a MMO since vanilla wow. I found incredible amounts of engaging game play, coupled with the reward of killing huge monsters.
    Please don’t fan boy rage me out… just trying to tell people that the game is fun if you give it a solid chance. Check out the upcoming open beta… it doesn’t cost you anything except gaming time.

    • Tokamak says:

      There is something inherently flawed with MMO design if you have to grind through hours and hours of boring quests and reskinned monsters until you can actually maybe start to have fun.

      This game wasn’t made for with the western audience in mind, though. Apparently mucho grinding is a must in Korean MMOs.

      • Mordsung says:

        The funny thing: most Korean players have made it abundantly clear they also hate to grind, yet Korean game companies assume they want to grind.

      • bill says:

        To be fair, I played through a few hours of boring grind in Planescape and then gave up. I played through a few hours of boring grind in Baldur’s Gate 2 and then gave up. I played through a few hours of boring grind in BG1 and almost gave up, and then forced myself to continue.

        I’m mostly enjoying it now, it got better after about 8 hours.

        So it’s not only an MMO problem…

  11. tungstenHead says:

    At around level 20 the game begins ramping up. The regular mobs start to move faster, they project their attacks a lot less and they start to hit a bit harder. On top of that, at around level 20, the “Big Ass Monsters” start showing up. My first real fight in the game was against a giant arachnid thing that was probably actually world boss. I attacked it on my own and it became a fight for my life, jumping and dodging out of the way of acid blasts and steamroller attacks. Two people showed up to help me and it took us 20 minutes to whittle the thing down. It was intense, it was hard, it took massive focus and it dropped a single green which I promptly vendored because I am a moron. We didn’t have a tank which probably actually made the fight a lot more fun. If the monster were kept in a single spot and didn’t run around so much, I don’t think that it would have been as unforgivingly intense.

    That said, the first ten levels are a bit lousy because you don’t have enough abilities to keep combat interesting (some classes get a worse deal here than others) and the mobs are ridiculously easy to kill. Then levels ten to twenty are crap because they’re just a level grind. TERA has a lot of structural problems like the long combat introduction phase, terribly lousy quest design and rather bad translation (“keener conscript” is a bizarre concept), but the combat is between alright and rather good once you’re into the midgame. I tend to play shooters and MMORPGs so I really don’t have the experience to say whether it meets the standards for an action gamer or not, but I had some real fun once I was at level 20.

  12. Azoreo says:

    It would be refreshing to see a gaming news site take a more critical approach towards new MMO’s.

    • Duckee says:

      It is a blog. They can do what they want. Also the criticism that this site offers is often hidden within sarcasm, irony and other literary subtleties. Not that I do not agree with you! The more scepticism towards MMOs the better!

      • Azoreo says:

        Duckee, given your reply, I’m not sure you understood what I wrote.

  13. vitalogy11 says:

    For lack of a better way of asking. Is this game like Vindictus?

    I played Vindictus for about a week, it was cool but not a game or community I would commit too.
    To really enjoy a MMO it has to be a mixture of community, IP and gameplay that just feel like home,
    which for some reason is a feeling that I don’t get from F2P MMO’s.

    Maybe the very reason that F2P don’t require a subscription is the reason I don’t commit.

    Does this game feel like Vindictus (both in graphic style and gameplay) with just a more open world or is it more of a true MMO worthy of the sub?

    • Crihnoss says:

      No, its much much much more slower and clumsier than Vindictus
      This game feel like a generic 2004 MMO, where you actually have to dodge, instead of stacking +dodge

  14. Dominic White says:

    Action-oriented combat is all well and good, but if that’s the only thing the game brings to the table (by all accounts, everything outside of the combat is as generic MMO as you can get), then it’s going to be a repetitive grind, no matter how you slice it. Especially as they’re going subscription-based, which means a lot of the game design is specifically designed around keeping players on a treadmill for as long as possible.

  15. Doddler says:

    I enjoyed the beta. I mean, it doesn’t really bring much new to the table beyond the action combat (and being really, really pretty), but playing the game itself is a joy, and you’d probably be doing yourself a disservice by not at least giving it a try during the open beta. Dismissing the game outright because it involves the standard quest based leveling that was (and for the most part still is) the norm in online games I think is selling short what the game brings that’s new to the table.

  16. caddyB says:

    Hmm. Might buy it for the tits.

  17. Xzi says:

    I played a few beta weekends myself and wanted to point out some pros:

    – Graphics: It’s definitely a pretty game and it runs very smoothly on a wide range of systems, all things considered.
    – Combat: Yeah, it’s not EXTREMELY different from what we’ve seen, but the fact that it is all manual still makes quite a difference. The newbie area is boring as in most MMOs, but once you’ve unlocked a few new skills and start fighting larger groups of enemies, timing and player skill do become factors. Which is very rare in PvE.

    And cons:

    – Story: Not a big surprise here, I have yet to see an overarching storyline in any MMO that I actually liked.
    – Aesthetic: Korean-style really kills the mood for me sometimes. Short skirts are one thing…skirts that don’t even cover the crotch are entirely another.
    – Items/loot system: Seemed far too limited for me. As in, the vast majority of the time you’d only ever have items drop for your class specifically. And those items all tended to just be re-colors of what you had to begin with.
    – Subscription-based: Enough said.

    The bottom line:

    I had fun in the time I played it, but because of the the release timing in conjunction with Guild Wars 2, I don’t think TERA stands much of a chance for winning me over. The combat might end up being a BIT more fun than in GW2, but for $15 a month I expect more than just that little bit. Not to mention that Guild Wars 2 has many positive aspects to it which TERA does not, such as the random event/quest exploration.

    The subscription-based MMO is a dying breed, and TERA may be one of the last to attempt it. I think some will enjoy it enough to pay, but in the end it will go free to play like all the rest. I couldn’t tell you if that means six months or six years from launch, but I think it will happen.

    • shadow9d9 says:

      Subscription based is a plus to me. I don’t want to be nickel and dimed. I do not want to be advertised to in game or on their site to buy crap. $15 is nothing.

  18. DaftPunk says:

    At least it looks quite good.

  19. spitfires_son says:

    I played through one of the closed beta weekends. Got a couple of characters up to level 20/23 and have to say it’s a pretty stock standard Korean MMO.

    It has all the beautiful areas and cutesy characters of a Korean MMO with the same grind. I don’t think I found one quest that wasn’t “Go Kill X of this mob”, other than of course the tutorial quests on how to do certain things.

    My overall feeling was that this game will turn out to be Aion with a crosshair. The Dynamic combat was refreshing but lost a lot of it’s starting appeal when playing as a ranger became nothing more than hold down backwards and keep shooting your bow and using your skills. Maybe it gets even more hectic later on but I can kind of see all that dynamic combat being thrown out the window when it comes to end game raids.

    It doesn’t feel worthy of being a P2P title and like most, it will go F2P cash shop/VIP subscription within 2 years.

  20. utharda says:

    Pudgy kitten tank doesn;t care what you think,. HE is awesome. Also highly amusing. The pedofaries are a little distressing though,.

  21. Proximity says:

    You know, I actually find it rather amazing how people can have such different experiences with the same game.

    For people saying it’s standard Korean MMO grind, I honestly have to wonder what in the world you were doing the entire time you played the game. Perhaps it’s different for ranged classes, but as a Berserker, I actually felt involved in the combat compared to every other MMO I’ve played. The early mobs aren’t threatening certainly, but that’s the time I use to experiment, play around with my abilities, find out what works, what doesn’t, and prepare myself for the challenges I know are coming, which the game certainly delivers, and it doesn’t even take that long to get there. The quests are admittedly nothing more than kill orders, but within a single day I had reached the part of the game that ensured I was going to buy it for launch.

    I also have to say that I find the comments along the lines of “only the combat is different” laughable. To me, this sounds like complaining in a restaurant that two different sandwiches on the menu are made using the same kind of bread. The combat is far and away the core of the game, and it is quite fantastic.

    • Bondagefai says:

      What you see is the obvious disparity between those who played it, and those who did not.

      By all accounts, the game isn’t really all that great, but it’s not really all that bad either. The quests might be repetitive, but it certainly isn’t grindy. Takes about 5-7 hours or so to get to level 20 if you skip most of the quest text.

      On repetitive quests, what mmorpg DIDN’T force you to go kill 10 pigs or trees or spiders or whatever? Come on now, let’s be serious here. You’ll find the same exact thing in Guild Wars 2, but people won’t talk about it because it’s “real time” and “action story based” because you get the quest automatically when you enter a scenario, rather than just click accept from an npc.


    • spitfires_son says:

      I gave beserker class a go too. It was definitely more involved than a ranger. But it gets to a point of skill rotation + watching for the mob to do it’s incredibly obvious *flash* “I’m about to do an attack” And then you continue to circle strafe while you use skills.

      Also in terms of GW2 – Sure it’ll have Kill X amount of mobs and that’s 1 part of the dynamic event, but if you’ve watched any of the press beta footage, they have multiple ways to see it’s successful completion, not just killing mobs. For example. Helping to put out the fires that bandits start when they invade a farm or village. There are small things like that in the game world that make you feel more a part of it than just killing 10 pigs because the npc told you to.

  22. johnny worker says:

    I played the beta and loved it.

    Loved the graphics.
    Loved the combat.
    Loved the aesthetics.
    And is far less grindy than the average MMO.

    There are flaws of course, mainly the subscription, and the quest fetching which is a flaw of every classical MMO design, and yes, Guild Wars 2 does it better, but not as much as they want you to believe, and certainly not enough to compensate for its floaty and weightless unengaging combat and terrible graphics.

    I don’t get why there are so many Tera haters and so many GW2 fanboys.
    Is it because of the smoke selling apple-like brainwashing marketing Arenanet pulled off?
    Is it prejudice against Asian productions?
    Is it that you know you are not going to pay a sub, so may as well bash it and convince yourself that you don’t want it?
    Probably all of the above.

    • spitfires_son says:

      It could be the fact that you continue to think that anyone who has a difference of opinion to you on certain mechanics in TERA is deemed a hater.

      So far all I’ve seen is people criticizing the things that they didn’t enjoy in beta and explain why they aren’t going to buy/sub to it. As well as post some things that they DID enjoy from the beta.

      It’s kind of a given that it has some lovely graphics and the area and aesthetic are nice, but people might not like that. Same as people might not like how the majority of quests are “Kill 10 pigs”. Or that the combat system isn’t to their taste.

      Your main problem is not taking things with a grain of salt from people who obviously aren’t going to play the game because they don’t feel the need to sub to something they didn’t enjoy in beta.

      Tip your hat to people with a difference of opinion and who may in the end see things a bit more critically than you without some sort of “fanboy” glaze and respect their decision to post their opinions and not buy the game. I’m not calling foul anyone who makes assessments of GW2 as I’ll be buying it either way after sinking 2000+hrs into GW1 and look forward to enjoying another Arena Net game.

      • johnny worker says:

        I don’t mind people having different opinions, I’m just trying to understand why there are so many.
        People may or may not like the combat system, but it has things that are factually better in Tera, like weapon collision. It sucks how in GW2 you try to get away from a monster and it hits you even if the weapon is nowhere near you.

        And yes, GW2 fanboys are everywhere, parroting what the Arenanet’s marketing says, which is half true at best.
        Its also true that there ARE a lot of Tera haters. Most comments are full of “boo, anime graphics” (bash something they wouldn’t like in the first place) and “another grindy korean game” (pure uninformed prejudice).

        I too put more than 2000 hours into the first Guild Wars and expansions, and this one is not even good at being a sequel to the original, since its not even the same genre, so I don’t see how its relevant.

        As an MMO, Guild Wars 2 is full of great ideas on paper, but they are poorly implemented.

        Oh, and FYI the “kill 10 pigs” thing is still present in GW2

        • spitfires_son says:

          Maybe it’s because TERA is flawed as so many people say? That could be the issue, not that they’re haters but that TERA isn’t the type of game people are looking for.

          Were you in the GW2 beta? You’re talking like you were. I wasn’t. I’ve just liked the look of the press beta footage and such. I can’t give a solid answer on if I’ll find GW2 good fun but I like the direction arena net is going with it, even if it isn’t EXACTLY the same as GW1.

          So the only thing i can say for fact is that I didn’t enjoy TERA and won’t be buying it.

          FYI – I already said it has that concept in it. Not reading posts FTW.

          • johnny worker says:

            I also said myself that Tera is flawed (not reading posts FTW) but I can say that both games are flawed, and GW2 doesn’t even feel good. So I just wondered why Tera receives so much flak while GW2 gets so much love, where the tiniest bit of criticism gets stomped by an horde of fanboys.

            One thing I like about Arena net though, is that they don’t listen to the fanboys, when they presented the awful necromancer masks, some people complained, and fanboys defended them to death, but in the end they changed that, and I’m glad they did.

            And no, the problem is not that is not EXACTLY the same as GW1… the problem is that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with GW1. Only the lore (which IMO was raped in GW:EN for the sake of adding new races), and the sliding animations.

            So far the only thing that impressed me in GW2 is the main menu, and the character creator, and specially the hairstyles and the hair physics, which are by far the best I’ve seen in any game, but that’s all.

          • spitfires_son says:

            (The thing with flaws in TERA, i didn’t bring up that you had or had not talked about flaws, i never said you didn’t mention them so that point is moot)

            It may be incredibly hard for you to comprehend, so far you’ve shown it is. But maybe, just maybe the community at large is more impressed with the fact that arena net is doing something different in the MMO genre compared to TERA re-hashing the old MMO stereotypes that people seem to be finding boring. That is probably the main reason why people like the idea of GW2 and aren’t too keen on yet another MMO that does the same as every other.

            When i say something new, i mean “refreshing”. They’re not doing the quests in the same way as every other MMO which makes it FEEL new and refreshing. (just before you go and make points about how it’s not new and such)

            One last edit. Haven’t seen a bunch of fanboys stomping GW2 criticism in this article lately.

          • johnny worker says:

            Let me tell you, It doesn’t FEEL refreshing at all. In fact it actually FEELS closer to WoW than to GW1. Even if it looks like neither.
            It FEELS like you are doing a shopping list on the map and it FEELS like your character is hitting the air.

            And the whole “your actions affect the world” marketing is not even close to what it actually is, when the events reset every 5 minutes.

          • spitfires_son says:

            So you played the GW2 beta?

            edit – I’m gonna guess no.

          • johnny worker says:

            Lets say that whatever you guess is up to you, and completely irrelevant to me. :)

          • spitfires_son says:

            That’s a shame because it makes your whole previous argument irrelevant if you haven’t actually played GW2. Conclusion – Butthurt TERA fan.

            Now if you’ll excuse me – I’m going to go play F2P Aion for my daily dose of Korean Grind Fest.

          • johnny worker says:

            Of course, you can believe I haven’t played it if that’s what make you happy, but if you just feel the need to disprove my words, then that means you will not like the game either when you try it. :)

  23. Cryo says:

    That monster in the screenshot looks familiar.