Spring Fling: Indie Royale Births A New Bundle

So that's where indie games come from.

Spring time has always been a bit of a double-edged sword for me. On one hand, there are flowers and refreshing breezes, and the sun smiles like in an old black-and-white cartoon, except with a chillingly sinister undertone because it’s kind of pissed about global warming these days. But, on the other, crippling allergies render me incapable of drawing breath. Fortunately, thanks to Indie Royale’s spring bundle, I can now take my mind off my sputtering, purple-faced death by partaking of a nice selection of indie games on the cheap. So that’s nice.

This time around, Indie Royale’s ringing in the season with intergalactic tower defender Unstoppable Gorg, dynamic hack ‘n’ slash dynamo Depths of Peril, co-op retro platformer Tobe’s Vertical Adventure, neon-lit twinstick action-RPG Inferno+, slide-centric Tetris riff Slydris, and stylish twin-stick to-do Ballistic. Currently, the minimum’s at $4.54, so you may feel the seductive caress of an impulse buy creeping across your wallet.

Any takers? Personally, I never got around to trying out Depths of Peril, which seems like it’d be up my alley. Also, at this price, Unstoppable Gorg looks sort of attractive. I’m a sucker for goofy 1950s sci-fi, even if it’s attached to a game that feels like it learned its communication skills from the 1950s. What about you, though, singular reader that I always address at the exclusion of everyone else? Does anything in this bundle strike your incredibly attractive and intelligent fancy?


  1. aurens says:

    i think i’m getting a little burned out on bundles.

    • Jenks says:

      If this was the first indie bundle, I would still be a bit underwhelmed.

      • Simon Hawthorne says:

        I don’t really know whether to be underwhelmed or not…which means a no sale for me, even if it is small change. Does that make me mean? I don’t know. Probably not. I don’t buy a Chomp every time I see it even though they’re quite cheap.

        RPS, please do more reviews of these bundles so I know if they’re for me!

    • Tams80 says:

      I’m bundled out on bundles.

      While this one does represent great value, I’m just not that interested.

      @ Jenks If it was one of the first it would be disappointing.

      • Phantoon says:

        I’ve never regretted a Humble Bundle, but Indie Royale never pays out for me.

        I just never end up liking anything they have/already have that game.

    • Godwhacker says:

      Well maybe someone should get off their fat arse and write some indie games then

      • ioqwyw says:

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      • Lambchops says:

        Sounds like a bright idea (unlike spam for a headtorch!).

        • noodlecake says:

          What a bizarre object to spam with. “These people like games! They must like fixing torches to their foreheads! The two interests are clearly one and the same!”

      • Malibu Stacey says:

        I think Indie games are often made while sitting on ones “fat arse” so that would be a little counter-productive.

    • Sillywhiteguy32 says:

      I actually am quite a fan of Indie Royale, but i wish their was less bundles out there. We would treat the occasional good ones with respect. But, in saying that, i think pay-what-you-want bundles are good for indie developers because peoples friends have to buy the game full price if they miss out. Plus the good-but less well known devs get much needed publicity and goodwill.

  2. pertusaria says:

    Too many other nice things coming out this month (along with all the nice games that already existed).

    I got Legends of Grimrock, and I’m sure I’ll get Botanicula, if not tomorrow then soon. None of these leap out at me :-/

    Edit: OK, having read Kieron Gillen’s Depths of Peril review, might pick that up. From the Din’s Curse guy but slightly less maddeningly difficult perhaps?

    • Skabooga says:

      Yeah, Botanicula and Stacking have my cash on tap for this quarter, and I’m still thinking of throwing a little bit towards Tribes: Ascend to show my appreciation.

    • Gasmask Hero says:

      A Valley Without Wind goes gold on Monday, I’ve already paid my entrance fee to that plus CK2 just got a major update sooo…sorry boys. No sale.

    • Grayvern says:

      I’ve got this problem too, there my betrayal in the form of Fez and my subsequent redemption in the form of Avernum .

      I really do mean to start with an second play through of Witcher 2 as well; with EE upgrades and simultaneous play past the split into chapter 2.

  3. Jason Moyer says:

    If this came with Din’s Curse instead of Depths of Peril I think I would own it already.

  4. misterT0AST says:

    The only interesting one to me seems to be Depths of Peril.
    That one might just be enough for me to get the whole bunch though.
    It could end up being like A Valley Without Wind without the bad combat and the bland, repetitive enemies.
    Not that I’ll ever touch the rest of them, of course.

  5. trjp says:

    Depths of Peril is awesome – ignore the graphics and discover a game which knocks every other ARPG into a cocked-hat.

    I’m also a fan of Radian’s work so I’m pleased to see them here too.

    UG is also a decent TD game with a couple of twists and a fantastic sense of style.

    • frightlever says:

      For the 5 bucks recommended price I couldn’t see any problem getting it for Unstoppable Gorg (which I already have on iOS) and Depths of Peril. The shooters will be a bonus if I get half an hour out of each of them. I want Din’s Curse as well at some point but I can wait…

      I’m finally working through my backlog of games, which in most cases seems to consist of trying something for 5 minutes and then un-installing it . Jeeze I bought a lot of little games I have no affinity for. I must own fifty platformers and I hate the things.

  6. RobF says:

    It’s worth the entrance for Inferno and Ballistic if folks don’t have them already. Inferno is a sort of not shit Gauntlet thing and Ballistic is a nice, if a tad basic, twin sticker.

    Still not got round to trying the Radian puzzleything though.

  7. malkav11 says:

    Tom Chick really liked Unstoppable Gorg and Depths of Peril both. I haven’t played the former but can vouch for Depths being awesome.

  8. PleasingFungus says:

    Imagine a world in which bundles, rather than getting front-page posts all to themselves, were relegated to the grim depths of the Bargain Bucket.

    O! O! Imagine!

    • phlebas says:

      Nice idea, but potentially leading to great frustration given the bundles are often time-limited offers running for a week or less.
      (if a downloadable version of Manufactoria appeared in a bundle I would buy that bundle)

  9. Armante says:

    Got the bundle for “Unstoppable Gorg”

    If you would like a Steam Key for either “Depth’s of Peril” or “Tobe’s Vertical Adventure” email me your prefered game at [email address removed]

    I’d give away the others too, but all the Desura keys are the same, so no go :/

    First in first served :)

    EDIT : Depths of Peril is gone..
    EDIT : Tobe’s left the building – thanks for shopping :)

    • Atrak says:

      Many thanks Armante!,
      Depth’s was the only one of interest to me in this bundle, so you saved me some $$

      If however I end up taking another look at it and deciding to buy it (which may happen.. damn bundles)
      I’ll do the same and post here so someone else can enjoy Depth’s of Peril as well.


    • Deadly Habit says:

      Heh didn’t get the key due to fast people but cheers to Armante for being a cool guy and being cool enough to do this in the first place.

  10. Trelow says:

    Grabbed it just for a cheap DoP. Love Soldak.

  11. rockman29 says:

    I haven’t bought any bundles since Humble Bundle 4 (I bought Humble Darwinia Bundle previously, and I think I got Humble Bundle 3 for free for buying HB4), because of Cave Story. I haven’t felt like I noticed any games as interesting as that or inclusions like Darwinia and such to warrant another purchase… maybe I just don’t know enough about the games as well.

  12. Temple says:

    If you read the comments there seems to be recommendations for 4 of the games.
    It is currently £2.70
    I bought for Depths of Peril, if my pc could actually play it sufficiently well I would have bought it full price from playing the deom a long time ago along with a couple of his other similar games. Best twist on dungeon delving that anyone has done in a long time. I think of it as a much better torchlight with consequences in your world.

    • trjp says:

      Depths of Peril plays on my laptop which is a mere 1.2Ghz Dual Core with a GMA950 GPU and a 1.8″ HDD which reads slower a chav – does your PC actually run on coal? :)

      • Temple says:

        What is this ‘Dual-core’ you speak of? Is that the next one up from a 486?

        • Darkchef says:

          Wait there’s a 486?! I only have a 386 … I feel so inadequate…

  13. Maldomel says:

    As ususal, there are so many indie games I still have to play on my computer, but I can’t resist a new bundle. Maybe one day I will have all the indie games ever made in this world, and I will stop paying over and over for them.

  14. RegisteredUser says:

    Price was 3 EUR, how could I not buy it?

    Curious about DoP.

    • Suits says:

      Because nothing is notably worth playing perhaps.

      • Darkchef says:

        Unstoppable Gorg seems ok, on a rainy day… and today it is indeed raining!

  15. Darkchef says:

    It’s not the best bundle thats happened but it certainly not as bad as the Be Mine 2 bundle. Nothing in that seems interesting at all. Indie Royale need a new ‘Hard Reset’ to sell to people.

  16. Bluddy says:

    I haven’t been impressed with Indie Royale’s bundles so far. However, just getting Depths of Peril for that price is a great deal.