Wakey Wakey: Sleeping Dogs Gets A Release Date

Shame it's not a game about actual dogs
You there! Do you want to know when in the calendar year Square Enix’s open-world police drama Sleeping Dogs will be with us? If not, please disregard the next few lines. Here’s something to distract you while the rest of us discuss the nexus of time and a game about a man running around Hong Kong punching people in the face. For the rest of us, it’s time to talk. Me, you, August 17th, Sleeping Dogs. And to the surprise of nobody, you can pre-order and receive a few special bonuses. One of those is a flying punch. If you want to know more, and want to see eight minutes of footage of the game, just stick £10’000 in my Paypal account and click the pre-order link below. Don’t click it first, as I have no way of denying anyone access. Prove to me the honour system works.

So, yeah: when you pre-order in stores you can get the “George St. Pierre content”, which is a flying punch, more powerful grapples and throwing damage, and an outfit. George is an MMA start who’d been advising the team on their in-game grapples. You’ll also get the “Police Protection content”, which includes a new mission, a SWAT uniform, gun, and car. Anyway, here’s some off-screen footage of the game from PAX. Eight minutes long, but starts with about four minutes of running. The rest is slightly awkward violence.


  1. Eukatheude says:

    Basically it’s a GTA-like in Hong Kong? I’m in.

  2. marlin says:

    Craig! You been at the catnip again??

    • Craig Pearson says:

      I got it under control, maaaaaaan.

      I’m going to take that as a compliment: I enjoy writing as if I’m on catnip. A cat on catnip, because a human on catnip would be the same.

      Sigh, I miss my cat.

  3. Algirdyz says:

    Is it just me or the combat looks a lot like assassin’s creed? Which is bad….

    • ZIGS says:

      The thugs are awfully courteous, waiting for their turn to brawl with the main character

    • Xune says:

      My attention was rapidly heading down hill with the quicktime event chase but the fight was where I switched off. A “gang fight” where four people stand around while you slam a fifth guys head into an extractor fan. I appreciate the idea of “the player as the hero” but come on, that’s just stupid.

    • Valvarexart says:

      Well, in most games I’ve played, the NPC’s are courteous when you do your finishers and back off to give the cutscene proper space.

  4. DaftPunk says:

    I expected more from this one.

  5. Bhazor says:

    This just makes me long for Yakuza to come to PC.
    link to youtube.com

    Yes I know that games set in Japan but I don’t care because a) its awesome and b) I’m a racist, probably.

  6. woodsey says:


    I get the feeling this is going to leave a lot of people somewhat disappointed. I WANT to be excited by it, but there’s something that feels a little ‘off’ about it.

    Oh, and it looks like they have the “wait for you to catch up”-type chase sequences, which are inevitably terrible, because there’s nothing interesting about ‘chasing’ someone who’s scripted to be caught at a specific time and place.

  7. hypercrisis says:

    looks like one of those games that would have been great ten years ago

  8. Shooop says:

    I played this game before when it was called Batman Arkham City. And didn’t have stupid scripted chase sequences.

    Other than shoving virtual peoples’ faces into pointy things, what is this game going to bring to the table?

  9. Blackcompany says:

    Is it just me, or do Eastern devs seem a little…out of touch…with Western gamers and their tastes?

    I loved DSIII for the most part. But that multi-stage final boss fight was so blatantly Sqeniz-influenced it wasn’t even funny. Had final fantasy writ large all over it. And was much the worse for the fact.

    • aurens says:

      are you sure you commented on the right story? i have no idea what dsiii is and sleeping dogs (this game) is being developed by canadians and brits.

      • Maltose says:

        dsiii = dungeon siege 3, which was developed by obsidian or about as not-jrpg as you can get.

    • TCM says:

      Because transforming, multiform, ridiculous antagonist climax battles is EXCLUSIVELY a trope used by eastern devs, and not one that western literature, movies, and yes video games, had long beforehand, and continue to exhibit sometimes.

      Wait, no.

    • SteveHatesYou says:

      This game was developed by United Front Games, in Vancouver.

  10. DeathRow says:

    I hope this game gets better once we get to the sandbox portion of the game, because so far it looks like a sequenced, less fluid, arkham game.

  11. Davie says:

    Regardless of anything else at all, that is some classy cover art.

    • kael13 says:

      I thought I recognised that art style. It’s by a guy named Tyler Stout. He drew a rather popular Iron Man poster a while back and has some other pop culture stuff for sale.

    • Underwhelmed says:

      I was actually a little disappointed that the entire game isn’t being rendered in the same style.

      Arkham got the “fighting hand to hand with shitloads of bad guys” thing right, can people just start stealing it outright already? Of all the tropes in games that have been copy pasted ad nauseam why is that one left alone?

  12. DOLBYdigital says:

    Yeah doesn’t look as good as it should be which stinks cause I like the setting and concept… The fighting isn’t as bad as AssCreed but could use more aggressive enemies and more fluid animations (although the one jump kick was pretty sweet). It’s a shame, I liked the first True Crime but that was a long time ago. This could get better though if it really opens up and lets you run around and arrest random people like the original :)

    • kud13 says:

      Since you are supposed to be blending in as a triad, I higly doubt they’ll let you randomly let people know that you’re a cop….

  13. Yosharian says:

    Looks just like GTA? Does the world really need more GTA games?

    I don’t think so… When it comes to making yet more GTA clones, we really ought to let sleeping dogs lie.

    • DaftPunk says:

      Stop using term GTA clone for fuck sake,should we call all other FPS games wolfenstein clone or something,don’t be stupid please.First true crime came out in 2003 btw,same year GTA 3 came out.

      • aurens says:

        true crime came out 2 years after gta 3 and was rightly pigeonholed as a “gta clone” from day one.

    • Underwhelmed says:

      I see what you did there.

  14. SkittleDiddler says:

    Looks horrible.

    Every time Squenix release a decent game, it’s followed by ten others that lower my respect for the company down a notch.

  15. ScottHarrigan says:

    This is extremely reminiscent of another game series in which the player deals out punishment with his martial arts. This appears to a Yakuza type of game but set in China from the perspective of the police. Open world games that focus more on martial arts than driving or shooting provide a welcome alternative to Grand Theft Auto games. This is not to say that GTA is not a good series, but sometimes it is nice to take it to the tough guys with fists alone. Hopefully Square Enix can handle a sandbox adventure.

    link to videodetective.com

  16. felisc says:

    I’d rather have gsp as a playable character in saints row. or roy nelson.

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