Wook! SWTOR Gives 30 Free Days To Level 50 Players

If you squint, you can see me in the background falling from a mountain
I never play MMOs enough to receive awards. Actually, I do play them, but don’t play, so while everyone’s grinding and high-fiving over getting level quad-squlllion, I’m jumping up a mountain the wrong way, attempting to find a stray polygon to land on to climb higher and higher. It’s important research. So I’m physically shrugging at Bioware’s gift of 30 free days of game time to every SWTOR player that’s reached level 50. It doesn’t affect me in the slightest that my pioneering playstyle goes unrewarded. It might affect you, though, and for that I’m happy and seething with envy for you. It’s to drag everyone back into the game to experience the delights of the massive Legacy update. As an extra incentive, they’re throwing in a cute little baby Tauntaun.

Enough about the freebies. Here’s what the update looks like.

New content includes a new mission, the oddly named “Operation: Explosive Conflict”, as well as a new Legacy system that lets you tie your different characters together through a family tree, allowing them to unlock abilities. Unless those abilities include a bouldering skill, or maybe a top-rope buff, it doesn’t affect me. Are the huge number of tweaks and new Flashpoint scenario enough for you?


  1. Chromie192 says:

    So how bad is TOR if Bioware is just giving away a free month of time?

    • drcancerman says:

      quite good actually. I have yet to subscribe to an mmo longer than 4 months, and so far swtor is the winner…with 4 months. With wow, I can only get 1 or 2 months before i want to kill myself.

      • fionny says:

        I’d disagree, it was quite dull upon launch anyway:

        Same quest types as any other MMO’s
        Your story was far from unique, and they were recycled from class to class to some degree,
        End game WAS BRUTAL! Open world PvP couldntve have been much worse
        Operation (dungeons) were very disconnected from the rest of the game.
        2 Raids… exciting…

        I truely do think they are losing subs left right and centre, this is why they have been doing regular free weekends, free time for players and along with the free time former subs can come back for a week.

        They would not hand out 30days free if they didnt feel the had to… thats going to cost them lots of money.

        • drcancerman says:

          name me one MMO that was launched with all the content you like and want. The story line was original, and different enough. I cared about my character and so the choices she made.

          No other mmo have done that for me, it was mostly go X kill this many and return. At least on the quests where that mechanic is present I actually care more about it. Thats the difference

          • Chromie192 says:

            Why do people constantly use this excuse? Old Republic is going up against WoW as it is NOW not THEN. Guild Wars 2 and Secret World obviously can’t compete if they tried a WoW clone but GW2 and SW offer something WoW doesn’t. Old Republic however is pretty much the exact same except the dialogue/questing and the way it’s presented.

            Bioware had a lot riding on “story” and well imo they didn’t do a great job. A lot of the class quests are just terribly written especially the Consular also when the story is over your pretty much left with PvE/PvP content. Might as well just play WoW.

          • RavenGlenn says:

            drcancerman: Sure. I can name you more than one.

            World of Warcraft(Sad but true. I played since launch. It’s actually got worse with each expansion, not better)
            City of Heroes(Absolutely awesome when it came out and has only improved)
            Lord of the Rings Online(Stunning as well. Only gotten better with each new expansion and update)
            Planetside(Was outstanding at release when it had a high population)
            Star Wars Galaxies(Was the best MMO of all time when it released. SOE screwed the pooch and turned it into a heaping pile of dung.)

            So…yeah. There you go. All of the listed games were better at their releases than SWTOR is IMO.

          • Phantoon says:

            Biodrones, haters, all muckin’ about in these here comments.

            I’m a hater, but I don’t feel the need to inform others of everything wrong in this game. Strange, though, the first poster is named after a wow character, and the second person is a Tortanic defender-to-the-death. Or sinking.

          • drcancerman says:


            Great, well done, as I recall WoW was a mess, barely any end game content, buggy, server issues. no PvP like there is today…. Sw Galaxies? I wont even start on this one. and the rest has had a lot of end game content since launch? Say, instead of a few flashpoints like SWTOR now, did they have, the triple or double? Or more maps on pvp? Or more stuff to do?


            the only way you can compare in content to those is if SWTOR gets to be 5 or 7 years old. Then you can go ahead and compare it.

            If wow is miserable today, even with lots of stuff in it now, imagine when it was starting? I remember seeing and reading about it when it launched and I couldnt even think of touching it then.

          • Ritashi says:

            That’s totally irrelevant. Yes, SW:TOR is new, and WoW is old. But we’re not comparing a game from 5-7 years ago with a brand new game. We’re comparing two modern games. This is not 5-7 years ago; TOR just released, and as such it has to compete with everything else already out there. WoW’s been around a long time, Bioware have every opportunity to see the mistakes WoW made and skip over them. “MMO releases are bad” is simply a cop-out. In the modern world, a bad release means its a bad game. Sure it might improve over time. But that doesn’t mean it gets a free pass for the next 5-7 years before I’m allowed to compare it to the games it is in direct competition with. I bought Rift on release, played it for a while, didn’t like it as much as WoW, went back to WoW. I didn’t say “well I don’t like this very much, but it’s way better than WoW on release, so I guess I have no choice but to play it over WoW.” TOR is not competing with WoW from 5-7 years ago. My $15 each month can buy me either TOR as it is right now or WoW as it is right now. Comparing the two is only logical. (As an aside, I stopped playing WoW a while ago because I got bored of the grind at endgame).

            In terms of an actually fair comparison though, TOR does leveling and questing much better than WoW (purely because of the story). WoW, however, wins hands-down for all forms of PvP and for PvE endgame. Basically, TOR is the better single-player experience, but as soon as you want to get into “massively multiplayer” WoW wins.

          • drcancerman says:


            I’m not saying to choose TOR over WOW, i’m saying that WOW has had years of development, much more than TOR ever had. You cant expect them to have the same content as WOW… Unless you want to wait 3 or 4 years more before it is released.

            go play your wow, because it has more content, but the only logical way to compare something is to compare it to wow when it was released. Wow release < Tor Release

            Got it? In statistics you cant compare oranges with apples, or aged cheap wine with new good quality wine. You need context;

          • jrodman says:

            But who is that comparison interesting to?

            As a player who is deciding which game to play, they’re deciding what game to play now. So I don’t think they’ll care too much how wow was 5-7 years ago?

            There’s certainly something to be said for “getting in on the ground floor” when the experience feels fresh to the playerbase, and having the game be satisfying at that time is definitely a perk. But ultimately the game has to stand on its own merits in the current environment. People will enjoy it enough to continue to play and pay, or they won’t.

            Or you could approach it from a critics perspective, and sort of talk about what’s successful and unsuccessful about the game. But critics too cannot ignore the context of the field into which works are delivered. But the context is a framing, not a this-or-that tit-for-tat who is better scenario. A critical voice that only talks about if a is better than b is just not that interesting to listen to.

            Maybe there’s some other angle I haven’t considered, but this kind of comparison of TOR-now vs wow-launch seems mostly confined to fandom wars.

        • drcancerman says:

          forgot to mention: if the free month or weekend is a signal of losing subscriptions then I dont want to think of all the other MMO’s who do that too.(Even WOW)

          • Runs With Foxes says:

            Well yeah, WoW did that because it lost about 2 million subs …

          • Phantoon says:

            False dichotomy. In fact, Warcraft DID do that a lot at launch. Their servers were unstable and crashed all the time. But they also apologized and said they’d work on it. Which they slowly did. Say anything that might be construed as complaining on the Bioware forums and get a ban.

            I don’t like Blizzard, but comparing Blizzard and Bioware doesn’t make any sense- Blizzard at least pretends to care about you as a customer, though they clearly do not.

          • drcancerman says:


            Have you been there lately? there are quite a few people complaining, and they still haven’t been banned. I believe this free month might be related to the ranked warzone. You also should check what the dev’s do on the forums.

      • Roshin says:

        I don’t know. If you have to give away a month of free time, just to get old players to have a look at the most recent update, then how good can it be?

        But hey, new lightsaber colors!

        • Belsameth says:

          It’s for level 50 players with an active account so your point is moot.

          • fionny says:

            There is also a free week for former subs.

          • Phantoon says:

            Ehhh. 25 gigabyte download for less than a week of play? I doubt many people will be jumping on that.

        • nzxnbv11 says:

          Until bioware fixes the end game, free game time will never be enough to entice the people it has lost back. link to linkee.com

      • Major Seventy Six says:

        I agree, this is quite a fun MMO.
        Only thing I loved more yet was DAOC.

        Though LOTRO and WAR are not bad either.

    • c-Row says:

      “The beer in this pub must be awful. They give away two pints for the price of one during Happy Hour!”

      • Vorphalack says:

        As someone who has spent years working in the bar trade, that is actually a hallmark of a pub / bar that sells low quality mass market beers. You simply do not give away the good stuff.

        • c-Row says:

          So all the cocktails must be bad, too? Also, what brand are you talking about exactly?

          • Ganjatron says:

            Obviously you have no clue what “Top shelf” and “well” mean in the liquor buisness. Go look those up and you’ll see, my god, there’s different qualities of the same brands!

        • caddyB says:

          Yes you do, if it’s something special. We did give some of the good stuff for free when we reopened after we were done redecorating, which is a similar thing to what EA is doing right now.

          <- Partner to a pub and my dad owns a nightclub :P

          • Was Neurotic says:

            That was a one-off anyway Caddy. As a regular event, it’s crap all the way. /barman in Covent Garden for 8 years

          • caddyB says:

            Oh yes it is crap if you have to do it constantly, I’m not disputing that.

        • El_MUERkO says:

          Sorry C-Row, CaddyB but if you’re going to bars that do drink promotions then you’re going to be drinking shit.

          • caddyB says:

            I’m saying it’s alright to do a promotion even if it costs you a lot when you want people to come back to your place after you’ve been gone for a few months and people started going to other places.

            It’s not about constantly giving out free stuff, it’s not feasible to give the expensive stuff is it? They need a way to keep people playing for a bit till they can release content probably, and they also need others back to see the new stuff any maybe stay. It doesn’t mean the game is bad, it isn’t bad. There isn’t much incentive to play after you’re done with your story though, because most of us are bored to death with weekly raiding grind.

          • datom says:

            ElMuerko: I think the bars you’ve worked in have been doing Happy Hours wrong.

            The point of a Happy Hour is not to sell a lot of beer. It’s to get customers in that then stick around for the rest of the night, ordering full price beer and food. I’ve been to pubs that do 2-for-1 on bottled microbrews for an hour, because a) after 2 you’re not suddenly going to want to go down to the O’Neills on the High Steet and b) neither are you going to start hammering back pints of Tennents.

        • c-Row says:

          As far as I can tell, it’s the same bartenders mixing the same cocktails from the same ingredients, just two of them. Maybe you go to the wrong pubs.

          • Vorphalack says:

            Hate to burst your bubble again, but it’s not technically a cocktail if it only has 2 ingridients. Thats just a spirit and mixer.

          • c-Row says:

            Two cocktails instead of one. Not two ingredients.

          • caddyB says:

            Heh, people grasping at the straws, the Bioware hate is strong in RPS. I don’t even play the game anymore and I probably won’t until they release more story, and I’ll sub for a month to play through that. Because the story is pretty good.

            And the game is probably bleeding subs just like wow does, it’s nothing new. The real problem with the game is it’s monthly sub not the gameplay in particular. Should have been like LoTRO.

        • Makariel says:

          I’ve only spent some time working in bars during my student years and having a happy hour is a good way of getting your new bar noticed. Once your bar has it’s share of regulars there’s no need for happy hour anymore, that’s true.

        • Lemming says:

          Nothing wrong with 2 for 1 cocktails. Quite often you have enough for two in the shaker, so makes sense to use it or it’s just waste. Sounds like a deal to the customer, less waste for the stock.

          constant free pints however…that’s when you should be checking for beer flies around the tap or just making sure they aren’t just emptying slops into a glass.

          Obviously Uni ‘drink the bar dry’ events are exempt from this!

        • Joof says:

          What kind of crappy places do you live? In Portland, 95% of bars have happy hour, and most happy hours have high quality craft beers on tap for cheap.

          • RandomGameR says:

            But that’s because everyone in Portland owns their own microbrewery.

      • oddshrub says:

        It’s because the bar can sell you two beers for the price of one and still earn money.

      • frightlever says:

        It’s more like when a restaurant gets closed down and they open up with a lot of hoopla, handing out free samples in the street outside, with a big sign that says “Try our chicken – now with fewer rat droppings”.

        This is simply SWTOR announcing they have fewer rat droppings. Which will hurt their business in the rodent scat scene.

        • Jesus H. Christ says:

          thanks for the laugh, great comment.

          It’s also interesting to try and pick out the EA shills in the comments, more fun than SWTOR I must say.

    • Spinks says:

      It’s a good game if you like Bioware RPGs. Also one of the best duoing experiences I’ve had in a game, it just all works really well if you’re with another player.

      • caddyB says:

        Agreed! Although the game suddenly becomes a real WoW clone when the story is done, which is.. understandable but still sad. Should probably be a single player game with multiplayer elements.

      • c-Row says:

        It is. Doing regular sessions with a friend of mine and it’s great fun. Probably the one MMO I have sunk most time into so far without actually regretting it.

        • Drayk says:

          I agree, duoing was reallly really fun. Witnessing the two stories in parrallel was amazing. Too bad I had virtualy no time to do that with my partner so I quit.

      • Apolloin says:

        Agreed! That’s how I’m playing it. A really good friend of mine and I settle down for a couple of hours of questing/crafting for five nights a week. We’re almost done playing one class to 50 and with the Legacy system in place there’s actually a point in playing another pair of classes to 50 when we’re done.

        If you aren’t duoing your way through the planets then you’re really letting the best of SWTOR pass you by!

    • derbefrier says:

      this isnt unprecedented in the MMO genre Blizzard would give away free time quite a bit during the first few months of WoW becasue of problems. I would guess this is help smooth things over with the PvP’ers who didnt get thier ranked warzones

      • AdamK117 says:

        Theres a bit of a difference between Blizzard throwing players free days because the servers couldn’t handle the unprecedented demand of their new MMO and Bioware throwing players free days because of the unprecedented rate at which they’re losing the players of their new MMO…

        • Beardface says:

          You didn’t play WoW at launch, did you? My server was rather empty, and yet during the first two months, between the crashes and server downtime, I’d say I was able to play maybe 50% of the time. THAT’S why Blizzard gave away free months.

    • Dante says:

      How bad is The Witcher if they give away the Enhanced Edition for free? How bad is TF2 if they give away everything for free?

      Generosity does not equal a lack of quality.

  2. sneetch says:

    Isn’t the reason people are leaving more to do with the fact that the game was sold as an MMO where every character has their own story to play through and people have simply played through that story?

    They billed it as being a highly personal and private MMO so it wouldn’t be all that surprising if a lot of people never really engaged with the rest of the people playing the game, hell, I wonder how many people in SWTOR don’t even have guilds?

    • caddyB says:

      That’s why I stopped. Well, I suddenly found myself not logging in anymore and I didn’t seem to want to play because I had finished the story on 3 characters and didn’t want to go through everything again for the rest of them.

      I know I’ll resub and play the new story bits as they are released, but I’m sick and tired of wow style raids and pvp. In fact, those are actually better than what WoW has to offer, but because of the ui issues I could just go back to killing heroic Deathwing.

      What a shame. The problem with SWTOR is that it’s essentially a good game. But has come out too late.

    • akeso says:

      Pretty much this. Even back in beta people were telling bioware that the game wasn’t “sticky” socially and that there was nothing to do at 50. The problem was that instead of actually responding to these concerns bioware told the community that all of the end game content wasn’t implemented yet.

      This was sort of a misunderstanding of the entire problem. It wasn’t just that there wasn’t enough end game content, it was that what content there was happened to be designed in a way that didn’t promote social interaction and connectivity very well.

      When all of the end game content WAS released in beta it became quickly clear that it wouldn’t hold people for very long. Crafting was disconnected from the game, PvP was very lack luster and felt slow and tedious, and end game content could be cleared by a competent team in under a week from starting at 50. This left many with the reroll or nothing problem that we hear about on the forums so often right now.

      Right now, if you were to log into almost any server, you would find that there are EXTREME population problems at level 50. Some servers are seeing peak lvl 50 populations as low at 30-40 people. This is due in large part because people just reroll again and again while those who are not interested in this process have left.

      The real problem is that this patch has not even begun to answer the end game problem. Instead it is providing incentive to keep rerolling. What’s killing OR isn’t the story or a failing on bioware’s part (because the leveling process is very fun), but a complete misunderstanding of what keeps players playing in mmo’s and a complete lack of a compelling end game.

      Until bioware fixes the end game, free game time will never be enough to entice the people it has lost back.

      • Apolloin says:

        When is endgame EVER fixed? I unsubbed WoW within a month of hitting the level cap because MMO dev ideas of endgame involves grinding the same bunch of dungeons (Now in Hard Mode! Now in Heroic Mode! Now in NIGHTMARE Mode!) again and again – and that’s not why I play them.

        I’m about five levels from 50 now and when my levelling buddy and I get there you can bet your ass we’ll be free and running around on Korriban or Tythos or Ord Mantell within the week.

    • Dante says:

      I really doubt that many people have played through all the stories, they’re over 150 hours each. The ones complaining about the lack of content don’t care for story, they rush to the endgame and care only for raids.

    • TwwIX says:

      People are leaving because of numerous reasons. The majority of the servers are ghost towns now and players are sick and tired of re-rolling their toons on one of the more populated servers. They have been begging BioWare to merge the servers but they continue to ignore them. The game also lacks various, basic MMO features and it’s not very social either. Then there’s the constant nerfs and ridiculous money sinks (Legacy System, anyone?) that BioWare keeps showing our throats. These various shitty in game mechanics do nothing but encourage gold farming. I also love how they are rewarding the power levelers with this free 30 day nonsense while they rest of us who have been dealing with their bullshit get fuck all.

  3. Commander Gun says:

    In before the obligatory “Omg, this means SWOTR is dying!” discussions…
    Oh, too late already :(

  4. jellydonut says:

    Not sure why they’re selling a single-player MMO really, aside from EA telling them to?

  5. DogKiller says:

    They’re starting to sound a little desperate. Put aside all that uproar about Bioware in general, and just look at the game on its own. It has some seriously flawed design choices from the ground up, and those can’t just be patched out like bugs. People were telling the developers this before it even released, but they ploughed ahead anyway. Even the development period sounds like it was a complete screw up based on what the devs have said about some of the problems they had with the Hero engine.

    • fionny says:

      Bioware are just rolling with past successes and hoping it keeps propelling them along… but i think that steam has run out for them, that or EA has successfully siphoned it off into the blackhole.

      • caddyB says:

        If Dragon Age 3 or whatever they do with Mass Effect isn’t very good, I do think Bioware will stop being relevant in the next few years. They’ve even managed to enrage the casual crowd, somehow.

        • fionny says:

          Ya time will tell, if they feck the next one up id say it will be all but over for them.

        • Dante says:

          What tosh.

          One Dragon Age is done I expect them to start work on a new trilogy of some sort. It’ll probably be as good as, or better than everything they’ve made before, get great reviews and sell brilliantly, and the Angry Internet Men will continue to put their fingers in their ears and pretend the company is going downhill.

          • caddyB says:

            I really hope they do well. I mean, I want to see good games from Bioware, I don’t hate anyone for the sake of hating them. I didn’t like what they did with their games lately, and even people who don’t agree with me on fundamental rpg mechanics didn’t like them.

            I hope things go as you said, because I’m a gamer, I want to play good games.

    • Wintermood says:

      Desperate? Desperate is creating an item named “ressurection scroll” to be used on canceled subscriptions, wich not only grants the user a free special mount and other premium stuff, no, it grants the former cancelled subscriber a free level 80 Char… *coughwowcough*

      Granting 30 Days free time after publishing a major update is giving incentive to try the features out.
      On top of it there is the 7 day trial. You know, to try it out and form a real opinion instead of saying “It’s probably a WoW Clone and awful. Glad I never tried it.”

      Really guys, get a grip. This hating on Bioware and ToR is getting a leeeeettle bit ridiculous.

      Primetime: Most of the european servers are “Standard” with one or two “Full” and some “Heavy”. This talking about dying ToR and desperation is talk out of the a**.

      • sneetch says:

        One man’s “desperate” is another man’s “incentive”.

        I see very little difference between WoW offering players an incentive to start playing with their friends again without having to level the entire way up again and SWTOR offering their max level players an incentive to keep playing.

        “On top of it there is the 7 day trial.” Isn’t that the friends trial where you have to know someone playing the game to be able to try it out? An odd choice to exclude those with no ties to the game but I suppose it’s a clever way of building a tighter community; people are more likely to continue playing if they’re playing with friends.

        • Phantoon says:

          Actually, one brings money back in, one allows people to get bored of your game without paying anything.

      • Milky1985 says:

        I thnk they are both acts of desperation, difference is one is happenign after a good few years, other is happening after 6 months.

        Player numbers are dropping, I can say for a fact that at least 40 people are no longer playing (had some mates in raiding guilds, they stopped playing cause the ret of there guild stopped playing) .

        Also they have stopped trumpting the numbers to the news sites, if they were good numbers they woudl do that (specally a couple of weeks ago, for hte end of EA’s tax year to get a few more share investments in before the numbers get release)

        Not all of the poeple that quit have gone back to wow tho, in fact most havn’t. they have gone onto other games and ftp games.

        • fionny says:

          I know of 3 fairly large guilds who all packed it in after 2 months, personally I never gave them a second month.

      • Moraven says:

        If the update was so great and people liking the game so much, why would they have to give people a free month to try it out?

        7 days free to inactive accounts = 7 free days free to inactive account via Scroll of Resurrection

        Free pet to active people = Free Mount to active person getting someone to reactivate

        I would rather have a free near end game character then just only 7 days free. More incentive to play if want to try a new class right away.

        This hating is coming from all the shit WoW does for doing anything. If it did not, then there would not be a problem.

      • Cradok says:

        The big difference between the point of the Scroll and what you’re getting in TOR is that WoW is a nearly eight-year-old game, with three expansions released. Yes, they’re hurting from the 2-million or so people who’ve stopped playing since Cataclysm released, but any game that old is going to see numbers dwindling. The point of the Scroll is to get people back who played until 60, or 70, or those who got stuck in the horrible mire of mid-levels in Vanilla, but who for whatever reason don’t want to have to push through all those missed levels in order to play with a friend. TOR is giving away a month’s playtime for what seems to be no good reason less than four months past launch. At least the week to lapsed subs is understandable, if desperate, especially coming on top of the free trial weeks last month.

      • Joof says:

        They also had the Scroll of Resurrection during BC and Wrath when the numbers were their highest and increasing. I used like 3 or 4 of them over the course of a couple years.

        • Adjudicator says:

          That was a different scroll. It gave 7 days of free game time only.

  6. MuscleHorse says:

    It doesn’t really sound positive does it? Personally the price tag is far too high for me, adding to the fact it sounds like just another generic MMO. Operation: Explosive Conflict is an amazing name though.

  7. Lande says:

    Yikes. I’m wondering how fast the game is bleeding subs at this point.

  8. AmateurScience says:

    I really quite enjoyed the game, but I baulked at the subscription because I didn’t play it like an MMO. The stories were interesting and the gameplay was fun but I couldn’t really see what I was getting for the £9 a month. What I wanted to do was to be able to play through the stories of a couple of characters in my own time but with the sub there it just demanded too much of my time,

  9. bitbot says:

    Releasing an MMO that plays almost exactly like WoW when people are tired to death of that style, and when there are much more interesting MMO’s on the horizon was apparently a bad idea! All signs are pointing towards a sinking ship unfortunately.

    • caddyB says:

      A few years earlier with the 1.2 patch features at release and it could be the WoW killer. Too bad WoW and it’s ilk are already dying slow, painful deaths. We’ll see how good GW2 actually is, soon enough.

      We should expect a surge of WoW players with the new expansion for a few months, it depends on how good the new content is though. Maybe they can get us playing again, who knows?

      And maybe, just maybe, the original generation of people interested in MMO gaming has aged too much that we can’t commit to playing these games regularly and decide not to play at all? Is massively multiplayer market shrinking? Does anyone have any numbers?

      • Groove says:

        This is all completely correct. Personally I HATED the game, but I understand why people enjoy it. Releasing a good WoW clone when the WoW-generation of games are all dieing wasn’t a smart move. Maybe if it looked and felt like a next-gen game then it would have more impact, but it’s less visualy appealing than WoW and that’s most of a decade old now.

        • Cradok says:

          This was probably what surprised me the most; TOR’s got much higher requirements than WoW does – on my old machine, I couldn’t play TOR even with 640×480 and all the graphics options turned to ‘go away, you’re going to melt my graphics card’ while WoW ran reasonably well at 1600×1200 with most things set at mostly medium detail – and doesn’t look nearly as good. Particle effects are poor to non-existent on most things, detail pop-in is at about combat engagement range, terrain is mostly bland and uninteresting, and of course you have the ’20-ft ceiling’ problem everywhere. Palace on Alderaan, sure, to be expected; hovel on Tatooine, not so much.

    • Carra says:

      This, I’m tired of playing WoW and I want to play something new. SWTOR just didn’t give me that.

  10. Lobotomist says:

    And to think this game could be mega sucess if only EA opted for F2P like LOTRO , where you pay only to unlock additional quests.

    With subscription, this one is dead Jim

    • Dante says:

      It amazes me how often people continue to say that, even when looking at 2 million paying customers.

      • TwwIX says:

        lol What orifice did you manage to pull out that number from? 2 million, my ass! Tell that to the thousands of players that are constantly forced to re-roll on new servers because more and more of them are turning into ghost towns. The only reason why they are handing out free gametime is so that they can inflate their subscription numbers for their next investor call.

  11. tres says:

    Might actually play it when it goes free to play.

    • apocraphyn says:

      I’m in the same boat. I’d probably play through it co-op with my girlfriend, but there’s no way in hell either of us are paying a monthly sub for it.

    • TwwIX says:

      Give it a few more months.

  12. Turbobutts says:

    We are contacting you regarding your account for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. We wish to nofity you that we are sanctioning your account violating our Terms of Service.

    Specifically, this character participated in looting high level Loot Containers on Illum while being well below the recommended level for the planet. By utilizing these Loot Containers, the account was able to acquire, distribute, or obtain currency, gear equipment not meant to be acquired by low level characters (below level 40). Illum is intended for Level 50 characters and this is clearly communicated in game. By ignoring these warning, the account showed intent to exploit the game.

    As you have violated our Terms of Service we will be applying a ban on your account. We are banning your Account, effective immediately.

    • Turbobutts says:

      We are contacting you regarding your account for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. We wish to nofity you that we are sanctioning your account violating our Terms of Service.

      The characters was flagged due to high activity on the Galactic Trade Network. It has been brough to out attention that the account has been buying and reselling items on the Galactric Trade Network in a manner that is not consistent with its intended use. The continued exploitation of the game’s economy is prohibited.

      This is only a warning and no action has been taken against this account. Further infractions may result in a temporary or permeate ban.

      • derbefrier says:

        you trolls need some new material thats been around since launch and was proven a lie

    • tres says:

      If thats genuine then it’s interesting choice that they decide to put off paying customers from their collapsing game.

    • Milky1985 says:

      It was reported a while ago, it did happen, they didn’t want people buying low and selling high on the auction house cause appparently thats not the intended use (apaprently captilism wasn’t the intended use of a TRADE MARKET)

  13. MiniMatt says:

    Could anyone confirm that the 30 day off thingy is just for US peeps and those who pay with tea & crumpet vouchers are out of luck?

    edit: scratch that – initial impression gleaned from (and I know, I know) venturing onto the swtor forums (the true hive of scum and villiany)

  14. Crimsoneer says:

    A lot of the servers are now “light” population…bit of a shame, I quite enjoyed myself at the start.

    • derbefrier says:

      yeah i hear server transfer are coming soon i just hope its not too late. I got lucky and found a good group of dedicated players on my server but i know not everyone is so lucky. The biggest problem this game has is a population that is too spread out. Going to the Fatman server(which is were everyone seems to be rerolling) actually feels like an MMO which is awesome if your willing to put up with a short wait to get in. but i am liking my smaller server its really starting to form a nice community people are nice and respectful dont see many trolls and its a good experience. but the anti social gamer probably wouldn’t find much to do on a server like mine as PvP ques are long and finding groups can take awile if your the type to just sit there and wait for people to show up instead of actively looking or not filling up your friends list with good players

  15. Frans Coehoorn says:

    I almost feel silly for ending before I turned level 50… I think I’m level 44 or 45. ;P

  16. Falcyn says:

    I think there’s a bit of key information missing from this story: the 30 free days are only for *active* accounts. So it’s a loyalty thing for people who already paying, not an attempt to bring back old players. Two very, very different things. I won’t complain about a free month, personally.

    link to swtor.com
    “As a thanks for being one of our most valued players, all active subscriber accounts with a Level 50 character as of April 12, 2012, 12:00 PM CDT, 5:00 PM GMT, will receive 30 days of game time** at no charge in appreciation for your support and loyalty.

    Just be sure you are an active subscriber (signed up for a recurring subscription or redeemed a Game Time Code) and have a Level 50 character by April 12, 2012, 12:00PM CDT, 5:00PM GMT.”

  17. ColonelClaw says:

    Hmmm, there’s a fine line between aggresive marketing and desperation. This is getting very close to the latter.
    Whilst there’s nothing wrong with Bioware wanting as many people to play it’s game as possible, they need to be careful about the message it’s sending out – in games marketing giving away too much free stuff can turn a positive into a negative.

    • TwwIX says:

      They are pleasing the PvP whiners because of the ranked Warzone delay. The whiny e-peen crowd are the only ones left playing this sad excuse of an MMO.

  18. Moraven says:

    Patch1.2 Innovative features such as:

    Guild Bank!
    Combat Log!
    Custom UI!

    WoW 2.3
    WoW 1.0
    WoW 1.0

    Bioware, adding 5+ year old features to your 4 month old game.

    At least they pushing out content (instances and what not) at a pretty decent rate. What keeps people interested the most. Now instead of giving incentives to level alts, just let me create alts at near max level to skip tedious leveling.

    • Reiver says:

      5 years later and Lotro still doesn’t have guild banks. I realise SWTOR has some omissions but from what i’ve seen it’s a step or two ahead of ost games already wrt features.

      Also (and not directed at your post) people who are pimping the idea of FTP and lotro as an example ight want to check out the dissatisfaction of the playerbase with that choice. It’s not all roses in Middle earth.

  19. Crius says:

    – “People is running away!”
    – “Hurry! Give them free playtime!”

    *Benny Hill Theme*

    Well played Bioware.
    First removed the cancel subscrition button.
    Then giving playtime as present.
    What come Next?
    Pay my bill but remove the light switches from my home?

    • Phantoon says:

      Don’t forget getting banned because you complained the subscription cancellation button was gone.

  20. aliksy says:

    SW:TOR is a so-so bioware rpg grafted onto a decade old MMO. It’s not very good and I wish they hadn’t made it.

    • TwwIX says:

      It’s not even an MMO. It’s a glorified singleplayer RPG with a build in chat box.

  21. CareerKnight says:

    This isn’t really to pull old players back to experience the new update and then hopefully stay on after the 30 days are up (that would have been a smart move). You only get the 30 days free if you were subscribed as of April 12th in addition to requiring a lvl 50 on your account.

  22. Tokamak says:

    link to swtor.com

    link to swtor.com

    Between pulling major bait and switch at the last second and breaking yet another aspect of the game seemingly every patch, I honestly wonder how long even the most ardent subscribers can stand to keep supporting this game.

    • Groove says:

      WoW, angry internet men everywhere.

      Suddenly my view of the game seems pretty mild and considered.

  23. hemmingjay says:

    There is a 200+ page thread on their forums with many many unhappy people who feel slighted by EA/Bioware’s valuing of lvl 50 players above those who have subscribed all along. Due to poor wording and not very thoughtful promotion design, many of their customers are cancelling their subs.

    It was hard enough to keep playing with the bugs, connection issues, missing content and waiting for them to deliver promised features after 6 months, but the slap in the face was just too much.

    I wish them luck and hope everyone who stays continues to enjoy the game. Personally, I will never patron a company that doesn’t value me.

    • Phantoon says:

      THIS is what is getting people to quit? Not the fact the Legacy system isn’t even in the game STILL?

      For the sake of my sanity, I refuse to believe that these people are coming to their senses now, and are instead the victims of mind control and the mind control is wearing off.

  24. mod the world says:

    Oh, it’s only for currently paying lvl50s, i thought they missed me so much that they give me 30 days on my inactive account. :(

    Also: MMO comment threads bring out the worst of humanity.

    • Phantoon says:

      MMO threads? GW2 and Tera threads seem reasonably okay.

      The words you were looking for were “EA” or “Bioware”. They’re the same exact thing now anyways.

      • SAM-site says:

        That’ll be because those games aren’t out yet, and the commenters exist purely in a world where the game lives in their heads and is perfect.

        * No game is ever perfect
        ** MMOs especially so – too many moving parts
        *** MMO gamers are desperately trying to recapture the feeling they had in the first MMO that captured their affection

  25. Durkonkell says:

    Incidentally, they’ve started a 7-day free period for all former subscribers today, which is separate from the 30-days for level 50 types.

    They’ve also massively cocked up the patching process, leaving certain areas of the game world – and any characters in those areas – completely inaccessible. The servers have just gone down, and they expect correcting the situation to take eight hours or more.

    Not good when you potentially have a lot of former subscribers coming back in today.

    link to swtor.com

  26. Inglourious Badger says:

    Before anyone gets too excited someone should mention: The servers are currently down and aren’t expected back until midnight :(

    I finally took the SWTOR plunge this week after an enjoyable trial weekend. I initially regretted my purchase as the speed of levelling and new environments conveniently slows after the trials level 15 limit (and a major gripe is they they leave you waiting 24+ hours to acknowledge your purchase through Origin, never mind any non-trial players who would still require the subsequent 20 GB download).

    I agree with everyone who says it’s basically a singleplayer game with some other humans in it but I have really grown to love the 2 characters I’ve played so far. The very Bioware-style convo/character choices mixed with the persistent no-reloading-quicksaves of an MMO do make for some superb character progression. Plus I forgot how the cartoony, rated-U Star Wars universe makes playing an evil character feel that much more evil than your Dragon Age/Mass Effect universes. You can murder, extort, destroy and cripple innocent Bounty Hunter targets but choose the ‘kiss’ convo option and the screen fades to black and doesn’t come back until the ‘kissing’ is over. It’s hilarious.

    Loving SWTOR, shame about the monthly subs forcing me to race through the character stories before I have to cough up again. I have no intention of playing beyond lvl 50 which Bioware must realise if they’re giving away time to the lvl 50ers.

  27. shagen454 says:

    Bioware is a great company. Playing ME3, right now and loving it. I still sometimes pay for my Wow account but I bought SWTOR played for 2 weeks and shit. Definitely my least fav game from Bioware and one of my least fav game purchases… I’d rather play WoW and that is pretty damn boring these days as well.

  28. Blackcompany says:

    The entire strategy behind SWTOR seems a little…off…to me. On the one hand, you have an MMO focused on strong, single-player-style story. The major – and as far as I can see only – real difference between this and other modern MMO games, is the focus on story.

    So players go through the story, until they reach the cap and finish their character’s tale. And then…

    …they reach the point where the smile appreciatively of the ending and move on to another single player game. Except, in this case, Bioware seeks to retain these players. They want to keep players who played through their story-focused, narrative-based MMO around, by offering them more.

    Now, given that these players chose this game – again, a story driven game with a focus on strong narrative and player choice – Bioware of course offers more of this along the way to entice high-level players right? I mean, after all, players chose SWTOR, so, they must be interested in a new type of MMO, driven by strong, personalized narrative and with powerful choice-driven stories. So of course Bioware would gradually reveal more of such things to keep high level players around, correct?


    Bioware instead effectively say, “Now the story is over, stay and enjoy some WoW-style raids and pointless world-PVP. I mean, that’s what you came for, isn’t it? Isn’t it?”

    No, Bioware, it isn’t. As your current subscription numbers – compared to the number of initial purchases – seem to indicate.

    Also, on a side note: choose the ‘kiss’ convo option and the screen fades to black and doesn’t come back until the ‘kissing’ is over.

    That is hilarious, in a sad sort of way.

    • caddyB says:

      Maybe “Kiss” means a good hard shag in Star Wars? ( it doesn’t )

  29. Judas says:

    Desperation from EA…lol

    I predicted this MMO would suffer a few months after launch. Oh well, cheers to trying Bio Ware. I’m just not sure that Star Wars was the platform they thought it could be for a game like this.

    Perhaps if the remarket it as a single player game, it may sell more.

  30. Sidion says:

    Meh I see a ton of people bashing the game with no actual time spent playing it,
    and then a bunch more people crying that, “TOR isn’t as bad as you think seriously!!!!”

    I was a sucker. A friend bought it on launch, so I too did. And 3 months for a discounted rate? Well my friend liked it, what I’d seen was awesome! Why not.

    First few days were great. It was WoW with better graphics, and light-sabers. People were about, chat was enjoyable. It wasn’t even a few days before it became a wasteland. No one, anywhere. I go to the forums, everyone’s saying it’s because too many new servers were added. “Good” I think, at least it means it can be fixed! Server merges right? Wrong.

    Still empty. Still a wasteland. Suddenly the 103 dollar+ entry fee to this “Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.”…

    Is just another lack-luster single player game… That unfortunately I bought for way more than it’s worth.

    In short: It sucked. It was an alright game. It got boring fast. Especially due to how little you ever come across others.

  31. Carra says:

    So still no LFG utility?

    Too bad I stopped playing at lvl 47 or I might have rejoined for another month.