Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes: Open Of Beta

I can see wrath, but not sure about the hero bit

I’m amazed Warhammer Online hasn’t gone free to play yet. Amazed! I say as much to everyone I meet. “I’m amazed Warhammer Online hasn’t gone free to play yet” I said to my dad on the phone only yesterday. “Son, is that you?” he replied. “Is something wrong? What do you need a free hammer for?” Then I hung up.

Mythic’s underwhelming MMO may be resisting microtransactions, but as an alternative it’s releasing side-project Wrath of Heroes, a free-to-play PvP game featuring quickie battles and pre-made heroes, with more emphasis on the bashing than the levelling. That’s now in open beta, which means you can right now and for free.

I’ve just had a quick battle in Wrath of Heroes, and can confirm that it’s a series of point-capture arenas featuring three teams of six heroes, each with five abilities to call on. It’s also very much all about the buying stuff. While it seems that, in theory, you can some of what you need to buy new heroes, abilities and skins by playing loads of the game, it seems like a long road. A new hero, for instance (you start with just one unlocked) costs 25,000 gold and 125 gems. I have just shy of 300 gold after being on the winning team for one battle. It will cost me around £7 to buy 125 gems, which I can’t yet ascertain a way to earn without paying.

Currently it is allowing players to try out three other heroes for free (not the Skaven or orge, sadly), but you can’t level them up or equip items unless you head to the store and fork out in-game currency for them. So, unless you want to be the same character throughout, this can’t be thought of as a truly free game to any extent. That’s ok – I mean, the game needs to make money after all – but I’m surprised by how little is in the starting hand, is all. I guess I do feel compelled to splash out so that I can test-drive a Skaven, so perhaps the system is working.

Basically, it’s the League of Legends model as applied to MMO PvP, which is definitely a good idea from a business point of view. My gut reaction is that it needs more variety in terms of the arenas/battles to be a true success, but that will more than likely come over time.

Anyway, you can indeed try it out without spending any Earthbucks right here. Also, here’s a very strangely-narrated, super-jabbery video for ‘new’ hero Dulg Kineater, who totally looks like the most fun but will set you back about £10.


  1. Urfin says:

    This game is a profanation of everything it contains, even the payment model.

    • dazman76 says:

      Sadly, I wholeheartedly agree. It seems so wrong, that someone at Mythic has surely unleashed the Sword of A Thousand Truths. I mean the shield of +100 Wrongness, obviously.

      • kirkbjerk says:

        Rest in piece Mythic, I will always hold fond memories of my first foray into online gaming with such an esteemed game as DAoC.

        On another note,

        DAoC II kickstarter anyone?

        • fiddlefaddle01 says:

          Now that I would get behind. Only if they break off of EA/Bioware though, I believe they are truly the reason why WAR went down the way it did. Everything I’ve read has pointed towards them as being the culprit. From putting inept people in charge of the most important aspects, or just intruding on the design process like they apparently said they wouldn’t before they acquired them.

        • rawrty says:

          Oh yeah, I would totally buy into that if was Mythic independent. I’ve yet to find PvP in an MMO that comes anywhere close to classic DAoC….

        • kirkbjerk says:

          Yea I would agree that the EA/Bioware was the culprit. Some might point to Jacob’s hand on the ToA debacle, but I think that was just an honest loss of focus. The intrusion by big brother/sister is where my innocent ignorance would put the blame on.

          Perhaps the GW2 hubub will rise to the occassion, I sure love me some Rvarrr…. I mean WvWvW

  2. rzeznicc says:

    Very LoL inspired “champion presentation”, narrative, structure, but not depth – simply because the game is shallow.

    Overall the WAR and WOH teach us one thing: for us gaming is a hobby, a passion, for companies its a product, and for developers its a job.

  3. Lemming says:

    Rather undignified way for the Warhammer license to go out.

    It would have made more sense if they’d decided to scrap WAR completely then developed this as a proper stand alone game with the assets they had, only releasing info on it once the WAR dust had settled to avoid any bad will.

  4. Phantoon says:

    I was hoping the rest of the entry would be about your family troubles, or the sandwich you ate, or something.

    Honestly, I’m amazed Warhammer Online is still alive at all.

  5. CaspianRoach says:

    At this point in my life I tend to ignore all games that have “Online” in their names.

  6. Mordsung says:

    While I enjoy the combat of the game (been in the beta for a bit), the monetization of the game is atrocious.

    It would take hundreds of games, or about 15 bucks, to unlock the most expensive character (The Goblin Shaman last time I played).

    Once they implement the Black Orc champ, and if he’s not too expensive, I’ll pick him up. Assuming he plays at all like the BLORC from WAR, because the BLORC was the single most fun MMO class I ever played, despite the game itself being very disappointing.

    It was the first time I played a tank in PvP and felt like an actual tank.

    • fiddlefaddle01 says:

      The Blork was actually ridiculously good in the beta. Every match I played pretty much devolved to everyone playing him. I mean everyone too. They buff the characters if there are more of them on the same team which is nonsense to me. It promotes a dps zerg and no strategy. Black Ork’s become larger and a lot tankier when they leave more bodies in their wake. A whole team of “fed” Blorks led to an unstoppable force.

  7. Fincher says:

    I’ve seen that expression before…

    link to upload.wikimedia.org

  8. Xan says:

    There are loads of problems with this game.

    The starting character you get for free in the tutorial has NOTHING other then damage, unless you got team mates with a lot of slows or stuns you won’t be able to do anything.

    The whole concept of 3 team free for all PvP is already showing problems as often you don’t even know who are what you’re fighting against while getting shot at by several ranged attacks.

    The combat is highly repetitive and dosen’t have an “oomph” to it. You also don’t know which debuffs are affecting you and how long they will last.

  9. marcusfell says:

    The attempt to make combat interesting in the video is just sad. Even the commentary is repetitive.

  10. Space_Masters says:

    So this is an open beta test, but to test out the game you have to pay to unlock everything?

  11. trjp says:

    I’ve been in the Wrath of Heroes Beta for what feels like decades – and despite them adding a lot, it still feels slightly pointless…

    It’s not terrible by any means, they’ve polished-up the experience over regular WAR PvP skirmishes but there’s not really anything behind it (you’re not taking-over the world as you would be in WAR) so I find it hard to get attached to it.

    Part of WAR is the whole faction hatred thing – remove that (as this effectively does) and you have just another arena combat game – I think I’d rather play Bloodline Champions tbh, it’s better balanced!!

  12. Dances to Podcasts says:

    Genericname of boringness.

  13. cassus says:

    F2P games need to have a look at Tribes Ascend and LoL. The way they play the F2P model is perfect. Idiots keep claiming it’s pay to win, but they just don’t factor in that these games are skill games, and that you actually need to practice like crazy to become good at them. At my current skill level in Tribes Ascend I do no better with my fully decked out favourite class (infiltrator) than I do with a fully decked out f2p class like the pathfinder. What makes the most difference in that game is XP, and that’s not for sale.

    They really need to have a good hard look at the f2p models that actually work. And stuff like skins sell like hotcakes. I bought the Inf package on day 1, the 2000 gold one, cause that’s my fav class, and I’m okay with spending a little to have it look badass. LOTS of other people were ok with it as well, cause I see the assassin skin all over the place. Same with LoL. custom skins everywhere. Publishers are just too greedy to understand where the actual money is. It’s not in a broken pay to win game, it’s in a balanced pvp game. Easy peasy.

  14. Fiwer says:

    This is really bad. Even if this game had been around before the world was full of awesome free games it would have been bad, but considering what is available now it’s completely pointless.

  15. Dana says:

    Ive played this realy in closed beta ? Is it still a brainless button spammer ?

  16. Dana says:

    Ive played this early closed beta ? Is it still a brainless button spammer ?

  17. spelvin spugg says:

    What? This is still around? I thought the servers closed years ago. Is this the product that EA had for a while?

    If so, it’s one of the worst games I’ve ever played. Everything about it is terrible. It’s like a lame, boring theme park that you are running through with thousands of other people all doing the same thing.

    Free to play? Sorry, I’m not going to play it for free. I might play it for $15 an hour but even that would be pushing it, the game is BORING.