TERA’s High Elves Say Hi

I want to be able to play as the other guy.
Or perhaps “greetings” followed by a bow, a graceful flourish, and a knowing air of superiority. Something suitably elfish. I don’t really know what they say, but – thanks to a new trailer – I’ve seen them do their pointy eared thing, and I can safely say that they are, in fact, elves. You know the drill: fleet-footed battle prancing, slow-mo flips and twists, and female attire that’d prove woefully inadequate in any battle involving ordinances more powerful than bath foam. It all looks nicely fast-paced and heavy hitting, though. Check out the trailer in this post’s southern reaches, where mortal men fear to tread.

TERA’s out on May 3. I was just informed that its full title is actually “The Exiled Realm Of Arborea”, which doesn’t roll off the tongue so much as it trips, stumbles into traffic, narrowly avoids an oncoming 18-wheeler, and then falls into the active volcano the one-way straight was for some reason precariously situated on top of. So yeah, “TERA” was the right choice. As for the game proper, I’m interested, though wary of the same old MMO grind merely prancing about in a snazzy new battle system. Has anyone played the closed beta yet? How’s the longevity on this one?


  1. Checksumfail says:

    a game with pseudo-children dancing naked everywhere being puppeteered by fat sweaty paedos? Not my cup of tea.

    Edit: Yes I’m referring to Elin, I know the post is about elves but Elin ruin the *Whole* game for me and many of my friends agree.

    • Pantsman says:

      I don’t know where you’re from, but I’ve never seen a child with boobs or hips like that.

      • Wreckdum says:

        Which is why he said pseudo-children. They have the faces of children making them appear that they are young. Then you come across their big fat melons and realize that they are not.

        • Nevard says:

          I believe he was talking about a different race than the one portrayed in this video above anyway, this one:

          One that is pretty unmistakably a bunch of scantily clad infants

          • caddyB says:

            What the TRUCK


            god I wouldn’t want to get caught playing that

          • pipman3000 says:

            A Game of Scantly Clad Children in Thongs

            A Song of Getting You Fired (Because Now Your Boss Thinks You’re a Child Molester)

          • Davie says:

            …Wow. That’s actually gone and made the stupid little anime gnome-mice in Guild Wars 2 look good by comparison. Creepy on several levels.

          • ffs_jay says:

            Okay, I’ve seen my share of “hmm, maybe” borderline cases, but that is straight-up indefensible. Unless your defense is “well, I happen to LIKE looking at highly sexualised little girls”.

          • caddyB says:

            Well they don’t really look like children, they just look like they’re meant to look like children :P
            Which is kinda worse :D

          • Cryo says:

            That’s like a vomit topping on a shit cake.

          • sokolov22 says:

            I know it isn’t quite the same thing, but I have to wonder what happens when we actually meet aliens and they do not conform to our ideas of what people look like or behave. What if, for example, their adults look like children to us? Or worse, sex with children is culturally accepted, or encouraged for various reasons (maybe it’s the only time they are fertile)?

            History suggests we won’t be as open or accepting as we think we have become.

          • Tuesdays With Gorey says:

            Except we aren’t aliens.

            We’re humans.

            And some humans have psychological issues causing them to be sexually attracted to other humans who are not yet sexually mature.

            And then they make up wild alien related defenses for their problems.

          • caddyB says:

            Well depending on our technological superiority to them we will probably murder each and every single one of those ugly pedobears.

          • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

            Duuuude about those aliens… what if they, like, didn’t even see the same colors as we do? What if their red is, like, blue? Think about it man.

          • pipman3000 says:

            but what if like the aliens thought we looked like children and they wanted to molest us?

        • Tei says:

          I think theres a whole race of pedobears.

          • DarkFenix says:

            And ironically said pedobears seem to be the counterpart race to the race of thong-wearing child-furries. Oh dear.

        • nitftas says:

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    • Hisui says:

      Figures that this sort of insipid drivel would be the first comment.

      • LionsPhil says:

        What a surprise, someone with an anime avatar isn’t put off by the oversexualisation of children.

        • Zyrusticae says:

          Except they’re not children.

          I don’t really understand why people insist on anything virtual and/or rendered in a cute fashion must automatically be likened to children, no matter the context or behavior of the character in question.

          But then, I also don’t understand the ridiculous craze about ‘THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!” all over the western hemisphere. When actual pedophiles are extremely small in number, and child molestors an even SMALLER number among them, it just seems a little ridiculous that anything that can even remotely be construed as “sexualizing children” is condemned harder than, well, anything else. ANYTHING else.

          This isn’t even going into the fact that this sort of thing can’t actually harm anyone by default, seeing as how they’re fake characters and no one has even come up with any evidence that this sort of thing results in increased immorality (note: Japan and Korea have some of the lowest crime rates in the civilized world). It seems to me to be part of a general trend of hating anything cute in the West, as noted by how many are automatically off-put by any sign of an Eastern aesthetic (re: the Asura of GW2).

          But clearly I am out of my gourd here, it is a completely, 100% irrational emotional reaction, and trying to argue against that is… well, a lot like trying to talk down religious zealots. Ah, well. I try…

          • Nevard says:

            link to youtube.com
            They really really really look like children to me though
            I don’t know what they are meant to be if not children?

          • pipman3000 says:

            it’s not child porn it’s lolicon you baka gaijin

          • ffs_jay says:

            I have to say, I’m tempted to roll up an Elin character for a week just to see the level of userbase creepiness it could garner while not wearing anything especially provocative, playing mostly solo and just being nice to people. I’m betting it’d get pretty weird pretty quickly.

          • Torgen says:

            @ffs_jay : Please do so and document it with video. :)

          • Noirdeathe says:

            Simple answer to this is; I just don’t want cutesy races in my games (especially pedo-riffic cutesy races). If you want them, go play an Asian MMO where they seem to live (those GW2 mice things were almost a deal breaker, almost).

          • jrodman says:

            Except they look exactly like the well established trope of oversexualized female children. Characters with some attributes of age 15 or 16 but a lot of of age 12 or 10. Characters who, no matter what they are wearing, seem to promise a glimpse of their crotch only millimeters from the hem of their skirt.
            Or jumper. Or whatever crazy space armor. So long as lets their crotch breathe to the maximum!

            Yes, there’s a bit of deformation going on here. They’re not exactly spot on for any particular real human being, but I find the suggestions they’re trying to give abundantly clear.

          • bill says:

            Note: Japan may have a very low crime rate, but it has a high rate of child prostitution and child pornography.
            And a very high rate of dodgy old men.
            And is consistently ranked very low in the world in terms of sexual equality.

        • pipman3000 says:

          escuse me lionsphil-kun but they’re not children they’re actually 9000 years old demons

          • LionsPhil says:

            Of course. How could have I forgotten, desu?

          • clippa says:

            “can I have sex with this child now that she’s 16?”
            isn’t exactly the same as
            “can I have sex with this child if I pretend that she’s a 9000 year old demon?”

            While I’m here, FOV fix and framerate unlock – link to youtube.com

        • Hisui says:

          Since I don’t see how fictional cutesy gnome beings with ridiculously massive hips could be likened to children (Did you ever actually /see/ a child in real life? They’re not exactly icons of sex appeal), I feel way more confident in my sexuality and morals than those who get their panties in a twist about TERA.

          But ehh, if you already feel so threatened in your morality and fear that the vile whisperings of this demonic video game will turn you into a child predator, I guess you’re doing the right thing by staying away. =)

          • Tuesdays With Gorey says:

            It has nothing to do with anything you’re saying.

            I just like to laugh at grown men who play as sexy kids in online video games.

          • Hisui says:

            You only see what you want to see, and I don’t see “sexy kids” in that race. Who’s the creep now, creep? Hmm?

          • jrodman says:

            Sure, someone is being hostile, but “you only see what you want to see” is a canard.

          • Checksumfail says:

            Oh the hips are slightly too big? That wouldn’t be because they’re trying to sexualise the children they’re putting into the game would it? Oh, it is?

            That’s really the *only* defence you have? their hips are a *little* too wide?

            What makes this wrong isn’t children in a video game (see fallout, psychonauts, bioshock for children not in lingerie) It’s what they’re wearing. Their armour is unique to them, it’s not the same models as humans/elves scaled, it’s a different model (same item maybe but different model) so it would be very easy to have the Elin’s armour… act like proper armour, cover their body and not be designed to tease their target audience (You.) Of course, they’ve been *made* to de-sexualise the armour for Elin up to an ‘acceptable’ point, but the fact they’re trying to make it as sexual as legally possible… That’s full out wrong.

            Also they’re not halflings/gnomes/dwarves so don’t even start on that bollocks parade, all of those races have the same look as humans/elves, just scaled down, Elin are children. They have big eyes, large heads compared to their body, no tits etc. Then the obvious proof they’re sexualised = Bunny ears, female only race, armour consisting only of leather straps.

            It’s fortunate for you that you only have to defend this stance on the internet behind anonymity though, I’d love to see you try to argue this point with your parents/friends/co-workers.

          • bill says:

            Because Asia (more specifically Anime/Manga and Japan) have no record of sexualizing children…. right?

      • Checksumfail says:

        I’m sorry, should I pretend it’s not absolutely disgusting?

        I’m not being sensationalist, it really does make me and many others feel very awkward, so go ahead and try to justify it ‘They have the bodies of children but they’re really 100 years old so it’s fine!’.

        The fact that they’ve *had* to change the elin for the western audience pretty much nails it ‘We better make this just the right amount of creepy.’

    • Urfin says:

      Every time I read a comment like this I am so glad there’s not much of this sick PC-gay-pedofinder insanity going on in my country :)

      • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

        Are you one of those aliens from pedo-planet?

        • Urfin says:

          Nah, from Russia, which is not really known for rampant pedophilia :) Or PC crap :) And I do find it hilarious that piles of pixels with non-adult proportions spark such hot debates. It’s like people have never seen “teen” porn.

      • bill says:

        Or from Asia… ;-p

    • aepervius says:

      Nitpick, but paedophiles are actually totally uninterrested with anything with secondary sexual factor (like formed breast) and form a very very minuscule proportion of the sexualy active population. What you are thinking of are “ephebophiles” which more or less are imterrested into teenager/young adult showing off secondary sexual characteristic (and for a rather sizable proportion of the population : about 10% from the estimates I saw).

      That said, I never understood why anybody can get even a bit sexually excited by cartoons, be it anime or games. Not my tea.

      • Urfin says:

        Don’t you spoil the tasty and 100% curse-safe witch hunt with your scientific drivel! Burn the virtual kiddie-fiddlers! Save the pixels from abuse!

  2. LuNatic says:

    I’m glad to know originality is strong in the games industry.

    • Skabooga says:

      Someday, when a game includes High Elves as a playable race, the outcome will just be a bunch of svelte Rastafarians.

      • Apolloin says:

        Already done in Mass Effect 3 with the Ancient Progenitor character who is essentially a Space High Elf (in terms of lore, not aesthetics) Nazi with a Jamaican accent.

        Protheans have Jamaican accents, apparently. At least the ones shown in the cutscenes in that ME3 day one DLC.

  3. Blackcompany says:

    “I’m interested, though wary of the same old MMO grind merely prancing about in a snazzy new battle system.”

    And you should be. Because this is exactly what the game is. Exactly.

    I tried the Beta – admittedly, not for long enough, in the minds of more than a few people – but was bored out of my mind in a little under/over 3 or 4 hours.

    Granted combat is more exciting than many other MMO games. On par with – and near identical to – the melee portion of Vindictus, less the grabbing, grappling moves, of course. Weapon swings in Tera are patience-testing affairs that mostly involve waiting for the animation to at long last finish. Magic projectiles are – at least in the beta – less than visually pleasing. And graphics, while good – for an MMO – were not what I expected from a PC game in 2012.

    All of which, of course, has time for polish and patching and improvement over the long haul. And much of which can be partially overlooked, given the factionless world and political system promised by the devs.

    But the game had other problems, too. Aside from prancing, half-naked, childlike females, that is. Which are a thing that do exist in Tera.

    Most notably amongst Tera’s many flaws: Grinding. Oh yeah, its back. Take Rift’s tired fetch and kill grind – which pretty well took it from WoW, which took it from EQ, which…you get the point – and place action combat on top of it. Presto! You get Tera.

    All of which is to say, if you like MMO grinding – and I’m not judging, we all like different things in games – and you like action combat with your grinding, you will likely love Tera. Despite my despair at hoping for something more and finding the usual grind instead it ain’t all bad.

    If you were looking for a revolution in MMO gaming, keep looking. If, however, you were looking for a new combat system to make the same old grind a bit more fun and varied, Tera is probably for you.

    • Diziet Sma says:

      I have to admit in the 4-5 hours I’ve played over this beta weekend I agree. It’s charmless hackery from what I can tell with character designs seemingly aimed at the sweaty teenage youth. The battles are indeed ‘actiony’ and feel less like the typical MMO (SWTOR, WOW) but in doing so to me appear to have lost some of the tactical ability whilst gaining none of the feeling of better straight up action titles (God of War). A shame, here’s hoping the secret world fares better, especially as I have that one pre-ordered.

      I think Aion was a better game (with similar graphics to my eye)

  4. Sarissofoi says:

    I want some Medieval alike MMORPG.
    With grim brutal settings.
    Rare magic, no funny races.
    No saving the world or any other bullshit.
    Just survival.

    Anyone can give me direction?

    • Blackcompany says:

      I want to second this. Would be amazing. I truly think the first dev to go here will make far more money than big publishing houses would believe right now.

      After all, if you are going to enter into an over-saturated market and try and compete, why offer the same thing as everyone else and expect to stay alive? Seems you’re better off trying something new.

    • Dominic White says:

      From what I can gather, Mortal Online and Darkfall are both relatively low-magic, brutal, PvP-focused MMOs.

      • Blackcompany says:

        Tried Darkfall once. What was there appeared quite good. Sort of a Medieval EVE, give or take. Except…there was no one. In the couple of hours I tried to make sense of the absolute nothing that was the game’s introduction, I saw no one. Not one real person.

        Shame, really, since conceptually, darkfall seems interesting enough.

    • Wreckdum says:

      I thought Age of Conan was my salvation…. May Funcom forever burn in hell for that.

      • Askeladd says:

        I really liked it… until I got to the field of the dead.. I kept telling me “it gets better later on”. Well, it wasn’t.

        • DarkFenix says:

          That’s about where the cracks started appearing for me, stuck it out until near max level (a clan makes anything more tolerable) then quit.

      • Tei says:

        I have really fond memories of Conan. What I don’t remember is what made me angry about the game. I only remember the good things about Conan, and have lots of very good things. I remember too that I deleted the game with a level of frustration not know before. but I have forget why.

    • Torgen says:

      Wurm Online?

      Of course the animations are practically non-existent, and the graphics are on a par with the very first 3D games ever, but if “a game about starving to death and being eaten by wolves” is what you’re looking for, this is it. No levels, useage-based skill progression, everything beyond your starter tools must be made or purchased/bartered from other players, and you only get 24 [edit: hours] of free food in the starter area before you’re forced to grow/fish/hunt down your next meal.

      Oh, and player-deformable terrain and freestyle player-built housing.

      link to wurmonline.com

      Quinns got me hooked on that game, way back in the day. They’ve recently opened 4(?) new servers for people to better find a plot of land to claim.

      • MadMatty says:

        Seconded- Wurm is the only successful one- Darkfall had been killed by epxloiters within a few months of me starting it, Mortal Online is slightly underdeveloped but could be looking ok. For freeform sandbox MMO´ing tho,, Wurm is da shit- xcept graphically ofcourse, but ive heard theyre doing a new animation system soon-ish.

    • wicko says:

      If you drop MMO from RPG you could just play Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls

  5. Devenger says:

    Good to know that, if I want to pretend to be nothing more than an idealised version of humanity (plus pointy ears), this and a thousand other games have me covered.

    • Blackcompany says:


      Well said. Well said indeed.

    • Kevin says:

      Don’t blame the game, or games in general for that matter…

      Blame codified expectations that had been carried on into the medium from movies, television, painting, and all the way back to when pre-historic man carved the Venus of Willendorf.

    • ZyloMarkIII says:

      I have stuck with the notion that all elves are sins against nature. Their beauty and grace is unnatural, and henceforth, their kind must be slain to restore any semblance of order to the natural world.

  6. Elmokki says:

    TERA was a dissapointment (but hey, essentially all new MMOs are).

    The combat is actually better than in World of Warcraft etc, though in pve I suppose it’ll eventually be fairly close. I mean, you have to react to things in WoW high end pve too, it isn’t that much different to continuously dodge fire than to press block when a boss tries to hit you.

    Sadly while the combat is somewhat innovative for mmo genre, nothing else is (well, they have more meaningful open world pvp on pvp servers than WoW and buddies I think). First of all the character customization. Looks you can customize considerably (though character size is constant due to hitboxes) but you only have a couple of item slots and if you roll a lancer, your character will always use a lance, if you roll a whatever you will always use a two handed swords etc. Your hand items are also one slot so instead of looting a shield you just loot a new lance-shield combo for the tank class or two swords for one of the melee classes etc.

    Base idea of the game is still the same grind as in World of Warcraft and others, even though the leveling indeed might be somewhat more interesting thanks to the combat system.

    I normally don’t mind the graphics, but here the graphical style is also quite annoying. The furries I could tolerate (I actually played the beta as one since I found them hillarious – there’s quite a bit of customization on what animal you want to be based on too and a rabbit swinging a huge sword was just stupid but entertaining), but a race of lolis, what? They even had to censor them lightly for Europe and US since they look like pre-teen girls and had far too revealing clothing in the original version. The retardedly huge weapons also just look stupid. Sure, WoW has far too big weapons, but here you have a thin elf or a small furry swinging around swords and axes that probably weigh more than the wielders.

    All in all, if you are someone who likes World of Warcraft and similiar games but wants something new, this probably is effectively at least somewhat fresher than Rift was compared to World of Warcraft.

    • Lacero says:

      I find it funny that although the game isn’t out (here) yet everyone talks about it in the past tense.

      There’s no oceans on the internet!

      • Blackcompany says:

        Saying this brings me no pleasure, but I think that, if they don’t make a few changes in a hurry, talking about Tera in the past tense will soon be very appropriate indeed.

    • Lanfranc says:

      “…here you have a thin elf or a small furry swinging around swords and axes that probably weigh more than the wielders.”

      In Soviet Arborea, giant axe wields you!

      • Booch says:

        I wish there was an MMO that let you pick “an Axe” as your race…

  7. j3w3l says:

    yeh i played in most of the beta’s and had a reasonably good time
    The questing in this game is the same ole, but it is terribly grinding as it is the same stuff over and over.. and over. Later dungeons are interesting if your anything but a ranged damage dealer as all you’ll be doind is the usual cycle cooldowns and move out of aoe. Healers and anyone in melee range really have to watch themselves
    The lore and story is usually completely outlandish and mostly a non factor. Aesthetically it wont be everyone’s cup o tea but their monster models are great.

    In saying that i actually had a better time then its bretheren since i rolled on a pvp server and it’s quite lively. Our guild usually had their 4 guild allowance in gvg declared(usually on the larger 4 chan guilds) with that combined with the many outlaws it was a good experience as you always had to watch your surroundings and their was plenty of action. It isn’t for the faint of heart though, plenty of gankers.
    The level/ gear scaling is stupidly large though and it makes a huge difference which can be very frustrating. Equal level pvp is great.

    I’ll be playing it mainly becasue the owpvp was enjoyable and seeing if it turns out into anything decent at cap, because i think with the political system they could do some fun things for a pvp server

  8. RedViv says:

    A waste of a really great combat system.

  9. Tei says:

    Tera has perfected the generic but very pretty look of AION. I say theres something of a Uncanny Valley of Prettynes, where something is soo pretty that is ugly. TERA is there, deep in that valley. Looking at Tera is horrible, because its visually perfect in a very ugly way. Perfect acording some very generic canon of beaty, the one signaled by AION. I mean, these people are perfecting the craft of making pretty games, but the most pretty are these games, the harder is to tell one from another.
    And the combat could be interesting, but is somewhat like how FPS work on consoles: everything is a SMG. Here the wizards are peashooters, and the mele class have his hits a perfect balance of speed/dps. So you have high dps attacks slow, or very fast attack low fps… you never feels like you are really breaking skulls, more like dancing with mobs until the mobs die of boring.

    Its probably a very good game, but I am not really into mmos.

    • Crihnoss says:

      Darn! reply fail!…
      But I fully agree with you. Tis so pretty and epic, that nothing actually is…

  10. mollemannen says:

    the problem with most korean mmorpgs is that you’re supposed to play as some sort of cool anime dude. there are no sense of subtlety.

  11. Grygus says:

    I played in the last closed beta, enough to get to an instance, and the game has potential you won’t see if you don’t play that long; the combat system doesn’t really do itself justice against the vast majority of early fights because they are intentionally easy, and while the difficulty was ramping up noticeably by level 24 (as far as I got) the real place for the system to shine seemed to be group combat (and some say PvP, but I barely touched that and will not comment.)

    The boss of the instance I ran was barely contained chaos. Imagine the choreography and aggro control of a WoW fight in a game with no targeting system and a highly mobile boss; you can’t always tell who he’s on, and he’s jumping around even when the tank has aggro. To add to that, our tank was an avoidance tank, but there are no stats in TERA like Dodge and Parry; you have to actually move the hell out of the way, so even when she had aggro she was leaping about the room like a demented River Tam, with the boss sometimes giving chase and sometimes not. The bar for individual competence seemed to be higher: the whole group had to react to what the boss was doing, whether their job was taunting, damage, or healing, because he had some AoE attacks and a couple of leaping/charging animations. It seemed like it would be a lot harder to cover for a poor player than in most MMOs, and player skill seemed to be rewarded a great deal more. It was fun and different, and as someone who has played a great many MMOs, I liked it a great deal. I do agree with some other posters that the combat is similar to Vindictus, though I personally found TERA a bit easier, at least at lower levels, and a lot less grindy since we weren’t endlessly repeating the exact same content. In just about every MMO, even story-heavy TOR, you spend most of your time fighting. “Merely” having better combat is a significant advance in this genre.

    Anyone who complains about the graphics (other than expressing distaste for the art style) is just complaining in order to complain. The game is beautiful, particularly for an MMO, and the competence in this area is objectively high.

    To your question though, the longevity of the game is the exact right question, and impossible for me to comment on because that is entirely dependent on the end game, and I don’t think much is known about that. The beta I was in was capped at level 38 (max level is 60.) Since I made level 24 in a weekend, leveling does not seem as though it will take long at all (despite all the “grinding” rhetoric), so the end game is even more important for any lasting impact. Hopefully we will start finding out in the open beta next weekend.

  12. Crihnoss says:

    I just can’t see how this game will make it through launch… I mean the game launches the 15 days before Diablo 3. I know most you guys don’t like D3, but Blizzard’s and Diablo’s brand power is undeniable strong.
    This game is a new comer, from a not as well known publisher. No matter how good their product is, it doesn’t stand a chance against a such a big brand.
    Imagine a new company release an iPad killer. Even though their product might actually be better than Apple’s, would it really make a difference?


  13. Kuroko says:

    Best looking game ever.

  14. Jar says:

    Loli shit aside, the hardmode 5 mans in this game are absolute lunacy from the streams I’ve been watching. I want a mmo that punishes me in the end game, and there’s a lot of things happening with nearly no room for error in these encounters.

    The grind to 60 is going to be standard mmo fair unfortunately, but dungeon runs are where this game shines.

    • Blackcompany says:

      If dungeon runs are the only place it really shines, just play vindicuts. The combat is better, the physics are better, the graphics are better. And there are no half-naked female children. Everyone wins!

      • Kuroko says:

        No, I played Vindictus and Tera is better in every way, combat and graphics.

        • Tei says:

          I only have played the starting areas of both games. But Vindictus have visceral combat that let and ask you to use different skills in a very dynamic combat. TERA seems “press 1, watch long animation of combat”.
          It seems to varie based on the class, the warrior is much more dynamic that the sorcer. The mages types can’t move and cast at the same time. All characters in TERA walk and run very slow. Vindictus is completelly other animal, it feels like a arcade action RPG.

  15. TormDK says:

    Thou shalt not underestimate thy bouncing elf b00bies!

    • Splynter says:

      Seriously. Why is it that nobody ever makes ugly elvish women?

      I do know the answer.

      • Cryo says:

        Well, Oblivion had elves, and everybody in that game was bloody hideous, so…

        • RedViv says:

          Speaking of Bethesda games… One must have missed the hoopla people made about the Dunmer of Skyrim. As in, them looking truly cursed now instead of Elves Only Greyish Purple.
          That’s what happens when you make ugly elves.

          • pipman3000 says:

            cue a billion mods turning them into generic doll-faced anime characters. because god forbid there be a character in skyrim the folks at the nexus don’t want to fuck.

          • RedViv says:

            That is their decision to make, and does not influence ones individual experience. No need to generalise and drag down a whole group of people.

      • pipman3000 says:

        the same reason the elf dudes are always hot. because gamers wanna be the hot elf dude banging the **** out of the hot elf chick is like every way you can think of they don’t want to be some ugly dumpy pimple-faced elf with a troll-face t-shirt knocking up some obese woman with grease stains all over her nipples from using her breasts as a dinner plate because that’s just too close to real life for them

        • Cryo says:

          grease stains all over her nipples from using her breasts as a dinner plate because that’s just too close to real life for them

          That sounds… oddly specific.

        • Rivalus says:

          Oh man, now I have the image coming to my mind even though I don’t want to

        • JackShandy says:

          This comment has taken me to a place I do not want to be.

        • Tei says:

          Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter

  16. ohne says:

    The video is cute, but it’s not a gameplay video, so who cares?

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    The way I see it, axe is becoming a favorite weapon in TERA. Alt least in presentation

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