Will It Fly: New Crimson Skies Nigh?

This was the inspiration for the Red Hot Chili Peppers song
Kickstarter is feeling like this quote from Blues Brothers. No, not the God part. The “we’re putting the band back together” bit. Jordan Weismen has already managed to set-up a triumphant stadium gig for Shadowrun, and he’s told ShackNews that if it’s a success it’ll have a major impact on the potential for the return of the sky-pirate alternate history flight thing, Crimson Skies.

I don’t want to bite off more than we can chew right now. First comes Shadowrun, and we want to make that great, and then we’ll figure out where to go after that.

I am making a hopeful face. (What kind of face is that?)

There really isn’t enough barnstorming in modern games, in my rather unhumble opinion. I had a lot of hair-parting fun with the original, even while the ever-present wingman “technical issues” kept it from soaring as high as it could have. But the camp setting, big world and OTT physics were a nice counter-point to Microsoft’s other flight series. You know the one.

That still looks fun. I lost my disc. :(


  1. Mythrilfan says:

    Don’t worry, your disk wouldn’t do you any good – getting it to work on modern systems is still almost as improbable as with Mechwarrior 3 or USAF.

    • RiptoR says:

      Wrong, it’s perfectly playable on modern systems. See: link to simhq.com

    • Turbobutts says:

      The only problem I have with it on Win 7 x64 is a slight different display speed here and there due to fluctuation of the frames per second, but it’s playable just fine. Star Wars Episode 1 Racer on the other hand … absolutely impossible.

      Also this article needs more menu music.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    I loved that game. I remember that I crashed into the countryside over and over again, because I tried to do one of the crazy extra-challenges, but I always immediately restarted the mission until I got it right, because it always felt challenging instead of frustrating.

    Also, every game is great in which your homebase is an aircraft-carrier-blimp.

  3. Volrath says:


    Braben needs to kickstart Elite 4, just not as a shitty MMORPG.

  4. DrScuttles says:

    When we both left home to head off into the Big Wide World on our ownsomes, my brother and I split our stash of trinkets and oddities.
    He took Crimson Skies and that awesome old Microsoft force feedback joystick what went a-rumbling. Bastard.

  5. PitfireX says:

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES……Also would someone please remake Jet Force Gemini, Startropics and that old game where you found and could combine rings for powers on NES. Thanks!

  6. Ironclad says:

    tah-tah teabag.

    Damn you gamer culture for ruining a great taunt.

  7. roryok says:

    That’s got to be some of the best voice acting in a game ever.

    One of my all time favs.

  8. Casimir Effect says:

    Now this is a reboot I’d love to see. The original game was so good it was one of the few things my younger self ever finished. With the exception of that damn Hollywood stunt-flying mission is was constantly fun to play.
    The Xbox sequel was also good but so much waas lost in not letting you build your own plane: be it an agile, speedy little craft or some heavily-armoured Behemoth that could bounce off the ground several times without taking a scratch.

    • nameroc says:

      Ouch that mission! I can’t even remember how many times I crashed into that O. It took me days to get through it. I’d get frustrated and stop, but come back to it because the rest was so much fun to play!

  9. GallonOfAlan says:

    Still have my Crimson Skies mouse mat, and CD for that matter. Played it with mouse and keys. Not good. Would definitely be great with a twin-stick pad.

  10. neolith says:

    Oh yes, please – I don’t care if remake, reboot or a sequel – but I need another crimson skies game! I NEED IT!

  11. roryok says:

    Up next, an Interstate 76 reboot.

  12. Galaxy613 says:

    I didn’t back Shadowrun or Wasteland 2, but I WOULD back Crimson Skies! :D

  13. kaffis says:

    Craig, you’re an evil tease. I complained on day 1 of the Shadowrun Kickstarter that this was the “wrong” franchise of Jordan’s to license back!

    Seriously, I’d love to see a Crimson Skies return. On multiple fronts. I’d do unspeakable things for a revival of the hex-based wargame in some media or another. A return of the PC game, with an authentically “makes you feel like a brilliant flying ace” flight engine would be a close second, but still a second.

    Is it too early to say “Shut up and take my money!”?

  14. Davee says:

    So many nostalgic memories from this game. I’d be all over a good sequel!

  15. Iskariot says:

    Man… imagine what they could do with this game with current tech.
    I would love a game that combines this style of flightsim with 1st or 3d person shooter.
    IIt would be cool to walk around my Zeppelin base.

    • Turbobutts says:

      That’s what I always think when I look back on awesome arcadeish vehicle game classics, no matter whether it’s about cars, planes, boats or futuristic hover rides. This gen had a severe lack of these despite of how much they gain from up to date graphics.

  16. buzzmong says:

    Crimson Skies is one of my all time favourite games. Excellent voice acting, excellent characters and packed full of charm. It was a good game as well. Varied missions and a choice of modifiable aircraft to suit your flying style.

    It also has probably the best physics/control mechanism combination of any flight game: Arcade physics but independent control of all 3 axis.
    That is very important to me. I expect pressing left on a joystick to only roll the aircraft, not to do roll, pitch and yaw like you get in lots of other games (HAWX for example).

    I would back the shit out of this if a proper sequel to the first game can be made (the Xbox sequel had poor controls and suffered from a touch of consolitus).

  17. dontnormally says:

    The banter!
    I forgot how awesome the banter was.

  18. kibayasu says:

    Called it.

  19. FluffDaSheep says:

    After Tribes and Mechwarrior, it’s like all of my wishes are coming true! Maybe I’m a wizard?

  20. PikaBot says:

    I loved Crimson Skies, although any time it demanded that you do stunt flying (including the final level!) was cause for me to reach for the ‘skip mission’ button, as well as a pair of aspirin.