Spooks: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Multiplayer Footage

Men shooting at other men. Why can't they all be crocodiles? Then I'd be interested.

Like me, you may have become a little confused about what Ghost Recon games are coming to PC, and which aren’t. Let me explain. Ghost Recon Online is, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier wasn’t, but is now. Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars was for the DS. Ghost Recon: Have We Found The Ghosts yet won’t be, but then will, but then won’t be again. Ghost Recon: Elizabethan Attack definitely will be for the first three months. And Ghost Recon: Ghostly Reckoning will only be on PC if you install it on PS3 first, and play via your 360. Glad to have cleared that up. Below you can see the latest trailer for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, which is coming out on the 15th June for PC, rather than 25th May for consoles, because Ubisoft just cannot help themselves.

It’s an odd concept, since future soldiers will clearly all be robots. These aren’t robots. They’re just present day soldiers with fancy cloaking tech. That they stole from future robots. Future robots will have their revenge!

Rec(k)on you’ll be playing this one?


  1. Shooop says:

    Still needs more WUB WUB.

  2. Y34RZ3R0 says:

    Maybe if the screen stopped going black I could actually see the f**king game

    • tlarn says:

      But how else can they pad the video and give it a sense of intensity?!

      Seriously though, the points where it flashed to black and back rapidly gave my eyes a good bit of strain. The only thing in the video that piqued my interest was the tricorn drone at 0:50 of the video. Otherwise, it feels like yet another modern manshoot to me.

  3. Lambchops says:

    But John, all I want to know is if Ghost Recon: Brecon Beacons Edition is coming to the PC!

    • Bostec says:

      Is that the one where you go up a hill and then come back down again? Yeah thats got my heart racing that one.

      • His Dudeness says:

        Nahh, that’s the Ghost Recon: Camouflage Mountains as Molehills version. Lambchops means the version where the slightest sound of squelching wellies will result in a manifold bleating of terror echoing throughout the valleys and across the hills. Absolutely t’riffic….erm, I mean terrifying…obviously.

  4. Oddballs says:

    Looks like a fairly meagre console port looms.

  5. Radiant says:

    Shadow Wars is on the 3DS and is pretty much the only worthwhile game on that platform.
    SO GOOD. [it was done by Julian Gollop]

    Elizabethan Attack is also on the virtual bowl but I’ve heard you have to spin that thing pretty hard to get any kind of haircut out of it.

  6. Radiant says:

    The art of disguising the fact that you’re a lady.

  7. LegionSB says:

    I’d like to play Ghost Recon: Actually Somewhat Tactical Edition.

    This nonsense was painful to watch.

    • Muffalopadus says:

      I agree. That trailer was bloody terrible, made me want to go uninstall it from the developers computers.

  8. JToTheDog says:

    Did I just watch Ghost Recon: Online?

  9. engion3 says:

    Looks like it will be as ground breaking as the original Half Life…

    I’d rather make out with a bunch of dudes than play this game.

  10. Hug_dealer says:

    it looks like……………………….Ghost recon.

    Doesnt play like cod, doesnt play like battlefield. definately room for it in the line up.

  11. siegarettes says:

    “A ghost is invisible, all-powerful, and everywhere”
    Really? Here I was thinking they were simply without substance.

    Like this game is going to be.

  12. Lekker Pain says:

    I would like to hear an explanation from devs on this:

    Why is your current build looking/feels 10 levels worse, than what you presented on E3 2010.

    How did you manage that? Just how?

  13. torchedEARTH says:

    Once people rank up to turn invisible that is pretty much all they do and it ruins the game.

    I’m off back to the future now to play anything but this.

  14. jimbonbon says:

    That actually looks alarmingly terrible… I genuinely got bored half way through that trailer.

  15. Spacecraft says:

    Constant flashing clips: ✓
    Transformer Noises: ✓
    Mindless radio chatter: ✓
    Exploding car: ✓

  16. Dominic White says:

    I think I’ll stick to playing Blacklight. Has most of the high-tech stuff of this, plus mechs, and the trailer isn’t nearly as obnoxious.

  17. Raymond Saint says:

    Wretched console shit w/ 2002-year graphics.

  18. Bungle says:

    Ghost Recon Online is better.