Diiiirrrrttt ShooooowdOOOOOOwwwnnnnnnnnn!

The Dirt 3 reboot that is Showdown actually looks like a torrent of fun. The latest trailer, which shows nothing more than the “boost” function operating in the various scenarios, neatly demos the game’s focus on rough-and-tumble full-contact racing, where the collisions between vehicles are just as significant as the neat racing line. I suppose it’s easy to mock Codemasters’ “extreme sports” hyperbole, but I’ve nevertheless enjoyed the Dirt games enormously, and they get the sort of toyish, consequence-free possibilities of these sorts of cars just right. Looking forward to this one, too.

The game is out in May.


  1. mrsamsa says:

    It’s wikipedia article currently has the greatest description ever, “It seems to be a rally game with a new demolition-derby mode. Despite popular beliefs, it is not DiRT 4, as this is an “arcade spin-off” instead.”

    • trjp says:

      I loved people who use ‘arcade’ to qualify a series which is already very very ‘arcade’.

      Dirt games are great but they’ve been creeping away from ‘serious’ rally (when they were CMR) to ‘arcade’ rally with every release.

      Dirt 2 is the pinnacle IMO – it’s pure-fried genius. Dirt 3 is just 2 with knobs on and horrible GFWL bullshit getting in the way of it.

      This – well, we’ll have to see but it sounds interesting. I suspect it will stand or fall on whether the multiplayer takes off and if they’re sticking with GFWL I think that will be a hurdle…

      • Jim Rossignol says:

        Dirt 2 was the best so far, for sure.

      • nasenbluten says:

        Dirt 2 also included GFWL.

        Dirt 3 used GFWL + SecuROM, that made my steam copy unplayable. Luckily it came bundled with my ATI card and didn’t had to pay for it, but it really pisses me off that I need to use a cracked executable to make it run.

        • Faldrath says:

          Dirt3 also had region-locked DLC that never became available in some parts of the world.

          Regarding this game, it looks fun but I’m not sure I’m happy with a full price tag, especially since the tracks seem to be just recycled from Dirt3.

          Still waiting for a proper rally game from Codemasters, with stages that last more than 2 minutes on average.

      • The First Door says:

        Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. I know lots of people loathed the ‘extreme’ stuff in Dirt 2 but I really liked how your trailer picked up little trinkets from different places as you raced. Dirt 3 just seemed awfully po-faced and the track design was terrible. Where as Dirt 2 had interesting difficult tracks and really understood how to make a good jump Dirt 3 seemed to have lots of not quite ovals.

  2. Monchberter says:

    It’s just the Destruction Derby mode from GRID given a can of Monster and a backwards baseball cap. Hopefully it’ll be as fun.

  3. Dys Does Dakka says:

    This does look rather fun in just the right way, as long as they stay away from power-up gameplay.
    -Still trying to get over having handed out 5€ for Blur…

    • trjp says:

      If you couldn’t get 5EUR of fun out of Blur, you shouldn’t be playing driving games at all IMO

      The single player part of Blur is rock-solid, the AI is challenging, the tracks are good and the handling is better than multiplayer (where they seem to have dumbed-down the cars a bit) making it a blast to play (the best single-player Maio-Kart-style game there is).

      The multi player is also fun but obviously lacks players now and I think it just takes too long to unlock stuff (I’ve played 4-5 hours online and I’m not even level 10 and there’s FIFTY levels to unlock!!)

      I rinsed the 360 version (off and online) once and I’m doing it again with a cheap PC version and I considered the £20-odd I paid for the 360 version money well spent anyway!!

    • Mistabashi says:

      Yep, Blur really isn’t much fun at all is it? This looks like it could be fun though, although I’m more interested in what anyone has to say about Ridge Racer: Stupid Subtitle That I’m Sure Is Not A Real Word But Apparently Is. It’s been getting good reviews on the consoleboxes, so if they’ve done a decent PC port it might be just what I’m looking for.

      • trjp says:

        Unbounded is definately a word – but then so is supposably…

        RR:U is great in a Burnout 2/3 sort of way. The races are a BIT repetitive, the map editor has a lot of bits which are reskinned versions of the same bit of road and the AI can be mean but there is a tonne of fun to be extracted from it even before you start playing other people’s maps and online stuff.

        When it comes together well (as it often does) it’s a massive rush tho – that 9/10 from EDGE makes sense when you go from 10th to 1st in a series of perfect Power Demolitions and crazy RR-style corner drifts…

        The PC port is a bit shoddy tho – which is a shame coming from a PC developer. I’d suggest you hang-on because it will drop in price AND get some fixes in a short period I reckon.

  4. db1331 says:

    I got a free copy of Dirt 3 with a video card last year. I fired it up, but between the GFWL and the constant badgering to check out some DLC, it felt more like playing an ad than a game. Which is a shame, because the videos I saw of it looked really fun.

    • trjp says:

      The way they’ve integrated DLC is offensive – when I bought it originally, I’d 100%/Golded some events.

      They then released DLC which added races into those events and so removed my 100%/Gold status even tho I’ve not bought the DLC!!

      DLC is GFWL live only and very pricey too – unlocking everything costs over £20 IIRC and it’s over £10 just to unlock the extra events – I feel soiled at the very least by that aspect of it.

      Base game still rocks tho and can be had quite cheap – just wear gloves to avoid the gouging behaviour perhaps :)

    • terry says:

      It is a fun game, if you can get past Ken Block shouting dudespeak at you every 30 seconds.

  5. Olero says:

    My, that sure was a tire-ing trailer

  6. V. Profane says:

    I want GRID 2.

    • trjp says:

      I’m genuinely surprised we’ve not seen it – GRID did really well and still stands-up as a solid racer.

      We got a sequel to the frankly lamentable shit which was F1 2010 (the frankly still lamentable shit which was F1 2011) so why not GRID?

      GRID was basically TOCA – DIRT is basically CMR – they have a BIT of overlap but I think we need more GRID/TOCA now…

      • Turbobutts says:

        “GRID did really well and still stands-up as a solid racer.”
        Not really. I can’t see the appeal about GRID. Compared to Shift and Shift 2 the handling is a lot more muddy and soapy, the car selection is more limited, customization and tuning is almost nonexistant and to top it all off GRID is a bloom and blur fest trying to cover up low detail models and textures while Shift provides sharp and detailed graphics in every possible way.

        • trjp says:

          Shift and Shift2 are horrific in the control dept – you have to spend HOURS getting even a 360 pad to work ‘properly’ – wheels can take far far longer (and you never fully shake-off the feeling that the game is still playing itself a bit too much of the time).

          That’s before you look at the hardware you need to run the Shifts smoothly (an nVidia card is almost essential as they’re very dependant on Physx) – GRID works on much lowlier kit and needs much less faffing about.

          Once you get the controls wrangled from the mess they ship with, the Shifts are OK but they’re not really miles better than GRID was and it worked out-of-the-box on lower-end kit!!

          Yea, Shifts look better and sound better but you’ll have worked bloody hard to get that to work properly (I’m STILL trying to hunt-out a stutter on Shift1 which drives me nuts – and it’s been YEARS!!) :)

          • phylum sinter says:

            Hi, i have a Radeon 5850 and Shift 2 runs perfectly for me with everything cranked at 1920×1200 (win 7 x64). I didn’t notice any specific physx settings.

            I haven’t really had any problems with the controls with my 360 controller, but the overall feel of the cars takes some getting used to. I don’t mean to sound totally contrarian but did want to share my experience in contrast to yours.

        • V. Profane says:

          I bought the first Shift on a Steam sale and played it for about an hour before I gave up. The silly ‘xp’ and ‘achievements’ popping up all over the place every 10 seconds made me ill.

  7. Gap Gen says:

    Ooh, one of the tracks is at Ashton Court.

  8. soundofvictory says:

    It basically looks like Flatout, just not as fun.

  9. tomeoftom says:

    Makes me want to play destruction derby: link to youtube.com

  10. Vagrant says:

    Here I was, not caring about this game in the slightest, when you show us a picture of vans racing in the mud. Well played, sirs.

  11. PC-GAMER-4LIFE says:

    Looks like garbage they can keep this & F1 2012 & shove both where the sun never shines AFAIC!!!

    Codemasters are the absolute Masters of rehashing the same old idea/game/ego engine then selling to the uninformed as a new game when its more or less the same as the last one but unlike other publishers instead of making this DLC for Dirt3 its a new release.

  12. shopshop1 says:

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  13. phylum sinter says:

    Would like to demo, hesitant because it might be too arcadey for my taste.

  14. marach says:

    I played it yesterday at the gadget show… was surprisingly good with just enough wanton destruction to soothe and lots of insult slinging at other players…

  15. SmittyBit says:

    Hm. Definitely not a one trick pony, maybe three-trick? Either way, seems a rental at best to me.