Ghost Reckoning: Future Soldier Trailer Shoots Many Men

They are, of course, firing at Color, their one true enemy.
When you think about it, Ghosts of the Tom Clancy variety actually have quite a lot in common with ghosts of the Casper, The Friendly persuasion. After all, I mean… you know… well, they both have “ghost” in their name. They both, uh, talk to people… Oh, and invisibility! That’s the ticket. The latest Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, however, absolutely ruins my clever analogy. And I could tell you what exactly you’ll see with death-defying feats of linguistic gymnastics, but instead, I’m opting to take full advantage of the under-appreciated art form that is comic book sound effects. So, in short, BOOM, THOCK, KABIFF, POW, ZOTT, SPLUSH, RATTA-TAT, WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU MA’AM. Dramatically dive behind the break and shout something about “tangos” to watch the full trailer.

So yes, if we’re measuring this based on valuable nuggets of childhood wisdom, the Ghosts remember the buddy system but seem to have disregarded inside voices. That said, even in Big, Loud Manshoot mode, this trailer tends to put an emphasis on positioning, drawing fire, and flanking. So here’s hoping Future Soldier continues the series’ lineage of out-thinking and then¬†out-shooting. Also, it may be¬†sacrilege, but I’m totally OK with those snazzy X-Ray specs. Has anyone else played Blacklight: Retribution? Its brief brand of mega-voyeurism totally alters the dynamic of matches (in a good way), so I’m all for seeing more games test it out as a central mechanic.

Future Soldier’s out June 15.


  1. Tom De Roeck says:

    the “terrorist” with the shield; the shield was transparent?!

    Also, is this going to be multiplayer vs horde? or pvp? or what now? or both?

    • westyfield says:

      The guy at 2:00? It looked like the smoke effect was clipping through the shield to me, but I’m not sure.

    • Bungle says:

      I’m in the beta and we’re doing 8v8 multiplayer. Looks like it will have single player and co-op as well. The gameplay is smart and tactical, although I haven’t run into any invisible people yet. Still, the amount of cheese is minimal so far. I like it and see plenty of other people who also like it. Keep an eye out.

    • Wreckdum says:

      Oh wow Gears of War with sci fi “tactical” gameplay… I’ll pass. The Ubisoft logo took even my 1% interest away.

  2. max pain says:

    Gears of war was cool, but sprinting and sliding to cover in this game looks just annoying.

  3. PredOborG says:

    I wondered how did so complex and clever game as Ghost Recon survive this time but now I see it. This looks more like Crysis and Gears of War. It’s so stripped down. :(

  4. kud13 says:

    i’m really curious about one thing–why is it that when enemies stick to chest-high walls in cover and pop out to shoot, they are vulnerable, but the PC is not?

    we need an indie game with 3rd person cover, that makes enemies immune to bullets when using chest-high cover. and makes the player immune. to have them shoot each other from behind their respective cover for all eternity.

    also, allow first-person crouching, to let a player sneak around the person in cover and shoot them in the back.

    • Alastayr says:

      Can’t speak for GReFuS, but no cover based shooter I’ve played has ever done that. If you pop out your head in Mass Effect, Gears, Kane & Lynch, Deus Ex, Vanquish, Binary Domain etc. you’re fair game.

      • Groove says:

        One of my favoured features of ME3 is that you’re often not safe IN cover. If you’re hiding behind a chest-high wall and the enemy are at a higher elevation than you then they will often get rounds over cover and into you. It usually won’t do a lot of damage, but since a knat’s fart will stop your barriers regenerating it means you have to move or kill the attackers before you can recharge. It also makes full cover a much more attractive prospect.

        This helps break the usually problematic cover-shooter dynamic, being that you’re invincible and don’t have to think so long as you’ve got a box to hide behind.

  5. Koshiir Ra says:

    Didn’t impress me at all. If I want to have big firefights I’ll play one of the dozens of generic FPS out there.

    This game seems to be to the Ghost Recon franchise what Splinter Cell: Conviction was to the Splinter Cell franchise. Oversimplified, focus on action and instant-kill moves, less emphasis on stealth and tactical approach.

    • KenTWOu says:

      Did you see this stealth walkthrough trailer?

      • foobar88 says:

        That’s not “stealth” in the sense that “stealth” is supposed to mean “let me be very quiet and ensure no one sees me, and I must kill everyone quietly so that their buddies don’t hear my gunfire”; it’s “stealth” in the sense that “I am magically invisible and can see through walls.” How is that smart or challenging? This is Ghost Recon in name only.

        • Groove says:

          Yeah, that looks terrible. I mean, there might be a game hidden in there, but that looked automated.

  6. eks says:

    I guess using more then half a dozen different colors would have blown the budget? Plus, what’s up with the arrows pointing out all the cover positions and that freaking huge objective marker that takes up half the screen? Honestly, with so many amazing indie games coming out all the time and a big backlog it’s difficult to look at titles like this and even consider buying them, especially when you know a good portion of that money will be going to Ubisoft.

    • maninahat says:

      It’s like a Charlie Chaplin film, but instead of kicking bottoms, they’re pointing the camera at them the whole time.

    • Bungle says:

      It’s like an augmented reality hud and it works. I especially like the way it draws lines between you and your teammates, helping you form a 3D picture in your head of where everyone is. It helps you sort your lines quickly and use teamwork without having to spin your head around all the time.

  7. Dana says:

    Looks like Future Captain America, or Batman, not Soldier. Nothing to do with Ghost Recon.

  8. mondomau says:

    I’m going to go against the flow here and say this is actually starting to look rather interesting to me. Also, In-depth weapon Customisation + Co-op vs AI (is that still the main feature?) = something a bit different from standard multiplayer clones, surely?

    All that remains is to sit back and wait to see how they balls it up.

    • sneetch says:

      I quite like it too, the gun tweaking is nice and all, but it’s the co-op I’m most looking forward to.

  9. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    That Geth should go back into cover, it has lost its kinetic barrier.

  10. Moni says:

    Errm, there were a couple of bits where they just sprinted past the bad guys and shot them in the arse. I hope that’s some sort of aggro system in effect, rather than wonky AI.

  11. grundus says:

    Although I will always lament the death of games like the original Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six 3 and the like, this game does look interesting if you completely forget the original GR ever existed. However, I take issue with one particular feature in this game.

    Dragon’s Breath rounds. What? Why? Do they provide any advantage whatsoever when it comes to shooting people? No. Normal buckshot will kill the absolute shit out of people at the range he’s shooting them, so why the need to crisp up their corpse? Also, calling them Dragon’s Breath instead of, say, ‘incendiary’, or ‘useless’, is a blatant cry for attention from the Call of Duty brigade. Maybe they’d have some use if you wanted to tactically start a forest fire or tactically burn a house down, but… No. Oh well.

  12. doom rpg says:

    Doesn’t seem all that challenging, i mean, most of the time the enemies aren’t even shooting back.

  13. Radiant says:

    You know; I couldn’t give a shit about the Ghost Recon name but as a game that looks fun to play and I really want to get my hands on this.

  14. Shooop says:

    I laughed a for a good minute or more at your caption.

    As for the video, apparently if you wanted Gears of War 2 and 3 on PC this will grant your wish. For everyone else, bleh.

  15. FRIENDLYUNIT says:

    Needs “gunface” tag.

    (yes I know it’s optics I just dont care)

  16. standardman says:

    The video’s showing as private for me. I just made some gun noises with my mouth instead.