Two Guys From Andromeda Reform To Make Space Quest

Well, I definitely would like some more.

You heard it here first, and now it’s definitely happening. Space Quest developers Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy have announced they will be working on a new project, and there’s a video to go with it. It’s a peculiar one. A very peculiar one, seemingly recorded by Skype and animated from photographs. And most surprisingly, Mark Crowe is involved, having previously ruled himself out. Replay Games had talked about trying to restart the franchise, by combining Scott Murphy with Space Quest VI developer Josh Mandel, already working at the studio. However, there’s no immediate implication that this is to do with Replay, rather being announced as a project by the Two Guys From Andromeda. Oh, and most strange of all? So far there’s no mention of a KickStarter.

That’s interesting in itself, if you’ve ever delved into the history of those Two Guys, and their split in the ’90s. It’s great to see any possible old wounds are healed, and they’re heading back to the world of Roger Wilco.

As we enter this peculiar phase of nostalgia-driven developments, there are reasonable questions to ask about how much of our gaming past we really want back, and how much better remains a memory. But having replayed Space Quest IV in the last few years, it’s definitely a series that I’d like to see return. And especially in a generation where a new SQ game would be less likely to tiresomely kill you every fifteen seconds. Oh, and they’ve got 76 year old Gary Owens on board to do his incredible narration again!

Quite what this will turn out to be is unclear at this point. And it does seem fairly inevitable that this is the awareness-raising phase before a KickStarter is revealed. They’ve got to fund it somehow.


  1. Keymonk says:

    I’m honestly getting a bit tired of all these old names resurfacing to make new old games. Is it just me, or does it feel like they should be making games with new IPs instead? Or just new games in general?

    Not sure how I like that the Resurgence (that is to say all the old developers re-emerging) seems so stuck in the past…

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      They aren’t making a new Space Quest game. It’s a new IP, but also billed as a “space adventure”.

      • Keymonk says:

        Ah, Walker mentioned that he’d like to see it return – I suppose I took it as a confirmation.

        Though it’s still my impression that they’re focusing a bit too much on olden tymes.

        • Azhrarn says:

          As much as they’d like to make a new Space Quest game, Sierra (not sure who owns their stuff now) held the IP rights for that series, and I doubt they can get hold of them for a decent price.
          So it’ll have to be a new IP, similar in setting to Space Quest perhaps, but still a new IP.

          • Delusibeta says:

            That would probably be Activision. So, no, they are not getting the Space Quest IP back.

          • sqparadox says:

            Actually, according to Replay Games and the discussions surrounding the Leisure Suit Larry remake (just about every major Sierra series has come up), the Space Quest the IP has already been licensed by Activision, however they did not say who currently holds the rights (I can’t find where this was written/said now… I think it was in one of the video updates on Kickstarter).

            Additionally, it is hinted on the Two Guys’ website that there is a chance this could be a Space Quest game:

            Without confirming or denying anything, lets just say, how fast the word spreads and how much traction on the internet that is captivated might have a direct affect on exactly what you fans have been hoping and begging for!

            But beyond that, the Two Guy’s from Andromeda were characters in Space Quest, the in-game personas of Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe. And this is where the whole IP thing starts to get a little murky. Are those characters part of the IP? If so, how can they be using them even to the limited extent they already are? If not, than is Roger Wilco part of the Space Quest IP? Which characters are and aren’t part of the Space Quest IP?

            I am not an expert on copyright law nor a lawyer, but I know in the case of Back to the Future (it’s somewhere in the audio commentary on the trilogy DVD’s) Universal owns the Back to the Future name, but the creators (Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis) own the characters.

            However, that is a movie series and this is a game series; the two are not necessarily equivalent. But regardless, this issue certainly isn’t as black and white as it appears at first glance

      • Merus says:

        Well that’s a bit better, because honestly the whole concept of Roger Wilco only works in the context of a Federation parody, and most newer sci-fi avoids that whole concept. It’d be such a pain to work Roger into a storyline where grifters with a heart of gold and a crazy waif dodge Vorlon attacks every 33 minutes to find a wormhole back to Earth that it’s probably better if they start fresh.

    • Alien426 says:

      I like that better than when the old developers moved to social/iOS/MMO games. Presumably because that’s where the money is. I’d much rather see them resurface in small studios making games similar to those they have earned their names with.

    • DRoseDARs says:

      It could be much, much worse. They could decide to animate it following the Star Control 3 model: Live-action puppets (the Arilou puppet was singularly THE creepiest and unsettling thing I have ever seen in a game or other fictional entertainment media. Good gawd, what was wrong with its head…?). I have no problem with studios revisiting old games so long as they do right by them, honoring what made those games great and simply building upon that as opposed to a “re-imagining” which is riskier and tends to sour things for a lot of old fans, the very people you’re trying to appeal to AND trying to attract new blood. Making the new-old game suck is going to piss off the old fans and turn away potential new ones, particularly by word-of-mouth from the old fans. Masters of Orion 3, Civilization 5 and the aforementioned Star Control 3 all suffered to varying degrees of this fuckery. Moo3 got better once it got patched up and modded. Civ5 won people over once they got past its different mechanics. SC3 never existed, its myth spoken only of in whispered voices.

    • D3xter says:

      Yep, they should all come back together and make cover-based shooters for consoles instead!
      Go with the times and all that, make NEW games.

    • Bork Titflopsen says:

      Really, like what? The only real ressurection of an old IP I can think of is Wasteland 2. The rest of the ‘resurgence’ as you call it are new IP’s.

      Granted, a lot of them are games in genre’s publishers deem unprovitable, so maybe that’s why you think they’re just ‘doing old games’ now?

      Adventure, hardcore tactical shooter and space sim =/= Monkey Island, SWAT 4 and Freelancer.

    • FataMorganaPseudonym says:

      For what it’s worth, I’m honestly getting a bit tired of all these comments that imply that “new, untested IP” is somehow innately better than “old, beloved IP that many people fondly remember and would like to see again” whenever one of these stories breaks, myself. But that’s just me.

  2. Shockeh says:

    Wow. That frontpage image generated a genuine wave of nostalgia in me. The number of times I died in that game (Trying to escape the goddamn Shopping Centre [sic: ‘Mall’]) has probably profoundly affected me in gaming terms.

  3. Syra says:

    I agree, less nostalgia tripping more originality would be better for the industry. Stop following Hollywood into remakes and remasters and a general lack of innovation…

    • mr_zen256 says:

      C’mom.. Really? Like the games industry hasn’t already stagnated for innovation with generic FPS et al ad nauseam…

      Publishers these days do not promote and encourage innovation… They simply want what sells. To get truly innovative titles these days, we need to look to the indie developers to shed some light on our jaded old gaming bones.

      I say, “Bring back the Sierra adventures, the Dungeon Keepers, the Magic Carpets, the [real] Syndicates, the UFO’s…”.

      All I ask is that if they are brought back, that they stay true to their roots and don’t come back as some “Piss-in-the-face FPS” or other generic POS.

  4. JackShandy says:

    It’s really weird how none of the guys who started this medium are dead yet.

    Well, apart from Mr. Chess, obviously.

  5. Juxtapox says:

    Oh my. It seems my wishes came through. Thank you falling star!
    And the rest of you fans, thank me. I made this happen.

  6. simonh says:

    Where’s the Kickstarter?

  7. rustybroomhandle says:

    Was about to throw in a joke about Matthew Smith returning to make another Miner Willy game, but then remembered that this has indeed already happened in the form of some iOS games.

  8. mjomble says:

    And while you wait for this new maybe-Space-Quest-or-maybe-something-else to be finished, you can play two free feature-length fanmade sequels released a couple months ago, or a VGA remake of Space Quest 2!

    A review of all three can be found here: link to

  9. popedoo says:

    Well, this is exciting! :)

    Kings Quest V was one of my first adventure-game experiences (I am 30). Love the Space Quest series also. And Quest for Glory. Most of them really.

    I wonder if they will still punish you in Space Quest with ridiculous deaths every two steps. :D

  10. BathroomCitizen says:

    This revival of old developers is quite amazing. I can finally smell the hope of a better gameplay in this generation. But still, we have yet to see the conclusion of one of these new-old games.

  11. MadTinkerer says:

    This is just beautiful.

    The only thing better would be Warren Spector & co. doing Ultima Underworld III. But I guess Bioshock Infinite is okay.

  12. epoxy putty says:

    That’s neat… but how about posting some news about Jane Jensen’s kickstarter? The first game has been chosen and it’s the Gabriel Knight-esque “Moebius”.
    JJ’s even asking less than Al Lowe, I think she deserves some more attention here on RPS…
    (and no, hiding a link to her KS in an article about another adventure – Resonance – or in that one about Shadowrun is not nearly enough).

    link to

  13. LionsPhil says:

    And especially in a generation where a new SQ game would be less likely to tiresomely kill you every fifteen seconds.

    But that’s the best bit!

    Seriously, when you do the wrong thing in an adventure game, would you rather have:
    2) a short animated scene of just how bad an idea it would be to use those things together, complete with the Narrator lightly mocking you with puns

    Because Space Quest VI went for 1 where all previous games went for 2, and it’s not exactly a highlight of the series, to say the least.

    • mr_zen256 says:

      I agree.. The unceremonious deaths were hilarious! Take those out of the SQ games and you’re basically taking a huge dump on the series and part of what made them so good. Seriously.. It’s like you WANT games to be dumbed down, softened up and more palatable in “today’s gaming market”. All I can say is, EFF THAT :-)

  14. Grey_Ghost says: